This article highlights the increasing trend of cities banning 5G, or fifth-generation cellular infrastructure. Many are becoming informed about the clear scientific evidence of harm, then getting involved. -TBYP

The Bay Area may be the center of the global technology industry, but that hasn’t stopped one wealthy enclave from protecting itself from the future.

The city council of Mill Valley, a small town located just a few miles north of San Francisco, voted unanimously late last week to effectively block deployments of small-cell 5G wireless towers in the city’s residential areas.

Through an urgency ordinance, which allows the city council to immediately enact regulations that affect the health and safety of the community, the restrictions and prohibitions will be put into force immediately for all future applications to site 5G telecommunications equipment in the city. Applications for commercial districts are permitted under the passed ordinance.

The ordinance was driven by community concerns over the health effects of 5G wireless antennas. According to the city, it received 145 pieces of correspondence from citizens voicing opposition to the technology, compared to just five letters in support of it — a ratio of 29 to 1. While that may not sound like much, the city’s population is roughly 14,000, indicating that about 1% of the population had voiced an opinion on the matter.

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  • The most amazing thing about 5G is not the obvious (and easily accessible information on the) danger of the technology, but the extraordinary lack of action by parents in cities. Today’s parents are more concerned with yoga classes, sports, reality television and social media, than they are about their children’s’ health.

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