As new 5G-enabled “smart ambulances” rush to the hospitals, we ask if they are also rushing patients and paramedics directly into a health crisis.

UPDATE 21 DEC 2019: In recent communications, EEAST has denied they are participating in any 5G-related trials. However, why did two sources in the telegraph article indicate that they are? Could their denial be technically true, if they are trialing new tech but it is not specifically called “5G”… or were false statements made in the Telegraph article and O2 press release?

Futurists rejoice! It’s the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where all your sci-fi dreams can and will come true. Or so the telecom industry would like you to believe. 5G is poised to revolutionize… well, everything. From video streaming to virtual gaming, the future is supposedly at hand.

We are being sold that healthcare is one of the top economic sectors to benefit from 5G technologies, from physician-to-physician consultations to at-home monitoring to video-based telemedicine. China has already conducted its first robot-assisted remote surgery (on animals) using Huawei’s 5G-network technologies. Chicago’s Rush University has teamed up with AT&T to become one of the first 5G test hospitals in the United States. And across the world, emergency response teams are testing 5G technologies to develop the “smart ambulance” and the “data-empowered paramedic” in order to revolutionize and transform patient care.

But what if 5G healthcare is its own health emergency?

As in the United States, Britain is moving full speed ahead in rolling out 5G test grounds around the country. In June of this year, West Midlands 5G (WM5G), the UK’s first region-wide 5G testbed, teamed up with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) and BT to simulate a paramedic in the field performing an ultrasound scan on a patient, while a clinician in a remote location interpreted the ultrasound image in real-time. Hosted by the Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC) in UHB’s simulation lab at the Institute of Translational Medicine, this demonstration revealed that the very idea of a 5G connected ambulance is no longer just an idea.

Providing new technologies to frontline staff to create a facility for patients to be diagnosed and triaged in an immediate and appropriate medical setting, this type of 5G connectivity will enable paramedics to perform remote diagnostics, supported by clinicians based in the hospital. Sounds great, but there are dire health consequences for both patient and paramedic in this microwave box on wheels. And are we already seeing this play out?

In September 2019, O2, a leading telecommunications services provider in the United Kingdom, announced it will be providing connectivity for a new “Smart Ambulance” at Millbrook Proving Ground, a vehicle testing facility in Bedford. The purpose of the trial is to enable O2 to develop and test the system “before it is deployed on the public network, replicating real world 5G capabilities.” According to the press release on O2’s website,

“The project will involve equipping a standard ambulance with state-of-the-art devices and connectivity to create a ‘Smart Ambulance’ that will simulate 5G connectivity, transforming the vehicle into a unique remote consultation room.”

In a concerning series of events, news reports out of England have revealed that three employees at the East of England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST) died suddenly last month. An article in the Welwyn Hatfield Times reports that the EEAST employees included: Christopher Gill, 41, who died at Welwyn Garden City’s Birch Court in Howlands on November 15; and another paramedic from Luton, Richard Grimes, and 999 operator Luke Wright, 24, from Norwich also died between November 11 and 21.

The Mirror reports that “Shortly before their deaths a whistleblower wrote to the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust’s boss complaining about psychological abuse. Former health minister and local Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb, who also received the letter, is calling for an independent investigation into the deaths.”

The official statement issued by Dr Tom Davis, EEAST Medical Director reads:

“We are extremely sad about the deaths recently of three of our colleagues.

We have extended our sympathies to their families and friends at this difficult time and we have provided immediate support to them and to our colleagues, including a helpline staffed by trained experts. 

The Trust takes any concerns about the health and wellbeing of its staff extremely seriously and will always offer support to those staff who may require any help.”

And as seen on the EEAST Twitter account:

Examining the Link to 5G Trials

When contacted about the incident and cause of death for the EEAST employees, a media relations representative from EEAST told us:

“There is an ongoing investigation and out of respect for the families of our colleagues we will not be releasing any further information…. We do not have 5G enabled smart ambulances and we are not trialling or using 5G technology.”

However, a September 2019 Mobile Marketing article about the O2 smart ambulance testing states,

“O2 is currently providing the devices and connectivity for a similar trial involving six ambulances at the East of England Ambulance Trust, led by Visionable, and funded by the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK.”

Also in September 2019, the Telegraph reported,

“O2, the mobile phone giant, is set to begin testing ‘smart ambulances’ equipped with next generation 5G technology later this month in a deal with Samsung and the NHS. Britain’s biggest mobile network operator by number of users will pilot the technology on six ambulances from the East of England Ambulance Trust to create new services for emergency vehicles such as real-time video technology and high-quality scanners.”

