The universe (or timeline) our world has been on, is closing down. There’s something fundamentally wrong with it.

However, a more solid and glorious universe is available to us. It’s right there in the wings, awaiting whenever we feel we’re ready.

The paradox is that the shift to the “primary” universe of awesomeness is not made by escaping our current one — but rather by showing up here, real and raw. Here, in this broken universe.

This is a theory I am exploring, anyway.

Yesterday I read an article by my friend Dr. Deborah Greene, in which she posits that there’s something fundamentally amiss with this universe. And if I understand what she’s saying correctly, subatomic experiments such as CERN have had something to do with it. Interestingly, there’s credible science to go along with this theory.

Debra‘s article instantly reminded me of one of my favorite movies of all time, “Donnie Darko“, released in 2001. In that film, an event happened which caused a rift, or splitting off from the primary universe to a tangential one. And a specific task had to be undertaken to collapse the tangential universe and return it to the primary.

The various events that occurred in the tangential universe —which was very unstable and had a limited shelflife — included great revealings such as theme of false spiritual teachers being exposed; a child pornography operation being exposed and it’s operator going to jail; those working with in the system being censored and fired for speaking truth; the subversive nature of a 2D “love vs fear” paradigm, and more.

I find it interesting that this incredibly well-crafted movie was released in 2001, the same year that it increasingly appears a timeline shift in the very fabric of our reality was instigated by the orchestrated event of 9/11.

As I understand it, that event happened on the same day that a multi-trillion dollar scandal was going to be exposed to the world, involving the corrupted US government.

Instead, the release was covered up, and the evidence destroyed — which was physically located in files in the towers that were taken down. Or in the words of Larry Silverstein, who owned the twin towers, and had just bought a massive insurance policy, “pulled”.

Since that day, in my view the scripted events that followed have been a steady march toward totalitarianism and social insanity, for the past 21 years.

And revelations of truth and goodness are happening with just as much prevalence. However, the availability of these are not on the TV news, but rather in smaller social venues and our own inner experiences, for those of us who can be transparent enough for authenticity in this life and our relationships; and disciplined enough to close down the external for a while and go within.

If you’re having a hard time doing this, it’s OK, you’re definitely not alone. I struggle with it too, though I feel increasingly in the throes of some benevolent process which my conscious mind does not yet fully understand.

But as I write this, at 4 AM on June 2nd, and in haste to catch an early flight (forgive typos) — I have just woken up from a dream in which there was indeed a massive shift in the fabric of the universe, to an unstable one of Limited duration. Each day, the communication cord was effectively shortening, signifying the time to communicate and resolve was running out. There was also a guide, who I know in this lifetime, but his voice was different. There was a mystery to solve, and the ability to do so I was predicated upon not being held back by fear, in the face of scary beasts.

Back to waking life, here’s what I know for sure. Our individual ability to choose, is precious gift. Our intentions and prayers matter, and will keep us in the transformative process unto a beautiful outcome. There is a better way than we currently see in this broken world.

Has there been a timeline shift, or transition to a “tangent“ universe?

Is there indeed now something fundamentally flawed with this universe?

If so, where do we go from here, what what is under our control… or perhaps better said, what is accessible by our choice?

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this… please comment below. And I invite you to watch Donnie Darko if you haven’t yet. (Look for the original directors cut — it’s hard to find, but worth it.)

  • A very interesting point of view, except looks to me that there has been something very off with this reality well before 2001. Have you heard of Howdie Mickoski? I attach a utube he did on Donnie Darko which people may find interesting.

    • With all that has happened and as hard as it is – the greatest thing I believe we can do is not to succumb to fear or to the illusion or to the polly anna version of all is love and light or that someone else or thing will save us.

      But that on a daily basis we say just NO to what is attacking our integrity (like in wearing a mask) and protect that which is danger of being harmed – our brain and lungs from a lack of oxygen. lol

  • It sure would be helpful if information such as is presented above (re 9/11 etc) included where the info came from to fact check… very interesting, if true facts

  • I marvel, Josh, that the historical document that speaks more to this than any other single document, the Bible, is totally left out. I have followed the 9/11 story from its inception My son-in-law had his offices in the World Trade Center, but fortunately he was not there on that day.

    The Bible, however, and Jesus in particular, speaks of a different kingdom that is not of this world, a kingdom that the prophet Daniel said would supplant all of the other worldly kingdoms and fill the world.

    But in all of your discussions He is left out.

    To keep balance in all this I am one who ordered the transcript of your seven day week of interviews two years ago, and read most of them. They were highly informative.

    I followed the advice of one, sent notice (two notices, a month apart from each other) to the chairman of the board of Dominion Power Company, for which I was rewarded by a call from our local executive and now have a non-communicating meter (NOT an electromagnetic meter–I am a licensed electrician and have installed this several times) with an additional charge for the meter man to come read it every month.

    I have also found it exceedingly difficult to so transform my lifestyle as an 83 year old widower who lives alone and still very creature comfort minded, to one that eliminates 5G.

    So much for my opinions, but as I started, so I finish. How can any discussion of ‘where we are going worldwide’ be a valid one that leaves the greatest prophecies of the world out, namely the Bible?

    I do wish you well.

    David E. Gregory, Sr.

    • In responding to David E. Gregory, Sr., imho the Answers come from within. A book can help Guide. It can also confuse and control. 3D is duality consciousness. There are two sides to everything here, and that includes the Bible, which many refuse to accept. They read every single word in that book and take them literally.

      Yeshua is our Brother. He didn’t want to be worshipped. The Bible can be interpreted materially, or spiritually, or both. He spoke in parables while he was here so that people could relate to Him better. He is an extremely highly ascended loving benevolent being who came here to Earth to help. I strive moment to moment to heal and cleanse myself to be able to ascend as Yeshua did. His Words are The Way. His Light is Pure and True and can help open the hearts of others to remembering themselves. He brought my own awakening to me many years ago, and I Am Forever Grateful. Our Father Loves Us All Unconditionally, and we need not ever fear, because He Is Within Us All. He Always Has Been And Always Will Be, no matter what some scientists have said. The Answers to one’s questions are already within oneself, but one’s Higher Self will make the determination of when one is able to properly selflessly positively effectively receive them. That will happen when the heart is opened enough. When one is humble and open to learning. When one is motivated by the love of The All rather than simply the love of one’s own self. Having one’s third eye opened before one’s heart is opened and balanced is the Luciferian way. It can cause more harm than good if gnosis if used to one’s selfish benefit. Stay humble, ask questions, and empty one’s cup, sometimes moment by moment. Please empty the cup, because things truly are not what they can appear to be. It will be refilled with what one’s mind will require to help one’s body awaken to the truth, when one is ready. Our soul knows the truth, it’s the body and brain that haven’t awakened for many folks. The Holy Spirit Within Will Guide Us to what we truly need. Just be willfully open-minded, and empty the cup if necessary.

      Religion is a tool that the system uses to control huemans thru fear and obedience. It has been horribly misused and huemans have been horribly deceived and made ill from it. Fear is not of Father. Fear is of the adversary – the ruler of the corrupted world.

      Please take what you need from this and leave the rest. I’m just offering my own heart’s knowledge to others. Everyone is absolutely able to and needs to and should willfully find Answers in their own way. Yet it is my deep hope that they will all find The Way again. So many have strayed so far away from our Father that they have truly forgotten who and what they are. They are ill.

      I believe that evil is simply sickness. Corruption of the flesh and spirit. We are all born with the knowledge and memory of who and what we all are – Conscious Divine Energetic Sparks Of Father God and the flesh of Mother Earth. We knew coming in. We knew this when we were in the womb, and when we’re born. And then wham-bam!!! some doctor or midwife or whatever slaps us on the butt while we’re being hung upside down by our feet, and right then and there starts the degradation process of the body and spirit from a sense of abandonment and physical pain, right out of the start-up gate! And huemans can become very ill and very evil when their environments continue to be harmful to them. They become very distrusting. They become what many would call narcissists, caring only for themselves. They forgot our Father and His Attributes, and made the little g’s of this world what matters to them instead. They forget that we are a soul and spirit residing in a hueman body, and instead embrace the body only, giving no mind or open heart to the soul and spirit that we truly are. They lose their Christ Consciousness, and instead develop the antichrist hive mind consciousness thru so many types of programming, including religion. Starting with being taught that God is vengeful and jealous and controlling thru what the OT writes about, and believing it. Losing their faith that they were born with. I really don’t believe that there is actual “evil”, because everything is Of Source/Creator/The Ineffable One/I personally call Him-Her-It Father/The Only Big G God, and God Is Love. Everything Is Created Perfectly.They have been eating of the rotten fruit of this world for a long time (maybe thru many reincarnation cycles?), and have grown to prefer it. Many have Stockholm Syndrome. They need love, if they choose to receive it. Yet we cannot force Father’s Will And Love on anyone. We can all make our own choices here. And yet all choices have consequences. It’s just the Way it is. It’s called Tough Love. It’s the Way we learn.

