The documents you are looking for are at the bottom of this post. However we do feel the information laid out below is vital to your understanding of a few of the things that have come up since the last update, specifically regarding the latest handy work of BC Hydro and co. We have talked about this concept of consent over and over. However, it can still be helpful to repeat it. This entire issue is really ALL about utility corporations and governments everywhere gaining your customer acceptance to enable them to make unimaginable profit.
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“When will this end?”  When enough people want it to. They are attacking you because of your power, they see you as a strength even if you, at times feel otherwise.
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The documents you are looking for are at the bottom of this post. However we do feel the information laid out below is vital to your understanding of a few of the things that have come up since the last update, specifically regarding the latest handy work of BC Hydro and co.

We have talked about this concept of consent over and over. However, it can still be helpful to repeat it. This entire issue is really ALL about utility corporations and governments everywhere gaining your customer acceptance to enable them to make unimaginable profit.

In BC this is done by using a scheme jointly cooked up by government and BCH as self declared “authorities” abusing power in order to ‘convert’ you, the customer, into “accepting” a smart “meter”.

Your taxes fund their lawyers who scheme up ways to trick you into consent and to obtain your private metadata.

The entire smart grid agenda aimed at utility customers is always the same, … to mislead, redirect, distract, intimidate, to use fraud, even forgery, all in order to try to “steal” implied consent or force you to give it away, along with your meter. The latest goal is to make you think whether you said yes, or no, or nothing, that you have been conscripted into joining their no choice Meter “Choices” Program (MCP).

They use a legal term “Legacy Meter” to extort fees -supposedly to keep your safe meter. But a Legacy Meter is a “bait and swap” legal word,it’s not synonymous for an analogue meter.

And in the same breath you are threatened with “failed installation” fees if you don’t let them take away the same meter which they fooled you into thinking was the meter you are supposed to pay fees to keep.

Who on earth sends 3 notices within about 10 days? BC Hydro, … or, if you will, a very desperate group of individuals, … so desperate that they will not even sign their own documents any longer! Is a document with no signature from anyone? Or is it spam??

What does this really say? Do they even have the ‘authority’ to do what they are doing?

Why does what they call themselves keep on morphing, from BC HYDRO to BC HYDRO SMART METER TEAM to BC HYDRO METER CHOICES PROGRAM and then BC HYDRO AND POWER AUTHORITY, then BC HYDRO SMART METERING?

Why does the name on your bill change from Customer to Name, then Customer to Account # to Service at X property?

What is the goal, behind the attempt? To break your longstanding contract and then get you into a new contract!

Have you Noticed that NONE of their documents have been the same and they all have many minor and major changes to them from one to the next? Interesting…


This is the use of emotional sales language they are putting over on you. In sales terms, it is called a presumptive close… as in, it is already over OR they use language to try to trick/steer you into believing it is over.

Most often the easiest way to do this is FEAR. This is why they send ‘aggressive’ installers to your home. This is why they increase incentives for installers to go faster… it is obviously the worst idea possible from a safety standpoint and it will make them more aggressive, which is intended to scare you more into…. ACCEPTANCE OF THE FRAUD.

What is it now… 15 notices and documents they have sent? So comes your question to us… “When will this ever end?”

A more strategic response might be: IF they already possess the authority to act on this many threats, then why the need for endless documents they have been sending?

The honest answer to ‘when will this end?’ is… we don’t know. Neither side (BC Hydro and co. or us) have been in a battle like this.

Another question has been ‘How come this is so difficult?’

The answer to that is because it has been so easy for so many politicians and utility execs (or whoever) to get away with so much stuff like this for so long, … because up until they went way too far we the people had really done nothing beyond the typical complaining to friends and neighbours or venting in the comment sections on the internet.

Now so many of us are fully engaged in what is going on, now those capable of critical thinking want to know more, now more and more inquiring minds the right questions.

This of course is one of the reasons for the utility and government “authorities” becoming incrementally more aggressive (insecure?) and more underhanded with their unsigned notices etc.

I mean, come on… 15 documents, all to ‘just change a meter’? The money, corruption, games and more tells us something else is going on.


I am going to cite this, although I do not have a way to verify it, and I did not make that call myself. I will say that there seems to be a certain logic/common sense behind it.

“…they phoned the Calgary MC # and ended up with Xxxx XxxXxx in Edmonton.
Apparently, he knows all about what is happening in B.C. and complaints people have made about digitals and dirty analogs rolling around in the back of trucks. He said that yes, BC Hydro is not re-certifying the meters, they are just moving them around. He told them the only information on the back of a meter is the original certification date from Measurement Canada”

(Please note, the above is strictly third party hearsay, it is not a direct quotation made to either me or anyone else that I know, and is alleged to have been asserted to a BCH customer by an alleged person who is alleged to be on staff at the Measurement Canada Regional Office located in Edmonton, Alberta –

(Chances are a retraction from this person is now very likely since this information is invaluable and the source of it should have been protected by the person who named names)

Let me explain why I think there is little reason to doubt the source itself.