Additionally quoted in the Telegraph article is Lynda Sibson, telemedicine manager with East of England NHS, who said:

“Extending this type of care into smart ambulances is an exciting next step in critical and pre-hospital emergency care.”

The cause of death for these three EEAST employees has not yet been confirmed nor released publicly. But numerous reports online indicate the declining mental state of EEAST employees, referring to the work environment as “very hostile” and the culture as “cancerous.”

Could there be a connection between 5G deployment in the region and the sudden deaths of these employees? Isn’t this worth questioning further? 

Suicide Fears With New “Weapons Grade” Technology

Internationally, communities are protesting the rollout and implemented of 5G and related technologies, citing both biological health and environmental concerns, and vast surveillance implications. Activist groups and organizations, including the Cornish group Villagers Against Masts (VAM), have launched local and national campaigns “to call for greater scrutiny of mobile phone technology and coverage, citing serious concerns over health risks, especially mental health.”

VAM is particularly outspoken about the 5G “weapons grade” new phone technology which is being tested in Cornwall, sparking physical and behavioral health concerns, after an unprecedented number of suicides at Bristol University in the region. In a quote from an article in CornwallLive, Jane Harvey, founding member of VAM, says,

“[S]he has deep concerns about the amount of masts needed for 5g network …. Jane said research showed that having rolled out 5G in US, there has been massive spikes in depression and anxiety, as well as a host of other complaints. 5g is a weapons grade frequency. There is no knowing the future implications for us – we are the guinea pigs.”

Safe technology activists around the world are concerned about not just the physiological health effects of radiofrequency radiation, including 5G technologies, but also the behavioral and psychological effects. Numerous scientific studies point to neuropsychiatric effects of radiofrequency radiation including sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache, depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue/tiredness, dysesthesia, concentration/attention dysfunction, memory changes, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite/body weight, and restlessness/anxiety.

5G will massively increase electromagnetic radiation in both the microwave and millimeter wave frequencies in our environment. This next generation of wireless telecommunications will use both our current 3G and 4G wireless frequencies and also add higher frequencies in the submillimeter and millimeter waves. These new frequencies have never been evaluated by experts independent from industry for biological and environmental safety, nor were they evaluated for the synergistic effects with our current technologies. Should our first responders be telecom’s unwilling test subjects in this massive human experiment? Is the “smart ambulance” really about offering better patient care and developing fully connected mobile treatment centers? 

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have shown biological effects from non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation. Some of these effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being. Does this sound like a wise choice for an emergency vehicle to transport sick and injured patients to the hospital? Sure, let’s put a patient suffering cardiac arrest in a vehicle pulsating with microwave frequencies known to cause cardiovascular health effects. Will that patient even get to the hospital?

And what about the rising numbers of people around the world who are becoming overtly electrosensitive, experiencing often debilitating neuro-endocrine-immunological symptoms in the presence of electromagnetic fields, particularly wireless radiofrequency? Even in our pre-5G world, these sensitive populations do not have access to safe, low-EMF hospitals, medical facilities, or doctor’s offices, rendering it ultimately better to tough out a knee fracture or 104-fever at home than risk a potential stroke, seizure, or heart attack in the ER. Now they have to avoid all emergency transport as well.  

The next time you hear an ambulance siren wail down the street, you might want to question where the patient and paramedics are more at risk – inside the vehicle or out?

[If you or someone you know is in crisis, please contact a suicide hotline at]

  • The science behind 5G was as weapon technology. Israel was prominent in it’s development and has banned it’s use in Israel. Switzerland has banned it. A school in America forced the removal of a 5G mast after six children developed cancer. I have a report by world wide scientists on the dangers of 5G. It extends to no less than 1557 pages. Doctors in Germany are leading protests against 5G. When are the public going to realise the dangers, or have their brains already been damaged by this technology.
    Lloyds of London will not pay out on injuries from 4G, 5G or WiFi. WHEN WILL THE MESSAGE GET ACROSS?

    • Dear Philip,
      You are 100% correct, but there is even more. President Trump doesn’t want 5G over Palm Beach, Florida clearly indicating that he knows how fatal it is. From one of my Aussie friends, here’s a link of areas where 5G has been refused:

      But I have saved the most explosive for last. Wait till you see this blog post I did that I received from a friend here in the UK:

      Arlene Johnson
      To access my e-zine, which is internationally acclaimed and free to the world, click on the icon that says Magazine.

