By Josh del Sol -- People know me as being very positive on the whole about the way things are going, in our movement and in the big picture. And this is true... But I can't help feeling discouraged by how lost British Columbia has become -- or should I say, how lost those who run BRITISH COLUMBIA, the for-profit corporation masquerading as government, have become.
by Josh del Sol, director and producer, Take Back Your Power

People know me as being very positive on the whole about the way things are going, in our movement and in the big picture.  And this is true.  I have a sense for the collective process of moving through the fear, speaking truth to power, and enforcing liability.  A path of waking up which is currently being walked by a solid percentage of humanity.

But I can’t help feeling discouraged by how lost British Columbia has become — or should I say, how lost those who run BRITISH COLUMBIA, the for-profit corporation masquerading as government, have become.

It appears the management in my home province has now completed its descent into the slimy waiting hands of mafioso.  And BC Hydro is all-in, now autocratically committing crimes against everyone in the province.  More on that below.

Rotraut Knopp
Rotraut Knopp

A couple of weeks ago, BC Hydro very publicly cut electricity to the home of Rotraut Knopp, an elderly old Cowichan woman, who has — like tens of thousands of others in BC — been faithfully paying for their electric service but refusing to pay into the extortive “Legacy Choices Program”.

“I have something about forcing people,” said Knopp.  “It’s just because my history in Germany; everybody knows that history. Force, encourage, it’s just something I have something against. It just rubs me the wrong way,” she said holding back tears. (link)

Rotraut Knopp was born in Germany under Hitler’s reign.  She is among a select group of elders still alive who don’t need history books to say what fascism is like, or how such “corporate collectivism” invariably ends up creating the worst nightmares of human history.

Watch video: "Senior in the dark over Hydro smart meter dispute"

Reality check: what this means

BC Hydro says that unless you pay $100 up front and $32.40 every month, they want to you to accept their ridiculously-named “smart” meter, and along with it, drastic harm to your basic human rights.  (Many other utilities are also attempting to float a punitive arrangement, to quash dissent.)

They want you to submit to an agenda to surveil you, irradiate you, skyrocket your bills toward eventual austerity, potentially cause a fire, and make your home vulnerable to hacking and eventually remote control.

What you’ve just read is textbook extortion.  And if you’re standing against it, you’re one of many thousands in BC.

And what you’ve just read is happening to everyone who lives in BC.  This is far beyond mere white-collar crime by the corporate-government complex, which has, until now, generally not been attempting to directly enroll us into a fascist police state without our consent.

But it is now happening, to a greater or lesser extent, in most regions worldwide.

Truly, until the people hold the corporate mafia members accountable and enforce their liability, the Orwellian scenario will continue to spread. 

This isn’t just win-at-all-costs dirty tactics being taught throughout the energy-industry, as revealed in the New York Times two weeks ago.  Or even a car-bombing of a decentralized energy advocate in Louisiana last week.

No, with this industry con job — a desperate attempt to keep energy and power out of the hands of people — the implications go deeper.

As they have a mind to sidestep all rules, all accountability, this raises the stakes.

It may not seem like it now, but those behind this agenda want to make individual rights a thing of the past.  They want to tax you into submission to the collective, to dictate your privileges, and ultimately, to let you know when you’re no longer useful.  This is eugenics, and for a couple hundred years it has been the deadly virus of entitlement behind insane agendas of indoctrination and control — such as the “smart” grid, the way it is currently designed.

Think it couldn’t happen here?  Think again.  This is what happens when power is obtained without love present, or even welcome.

Now, a couple words of empowerment.  First, they can’t keep the lid on this thing for much longer.  Even people who have still been immersed in mainstream media are now seeing much of what’s going on.  Our work is to move ourselves and others into positive action, rather than what the control agenda wants for us: to stay in fear, cynicism and inactivity.

Let’s stay awake, get active, and remain committed to the process.  Others are coming along.

Second, finding out about all of this corruption is a necessary blessing, as this higher level of truth also contains revelations about who we are, and where our rights come from.  (Hint: It’s not government.)

