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April 27, 2012:

MIT: Technology Review: Rage Against the Smart Meter

March 15, 2012:

CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

Are Smart Appliances Spying on You?

March 01, 2012:

RSA Conference 2012: Swapping info on the smart grid by Marcos Colon – SC Magazine

February 21, 2012:

Smart Meters Big Brother of Our Day by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh – Canada Free Press

February 07, 2012:

Power grid updates left system vulnerable to cyberattacks, auditors say by Lisa Rein – Washington Post

February 02, 2012:

Smart Grid Cyber Security Virtual Summit 2012

January 20, 2012:

UPDATE: Looking For a “FireSheep’ Moment, Researchers Lay Bare Woeful SCADA Security by Paul Roberts – threatpost -

January 20, 2012:

[Security] Anonymous downs government, music industry sites in largest attack ever – RT

January 11, 2012:

Smart meter technology is privacy intrusive, researchers claim – Researchers have said that they have intercepted unencrypted smart meter data and used it to uncover details that represent an intrusion into user privacy –

January 11, 2012:

SSCC 79 – Smart meter privacy concerns, WiFi insecurity due to WPS and password hashes explained by Chester Wisniewski – Naked Security

January 08, 2012:

28c3: Smart meter hacking can disclose which TV shows and movies you watch by Chester Wisniewski – Naked Security

January 05, 2012:

Smart Grid Security Inadequate, Threats Abound by Mark Rowh – Computerworld New Zealand

January 04, 2012:

Hacking for Privacy: 2 days for amateur hacker to hack smart meter, fake readings by Ms. Smith – Network World

December 30, 2011:

Smart Hacking for Privacy: Smart Meter and Privacy Concerns by Stephan Brinkhaus BSc. – DaPriM Data Privacy Management – 28th Chaos Communication Congress

December 01, 2011:

Carrier IQ’s lesson for smart grid: Industry must lead on security – Greenbang

November 29, 2011:

[Security] Foreign hackers targeted Canadian firms – Cyber-attack for PotashCorp bid info ‘one of the biggest attacks we have ever seen’ by Greg Watson – CBC News

November 24, 2011:

Beware the Internet Underworld – Cyberthieves and deviant hackers abound in Misha Glenny’s grim portrait of organized crime online. by Tom Sandborn – The Tyee

Resource – Book:

DarkMarket: Cyberthieves, Cybercops and You by Misha Glenny:

November 18, 2011:

Hackers break into SCADA system, destroy pump at Illinois water utility by Paul Mah – FierceCIO Tech Watch

Novembr 15, 2011:

Cyber-security of power grid in ‘near chaos,’ report says by Ian MacLeod – The Ottawa Citizen

November 14, 2011:

[Security] Power grid cybersecurity: $60 piece of software could bring mass chaos by Darlene Storm – Computerworld

November 01, 2011:

Paranormal Activity: A Possible Reality? by Chris Poulin – Security Week

October 26, 2011:

Grid Cyber Security: Removing the Reality Distortion Field by Eric Knapp – Security Week

October 21, 2011:

Smart meters alleged to pose security risk – CBC News

October 17, 2011:

Securing the Smart Grid by Murray Goldschmidt – CSO Online (Australia)

October 13, 2011:

Privacy By Design? by Will McNamara – Smart Grid Sherpa

October 10, 2011:

Who is Responsible for Educating Consumers About Energy Data Privacy? by Christine Hertzog – The Energy Collective

September 23, 2011:

[Security - Germany] Smart Grid cyber attacks – Germany steps up the protection by Krowne – The Silicon Trust

September 22, 2011:

Smart Devices, Dumb Security? by Richard Adhikari – Tech News World

September 22, 2011:

FH Munster: Smart Meters Potential Surveillance Devices – German Energy Blog

September 16, 2011:

10 ways to deal with cybersecurity in a smart grid world by Ucilia Wang – Gigaom

September 2011:

When Refrigerators Attack! The Importance of Critical Infrastructure Security by Chris Poulin, Q1 Labs – Electric Light & Power

September 01, 2011:

Mocana raises round from Intel to protect the “internet of things” by Dean Takahashi – Venture Beat

August 25, 2011:

Electric Utilities Investing $4.1 Billion by 2018 to Secure Smart Grids by Fahmida Y. Rashid – IT Security & Network Security News

August 14, 2011:

The Mix: Cyber-terrorism’s Threat by Thalia Assuras – energyNOW!
(Anchor Thalia Assuras talks with former CIA Director James Woolsey about the security measures being used to counter the threat and how smart grid technology could make the country more susceptible to attack.)

August 16, 2011:

The Mix: Cyber-terrorism’s Threat by energynownews – YouTube -

August 11, 2011:

Could Hackers Break into Your Electric Meter? by George Musser – Scientific American

August 06, 2011:

Hacking water meters is easier than it should be by Dean Takahashi – Venture Beat

August 05, 2011:

Smart Grid Privacy and Security Risks Loom for Agencies by Dan Verton – Aol energy

August 04, 2011:

California Adopts First Standards for Cyber Security of Smart Meters by Maria Gallucci – Solve Climate News

August 03, 2011:

Black Hat: Water Smart Meters Vulnerable Too by Stefanie Hoffman – CRN;jsessionid=lFPsFu96jc8GWtChf4fIiQ**.ecappj03

July 31, 2011:

Smart meters: Privacy, security of information now under review – Greg Reimer, executive vice-president, Transmission and Distribution, BC Hydro – The Nelson Daily

June 29, 2011:

Smart meters open door to privacy issues – B.C. Hydro initiative must build security into modernization of grid by Elizabeth Denham – Times Colonist

June 20, 2011:

Hacking the Lights Out: The Computer Virus Threat to the Electrical Grid by David M. Nicol – Scientific American

May 05, 2011:

Smart Grid Security East 2011: Panel: Vulnerability Testing (1 of 4) by GraniteVideo – YouTube

Smart Grid Security East 2011: Panel: Vulnerability Testing (2 of 4) by GraniteVideo – YouTube

Smart Grid Security East 2011: Panel: Vulnerability Testing (3 of 4) by GraniteVideo – YouTube

Smart Grid Security East 2011: Panel: Vulnerability Testing (4 of 4) by GraniteVideo – YouTube

October 07, 2010:

How to Hack the Power Grid for Fun and Profit by Kevin Bullis – Technology Review

August 02, 2010:

Hacking the Smart Grid by Erica Naone – Technology Review

June 15, 2010:

Cyber War: Sabotaging the System – CBS News – 60 Minutes -  Sabotaging The System – Industrial Defender – 11.08.09:

April 05, 2010:

Hacking the Smart Grid by Robert Lemos – Technology Review

February 01, 2010:

Global ‘cyberwar’ puts electricity, communications at growing risk – Greenbang -

September/October 2009:

Meters for the Smart Grid by Erica Naone – Technology Review

September 01, 2009:

Four Ways to Hack the Smart Grid by Preston Gralla – Green Biz


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