      • I watched a video where President Trump highly praised 5G and said that the U.S. should roll it out faster to keep other countries from getting ahead of us! I wondered at the time how on earth the president was not informed about the true nature and dangers of 5G. Now I see that he DOES know about these dangers and doesn’t want 5G over his town of Palm Beach that he can run to for safety. What about the rest of the country, Mr. President? What about the rest of us?

        • On RSBN i watched awhile back trump and pelosi as trump gave pelisi 1 trillion dollars over 10 years for infrastructure. The only critical comments was no mere 5 billion wall money. That 1000 billion dollars. What i can find is it seems to be all for 5g & 6 g rapidly. And trump knows what it does!!!!!

      • But if this deep conspiracy is real, what is their motive? To depopulate the earth & enslave the rest? Why? To accumulate more wealth? They already have unimaginable wealth, how could even more of it be better for them, especially if it comes at the cost of an earth where many life-forms could no longer exist?

        And if this deep conspiracy is real, is there anything ordinary people can do about it, to stop it?
        Even on the issue of health, negative health effects from our current technologies are well documented by independent scientists, yet barely anyone is listening, let alone trying to change the situation.

      • This was quite an interesting and juicy read (the livejournal posting).

        However, I would encourage all to take it with a grain of salt.

        No doubt SERCO is a global juggernaut, but there really wasn’t enough factual information to hang your hat on.

        Also, I was breathlessly focused on “who is behind all this…” and there was just a weak mention of Prince Philip…one person? Really? Just one person behind all this?

        The article also lost credibility with the mention of the Clinton’s and Obama as somehow connected to 5G depopulation.

        While I don’t know either way, what I do know is that in the world of establishment domination, they are so low on the totem pole as to have very little influence on any of this.

    • 5G is in Switzerland. I have been living there and it is already deployed ij some areas – including Zurich and Basel I believe as I saw on YouTube reports of Swiss residents getting sick once 5G masts were placed outside their homes. Plus I have seen 5G phones advertised at a local phone shop. I heard the mayor of Brussels has stopped it but it is be ing rolled out everywhere really.

    • Now i know the source of the faulty info antisemites quote as fact. I live in israel and 5g is deployed along major highways and on buildings in the citys. It has yet to run through neighborhood home districts but its still around with too many exposed. So stop the lie that its banned. Even an israeli adressed the michigan govt as 5g in some israel schools that she fought. I hate lies stop it jerk.

    • Unfortunately Phillip, we live in a “I want it yesterday generation”. regardless of the risks involved.
      Because this radiation is unseen as is all radiation, the uneducated have no fears or concerns at least until a family member is effected or they experience it detrimental effects first hand.
      It’s the I don’t see it mentality.
      I cannot tell you how many people think I’m stark raving mad when I bring up the dangers of this 5G crap.
      I’m doing everything I can here in my home town to protest and am disconnecting everything in my home. Don’t use a cell phone, I hate the damn things. They wanted to put in a smart meter in my home, I told them when hell freezes over.
      Today’s generation is so dumbed down by vaccines, pharmaceuticals, gmos, polluted water sources and electronics I truly doubt the message will ever get across.
      Those of us who care about our health are the only ones left to try and stop this in its tracts.

      • I’m now an activist against 5G. The only people I feel connected with are other 5G activists, because all my other friends and relatives think I’m crazy. They think it’s a personal problem I’m going through and that I need help!! They don’t understand the truth and that us activists are trying to help them. They believe what the telecommunications companies say over scientists and doctors. Sad!

  • extensive power output of ultrahigh frequency 5G electromagnetic power about to be set to subjugate the electromagnetic spectrum of planet Earth, that will make neuron interference to all living species of planet Earth and thereforafter cause incurable forms of dementia psychosis in higher neuron level capable species that are near or at the level of ‘self awareness’ as are Homo Sapiens. That excruciating induction of Dementia will cause the increase of psychotic aggression that will lead to and promote the ancient aggressive instinct to kill for food or to kill whatever is considered aggressive to them.
    Humans, Bears, lions, tigers, wolves, dogs, dolphin’s, Orca (killer whales), whales will be the driven psychotic killer aggressors.