Remembrance of Purpose

I had a dream the other night, in which I wrote a comprehensive treatise on a specific subject.  A well-known natural doctor reviewed my work, and told me, “Great job… one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

However, on the other side of the paper, his blue ink cut through all layers of pretense: “BUT WHAT DO YOU CARE ABOUT?”

This shook me… even as I write these words I’m feeling the welling emotion from such a challenging, honest reflection.

Though I made a film exposing what is perhaps one of the biggest corporate scams of all-time, I still have moments when I feel hopeless, frustrated and fearful for the future.

And like all of us, I too feel the deep questions: “Are we going to make it?”, “What can we do?”, and “From where will the real solutions come?”

In the midst of this challenging time, let us remember what we really care about.  The right that we stand for… and the wrong we stand against.  What our purpose in life is.

From my perspective, I can offer this, which to me has the heart-ringing feeling like a surety:

In the midst of our great struggle to birth a better world, there are solutions coming — riding a new wave of consciousness and inspiration.  Renew your connection to what matters, to what or whom you deeply care about.  Whatever the true answer for you, honor it.

The decision you make will add to the coming wave.

“Judgment at Nuremburg”

Hover over each link below, for a description of each linked reference.  Do you see any parallels, or not?

Transcript of the above scene from “Judgment at Nuremburg”:

The trial conducted before this tribunal began over eight months ago.  The record of evidence is more than 10,000 pages long… and final arguments of counsel have been concluded.

Simple murders and atrocities do not constitute the gravamen of the charge in this indictment.

Rather, the charge is that of conscious participation… in a nationwide, government-organized system… of cruelty and injustice… in violation of every moral and legal principle known to all civilized nations.

The tribunal has carefully studied the record and found therein… abundant evidence to support, beyond a reasonable doubt, the charges against these defendants.

Herr Rolfe… in his very skillful defense… has asserted that there are others who must share the ultimate responsibility for what happened here in Germany.  There is truth in this.

The real complaining party at the bar in this courtroom… is civilization.

But the tribunal does say… that the men in the dock are responsible for their actions.

Men who sat in black robes… in judgment on other men.

Men who took part… in the enactment of laws and decrees… the purpose of which was the extermination of human beings.

Men who, in executive positions… actively participated in the enforcement of these laws… illegal even under German law.

The principle of criminal law in every civilized society… has this in common: Any person who sways another to commit murder… any person who furnishes the lethal weapon for the purpose of the crime… any person who is an accessory to the crime… is guilty.

Herr Rolfe… further asserts that the defendant Janning… was an extraordinary jurist… and acted in what he thought was the best interest of his country. There is truth in this also.

Janning, to be sure… is a tragic figure.  We believe he loathed the evil he did.

But compassion for the present torture of his soul… must not beget forgetfulness… of the torture and the death of millions by the government of which he was a part.

Janning’s record and his fate… illuminate the most shattering truth that has emerged from this trial.

If he and all of the other defendants had been degraded perverts… if all of the leaders of the Third Reich… had been sadistic monsters and maniacs… then these events would have no more moral significance… than an earthquake, or any other natural catastrophe.

But this trial has shown… that under a national crisis… ordinary, even able and extraordinary men… can delude themselves into the commission of crimes… so vast and heinous that they beggar the imagination.

No one who has sat through the trial can ever forget them.

Men sterilized because of political belief.

A mockery made of friendship and faith.

The murder of children.

How easily it can happen.

There are those in our own country, too… who today speak of the protection of country… of survival.

A decision must be made in the life of every nation… at the very moment when the grasp of the enemy is at its throat.

Then it seems that the only way to survive is to use the means of the enemy… to rest survival upon what is expedient, to look the other way.

The answer to that is: Survival as what?

A country isn’t a rock.  It’s not an extension of one’s self.  It’s what it stands for.

It’s what it stands for when standing for something is the most difficult.