      It is my hopes and dreams and prayers that everyone eventually comes Home, and I do have faith and believe and actually know that this will happen. Energy never dies, it simply transforms, and no energy will stay negative forever. We just all heal and learn at different paces. It’s not a race or competition at all. Never has been. We’re all here together, helping and lifting each other together thru a very intense whatever-this-is. We each are unique and special, and we are all so blessed. And I am so very grateful for all that has been Given to me. And I need to share what I have, as I would love to know that all of us will remember who and what we are, and have no fear, and come Home again. You may come to find that you’re already Home, because Home Is Where The Heart Is. Thanks for taking the time to read. I get going sometimes…Spirit Moves me💓🙏🙏🙏💞

      • Jeanne, you are clearly a beautiful soul. No doubt that religion, with flawed and sinful people in it, has been used for control and has had people who have chosen evil and not the real Way of Jesus. But Jesus Himself spoke of hell and evil, unfortunately it’s very real. Jesus is God, the true Son of our Loving Father. If one gets on one’s knees and asks Jesus, the King of Kings, to send the Holy Spirit to understand His Word in the Bible, they will see that all of it is pure Truth. Keep seeking humbly, as you are, as we all need to, you will come to know the full Truth of the Triune God. May God bless and keep you and yours.

        • Hello Susan, And David E Gregory Sr. who started this thread.
          Susan you wrote “Jesus is God, the true Son of our Loving Father”. However a son is not the same as a father, neither for humans or for God. Jesus is the Son of God, but Jesus is not God.
          Nowhere does Jesus claim to be if you really read the words he said. The Lord’s (Jesus’) Prayer says the same.
          With the realisation the God and Son are separate, like a human father and son, then other things fall in place.

          • Wrong, When Pilate asked Jesus who he was Jesus replied ‘I am”. Read the gospels and Jesus reveals in the first lines he is God in the flesh!

          • Hello Kathy, Matthew 27:11, Mark 15:2 and Luke 23:3 all say, ‘Thou sayest’ or similar.
            John 19:9-12 is even more enlightening. Read the words carefully and note Jesus refers to one above, “You have no authority over me at all other than what was given to you from above.” ‘Above’ is referring to his father (who else?).
            Also consider John 3:16.
            And if you are referring to John 1:1 then investigate the Greek and see that ‘message’ fits the bill better and more consistently throughout the Gospels.
            Thank you for reading.

      • Thank you so much for these profound words and insight. It’s just what I needed at this time of questioning everything. 🙏🙏🙏

      • Hi Jeanne, this resonated with me on so many levels! Thank you so much for what you wrote! I know this might be odd but I’m struggling and would love to speak to you if you have time. Based on what you wrote above I believe your insight would be greatly beneficial. Not sure how to safely connect? I don’t know if this goes just to you, or if everyone can see this.

      • Jeanne; I’ve been a plant breader for 48 years and can tell you all sbout junk DNA and ressive genes. Too many people are incapable of seeing the truth and have become Zomeized, such getting the ‘jab’ , believing the government and all the ofbuscations people in control use against us. These gun shooting are another example. When I was joung you could take them to school in the gun rack of your pickup or order any gun out of a magazine. Nobody was shooting any one. This is what a society looks like when they have lost their way. Isn’t it amazing the 3rd generation of monarch butterflys, never having been to the place in Mezico they go to in winter find their way? Yet we can’t find our way back to God? Ask for guidence, the universe will provide it. ( Oh, be very spacific when you do ask)

        • Thank you Frances🙏 Yes we are all one and of the One. Namaste and Blessings. Have a wonderful continuing adventure and experience here on this beautifully messy Mother Earth with all of Her teachings of so many life lessons. She is an incredible Divine School of Higher Learning in this Universe of ours💓✨️😇🥰💞

    • David Gregory: Until people learn what the original Hebrew Biblical texts say, as apposed to the altered and deliberately mistranslated English versions, the Bible needs to be left out. Read, “The Naked Bible,” by Biblical translator Mauro Biglino. While the teachings of Jesus (not his real name) still stand, the whole book takes on a different meaning and has an entirely different point. In short, the Bible is the story of the true start of humanity (as genetically modified slaves) as well as the start of the cabal (under the Elohim called Yahweh), that Jesus and John the Baptist were unable to take down. Must read.

      • I agree with you, Vicki. It was fascinating for me when I learned of the in’s and out’s of hueman origin. It is just such a very difficult pill for most religiously indoctrinated folks to be able to swallow. Most will not be able to process this information, as it goes against everything that they were taught. Cognitive dissonance. It’s just too difficult for them to see it, because the programming has been so very strong their entire lives. They trusted the church. And even many within the church are still being deceived too. Because the lie is so huge, and the adversary effectuated it so well. It is very sad. The ‘enemy’/adversary is very smart. Extremely smart. And this deception has been in the works for a very long time. But it is now all unraveling for them, and they know it. They’re going to fight tooth and nail to try to maintain their power over huemans, but it will be to no avail. Love always wins. And it all happens so naturally and easily for us to help bring back proper balance to an unbalanced ill world, because we ARE True Love and Life and Light. So we must be patient and forgiving and turn the other cheek when folks retaliate against us and hate us for speaking the truth. But we must stand firm and strong, and we do.The naysayers will someday learn that our truth is the truth, but until that day comes, one can simply plant loving seeds in the hopes that it will rekindle others’ own Divine spark, which many have chosen to no longer embrace, probably mainly because huemans do not want to be responsible and accountable for their actions. They go thru life self-serving and egoic. But they are Forgiven and are always received back Home when they’re ready.💓✨️🥰😇🙏💞

        • Jeanne, I agree 100%. I am finding that the majority of people do not want the information, and the more religious they are (more devoted to it), the more they will put up a wall using crazy logic. In my family, the 3 women are the most brainwashed and the most stubborn on this. My two brothers are listening. Men tend to be more laid back. I think that helps.

    • Mr. Gregory, I appreciate your comments and agree wholeheartedly! We need now, more than ever, to be reminded of the truths contained and preserved in scripture and to know that God is over all and will win in the end even as He directs in the here and now. Thank you!

  • Thank you Josh. I agree that our ability to make choices is THE gift. It’s what makes us human and it’s why we are here (to make a lifetime of choice after choice). This is specifically what is under attack in these faascinating times we are living in.

    The concept of actually losing our essential humanity is so beyond the pale that I’m having a hard time envisioning this attack being successful. Regardless, they will continue to try and it sure seems that the ride is going to get bumpier for a while at least. Should be a very interesting time.

  • Josh, take good care, you maybe more right than you know. Thank you for your work…we must be involved/evolved at the 3D physical level.

  • Thanks. I think you are right on one way or another. We have to find the way forward. Its very strange in many ways also here in Sweden.

  • Joxh, thank you for this message and for detailing your thoughts. There is undoutedly plenty of wrong and evil afoot. Thousands of people are awakening to this on a daily basis and it must continue to be exposed.
    If you follow Sacha Stone – Guerrilla News you know there are plenty who are alighned with this thinking.

  • Dear Josh,
    As for my knowledge, we are fallen, by our own choice, from our original state of being, hence ‘Man’ with a capital M. After the fall we were manipulated by the archons/eons and kept prissoners untill this moment. The prosecuted Gnostics, through time, have written about this.
    This fallen Universe is named the universe of death or the universe of thorn. We are no longer the original humans. They even speak about it like not even a photo of the original being. Though there is a seed atom, resting in the position of the left heart chamber, but not on a plane in this universe. So this principle is called by many names, like snow white, the jewel in the lotus, or the treasure in the field.
    To return to the original field one has to first become aware about the fact and second to be in a state of being, body and mind, to practically, on a basis of insight and inner surrender to walk this path. There is no master or force in nature that can do this for us. You can read about this in the books of “The Lectorium Rosicrucianum”. They have an extended library. And by my knowing books about this subject are often found in public libraries.
    At the “”in the netherlands or
    Kind regards,

  • I feel that, too. I’ve been trying to stay focused on the 1960’s, peace and love.
    Listening to radio broadcasts from mid sixties, psychedelic music, watching movies like Woodstock. Trying to ignore the fearmongering.

    I got rid of my tv eighteen years ago. Love and light!❤

  • Hi Josh, I woke up at 4 am this morning, in Los Angeles, and have been having similar feelings. I have experienced the Mandela Effect (I experienced Billy Graham’s death and elaborate television funeral twice in my life) so I know there is something amiss. I’ve researched CERN where something is deeply hidden. They claim to be able to see into other dimensions. The Antarctic is another forbidden secret. I believe these things are starting to be revealed and those who have kept this world in lies, war and sorrow will be stopped.