    • There are massive problems with implementation of 5G including satellites needed which will end up as space debris, causing more danger.
      Excerpt from the article above.
      “The full assault of 5G is dependent upon the satellite programs from companies such as SpaceX, OneWeb, Boeing, Iridium, Telesat Canada and Amazon collaborating in league with the telecom giants. The commercial space industry is an intricate factor in the 5G infrastructure estimated to be worth $32 billion. The wolves following behind 5G’s trashing of space is the recent appearance of a space debris removal industry, which is expected to be valued $2.9 billion by 2022. Key corporate vendors in this emerging business include Airbus, Astroscale, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. In our dystopian civilization, where one technological disaster leads to the creation of another for-profit industry, this is called job growth. Clearly, all the pieces are being put into place for a 5G deep state, a powerful edifice committed to the massive surveillance of every person and human activity.”
      Learn more about the dangers of 5G (and ways to push back) by watching the 5G Crisis Summit, provided entirely for free by Josh Del Sol and Sayer Ji here:

  • I stumbled on this pdf document & wanted you & your friends to read & review how this will continue to impact the furtherance of 5G in our lives:
    Please be aware of this & review it. I’m not an expert like any of you are, but I don’t trust anything the FCC says or does.
    Thank you for breaking things down so not-so-smart people like me can understand and support you in any way we can.
    Thank you.

  • The vital piece of information is why the the ambulance service is denying the use of 5G technology when its clearly being tested and used.

    • I can bk this east of England ambulance up with facts I was diagnosed with mental illness because of this event I know that it was real I was hospitalized in that very hospital I could no touch the metal bed to get a blood test I was getting shocks I was telling them the truth that night they just looked at me as a nut I told staff I may be somthing to do with it later on there is somone that knows they were trying to get me to commit suicide to but I had fighting spirt and would not let them I feel targeted and it feels like when I was a kid I was abused and that feeling when you older the victim but this time I promised I would always speak out and I was telling everyone the truth and no one listened I told the doctors I said you come from science how come you dont understand wot is happening I told my key worker it feels like getting raped and you speak out but no one listen I was telling my mum all about this i feel alone and no one understands me they now understand i have to limit phone exposure there was bigger forces at work in norwich that week i know i was a victim that night i understood the wepon they have that week I called gchq and told them they did nothing I thought they might understand but some silly woman on phone not wanting to listen it’s so frustrating you can shout it from the roof tops and no one will even investigate my claims it’s all documented wot happend that week and it was a technology it doesn’t just come from the antenna 5g they can packet drop on to main lines it can even come out your phone worse when it plugged in on charge at the time I said I’ve been poisoned by radiation I was being monitored on my phone it is so scary knowing wot I learned that night just how dangourois it is it sad times when you report somthing because it out of the norm and sound far fetched you just looked at the frustrating you feel knowing you telling and looked at I say why is no one doing anything about it the awnser they come up with is medication to the problem that there thought process medication it is the perfect weapon against us ask just one question why does no one believe it it the hardest thing anyone belive it’s as if we have subconscious programmed to dis belive us this is mk altra on steroids

  • Israel is not having 5G, but wants everyone else to, which means they want to exterminate us. Not different to Israel not fluoridating it’s water supplies but wanting it everywhere else. Not different to Israel not making it compulsory to have their kids vaccinated but would have it compulsory everywhere else.

  • My daughter is a paramedic in the UK and thinks technology is great, you try telling her 5g is a problem, the young think we are all just tin foil heads worrying about the next thing.

    Maybe this will be a bit close to home for her and she may take notice before it’s too late, have emailed her the link, no doubt it will fall on deaf ears.


    • My children are equally blinded to the dangers. I can no longer visit their homes and still be able to walk. I am extremely sensitive. Can’t wait to see my neurologist to tell him I have discovered the problem as to why I have bilateral leg and arm weakness.

      • I am very cautious about talking to physicians. I usually try out the topic indirectly: “I know this lady who says…” I’ve seen too many arrogant bastards, and heard about EHS being misdiagnosed with mental illness. That goes on you record.

  • I have been having multiple new health problems since putting WiFi in our home 5 years ago. I have resolved the inflammatory symptoms since getting rid of WiFi in our home however, I presently have intermittent bilateral leg and arm weakness that worsens when I am in a location where WiFi is present. I can no longer go to the gym to work out as I get extremely weak in both legs when attempting to WALK a single mile. I have only been able to do that once. I am 100% convinced that my biliteral arm and leg weakness is caused by WiFi. It is getting increasingly more difficult to get away from it. There are 30 wireless networks within reach of my home that I could hook up to if I knew the passwords. Even though our internet is wired, I still have my symptoms because everyone else are still on wireless. If my husband leaves his cell phone on, I get very ill. Once he turns it off, I get much better in a few hours.