Before the people of the world… let it now be noted… that here in our decision, this is what we stand for:

Justice, truth, and the value of a single human being.

About the author

Josh del Sol is the director and producer of Take Back Your Power, a revelatory documentary feature film uncovering the worldwide ‘smart’ metering and grid agenda. Watch the film and subscribe to updates at, and follow him via twitter @TBYPfilm.

      • Add to that …..Why? Because instead of transporting those enslaved and captured to a fast kill zone they are bringing the slow kill zone to those captured? Why? Because instead of stripping you of all assets and money before shipping you out they are taking your assets from you while you are right in the no longer safe sanctuary of your own home? Why?Because instead of torturing you via experimentation in a camp lab under legal Nazi law they are using illegal covert experimentation, world wide, while torturing those able to feel the effects (versus those whose DNA is being damaged anyway, without feeling the effects). Why? Because those affected by this transmitter antenna radar technology coupled to their wiring, those spied on by means of in home frequency graphing of all activities, those disabled by the SMPS spikes and surges who bleed from eyes, ears, noses, can now experience all this without having to be deported, can suffer while in the no longer privacy of their own formerly property rights protected homes? Why? Because instead of expropriating you from your home and taking its contents they are forcing you to buy their myriad of zigbee chipped “smart” in home essential appliances by effectively frequency wrecking the non chipped safe appliances you have right now? Why? Because instead of deportation they have moved right into your life and harm you in place? Why? Because they have expropriated your circuit panel via crucial changes to the Land Titles Act so that they now safely assume that they as good as own and control your entire electrical system, the one your paid to install in what you yourself assumed was your own private property you call home, which has essentially been usurped, stolen from you in every way, just as has your own body?

      • Perhaps the allies bombing of Dresden when the war was already won. They burned to death probably more than 200,000 women and children and allied prisoners of war over two nights. It served no purpose but destruction (cathedrals and art galleries notably) and murder of non-combatants.
        Murder by government is not new.

    • Derek, there are many who feel otherwise. Have you watched our film? What do you think about Virginia Farver’s story about the death of her son and 8+ others next the SDSU grid/cell tower, or Rosa Peric’s testimony, or these two women who are very obviously being affected? There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of such complaints.

      While it is not comfortable to think outside of what we ourselves are experiencing — to consider that there could be a whole segment of the population who are suffering greatly from what we think as “normal” — you are being invited to do so.

      In addition to health issue, there are the other major, SIGNIFICANT problems with this worldwide agenda, which (as it is government colluding with corporations to assert greater control over people, causing harm without their consent) can rightfully be called “fascist.”

      If you haven’t yet watched our film, please send us an email through the Contact page, and we can either mail you a complimentary DVD or free online screener. Best wishes.

      • If you kill people on a great scale it is genocide. Doesn’t make it less deadly if you promote the weapons as emf-radiation, medicine, vaccination, viruses or food.

        Sure, frying ones brain is not a burnt offering, but close… 😉

    • Comparing the installation of smart meters to the Holocaust is far from absurd because it relied on wicked cunning and forcing the German people to listen to Hitler’s Party Political speeches every day for thirty minutes per day to force feed brain-washing on the German people by making them hate the Jews, a truly wicked thing to do.
      The Jews then and even now are not wicked people, simply far better business people than most Germans were. German business people in the main were SOFT quite unlike us who are British. No one Jew or even a group of Jewish business men forced the Germans to buy their Jewish goods. It’s simply that the German business men in the 1930’s were soft compared to us who were British business men. If a product or service the Jews wanted to sell to German’s back in the 1930’s was too expensive one simply says….” No I’m not buying your goods or services at that price.” It was up to the buyer to haggle to get a better deal, simple as that !

    • True, the Holocaust was selective, where as EMF radiation will get everyone. See what the non-industry funded scientists are describing as the BIGGEST health crisis our planet and its inhabitants have ever faced at

  • Almost as disturbing is where he equates a dude that died of brain cancer, purportedly from cell phone use, to MURDER. Its stuff like that that will forever keep this hysteria in the pseudo science category.