  • Hi Josh, Reality as we know it is just one aspect of creation. Just like radiowaves that we can’t see there is so much going on that we cannot see with our naked eyes but I had a mind blowing experience in 2005 and as a result had access to other dimensions. A year ago as I was driving on a highway, I was in despair at the state of the world so I asked “what is going on with this world? what’s going to happen?” At that moment I needed to change lanes and there was this bike beside me half way back so I thought to speed up and go ahead of him but instead he sped up and I had to go behind him and on his jacket in big letters in a circle was my answer “TRIUMPH FOR THE WORLD”!!! Can we HOLD that vision? If we can we will CREATE it!!! Meditate on it – KNOW it – CREATE it! YES WE CAN!!!

  • I agree, but I believe this goes back way, way farther than 9/11. I would recommend reading “Not In His Image” by John Lash. The best expose I’ve ever found on the history and the spiritual basis behind the issues we are dealing with right now.

    • Thank you! Definitely getting this book.

      The push into patriarchy has been one of the most horrendously violent times especially against women and children in human history.

  • A friend and I are experiencing quite a few Mandela effects. We experience them at the same time/day, and I often feel the onset with an ache in my stomach. Her dog barks at things that aren’t there, she sees clocks go backwards, pictures of my family change, and now my grandfather’s death was two years earlier? It’s crazy! My hope is CERN is doing good such as preventing catastrophic wars, but at the same time I am concerned that they have flawed our universe beyond repair.

    • Pictures changed for me as well! I took a picture of my older cousin (with red hair) wearing a hot pink head band and sweater – made me laugh every time I looked at it!

      Couple months later – head band was GONE! freaked me right out! When I asked ‘her’ about her hot pink head band – she claimed she never had one!
      Search – Gordie Rose – D-Wave he claims their not changing the time lines. lol Why acknowledge a conspiracy by denying doing it.

      • Months ago an extremely intelligent, science educated friend mentioned she believes something called the D-wave is putting us into a delta dream state causing confusion, inability to get things done, deja vu effects, and not fully waking.

        Not knowing what a D-wave was—I just listened to a Gordie Rose video as you suggested. Before my experiences with a changing reality I would have thought what Gordie said was benign. But with knowledge that something is wrong his words came across more like an introduction preparing the audience for a “cyborgs are coming to rule us” movie. Truly frightening!

        I value which shows a number of “changed memories” shared by others. It helps with the freak out!

  • Are you trying to wake people up in your way? Otherwise I would think you are absolutely daft because of the lack of understanding of what is actually going on and the ability to find out what is going on is quite a bit out there and available. Are you unwilling to take a strong stand ? Yeah you got to put yourself out on the line . Yes you might lose everything . Yes I understand people don’t know. But for goodness sakes do you really need to take this Avenue I hope it works. There’s so much more to know and realize before making assumptions when the facts are already in front of your face. If you’re only willing to look. No we’re not in a good place. This is the time of Awakening if anybody will bother to see.

  • Much to ponder. CERN weirdness, 9/11… Murrah blown up, Philadelphia experiment and so many other incidents… Oh what a tangled web… Do we, can we fathom it? Do we need to know? To understand? How do we unravel, untangle ourselves from this fine mess?

    Is our generalized anxiety – our psyche’s scream for help – creating enough momentum to move some of us to seek remedies of our own from the unconscious realms? Your iconically rich dream left a “gift” for your consciousness mind…a wake up left at the threshold for the action capable mind – to what end?

    What action should and could be taken that will restore beauty and health and vitality and joy and love and peace, restore sanity and and ennoble and empower us? Is it a seemly passive solo journey through our own internal processes – is transmuting the self enough? Or is a collective transmutation ala the Maharishi effect, perhaps on a grander scale in order? Or some other? Could a merger of the powers we all possess (albeit latent and unactionable in most) capable of creating a world changing butterfly effect?

    Let’s find out, shall we?

  • I too have often felt and expressed similar lately. It feels that the rift in two developing paradigms will pull them apart. What happens when each reaches critical mass we will see. Yogananda and other great masters warned long ago that our habitual thoughts do disrupt our climate and each others positive capacities. I resonate with that feeling of benevolence that is making itself more apparent; those intuitive nudges that I’m increasingly more willing to follow. Despite not knowing where they’re going, if it feels right, I’m going. No more time to hesitate on the bridge! Cross over to where you belong before it breaches. We need Us!

    • I totally concur – it’s like a which world did I wake up in today feeling. lol
      The good one or the messed up one.

      Also I have to say – I can’t imagine why 2 people found fault with your comment, was it because you named another highly evolved spiritual soul that wrote of his experiences while seeking enlightenment to the suffering of others?

      If so I find that sad, prideful not to mention completely missing the point of John 14:12 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” Hmmmm IE follow only Jesus – but don’t actually follow his words – cause it will disrespect Jesus. lol

  • I completely understand where you are coming from and have experienced similar events for the last 20 years. I have been driven by a desire to know the truth and resist crippling fear (which is how we are controlled). Knowing the truth is no easy task but it is a worthwhile endeavor for improving our lives and results in building a community, as you are, of people who have not forgotten their humanity.

    BTW if you can find it there was a series called Braindead. Prophetic to say the least!

  • In my humble opinion, this did not start with 9/11 or events in 2001. A new law book was written with the birth of Christ over 2000 yrs. ago. He was born in the flesh under the old Law of the Old Testament, the Lord God, which ruled the earth for likely thousands of years. A law of if you broke the law there was no forgiveness, justice or remedy. Christ, on behalf of his father was the first to bring Equity with him, which is peace, love, justice, remedy, right of inheritance. He did this to show people there was a different way to live. Today we all still live under the Law, no equity, love, justice, remedy.. BUT it is up to us to return what is not ours, the rigged birth certificate, that shows my mothers name as her maiden name, and in their screwed up system assume and presume you were born an orphan and deem you as a ward/employee of the state. The last name is on that certificate denotes a dead person. So it is a presumed death certificate, and you are a fiction at law, and they have jurisdiction over that assumed name they created usually in all capital font, called a fiction, Person, Resident, Citizen. That needs to be corrected first. The money supply is the next hurdle.. they print fiat currency backed by you and I. ..and guess what.. a Cestui Que Vie Trust was created upon your registration with your name on it. It is connected to your bank account, and every loan, mortgage, deposit et al went in and out of that Trust.. you are borrowing from your own trust, and paying a bank sometimes for years for that amount for that privilege. The third thing we must abandon is THEIR LAW. It is of no force or authority to those of us who correct, or just return the B.C. and jump over to the new covenant/New Testament (which means will). Paul said that the Law was given by Moses, but grace and trust came by Christ Jesus. Came to show us another way to live free from bondage, the jab, mandates, only for those who want to be shepherd like sheep. You own NOTHING in their system as they keep the titles to everything in BAR a crooked organization behind all lawyers/judges/attorneys. There is no justice through them. Do not contract with them, they are only there to ding your trust account with the offers they make to you. In their system you are known as JOE BLOW, in the new covenant you are Joe Blow.. big difference. Different law for the living soul which they do NOT have jurisdiction.. stand on your truth, jump off the sea of admiralty, commercial law, and acknowledge God as your new Law maker. I returned mine to a bank as they obviously do conversions and redemptions by my signature which created it all. We are the creditor on God’s side. Blessings to all I Am: Rosalie

    • where can i get information to learn of the cestui que vie trust, STRAWMAN; i have heard of these topics and i have listened to people such as:, david straight, christopher james (; by the way everyone, you should check out what christopher is doing in canada( go to bitchute and do a search)
      i ask; did you change status to do this.

      • Good Morning.. yes I know and follow all those mentioned.. David is great. I have reservations about the Common Law proposed by most like C.J. because it is still administered by the old covenant, old law, where you do not own anything, have no standing in their courts. Their law is unwritten and so in their court they have jurisdiction over you and can do anything they want to in there, lien your property, jail you on trumped up charges against the ALL CAPITAL NAME. Is that you? No. You are a living breathing entity whose blood flows. They already stole your titles to everything.. so I think CJ is going in the wrong direction, where giving back their thit, gets you out of their jurisdiction to being a son or daughter of God, and can inherit your trust. I know CJ is very passionate and along with Marcus Ray may be heading for trouble. When they got rid of the gold standard think in 1933, made all contracts ‘color of law’ because there was no substance to back it.. same as Common Law, they usurped it for the same reason.. That is why courts et al are like the wild wild west.. You can search canon law #2057 for cestui que vie trust. It has been ongoing since the 1600’s. It says in that canon law they must give you your trust upon proof of your competency. My status changed when I registered mailed my certificate of life birth to them endorsed on the back ‘for trust deposit only for conversion and redemption’ then signed my name. They are dragging their heels on this, but I am tenacious. 🙂

  • According to the incredible work of Dolores Cannon (Convoluted Universe BkI) we are constantly transitioning to tangent universes. Each choice we have creates additional ones. That is the you of now, when faced with a decision of X or Y, fractalises into lives where both outcomes are played out and continues on like that, infinitely, until it’s time to go Home…So it’s the choices we make right now on an individual level which will create the tangent universe of our individual futures. Whether or not the same actors are there or not, and how the scenes are played out is up to us. It’s all just smoke and mirrors…Divine Play at it’s best!