    • Hi Sharon,
      This may be of some help.
      I am sensitised with similar problems to you .
      I have Heavy Metal poisoning ( very high ) and high toxicity eg Glyphosate , super phosphate , MSG , preservatives etc which my liver and kidneys can no longer detoxify ,these affect the absorption and reaction to WiFi etc , also WiFi can make the blood very sticky and thick ( no good blood flow , causing pain etc )
      Look up Martin Pall ( highly qualified expert ) for info on electro-magnetics , and calcium gated channels etc.
      I would recommend you go to a highly qualified Naturopath .
      I was crippled with pain and believe I would be in a wheelchair by now , Ordinary GP Doctors were hopeless as ignorant of WIFI and Drugs just add to your bodies toxicity , instead , with amazing tests from the Naturopath eg Oligiscan (for Heavy Metals ) blood analysis under a microscope , saliva tests etc
      in 3 weeks of the correctly prescribed nutrients and many other support detox & a long term treatment plan etc ( things applicable to me as we are all different ), I was up and walking , feeling happy again and out of pain and able to function .
      I am in NZ and yes the supplements are expensive & prescription only , but worth every penny .
      The more highly qualified the the Naturopath is the better.
      Mine has told me if we don’t get time to fix me and get all metals out as they act like an antenna for Microwaves that 5G will kill me .
      This is what is being forced on us Cancer is the biggy and is caused by the damage WiFi etc does internally to the functions of the body .
      Acupuncture to the head for Headaches caused by WiFi I have found works for me also .

      Good luck
      Kind Regards

      • Not only are metals in the body a conduit of microwaves so is water and sweat. Our bodies are said to be almost 90% water. Here’s a NatauralHealth365 article on just that.

        5G technology becomes MORE dangerous due to human sweat, study reveals
        by: Lori Alton, staff writer | December 19, 2019

        “5g-dangers(NaturalHealth365) 5G technology is billed as a breathtaking innovation that will revolutionize people’s daily lives with lightning-fast internet connections, improved cell phone applications and speedy access to the “Internet of Things,” a linked wireless system of homes, businesses, hospitals and schools.

        With tech industries working hand-in-glove with government to institute 5G wireless networks worldwide, the rollout of 5G is upon us. Yet, scientific research has already raised disturbing implications for this untested system’s impact on human health.

        A growing number of scientists, researchers, physicians and natural health experts are currently warning of 5G’s potential harms, and urging that appropriate safety studies be performed. But, research – which appears to show that sweat ducts in human skin can capture and concentrate microwave radiation from wireless systems – is raising concern to a whole new level.”……………

  • It’s the carrier wave made up of frequencies in the kilo Hertz range that’s the problem with 5G and 4G. These are the same ones found in dirty electricity. They enter the body quite easily as the skin impedance is just 500 Ohms at 2 kHz, creating internal voltage. The science supporting interference with cellular transduction pathways is conclusive at anything over 1mV/m of internal electric fields. No, the measurement techniques for “body voltage” (not found in any electrical literature) are not what I’m talking about. Coincidentally mainstream science is using the same ones to open sodium and potassium ion channels. Just look at the symptoms. Just putting the pieces of the puzzle together after almost 9 years in this field. You need something that will hold up in court……this is it. Total EMF Solutions

  • Humans are composed of 2 or three parts; body or a container for a soul. The soul is who we are. When the body dies the soul dies too. Unless, we get Gods spirit then the soul sleeps and lives again. The spirit is like plasma. The soul is electrical. The body is dirt & water. The electric soul and 5g dont do good together.

  • I guess time will tell…that is if they admit it, but I think they will cover it up. Lets all hope it has nothing to do with G5. But if more and more die, I’m guessing suicide? Then eventually they will be held responsible. It’s going to get interesting…

  • Lawyers representing the healthcare sector (especially powerful, unionized employees) should be all over this.