    • Obviously you have not done your research re the “dude that died of brain cancer” and the 8 or more others next to the SDSU cell tower. And Lisa, in the video above, at the Council meeting: do you think she is play-acting? “Willful ignorance”” I believe it is called, your desire to bury your head in the sand. I spent a year of researching wireless and smart meters before I decided to move from my home town to isolated acreage.–a major decision. I suggest you research the facts before you express an opinion.

      • Ya, I feel badly for him and his family. Tell me again how you can compare this to murder and be taken seriously? The story that he links to in the article quotes 1 doctor who attributed it to cell phone usage. Lets see that case stand up in court.

        • Doug, first, we’re examining the parallels between two fascist programs — and not saying that it’s happening exactly the same way now as in nazi Germany. In the long run, the scope of harm, however, may be just as large if not larger.

          Second, here is a partial list of students and faculty that have died from brain cancer at SDSU campus in the building that’s adjacent to the massive HPWREN tower. (There have recently been at least 2 more, as we understand it, because the tower is still up.) SDSU is not the only location this is happening — and it’s happening because industry is buying the science and covering it up:








          Now, when Virginia Farver brought this to the media, she had a reporter tell her:
          “This story will never get out.”
          Virginia: “Why?”
          “Because of money.”

          With cancer in the midst of becoming an epidemic, with the power of the telecom and now the utility industry colluding in the scientific cover up (read the two Susan Foster / WHO reports on our site!, and with the thousands of non-industry-funded studies which DO show the link between EMR and negative health effects, you tell me, how should this situation best be labelled?

          By your comments, it appears you have not seen Take Back Your Power — which brings to light, in-depth, of a lot more information and evidence than the apparently small amount that you seem to be familiar with. We’d like to also offer you (in addition to Derek Ward above) a free copy of the film, which was a 2-year process of getting to the facts in this issue. This was a hard truth for us to come to as well, but there was a point where the truth of the situation could no longer be denied. We invite you to send us a note through our Contact page, and we’ll send you either a DVD or online screener. Best wishes.

          • “we’re examining the parallels between two fascist programs — and not saying that it’s happening exactly the same way now as in nazi Germany”

            Anyone who works/worked in marketing knows that the general population does not read the article and disect it word for word. They see comparisons and get angry… This is a popular media tactic. Like showing an explosion and then showing pictures of upset arabic people. If you examine those two parrellels, likely the vast majority of people will equate that the two imaqes are related. I think it’s irresponsible to compare these two things, especially if you have had family members who suffered during the war and can tell you first hand that electric meters are NOTHING like nazi Germany. To each their own I guess….

          • Dave, people *should* be angry. And, you may wish to ask Ms. Knopp about the comparison to nazi Germany, who was born under the third reich.

            Hundreds of local governments are standing against this tech, with very good reason. The meters are a trojan horse technology (even according to industry’s own papers, with their desire to extract increasingly granular information without consent) — the current privacy violations are a sign of things to come if left unchecked. You could call it “tiptoe totalitarianism”, and the forced deployment of “smart” meters is one big step. The rights, including health, of everyone are being harmed — this is obvious to all but the most staunchly-invested in the industry paradigm. The private lives of all are being made into the product AND resource for “modernized” corporate marketing. They are being spied on, extorted, and made vulnerable against their wishes.

            What’s more, is that the people are the ones paying for this all — for their own slowly-executed enslavement, it could be said — again, without their consent.

            Why is this being done, exactly? To “help the climate”? ZERO energy is being saved… in fact, more is used/wasted. Or, is it rather to facilitate a transition of utility policy from an energy-delivery service model to an “information economy” extractionist model — as spoken about by senior industry execs last year, who admitted that their business model was doomed to fail because of rooftop solar and other inevitable decentralized renewable sources? Again, if this isn’t fascist, *what is*?

            We invite you to watch Take Back Your Power if you haven’t yet — all of the facts and evidence are there. It’s increasingly obvious that those who think these meters are either helpful, necessary or benign have fallen for information or propaganda that has been demonstrated to be false.