  • Hello and thank you for an inspiring post. You are right on target with your theory. I know.

    The universe (or timeline) our world has been on, is closing down. There’s something fundamentally wrong with it.

    *- Yes, I agree with you. I have known that fact all my life.

    However, a more solid and glorious universe is available to us.

    *- Yes, another one of my discoveries.

    The paradox is that the shift to the “primary” universe of awesomeness is not made by escaping our current one — but rather by showing up here, real and raw. Here, in this broken universe.

    *- My heart rushes as I read your words. The excitement is about reading your comments which confirm what I know. There is a universe like that.

    Yesterday I read an article by my friend Dr. Deborah Greene, in which she posits that there’s something fundamentally amiss with this universe. And if I understand what she’s saying correctly, subatomic experiments such as CERN have had something to do with it. Interestingly, there’s credible science to go along with this theory.

    *- Those experiments have to do with the behavior of subatomic particles, which are quantum fields that define everything around us, including us. That micro-universe functions in time scales measured in billionths of a second. I started a company dedicated exclusively to applying such knowledge to promote health, love, and prosperity to all humans. However, many influential people at CERN may have vastly opposite goals and infinite budgets.

    Since that day, in my view the scripted events that followed have been a steady march toward totalitarianism and social insanity, for the past 21 years.

    *- Yes, including transhumanism. Elana Freeland has done a terrific job dissecting these diabolical plans. She explains it in this short video.

    *- It is infrequent for me to post or reply to any general online messages. However, your theory impacted me because I know you are on the right track and I felt compelled to share my response with you. How do I know that?

    Since early childhood, I have been working on answering that question. As 12-year-old I had an automatic writing spell that revealed the subjects you are talking about in your post. It was a paranormal experience. I learned things I could not understand intellectually but could feel emotionally. I still have the paper upon which I typed those words sixty years ago.

    I have had an internal guidance mechanism ever since.
    Later in life, more was revealed to me through two NDEs decades apart.

    The bottom line is that the globalists are annihilating humanity. We are under attack, and I will do everything to help by promoting health, love, peace of mind, coping techniques, and spiritual strength.

    Thank you for what you do!

    • Sanlu, thank you for being you. I resonate with you so very much. This has been a very difficult Mission, but meeting huemans such as yourself makes it easier. Grateful for you. Grateful for all the good loving people on here.💓🙏🙏🙏💞

      • Jeanne,

        Your words had such a positive effect on me that I must let you know this. I am grateful for you also.

        Thanks to you, I realized that nobody has ever said that to me. No one has ever thanked me for being me.

        Your comment made me feel rewarded in a very unexpected and delightful way. I agree; we do resonate with each other. All the best!


        • Oh how I would love to meet all of you beautiful souls! Hopefully someday, yes? Blessings to you, you very special being! Always hold yourself in very high regard, as your empathic insight shows what a truly evolved loving being you are. It should not matter that affirmation is rarely given to us by our family or friends. Most don’t understand us whatsoever, let alone appreciate us. Many fear us because we tell truth that they’re not ready to face. Let that all go, because we are so very loved and lifted by all of our Soul Family, even if we can’t see them with the old rods and cones. They’re here, with us always, as is Father. It’s all good. Have a great day!💞

  • I totally feel I am in a parallel world…interacting with most people nowadays is such a painful experience that it beggars belief…And I am otherwise an extremely social and outgoing person, known for being able to communicate to all through work and private life. Now, I am experiencing, at the best of times, perplexity, and worst of times, a nightmare…

    • If you can – you might consider moving to a place that is more inline with your light and energy. 🙂 I did – just at the time that the world collectively jumped off the cliff, didn’t know it at the time mind you that that is what I was doing.

  • I have encountered the idea that this is a “tangent universe”. That term is not used but it is the same idea mentioned in The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. In this version the big bang was actually the point of divergence and it was cause by an error. I love this book.

  • Thank you for your positive interpretation of world events. There are many “theories” about what human consciousness really is and changing dimensions and timelines are thoughts that energize and excite me. Maintaining our focus of attention on our shared and individual power of imagination and intention is what will move us to what is next. The reality of embedded micro chips, vaccinations and transformation to inhuman robotic compliant beings may also be one of the timelines some will experience. Just not for me :). Peace out!

  • Hello 🙏🏻 This is not an entirely new idea; I believe you are experiencing the reality that has been explain in detail in the Bible.

    Scholars in majority accept the Bible as historical fact, and more and more with time it proves true, perfectly aligning with psychology, science, archeology, history, true prophecies, and so much more. Transforming lives, as it did mine. (Don’t let censorship or anything else get in the way of genuine pure research and seeking; do what Lee Strobel did, even though he began as an atheist. Seek truth wholeheartedly.)

    “Normal” is not coming back; Jesus is.

    He said the Kingdom of Heaven is in “our midst”.

    New World Order and all these things are explained in the Bible.

    I understand resistance to this, but have a humble heart, ask God for His Spirit to lead you and understand His Word, and Jesus personally reveals the secrets of God and how everything was created, how everything will happen, and so much more. Nobody except God can do this. “God is love”.

    📈📉 I recently found this guy who explains these things clearly on a white board with a timeline of that is helpful for anyone. His name is Robert Breaker:

    But of course the best is go to The Lord directly, personally, instead of people. After that most important step, you may find some incredible Bible studies, books, and elders/ pastors in a good church who can seriously explain things- it’s truly amazing.

    Jesus on the cross is the ultimate symbol of sacrificial love.

    Jesus ascending after the cross, appearing to over 500 people, and overcoming death on our behalf is the real proof God loves us and made a way for us to Heaven. His miracles and undying love are forever unmatched.

    This revelation is too important to ignore in such a time as this!

    Looking forward to hearing your response about the Bible. Happy studying 🙂

    Love and blessings in Christ

  • Hi Josh,

    Interesting post. Perhaps these ‘experiments’ at Cern are tearing at the fabric of the Universe itself ~ at least in term’s of our experience here on planet Earth. Letting things in that shouldn’t be here on this plane, or letting things become imbalanced so that our navigational capacities through intuition and observation are distorted. I do believe even Stephen Hawking warned about CERN, though I am sure there are good scientists there who are learning important things that might be helpful, or perhaps better left alone.

    You’re obviously in touch with your own archetypal messengers ~ and so I think that’s important to pay attention to. Sometimes I think because many of us are so ‘spiritually upset’ that simply as a form of logic, there is a ‘better world’ we are comparing this world, to.

    As a child I had dreams similar to what you have envisioned, so there must be something to it. I do think the radiation on the planet is bad and should be re-envisioned or toned down a great deal. IN the end we are PART of a greater whole ~ the animals are much better at realizing this ~ perhaps when and if we realize it, peace on Earth will occur, and those who are creating a Virtual Reality instead of honoring Divine Mind and its creations will find another planet to live on, and we can rebuild.

    Thanks for reading and doing your important work and for your intelligence, kindness, and curiosity.

    • Or maybe these ‘two strands’ of reality are forms of consciousness, that are indeed separate ~ but both here ~ thus living ‘on different planets,’ in the metaphysical and consciousness sense.

  • Yes it is called sin. We all need to repent of our sins and believe that Jesus died and rose for our sins.

  • The technocrats and transhumanists want create digital twins for humans; thus, that that would also include turning all carbon-based life forms into silicon-based life forms (synthetic biology); in other words they want to create a digital twin for the Earth as well.

    So I find the concept of a “tangential universe” very interesting; are we talking about that “tangential universe” being a digital one?

    If you search online for the Earth’s twin, most of the references mention Venus as being the Her twin.

    Look at the difference between the two; the Earth is alive; and Venus is dead. Is this the fate of a digital universe? Would digital Earth become like Venus?

    I read somewhere that the elites originally planned for the “great reset” for some time in 2050 but had to move it up to 2030 as if they were expecting some kind of “global catastrophe”. There are rumors about the Apophis asteroid striking Earth in 2029; a planet X passage, Earth’s magnetic pole shift, etc.

    When two timelines merge, it creates a singularity. Why have the elites targeted 2030 as the singularity? Are two timelines merging? Could your tangential timeline be merging with the original timeline?

    An interesting perspective:

    The 2030 Singularity – Two Timelines, One Outcome?

  • Thank you Josh for writing about this article. Unfortunately the link you provide leads here and I cannot find the article to read further on this fascinating subject. Is there perhaps another link? You have piqued my curiosity.