    • I have everdence to bk this up all the reports from the time is documented on paper it helps build a bigger picture but no one has bothered anyone who goes though this ever dont understand wot happing them selves or disbalived I know 100% somthing happens In Norwich that week I thought it was just me the target this is very powerful that the only thing I wish I could work out how can so much power come from a device and how can they target you were ever you are bamb they on the network I was trying to catch them they new I could not this is something big and one that you can be killed to silence you this a dangerous game but I found out how to contol the damage they do it takes time to do but once they get you 99.99% of people would do anything they asked if you if you are a target I was crying my eyes out but there is somthing inside of me saying no matter how afraid I am fight them so I did that night and there was no help only the police not listening to me and threatening to pin me to the thing that was hurting me they would not let me outside if this room and it was bad in there I wanted only to go outside telling them they getting me though everything they know how to cause you blood to clot that is wot they told me so I had to keep this anger to stay alive that is wot I was going to my life changed that night they dont care about nhs staff they told me though the phone be nice to the staff yes there is a they but who they are I dont know I belive it to be army and phds that wot i saw on LinkedIn they leave no trace everdence that the problem but they have set morals I fighted them anoth to know there personality I just sound nuts but I know I was connected to them I thought they found out about it and they were taking care off I wanted to report it I did there is everdence of that

  • This seems to me like It is nothing short of genoside, control of human population , while creating wealth for the already marginalised pharmasutical industries.

    I’m shocked we are all allowing this to happen, Its about time there was a revolution.

    Millions will get cancer, millions will die, millions will be forced to get health care insurances?

    Shocked I’m still cannot believe we allow them to call 5g 5g it’s pure radiation not safe .interfears with brain and has been proven to excelled ate damentia and othe Brain disorders.

    • yes for sure, this is obvious to anyone with ANY sensible discernment. An obvious population reduction while pretending to “improve” or extend peoples lives. surely people are not that oblivious to the reality that is occurring around you? Not just 5G, that is only one of the thousands of issues occurring daily. or is it all just conspiracy “theory” that your perception of reality is being affected because of what the newspaper or tv news tells you to think and believe. This is the start of the next mass extinction, but will we learn from it or just believe what you are told to believe…again?

  • Bad stuff. Heard it’s banned in India where it’s created Other countries have banned it. Shame on the FAA. Thanks Obama for giving them sole right To our air and taking the EPA out of our air health. Very scared

  • Where did all the brains in people go? Where did all the drive to learn all about one’s surroundings go? I used to walk through meadows some five years ago and they were abuzz with a multitude of insects and swallows flitted to and fro – now, there is nothing but silence all around and there are hardly any swallows either. Man is crazy! Man poisons the environment because he does not like to be bothered by mosquitoes, so damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead, kill,kill,kill! That is coupled with the stupid idea to interfere with the ionosphere and blast everything with electrosmog , which destroys the insects as well as the stupid humans, who only think of making money, come hell or high water. Well, I got news for Y’all – it is already happening , our oceans and the planet are being destroyed before your very eyes!

    • Roland I can relate with your intense frustration with this situation. I am seeing that each of us ourselves must prioritize our own connection with the light of truth and our Source, and choose to walk the path of right action, no matter if there is no guaranteed positive outcome.

    • Roland, great article.. the “global warming” scare/scam has all the protagonists saturating every nations’ land mass with (Monsanto’s) GLYPHOSATE, except of course the two nations I mentioned above, in which they really are BANNED. I have no racial predjudice, but Netanyahu has very serious questions to answer regarding Israel’s place in any New World Order. Is it a world of the estimated Half a Billion predicted maximum sustainable number (8.5 Billion souls expended (murdered).Are you creeping to the logical conclusion, of a world populated only by the Jewish p;eople with a few Swiss/German labour force workers.. Was this part of your prediction for “ZION” Sounds nasty to me, but goes along with your treatment of extermination of Arab nationals around you ! The survivours of GLYPHOSATE being expended of course with the EMF radiation.You Mr Netanyahu are on our Watch List.

  • There are too many secrets in this realm of technology, all needs to be revealed
    Really appreciate your comprehensive article, these adverse energies affect a great deal more than human beings, Durh …. as if they wouldn’t, – everything is connected and there is no reason to manipulate the balance of life which has already been achieved. Society must wake up and refuse this illusion which is being presented to US – Yeah ..?

  • Very well said, totally agree with all you say. So sad that people are not seeing what is happening around them. The human race and animal species are being eradicated, over 40% of the animal and plant kingdom wiped out in the last 40 years.

    It is frightening.