We are talking about the status of Measurement Canada tamper proof accuracy seals, put there to protect the CUSTOMER and to assure FAIR TRADE practices by Hydro.

MEASUREMENT CANADA is a consumer protection tax funded government agency. MC is not an ally of BC Hydro and is not there to act as an enforcer for the smart grid or arbitrary meter swaps.

At no time has Measurement Canada EVER said that electromechanical analogue meters cannot continue to be used for fair trade.

The latest unsigned notices about seals all expiring is not from Measurement Canada. It is from our old pen pal BC Hydro. It is mostly directed at hold outs who still have electromechanical analogue meters.

How could these unsigned letters pretend to be about either the expiry or the accuracy of those meters?

How could over 100,000 and possibly as many as 190,000 meter seals suddenly all be deemed inaccurate or expired at the same time? It defies logic.

Primarily this latest seal “expiry” scheme is about those with the truly safe non digital meters called analogues or electromechanical meters.

This utility is hell bent on the elimination of reliable, transparent, user friendly electromechanical analogue meters, … .

BCH is using the latest “bait and swap” to dupe the gullible into believing that their analogue seals are expired and that somehow it follows that their meters must be removed from your meter base and then reinstalled on the next sucker’s meter base, in exchange for gaining your “acceptance” of an older or other analogue meter instead.

Some installers have already assured compliant customers who eagerly accepted a “bait and swap” meter that the older analogue will ALSO expire soon and that it is BC Hydro who owns the swapped-in meter which they just accepted.

Now why only after the installation is done would an installer point out that last bit about who owns what?, ,,, unless…. maybe … there was indeeds some question about who owns the meter they just took off ?

Could bait and swap also be about voiding meter property ownership?

And why, as soon as the deed is done, are some installers even admitting that what hydro has implied is correct, that swapped-in analogues are really only interim stepping stones on the way to an inevitable smart meter – after “limited analogue “expiry turn over” supplies run out”?

Even if the meter itself was the issue, it would be way too complicated to ever re-certify any analogue you allow them to take. Besides, it is pretty clear that recertification of the meter or the seal itself is not the real goal here. Removal of your meter is.

We do know for a fact that ‘installers’ are coming to people’s houses with retro analogue meters from … the 80?s and earlier. Problem is, these are houses built more recently, like in the 2000?s. Common sense should warn anyone that these actions do not add up. Something is way “off” here.

“But what if the meter is still new out of the box and they just haven’t installed anywhere yet?”

Good question. What does that have to do with how soon they will say its seal has expired? Then we have to think that in the last 30 years at no point in time was that shiny old meter ever needed anywhere in BC? Seems odd, or at least highly improbable.

We know for a fact that meter installers are getting paid to go as fast as possible, right? Well, what if they are just letting people assume that when they say “YOUR SEAL IS EXPIRED” that this means “YOUR METER IS EXPIRED”?

And what if then these “installers” are literally taking your perfectly fine meter off, slapping a dirty old one on your base, and walking 5 doors down and telling the next guy “HERE IS YOUR NEW METER TO REPLACE YOUR OLD METER AND HERE IS THE TAMPER PROOF SEAL FOR IT.”?

What if installers are being told to replace the tamper seal on YOUR meter only once it’s reinstalled a few blocks away? What if they could have just as easily replaced the seal while YOUR meter was still on YOUR meter base back at YOUR place? Just how big a shell game might this all be?


Ignore the meter and just look at the seal in the picture below. See that little red ‘seal’ in the picture? Did you know that seals are colour coded, and each colour means something different for each utility?

Just who is maybe tampering with just what? Just remember that even if Hydro is”authorized” to use accuracy tamper proof seals, nevertheless that seal is still meant to signify Measurement Canada’s assurance to you, the consumer of electricity services, that any meter is untampered with, and is accurate, and that the consumer is fully protected by Measurement Canada to oversee fair trade practices by BC Hydro. So how can the seal indicate an expiry of meter accuracy for your meter and ten minutes later a new seal indicates assurance of accuracy for the next hold out who gets your meter installed on their base?

You received letters talking about “EXPIRY” insisting that regardless of the age or condition of any given meter that countless numbers of hold out’s Measurement Canada seals meters of all ages and makes have somehow all expired en masse. Amazing, isn’t it?

And this unnumbered piece of plastic… is the cause of the meter itself suddenly needing to be removed and then tagged with a blue piece of plastic with a Hydro number and a Hydro insignia on it. I know, it is beyond comical at this point!

An electric meter seal.

But wait, it gets better, regardless of age, size, model number, weight, usage… they are all ‘expiring’ at exactly the same time? Synchronized simultaneous seal expiry, for the first time in the history of the world, all across BC? Um, WHAT!?!

“So what you’re saying is, they are taking my neighbour’s seal off my neighbour’s meter and then taking my neighbour’s meter off of my neighbour’s house – making no change in the meter’s reliability or accuracy, – and then they are coming over to my house and swapping in the EXACT SAME METER and then slapping on a ‘new seal’ that magically repairs and un-’expires’ my neighbour’s old meter and somehow reinstates its status once it’s on my house, by using just a seal”?