  • One of the best information sources I’ve personally come across so far regarding this are the 2 books Voyagers 1 and 2 by Ashayana Dean. I recommend reading them. Which includes the grand grand history of our universe and humanity in general… including the previous lost worlds… and the current repeat cycle we are collectively living today…
    INTÉGRATION – I think is key to it all from sub atomic to personal to social to universal levels towards « healing » the «brokenness» we keep repeating and experiencing again and again… and currently live once more

  • What i realized today is, that i can choose to untangle from all this absurdity. I can choose to really see myself as powerful and as independent as i am. In other words: i can acknowledge and feel that i’m enlightened…!!! 🙂 And this “i” is not my ego or person, this i is like Emptiness, Fullness, Stillness, Oneness…!!! And we as human beings, are all This already, always have been!!!! We just need to experience This consciously again!!!!
    🙂 <3

  • Hi Josh, and greetings from Sweden!

    Reading the above comments and the article i have my own little take on it. But pherhaps not so diffrent from some theories above? Regardeing the more metaphysical explanations, those might be true to. But my take is very physical.

    I am hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields, and have been so for many years. I regularly experiment whit faraday cages of diffrent types, as well as visit places with less radiation in remote forrest etc. And about two or tree times a week i go visit planet earth for a few minutes.

    We all experience this “reality” or “physical universe” true our five senses. These senses utilises the nervous system to work, and we can se this as a sort of filter which we use to experience reality. If you now entangle this nervous system in a gazzilion artificial fields of various EMFs you distort the filter. You alter reality by distorting the lens through which you see it.

    As i see it, we live on earth still, but in a diffrent universe in a way. And the more they trap humans in this state of consiusness, the more our fellow humans drag us into this alternate reality in a sense. Humans are diverted away from reality.

    I have a sauna in the basment with metal walls, a complete faradays cage. 2-3 times a week i sit in there for 15-20 minutes. I then swetty and naked go out into my back yard were there is a kind of a pit. Around me are walls of firewood about a meter thick and two meters high. I sit here whit my bare feet on our great mother, and i guess i am as grounden as anyone can be. After about ten minuets i do experience the world as it used to be. I can feel it, connect whit it, and i feel great. Shielded from radiation as far as i can in a natural way. Warm whit god cirkulation, the cerebral cirkulation working properly. And as grounded as i can be. And fresh air, well when they havent drenshed the sky in their shit.

    Then i go in and hit the shower and go back to our alternate shitty reality tangled upp in a thousand wireless shit devices. But i do still visit earth a few times a week. Try it out you to! I think you will like it.

    My dream of course, is that we will turn all the shit of! So that our counciussnes can connect with life again. Call it God if you like! But to all the christians above i can recomend The King James Version of the Holy Bible, the 1611 Edition. Then you will think twice in calling GOD aka the Goods your master again. But i do love Jesus. Or the picture i have of ho he was……

    The alternate reality as i se it dident start in 2001. But about then they started the 3G system full scale, which escalated the hole thing. And now we are heading for the cliff full speed. Fasten your seatbelts. Or get of the fucking ride…..

    Blessings to you all.

  • I believe everything was corrupted prior. Our reality was hijacked & many falsehoods were put in place (for example the ‘flower of life’ is actually the Metatronic ‘daisy of death’ but we see this pattern even in Nature). Those who are Sovereign (trust only HigherSelf/Aspects & Source) will get out of this prison planet. This parallel reality removes itself completely by Nov. 2023 while the false timeline loops back in, trapping souls.
    Excellent explanation.
    For more info: Energetic Synthesis website

  • God is in control! People can try what they like to destroy the world. It is actually Satan who is doing this who is let lose on earth. This is the time where Christians get tested. They get jabbed because they want to travel etc. – very selfish reasons. Only those believers who hold on to the promises of God will end up in heaven for eternal life in glory.

  • According to the teachings of the late Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Ho’oponopono, the world is run by old memory, or old data, which is why problems continue to repeat itself, through us. We are the stage the memory of old data plays out on, until we consciously release them and ask them to be erased out of us.

    He states that our individual purpose and work is to clean these old data away and return to what he calls zero state, or emptiness, or void. Once at the zero state, Divine Inspiration comes through, and when it does, because we are so clear, we take action, and it is perfect action.

    By freeing myself of whatever memory that shows up in me in whatever way it shows up, when I clean it away out of me, then it is also cleared out in others, because we all have shared memories, and by releasing it from me, I free not only me but all.

    Here is a lecture he gave in Japan, which comes with an interpreter. It may be a little difficult to listen cos you have to wait for the interpreter to complete everything he says but the content is very clear.

    It’s a wonderful series of videos. I hope you find value in listening to this.

  • Just as a p.s. Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len started the blue solar water thing. Basically it’s getting any blue glass bottle and filling it with tap water and then leaving it out in the sun for an hour or so, or if not, under an incandescent light for the same amount of time. According to him, this clears the water of memory and when we use this whether to drink or wash, etc, it helps to clear us of memory.

    • Erasing your memory? That is why we are here. We need to remember. Remember, remember who we are. Remember the trees, remember the clouds, remember the once blue sky, remember the once crystal clean air, remember the animals, remember the earth, remember who you really are. You are as i am. Greater things will you do than I. Remember,remember,

  • please provide a link to the article from Dr. Greene. I have checked her website and can find no reference to this article. Thank you kindly

  • Our goal/role in this world is to invite the Creator to join us. It is why the world was created and why all relationships mimic that divine purpose. When we are unified and the Creator, in his intrinsic oneness recognizes our unity and joins us we will have Heaven on Earth. It is not far off.

  • Totally ‘Get’ what u saying and alluding to..There is no mistake with what is unfolding, Personally I think they’ have underestimated the Power of plain ole ‘Do unto ya neighbour what u would have done unto you..We CAN crack this, Personal Integrity gonna Win every time even if im looking down the barrel of a gun. If we not super primed to be operating outta personal integrity NO MATTER WHAT, Then WHAT IS THE POINT….We may as well go and see klaus and ask to join up..

  • Thank you for lovely thoughts.
    Imagine that everything is consciousness. If thoughts are things, is the world in such turmoil because of our wounds? Are we constantly beaming destructive thoughts to the field? Do movies, games, books and especially the media do that too (in some cases purposely to manipulate)? Is it then our thoughts that make us sick when we watch many pilots poison us with their planes? Not the chemicals itself? But could it be our thoughts as to what these chemicals do to us and the planet? Is there another world present in-between everything which we just have to step into? Do our panics, illnesses, struggles with the evil wrap all the evil and define evil? Imagine if we all can step out of it with our thoughts and the world and universe would change Instantly! Hope my English is fine and Hello from Belgium.

  • I have been having the exact same thoughts for some time as well…. something is very amiss indeed and I also think it is related to CERN. I would love to read Deborah Green’s article, could you post the link pls?

  • Excellent article, and borders on much of the stuff i have been exploring on Crrow Radio, where there are more than 400 indepth and very well researched podcasts covering every subject, from NASA and the entirely fake space narrative, the globular planet and solar system hoax, the aliens hoax, the dinosaur hoax, gematria and the power of numbers and words, how music and entertainment has played a vital role in social engineering and mind control, our completely false history, how the solar cycles and the entire sky clock that connects us to nature have been corrupted and the destructive false construct of time established, and so so so much more. These podcasts finally put together some huge pieces in my what-is-this-reality-we-live-in-really-about puzzle, and i urge anyone pursuing this topic go through the podcast list and explore subjects that interest you. The first hour is free, and members can listen to the second hour, so it’s well worth a membership.
    Full List of podcasts:

    Further to other comments on this page, Jesus came into this reality NOT to be worshipped, but as a brother and guide, to show us that like him, WE are equipped with amazing gifts and are indeed the creators of our own reality. We are God the Creator, and we all have God within us. Religion is a total corruption of spirituality, just another form of hierarchical enslavement given to us by our controllers. The slogan from Crrow Radio couldn’t be more appropo: Belief is the Enemy of Knowing.

    Cern is nothing more than a monumental satanic ritual, and there is no benevolence of any kind there. That being said, no atom has ever been split anywhere by anyone, and the existence of nuclear weapons is just another fearporn hoax. And re 911, i have heard that Sept. 11th was meant to be the announcement of the adoption of Gesara/Nesara when all debt was forgiven, the documents were already prepared and ready at the Pentagon, but things went the other way instead. Thus all the documents had to be destroyed. Maybe this is the alternate event you are speaking of?

    In recent weeks i have experienced a personal revelation of amazing clarity, which i’ll describe in a separate comment for any who may be interested.