          • Again Josh, to each their own. My family lived the war and found this article to be disrespecful. That’s just how I feel (i’m entitled aren’t I?) I should know better to express how I feel with the creator of a documentary film. I will only again comment that you are very skilled in the ways of marketing. Part of me didn’t want to reply because i’m aware it will only offer another oportunity for you to spin more rhetoric.

          • Dave, it was not my intention to offend or disrespect you; or diminish your experiences and feelings – I’m sorry if it came across this way. The whole intention of our work is to un-spin the rhetoric of the millitary-industry complex, which is causing great harm. I have observed that sometimes it’s necessary to amp things up to break through the resistance and apathy; to have people see that there’s something going on which by all appearances is quite serious.

          • Dave Wallace you are a shill. My family lived the war in Germany, I’m the daughter. You are a fake. You have no more brain cells left.

    • “Devil take the hindmost”. An imprecation that everyone should look after their own interests, leaving those who cannot cope to whatever fate befalls them.
      The list of fatal flaws in this P3 corporate greenwashing, this wireless addicts scheme to leave no stone unturned in order to microwave mother earth grows longer by the minute. It’s a fool’s errand to defend the indefensible.
      Ever hear the one about the arsonist who applies to become fire chief so that he can always be the first one at the scene?
      Fact: It is just a matter of time before no personal or professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance coverage agency will be willing to insure anyone involved in implementing this epidemic of short sighted, blind, insatiable, wanton disregard and recklessness fuelled by greed. It won’t matter soon whether or not the original pretext was that this was all done only to “help” those it harms.
      Catch 22: When smart microwave endorsers are also emergency responders support smart microwave monitors misnamed “meters” and endorse smart microwave cell towers, so that these same emergency responders will then be able to respond more quickly to health and fire emergencies triggered by smart microwave monitors and smart microwave cell towers.
      Clever. A study in self serving expansionism, yet another rural rent seeking mission creep agenda.
      More emergencies = more emergency response. More emergency responses = More taxes to build larger emergency response headquarters and firehalls = More misguided rationale of heroism = More taxes, WAY more taxes. It differes not at all than the smart grid because in both instances this is expected to be funded by a tiny taxable population unwittingly taking on a millstone of a few million extra, taxes which those same taxpayers’ children and grandchildren will then be saddled with for the next few decades, that is for those for whom this avoidable tax burden would not soon force off island those thus taxed off. Could it be that emergency responders who advocate smart microwave monitors tend to think very short term and are designed to limit thinking to the “right now”? Is that why any emergency responder would actively seek to misrepresent in order to impose a tax burden on the local populace, would expect taxpayers to fund ever more aggressive wireless microwave networks and cell towers which radiate/microwave every inch of nature in that rural landscape? All so that emergency responders would be able to respond more quickly to wireless (cell tower) radar triggered health events and wireless triggered wire corrosion arcing caused fire events? How smart are wireless induced heart, stroke, and fire emergencies triggered by emergency responder endorsed cell towers and smart meters?
      Wireless to the max advocates of radar technology are self absorbed, at best. Wireless junkies seem unable to think far enough ahead to NOT radar blanket everyone else living all around them with second hand radar.
      Consider suspect the comments of anyone who urges on the installation of a bigger than ever cell tower/smart grid tower they themselves want to have microwave their own community along with a massive area of mid Vancouver Island, to be located on the nearest tiny island mountain in a formerly pristine rural area.

      • I love that you think that someone actually get to the end of that incoherent, impotent rant. It became obvious in the first bit that you share Hornby with me. Why hide behind anonymity. You obviously know who I am. Just call me up.

  • I am thankful for all the work you are doing, but you need to read some real history.
    Try Robert Faurisson, David Erving or Ernst Zundel.

  • Now BC Hydro, once known for promoting their “clean energy grid” are welcoming/coveting new energy generated from burning garbage! Really? Does the “leadership” of BC Hydro not realize what they are doing and or are oblivious that we are noticing their gross incompetence and unethical choices?