  • As a person capable of spotting the source location of 2,5Ghz field without any tools, I’m looking forward to “hearing” about 5G, which to my knowledge works at 3,5Ghz and is a lot more densely built. I hope I won’t hear it…

  • Excellent article, Alison. As usual. Even before the arrival of 5G, I could not enter an ambulance when it arrived after two very serious car accidents. The reason? The WiFi inside all the hospitals give me seizures. On two occasions, while standing next to my smashed up, totaled car(s), I’ve had to sign a form carried by ambulance attendants saying I refused to go to the emergency ward against their urging. So now the nightmare of the hospital has gone mobile and to the power of about 100.

  • The frequency does not matter you fools!
    It’s the watts and concentration of the “radiation”
    (Humans emit radiation, the sun emits radiation, LIGHTING emits radiation, basically everything else emits radiation so calling all radiation bad is stupid ?) now a microwave emits a very similar wave length BUT it emits about 700 watts (as opposed to 1 by phones), and concentrates it in a very small area. Now a smart ambulance might use about 2-3 watts and concentrate it over say a 6x3x3 meter area while a microwave maybe uses a 50x30x30 centimeter area (much smaller than the ambulance for u Americans)

    So if anyone dares to complain about 5g cooking your brain (because people actually do that) direct them to this (unless there anti vaxxer, then they’ll just say “well it has the same frequency as microwaves” even though I just stated that that doesn’t matter.

  • We as a human race are putting a blind eye to many of the problems of the electronic age we are creating. Our ease and comfort comes with a price to pay. If we look at the history of civilizations at the past they had a better consciousness and they perceived the are living better than the age of QED. They were facing wild animals and natural disasters to deal with but we are entangled with a problem that we have created it to begin with! It is time to repent and to look back …

  • it is well known to the authorities that 5g is well known as a brain “cooker” and is being used as part of the ‘deep state’s de-population experiment. this can be proved by the “fact” that it’s development was initiated and completed in Israel, where the complete 5g system/network is banned. Much more on this on request ! Basically it”s not a joke or conspiracy theory, but fact. It is also banned in one further area, Switzerland, where the “elete”intend to hang out after NWO initiates.. please check these are facts which I have already confirmed.

  • Please belive me I have the paper work to bk this up and can get it anytime I have witness statement from mental health the east of England aboulance I went to hospital right at the time just before they died I thought I had been poisoned with radiation radioactive substances I was in a electromagnetic sensory I could feel everything they had to put me out with drugs I could not touch the hospital bed I called 999 asking for help I’m having hart atack I’ve been poisoned in the ambulance I thought they were not real and were taking me to a helicopter for usa here me out please I could move paper and plastic with my hands I went magnetic and felt even a metal door samsung is the worst phone fir it to cause illness and I said there is a phone app targeting me I’m getting emp at me help I need help and the thing is I was telling the truth they sectioned me I was so I’ll knocked out bye meds looked at as some nutter I new then somthing new there was cyber warfare attacks on uk citizens I reported it to gchq they said they dont deal with it everything was took over I told my key worker when I found out about them dieing saying they may of come into contact with me I was poisoned that was the only way I could explain wot had happened not knowing my self just knowing wot I went though was real no joke it was to far fetched to belive i found out about them i immediately felt this guilt come over me thinking they may of been the ones dealing with me I know I commented about it telling my mum dad I should phone the hospital to report it it could of been because they found out about me that was my thought but everyone around me thought I was mentally ill I know i was a magnetic and poisoned there is cyberwafare going on I them found out by a google search I put in wot makes you magnetic then all the symptoms I had came to light everyone of them i new in my gut i had a link to them i can prove every word that I’m saying it’s all documented but I new how not to die u though If my hart slow I’m dead there is somthing in my body I could not stay in the hospital I was acting very bad I kept saying I’m so sorry ahhh fk off stop no one new the truth and I was hurting no one could stop it they new I got better when out side I told them I have been poisoned with radiation I came up with A formula it was nano but that help clean radiation look them up they work by way of magnetic that how they work somthing with 4 oxygen it’s an oxide this it all dated I have it all I post all the things i go though on LinkedIn so you can fact check me yet I’m the one who is wrote of as a nut fo you know wot that is like I’m warning the hospital that bad things are coming they look at me because mental health and that takes away every bit of credibility I have none everyone knows I dont lie I get wot can you do this posting the truth for a start and i will till I’m belived and get help to figure out how you can be a target of this no one understands i wish they would this is SOS da da da dt dt dt da da da

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