  • Once long ago in my late teens, when i was living in London (England), i went by myself to a matinee at the cinema on a sunny sunday afternoon. The movie had recently come out, it was The Taming of the Shrew with Richard Burten and Elizabeth Taylor. I didn’t or don’t have a television, i can count the number of movies i’ve seen in a proper theatre during my life on less than two hands, and i knew next to nothing about Shakespeare, so i’m not sure what prompted me to enter the dark of a theatre on a sunny afternoon when i could have done something else, but there i was, sitting in the middle at the front with a few people scattered thruout the dark tiers of seats, and a wide screen before me. The curtain rose and the production started, the backdrop scenery was beautiful, the scenes were perfectly set with all the necessary props in place, the costumes were exquisite, and the narrative (i think it is a comedy) full of emotion. I soon became so drawn into it all that i was completely absorbed, as if in hypnosis. It was a long film, and after my emotions had been dragged up and down and fed through the wringer (i don’t even remember the details of the story now) the closing scene was acted out, the curtain finally fell and it was over. The dim isle lights came on, and the few of us there shuffled out into the brilliant sunlight, which i remember strained my eyes. I can still see myself, walking down the relatively bussling streets, completely unable to reintegrate what i was seeing with the world i had been living in in the theatre. Everything seemed strange and unreal, the cars, the people, the shops………..I walked all the way back to my tiny flat above the pub at the corner of Abbey Road and Boundary Road (just out of view on the famous album cover) with my head spinning, it took me several hours to reintegrate into the present reality around me and ground myself, and the memory of this has stuck with me all these years, because i was so amazed at how completely i’d been sucked into what was obviously a fantasy reality.

    I am telling this story because over the last couple of weeks i have acquired some amazing puzzle pieces in my what-is-this-reality-we-live-in-really-about puzzle, thanks to a huge nudge from Crrow Radio (see link in above comment). I discovered a few months ago that Shakespeare as a real man never actually existed, and was a composite of a group of masons hired by the British Royalty to present a historical and social narrative as reality to the masses — the threatre has always been controlled by the govt. and crown, and was massively used for social engineering, just like our media and entertainment is today. However, “Shakespeare” was sure right about one thing, all the world really IS a stage! There it was stated right there in plain words for all to see, but we did not see it.

    In the present day situation we now find ourselves in, the auditions for the actors’ roles were done long ago, and many who are placed before us now have been raised in generations-long families of life-time actors. And periodically over time the auditions were/are held for the walk-on parts, and an alarming number of our weaker contemporaries have lined up to sell their souls in exchange for money and fame. Others are the “extras” in the play with bit parts, and the masses are the interactive audience who absorbs the performance and takes it on as reality. The detailed script for this play has been edited over time, but it has always had an alpha and omega, a beginning and an ending, to cover a certain span of time, and we’re nearing the closing scene and final curtain. The stage has been perfectly set with every detail attended to, and every item having importance.

    When we are born we are assigned a seat in the theatre next to our parents, family, teachers, and society. Being, as all human children are, in a hypnotic brainwave state for our first seven years, looking to those around us to help construct our world, we are ripe and ready for programming, meant to soak up whatever is laid out before us in order to become part of the society we live in. Thus we become completely drawn into the play right from the beginning because we, like those around us, have no idea there even is another sunny world of possibilities going on right outside the theatre door. We, like the others in the theatre, become totally mesmerised watching and listening to the actors, who now have full power over our minds and emotions, as each one steps into the spotlight to perform their part in the script, and then steps off stage for another character to come on and perform theirs. Being humans, we are by nature finely tuned into the responses of those around us, and find ourselves responding as one body as our emotions are captured, manipulated and heightened. We experience fear, horror, release, gratitude, worship and awe as we cheer on the heroes and shake our fists and maybe even yell at the villains who are placed before us to battle it out. We are cleverly persuaded to put our trust and faith in one or another character, and we are devastated when we are betrayed (betrayal always figures largely into “entertainment”). We are sad at the eulogies, high at the celebrations, we are clapping, booing, crying, laughing, covering our eyes, as we respond to whatever goes on on the stage, and through our reactions we give more and more energy to the actors, to the narrative, and each other. We eat drugged Coke and eat the popcorn (gmo bread) that we’re given to pacify us, and we chomp away as we are glued to the circus before our eyes, inprinting itself so deeply on our minds. Enter-tain-ment means to enter, tain means to hold, and ment means the mind. Capturing our minds and causing us to produce reactions/e-motions is what drives the whole production, and fear is the most powerful of all the emotions displayed for our consumption. Because we are endowed with the gift of creativity, we are used to generate the energy that keeps the entire sham fantasy narrative alive. This is the conclusion i have now come to — humanity is the audience at an emotion-packed performance designed for absolute mind control.

    Of course our other great source-given gift is free will. Finally recognising the theatre for what it is, nothing more than a fantasy story that has been constructed by design and presented to us as reality, i have come to a place where i have made the choice to not give any more energy to the play and the actors and the fantasy story, and to just get up and walk out of the theatre into the sun, and explore another reality awaiting me outside, perhaps one completely open-minded and boundless, perhaps of my own design. We don’t need someone else to write the script, we all have the gift of creative ability to be script writers.

    The deep dives i have now over the last year in particular taken into psychology, mind programming and control, and such completely false constructs as our so-called history, our so-called science, our massive “entertainment” programming, the numerous hoaxes we’ve been fed including the space hoax, UFOs, aliens, and even dinosaurs — all these frauds have now been satisfactorily exposed to me. As various philosophers, mystics, and ancients have said over time, we are actually living in the dream world, and the real world is within us in the realm of what we think of as the dream world, or words to that effect. All my life, ever since i can remember, i have had a couple of big imposing questions: is this all there is to this existence? And what am i here for? Two years ago i began to understand that there is indeed a mission and a purpose to my life and i am finally later in life (74) on the journey to discovery. I am hungry for mind-expanding information. I asked for guidance and gave it free rein to take me where i needed to go, with no boundaries or constraints placed on it. Thus synchronicity continues to lead me by the hand, and i continue to follow with a completely open mind.

    That being said, had i had any idea two years ago where my journey would take me, i would never have believed it! I had a definite idea that evil was on the loose, but i had no idea of the grand scale of the deception. I got snagged up numerous times, caught up in the moment, cheering or booing, crying at the appropriate times, and had to work to free myself every time in order to continue on the path i knew i had to take. And i still can’t stop, i have to keep moving moving moving to wherever the journey of exploration leads me from here. But one thing is certain from this point onwards, i have now got up, found my way along the dark isles to the emergency exit door, and walked out of the theatre, and i’m never going back in there again. I am still blinking my eyes in the bright sunlight, sometimes feeling like i need sunglasses to adjust to the blinding light of the realities i am discovering, trying to ground myself and process and digest it all. It still feels a bit lonely out here, which is why i am so grateful to communities like The Event. I’ve now done some massive de-programming from the mind-control constructs, and i’m like a child learning to walk, i’m learning how to handle my own creativity and perceptions, and what my own e-motions really are, separate from the fake construct, as that is what gives energy and drives any reality.

    The more people become unsnagged in their journey of discovery and simply decide to get up and walk out of the theatre into the fresh air, the more hope there is for humanity to free ourselves of the brainwashing mind-control and begin to reach the full potential we were designed for.

    • This is such a great comment and resonates so much. My journey feels and sounds similar – sending love xx

    • Oh thank you so much for taking the time to write so eloquently! Both Josh’s pondering thoughts and your theatrical image are where I have landed in my own exploration (only put in much better words). What a wonderful reminder of where reality truly is. It reminds me of Rudolph Steiner and his perception of the universe actually being within us, in the spaces between the cells and atoms.

  • I totally agree that after 9/11 we have had a shift in the universe. I observe this country careening from one catastrophe to the next. I wonder how much longer our mental and emotional health can hold out. Thanks be to the Lord, that I know this world is not the Kingdom where I’ll spend eternity. If you haven’t already declared Jesus as your Lord and Savior you may be of world!!

  • Nothing was wrong with the Planet , as it was created. The problem is with the interference by humans in its basic function and the greed by pulling everything out of it in a couple of centuries. Destroying and poisoning its atmosphere, overpopulating it. The population needs to be reduced to a sensible number by education and not through murder by Killgates, Foolci Faulci, OB, the barrowboys of the Cabal.

  • My time in this reality has given me the outlook of the great unknown. Man has had theories all through history, most unproven. Not only that but lies are the norm today. Way to numerous to mention. I think we are experiencing this lifetime as a learning process, to gather all we can in the short time we are her in human form. The complexity of this reality is way beyond me as I look with awe my surroundings. To the Creator I say thank you every day many time more than once. Just looking at my assembly that I ( who ever that is) have been animating for the past 84 years and am amazed.

  • Josh, I am moved to respond to your article because the content aligns with many sources of information I have discovered lately. So I guess I’m following the breadcrumbs! The past few months have been particularly “divergent”. Something indeed shifting but I thought perhaps I was simply going mad! My choices have resulted in losing my job and my husbands business. Through this we have, by conscious choice, separated from so many of our friends. The isolation can be disturbing at times but like many who have commented here, it is difficult – almost painful – to engage with others in society these days. When I wake up I literally have to remind myself what “story” am I in again??
    I have been very conscious of the world and the discord within most human nearly all my life. I have tried to fit in but now I see the world may be changing to fit me! I discovered these amazing videos and the information within them speaks to your points in the article. I have posted the link to the first in a series of 4 so far. It speaks of humanity being deliberately manipulated to exist in a “deviant temporal zone”… we are co-hallucinating and reinforcing this to each other every day. The Christ consciousness of source exists within us and perhaps the awakening of this is indeed Christ returning.
    Love to all 🌈

  • Man tampering with the weather and food in this world is destroying it. Also the many wars. The Bible says one day there will be a new heaven and a new earth. I believe this new earth will be perfect and there will be no evil only love.