    Obviously our, British Columbians hydro system is moving in the wrong direction on almost every level. But as Electric Vehicle infrastructure is moving forward and renewable energy is increasing, why on earth would managment at BC Hydro start feeding dirty energy (dirtier than coal) from garbage incinerators into a once “clean” energy grid?

    • BC Hydro and other North American utilities do not want renewable energy — and they certainly do not want it at individual level (i.e. rooftop solar). They call it “disruptive technology”. As long as they maintain cartel/monopoly status on the production side, from their perspective people can have all the electric vehicles they want.

      It would appear that the “smart” grid is a bid that the military-industrial complex is making to install a system of total control in advance of the inevitable transition to renewable energy. As Dr. Tim Schoechle states, “smart” meters have NOTHING to do with a truly smart or wise grid.

      IMAGINE what kind of solar incentive program could have been done with that $1B+ — of the people’s money — in BC and in every other region…

  • Don’t think that the things happening in Canada aren’t happening
    in the US or other places, under similar politically controlled
    corrupt regimes. It is happening in the US and other countries where
    “terror must be maintained” and the control, monitoring and
    surveillance of political dissidents and targeting them for crimes is
    a primary concern of the corporate controlled governments, political
    parties and the so-called “elites”.

    Maybe no one else here has YET been Targeted for Government Homeland Security monitored burglaries, vandalism, pet torture and planting of stolen and unknown property inside their home. A safe deposit was also illegally entered and items stolen from it.

    There aren’t any so-called civil rights organization who will help fight these criminal government personnel involved with targeting here in Washington State, and I had to hire a private investigator to trace license plates to get some of the names of these people who are involved in covert operations and the targeting of political dissidents who speak out.

    I haven’t been able to find any attorney to help me either.

    If people want to stay in their country they better be in an area where lots of like minded people are that can see how deep the corruption is and recognize that
    the only solutions are to secede from the country or look for political asylum (if they have been targeted), before the government floods every part of the country with easily managed and led groups of people, that do not see and recognize what is going on and how they are being used.

  • GREAT article and gives Australians a sense of exactly what they will try to try to do here soon. THANKYOU, i had no idea. Oz and Canada are extremely similar in political stance at the moment, facing very similar issues, as you say a ‘for profit corporation masquerading as Govt.’ The TPP is all they are waiting for to attempt a full corporate coup. It is imperative that we all stand up against this craziness and retain our sense of PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT. Also its very appropriate to compare corporate collectivism to Fascism. Fascism is named after a symbol, the fascis, which is a bundle of sticks wrapped together for strength. This literally symbolises the power of collective corporate rule. Thats what the definition of fascism is.

  • The quotation from the Nueremberg trials is unfortunate. In reality those trials were a travesty of justice. Confessions were routinely extracted by torture for a start.

  • A bit over the top,– corporate fascism for sure, but hardly the Holocaust. One error. In BC the monthly charge is $32.40 but there is no upfront fee of $100 for opting out. This is the highest opt out fee in North America and is being applied in a manner that is illegal under the Utilities Commission Act which says all customers receiving the same service should be charged the same rate. Hydro says it is reading about 50,000 smart meters manually for no additional fee. What additional services is Hydro providing to those who are fighting to keep their analogs? None. The fee is extortive and is being used as punishment — one of Energy Min. Bill Bennett’s staff said as much in a letter, the first bit of honesty in this entire battle.

  • Lots of words. And?……

    It seems that all I see lately from this movement is the evisceration of our rights being dutifully documented.

    We all know we are being screwed. Another article explain how is pointless.

    Anyone care to explain what is to be done now that it is obvious that being right or legally correct means nothing to TPTB? Optimism and happy thoughts (and every solution I have seen presented) ain’t gonna stop these folks so………what now? More happy thoughts?


    bc-freedom has obviously failed miserably despite being touted as ‘the answer’. Now what?

  • >