  • Hi Josh,

    The same morning, before I read your email on this subject, I was driving near my office and came to the distinct feeling: it is as if we have 2 different countries or realities occupying the same geography. We have one group of Americans who are freedom-loving and embrace individual rights and individual responsiblities (which does not preclude group cooperation) (and I think Jesus was freedom-loving and deeply committed to individual sovereignty amidst his conviction to Creator and the greater whole) versus the parallel reality of the group of people/Americans who will go along with tyranny, combined with the outright corrupt.

    This is not intended to be political. This is humanistic. Some people get it and some people don’t.

    What a strange time we live in! It does feel as if it is an alternate universe, kind of twilight zone-esqe, that there is such a distinct dichotomy of we Americans living in the same country but relating to “reality” so differently.

    Wishing you and us many blessings while we are already blessed in so many ways.


  • I totally agree with all you research, I know of this shift transition I had research on my on time lots of good information, that it’s not in the media, it’s been laid out for me in a very divine way , which is the reason why humanity is been stacked by the one % the knows the power of humanity in this shifting times , great job and thank you for all the brave job you been doing, Namaste

  • I’m very thankful to see this article and the many comments. Please read the book:

    “Can You Stand the Truth? The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment- Last Call”
    by Angeliki Anagnostou-Kaligara (published 2009).


    Excerpts from the author:

    …..”deep understanding of the conceptual situations described in this book and the answers/solutions to the questions induced to the reader, make multiple readings of the book a must.”

    “Parts of THE TRUTH are found fragmented in every viewpoint, religion, aspect, and human ideology. But not a single one of the above can give us the complete picture of IT….

    The contents of this book gradually move the reader through an ascending-spiral process, from a simple position to a complex one, so as to smoothly reposition him to a different dimension, wherefrom he can gaze at a very different world from what he has believed in up to now.”

    With an extensive bibliography- sources from scientific and metaphysical/ physics/ time travel, historical (institutional, rewritten and hidden), ancient and sacred texts/ scriptures/ mythology/ philosophical, spiritual, up to present, this has provided us seekers with a starting point, to take off and explore further.

    I am on my fourth reading and gaining new insights and deeper understanding each time; my husband is reading in his own copy, also on multiple readings. We agree that those who really want to pull together all the puzzle pieces to make complete sense of our world/universe, will indeed appreciate how the author has done an exceptional job of this.

    Bullet Points-

    Two realms exist:

    1. The True Eternal Realms/ The Tree of Life/ Hypercosmic Spritiual Forces/ Hypercosmoi of Truth/ Immortality/ Complete Harmony/ True Freedom/
    Unsplit/ Undivided non-oscillating Intelligent Wholenesses/ the Absolute Coherent Essence/ Spirit/ Principle and Unborn Father/Mother.

    The True Father and Son are not of our world and Not the god or creator of our world/ earth. The true son- (not the fake religious plastic Jesus Christ) came not to change or bring peace to the world, but to liberate man/ Celestial man/ Adam/ men/women from our imprisonment (in the karmic/reincarnation/ recycling/reincarceration cycle/ trap)

    2. The False/Fake/ Illusory non-Eternal Realm whose contract is up- their days are numbered.The Forbidden Tree/ Black Hole/Archons/ Yaldobaoth/ Yahweh/ Jehovah/ Elohim/ Demiurge/Cosmic Forces/Angels/White Brotherhood/False Light/ gurus/ Ancient Masters/artificial spirit/ astral and aetheric forces. Duality/ matter- invisible and visible/ energy planes/ frequency/ chakras/ soul farm.

    Christ/antiChrist/ Maitreya/ Kuthumi/ St. Germaine- Chohan of the 7th Violet Ray/
    CERN/ time travel/wormholes/ stargates / Alpha and Omega/ Logos/ Gaia/ Wheel of life/Akashic records/ 5th dimension/ Nirvana/ 2nd virtual paradise/ current events and the role of Science and Technology/the injection today.

    Taking it slow and NOT rushing through the book is crucial to understanding the material. It has taken years for me to re- read and explore, with short and long pauses in between study, and coming back over and over, even studying it in my sleep! A truly mind-changing experience. I’m not done yet! Some background and study in world religions/Christian and other sacred scriptures will make your study of the concepts presented in the book, easier to understand.

  • Dear Josh,

    Thanks for your response with the article on ‘Are we in a “tangent universe”?’
    I am not surprised that you would like to hear from someone what they think.

    I used to (I’m almost 73 now) read all kinds of books about “interesting things”, and try to understand what people meant by that. I didn’t get anywhere with that in my life.

    Well considered, they are all ideas and “creative” fabrications of people, you also add your creative ideas/opinions in this story. And the latter is also logical, because every human being has been given this ability.

    So, everything in this story is made up by people. But who is to say whether we are right? We are not perfect!

    Reading your story this way, I have the impression that you are looking for a better life, a life where you understand what is going on around you and where you become happy and joyful. Isn’t that the real answer you are looking for?

    A question for you. Have you ever read the Bible (properly)?

    Although I had a Catholic upbringing, I actually learned nothing or very little from the Bible.
    It wasn’t until I was almost 30 that I really learned about the Bible. A colleague, who had been studying Jehovah’s Witnesses for some time, first gave me some magazines (Watchtower and Awake) to read. I found it all very interesting. Later I was given a booklet:
    “The truth that leads to eternal life”.
    That booklet gave a broad spectrum of insight into the meaning of the Bible. That booklet alone gave me the conviction that this is the truth. After studying the Bible (including the Bible completely free of charge), I later got baptized and have been one of Jehovah’s Witnesses ever since after over 40 years.

    I was going to send you some interesting articles about the Bible, but figured I’d better send you an up-to-date (digital) booklet (of 223 pages). The title of this booklet is: “What can you learn from the Bible”. A few articles will not fill your spiritual stomach! With this booklet you will possibly get a similar insight as I got then.

    The link is:

    The title of the booklet is: ‘What can you learn from the Bible?’

    Resources in the Bible book itself for reading or studying

    In addition to the Bible texts themselves, there is a whole range of resources, such as Introduction, maps, tables, drawings and plans, index, appendix, media gallery, etc.

    JW.ORG offers a number of attributes that help to read or study in a pleasant way.

    Most importantly, a Bible is available for immediate reading.

    There are 3 variants of the Bible:

    Use the one of your choices:
    LEFT: New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Study Edition)

    MIDDLE: New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (2013 Revision)

    RIGHT: New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (1984 Edition)
    (Only to be used for “older” magazines and books
    where this text was printed on paper).

    For comparison and the possibility of using a Bible you know, there are
    on JW.ORG another 4 bibles:

    1. The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures
    2. King James Version
    3. American Standard Version
    4. The Bible in Living English

    Having read aloud from the Bible:

    You will be able to have the Bible text read from the first two books of the Bible.
    Left click on the audio bar and a voice begins to read neatly from above.
    You can also change the position of the audio by moving the ‘pointer’ to the left or right on the audio bar. This allows you to move the section of text you want to hear to the beginning or further on (and back) to the point you want to listen to again. This goes all the way to the end of the page.
    In addition, you can just click anywhere on the text. Then you will see an arrow where you click and this arrow will immediately point to the paragraph you want to hear. No matter where you click in the text, the arrow always points to the top of this paragraph.
    This (additional) feature is otherwise only possible with the Study Watchtower.

    The Bible actually consists of 66 books of the Bible:

    Books of the Hebrew-Aramaic Scriptures (39), recorded before Christ (Old Testament)
    Books of the Christian Greek Scriptures (27), recorded after Christ (New Testament)
    You will see a symbol of headphones next to all the books of the Bible, signaling that these texts are playable with audio.
    (Note: Exceptions are 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles of the 2 Bible books left and center)

    Reading from books, magazines and other articles:

    The best answer I can give is this:
    Not everything from books, magazines and other articles can be read aloud. Always look for the Audio bar first, then the headphone symbol. In these situations, Audio will be possible.
    (If you don’t see it then most likely Audio is not possible.)

    How did the present organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses come about?

    The modern organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses began in the late nineteenth century. At that time a group of Bible students near Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) began a systematic analysis of the Bible. They compared the doctrines of the churches with what the Bible really teaches. What they learned they published in books, newspapers and the magazine now called The Watchtower – Announcer of Jehovah’s Kingdom.

    Who was the founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses? Jesus Christ (introduction).

    Jehovah’s Witnesses—Faith in Action, Part 1: Let the Light Shine (Video) (Video)

    Jehovah’s Witnesses—Faith in Action, Part 2: Let the Light Shine (Video)

    To the Ends of the Earth (Video)

    The reason I put these together is the following:

    1870 Charles Taze Russell and a group from Pittsburgh and Allegheny (Pennsylvania, USA) begin a systematic study of the Bible.

    1870-’75 Russell and his study group learn that when Christ returns, he will be invisible to human eyes and that the purpose of his return is, among other things, to bless all the families of the earth.

    1872 Russell and his study group come to appreciate the ransom price Christ has provided for mankind. Thus, with Jehovah’s help, they have come upon Biblical insights never before seen.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses still research the Bible to this day.
    Why? The Bible is not a static book. Although the text of the Bible has not changed in content, there is something else that makes the Bible not static after all. On the contrary!
    The Watchtower speaks of “Advancing Light.” The light is becoming brighter and brighter.

    God’s People recognize that Jehovah is the Source of spiritual light. They pray that His “light and truth” may guide them (Ps. 43:3).
    While the world is in spiritual darkness, God continues to shine light on His people.
    Their path is “like the shining light, which grows brighter and brighter” (Prov. 4:18).
    That increasing light illuminates their path in organizational, doctrinal, and moral areas.
    What are some teachings that we have come to understand better in recent years?


    “Who is really the faithful and policy-minded slave, appointed by his master over his household servants?” – MATTHEW 24:45

    The link to this article is:

    In short, the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses has come a very long way precisely because of this advancing light and has also adjusted many things over the years, where it turned out that we did not have the right insight in the past after all. Lately we are gaining much insight into the prophecies that still lie in the future.
    I hope you were able to follow a bit of the thought about the “advancing light”.

    As far as I know, Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only ones, who as a religion believe in:
    1. Earthly resurrection for all, except the 144,000 who get a heavenly resurrection.
    2. Heavenly resurrection for a group of persons selected by Jehovah, the number being 144,000.
    These persons will receive a resurrection in the spirit and will become co-rulers of Jesus Christ.

    Through this research of the Bible, we have gained much knowledge of the Bible. So much so that we eventually started printing bibles ourselves as an organization. Until then, Jehovah’s Witnesses have used the King James Bible.

    The current Bibles (Standard and Study versions) are very recent and are of a high quality. Now that the organization prints itself, the undesirable deviations, as discussed, can now be removed. Meanwhile, these Bibles are available in 80 languages in whole or in part.

    “THE WHOLE Scriptures are inspired by God.” These words from 2 Timothy 3:16 identify God, whose name is Jehovah, as the Author and Inspirer of Holy Scripture.
    How delightful, yes, indeed satiating, is inspired Scripture!

    All the knowledge and explanations of the Bible have been published over more than 100 years in the magazines the Watchtower and the Awakened.
    In addition, there is also a range of books available, which discuss all kinds of themes, which are fully substantiated by the Bible. These are also accessible digitally.

    A few years ago, the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses started to digitize everything and present it on the internet. Look at JW.ORG. A practical part is also printed. And that now in more than 1,000 languages. Jehovah’s Witnesses preach in 239 countries worldwide.

    I hope I have adequately explained to you what the world of Jehovah’s Witnesses looks like.

    Message about 2021
    Number of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide 8.686.980
    Congregations 119.297
    Number of countries where Jehovah’s Witnesses are evangelizing 239

    Furthermore, I want to respond to the 3 questions you asked me.

    Has there been a timeline shift, or a transition to a “related” universe?

    I don’t know if you should call that a timeline shift, but something special took place in 1914 that greatly affects us.

    How did Jehovah’s Witnesses know more than thirty years in advance that 1914 would be an important year in connection with divine rule? Although the Witnesses at that time did not yet fully realize what the impending events all meant, the English Watchtower of December 1879 already pointed to 1914 as a featured date with regard to Bible prophecies. And the March 1880 edition linked God’s kingdom reign with the end of what Jesus Christ called “the appointed times of the nations” or “the times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24; State translation). That Watchtower said, “‘The times of the Gentiles’ extend until 1914, and only then will the heavenly kingdom reign in full measure.”
    (Note: Later it became clear that this date was the announcement of the last days until the end of this assembly)

    Jesus Christ became King in heaven in the year 1914 (Daniel 7:13, 14). Shortly thereafter, He came into action. “War broke out in heaven,” says the Bible. “Michael [another name for Jesus] and his angels fought against the dragon [Satan the Devil], and the dragon and his angels fought. “Satan and his evil angels, the demons, lost that war and were cast out of heaven to earth. God’s faithful angels were glad that Satan and his demons were no more. But the people would not be so happy. Indeed, the Bible recites, “Woe to the earth and the sea, for the Devil has come down to you, and he has great wrath, because he knows that he has only a short period of time.” Revelation 12:7, 9, 12.

    Since then, the world has not been so peaceful. And that’s a big difference. The Bible says “Keep your senses together, be vigilant. Your adversary, the Devil, goes around like a roaring lion, seeking to devour someone” (1 Pet. 5:8).

    Transition to a “related” universe

    If we look at the earth as the universe in which we live, we can see that this world is not so nice anymore. We have wars, we get sick, there is famine, and we die. This was not the plan the Creator originally had in mind. Because of the Fall of Adam, humanity is no longer perfect and all will eventually die. The Creator has a plan to ensure that we will not eventually die (I won’t go into the details). In short, this assembly will be transformed into a new world where there will be peace and security, no diseases and no death. The new paradise. When? The Bible indicates that we are now living in the end times. It is almost here.

    The Creator will remove all wickedness on this earth and will also restore this earth. The end of this assembly will be ushered in by a war of Jehovah God, in which his Son also plays a major role. This war is known in the Bible (Revelation 16:16) as the war of Armageddon. After Armageddon, it is calm, a new assembly. The new government sits in heaven. Jesus Christ rules along with His 140,000 fellow rulers. There are no more governments on earth. The Bible speaks of new scrolls that will be opened. In it you will find out what is going to happen.

    Now is there indeed something fundamentally wrong with this universe?

    Yes, I have actually described that. Satan and his demons control the earth. The problems are not only created by Satan and his demons, but bad people follow the way of Satan. Satan will do anything to make sure that we will not serve our Creator Jehovah, using the same tricks as he seduced Adam and Eve, resulting in their expulsion from the “Garden of Eden”. The result was that every imperfect human being would die.
    The earth is to itself a part of the universe and as a Creation of God also perfect. By this I mean that we do not need to look forward to another planet. The Bible is adamant about this. The earth will remain forever. And the bad people who definitely do not want to serve Jehovah will disappear and Jehovah God will completely restore the ruin that these bad people have created on earth. On this restored earth, worshipers of Jehovah God will live after Armageddon.

    The Earth Is Being Ruined—What Does the Bible Say?
    Is the Devil the Cause of All Suffering?

    What Is the Sign of “the Last Days,” or “End Times”?

    If so, how do we proceed, what do we have in hand… or perhaps more accurately, what is accessible by our choice?
    To enter the new world, we must do something. We must acknowledge that Jehovah God is the Creator Who wants to take care of us. We must acknowledge that Jehovah sent His Son to earth as a ransom sacrifice to Adam out of love for humanity. So, we do get to give something back to show our gratitude. Finally, I haven’t mentioned it yet, as perfect people we can live in paradise forever!

    In conclusion
    I want to thank you for inviting me to answer the questions mentioned above. You might be very disappointed if you thought that a religion should solve the problems in this world. You would be right about that. Why?
    I have provided a lot of information to show that Jehovah’s Witnesses as a religion differs significantly from all (Christian) religions. Read this article:

    How to Find the True Religion.

    And then there’s something else and it’s much worse!

    What is Babylon the Great?

    By Babylon the Great, described in the book of Revelation, is meant all the false religions in the world, which God rejects (Revelation 14:8; 17:5; 18:21). Although those religions differ in many ways, they all lead people away in one way or another from the worship of the true God, Jehovah (Deuteronomy 4:35).
    Continue reading this article. “What is Babylon the Great?”

    Babylon the Great will be destroyed before the end of this assembly.

    I wish you the best of luck in studying all the information I have put together here.
    Is this everything? No, but more than enough to realize what is going on in this world. Enough also to be able to make a sound choice about the path you want to take in the near future. I wish you Jehovah’s blessing in bringing this study to a successful conclusion.

    One more addition from the beginning of my story – About ideas of imperfect people.

    ‘Reject worldly Thinking’. Read this article:

    I’d love to hear what you think of it. Do you see elements you can do something with?

    With kind regards and Jehovah’s blessings.
    Wim Lamers
    The Netherlands

    PS: 1
    I am open to answer questions about this story. I will do my best to answer them quickly and to the best of my knowledge.
    PS: 2
    If I get a response from you, I will send you a link to a very interesting video.
    Other than that, it’s a surprise.

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