Well, you can be the judge of that.

Remember the rush is on to get those “OLD” analogue meters off as fast as possible by any means possible. Again, why would a ‘NEW” replacement analogue meter be manufactured back in the 80?s and not sourced from something… slightly more current?

And what would be that installer’s incentive to care, just as long as he baits and switches your meter… for any old meter, … because he has a pocket full of little magic plastic thingies that re-furbish and re-certify the meter’s accuracy and make it instantly – what? – even MORE accurate and tamper proof? (somehow) – on the spot?

Here is the”tell” or ‘trick’ or, as some call it, … the bait and switch.


This is where we want to jump in with something. AT NO TIME have we asked or advised people to ‘accept’ – ACCEPT- a ‘new’ or replacement analogue meter from BC HYDRO. Others are telling people to accept the “NEW” old analogue meter. Anyone who thinks this looks like a net gain deal instead of a shell game might just want to ask…. Exactly what do I forfeit here?


OR… If something changes on your contract… like, say, the meter ID NUMBER, is it possible that you may have re-contracted, or given consent to a new contract to pay ADDITIONAL or FUTURE fees under the MCP?

You can see on any of your hydro bills just down and to the left a little bit that your meter ID # is on your bill. It is a different number than your account number. It is also on a plate on your meter’s face.

What if BC Hydro REGISTERS those “NEW OLD NEW” meters to the MCP and by the simple fact of the new ID number being on your bill (CONTRACT) this now subjects you to the MCP and who knows what else?

If you are ‘following’ other people’s ‘advice’ on ACCEPTING an ‘analogue’ meter, you may want to ask these questions of them before following through on it.

To be clear, we have never said to ACCEPT a ‘new’ or ‘replacement’ analogue from BC Hydro due to the above mentioned potential ramifications – and more.

We wanted to touch on something else as well. This is part of why it takes us some time to formulate documents/instructions to fill them out for everyone out there.

We also want you to know that we have as much skin in the game as you, just as much at stake.

When that “NOTICE” arrives from BC Hydro, we begin to work on it, dissect it as best as possible. We look for the little things like “Why do they remove BC from the sender’s address in one spot, then later put it back” or “Why doesn’t anyone from the utility “authority” sign these documents anymore” Does this mean no one has the authority to impose the document terms?

What are the ramifications of not replying to the letter or not rebutting and sending it back?

In the end, it really comes down to one thing. Convincing you, by hook or by crook (or both at the same time) to ACCEPT the new contract.

You may want to think on that when you hear people sounding like some late night infomercial while saying “Just accept the NEW Meter and hurry to get yours, while they last” –

This is particularly ironic since some have already determined that the same expiry date game is set in motion for the seal for the replacement meter they accepted and may even pretend to be sooner than they were told the date was supposed to be for the one they just let go of.

Maybe the existing meter on your wall truly is worth two in the installers hands.

Getting back to the meter ‘bait and swap’ – you may want to contact your own area MLA on this issue. I am not leaning toward or against anyone party or the other but it seems as if the NDP are at least showing a passive interest in this at this time.

Here is a contact that you may want to also CC your questions to:

or call and let his office know about this issue: 1-250-387-3655

You would think that because of the results of the last election and the potential time bomb the Liberals are sitting on, that they would want to act on this rather than pass the buck. If they do simply pass the buck, well, draw your own conclusions.

Simple thing to ask your elected representatives to do would be to find out if ANY Meters have been taken off of a house, and attached to another house WITHOUT a work order to show that the meter itself has been ‘re-certified’, not just resealed

Otherwise why wouldn’t they simply reseal the one you have while it was still on your house? Especially if all they are doing instead is walking your meter down the road and then resealing it att the next house where there is a hold out.

And if so? Then, we have FRAUD on the grandest scale (on top of all the other fraud including the fact that they have no authority to do this project)

Perhaps you may want to contact those who claim they want to get to the bottom of this, and ask them to conduct this activity on your behalf?

BC Hydro is operating lawlessly and they know it, that is why as they escalate the degree of fraud now NONE of them have the courage any longer to attach their name to the ‘notices’ they are sending out.

I am not really a big fan of asking politicians to solve our problems because usually they either created the problem they are solving or their ‘solution’ only makes things worse. However, it would be nice if one of the ‘opposition’ parties out there actually started asking penetrating questions about the what is going on at BC Hydro.

Maybe, just maybe, by a little bit of prodding, we will see the current party in power has violated several laws, committed fraud and more. If not, why doesn’t someone at BC Hydro sign their own documents?

I am also going to attach a PDF here that I encourage you to open and read if you want, rather than ‘make’ you read it before you get to the most recent rebuttal instructions for the latest rounds of specious Notices from “the authority”.

It is in regards to billing, and in my personal opinion, as well as others, the person’s questions in the PDF are SPOT ON. We have been looking into the matter of transients for some time now and their potential to increase or “augment” utility bills. (I will do a separate blog post on this in the future.)

For now, keep being the powerful people you are.

“When will this end?”

When enough people want it to. They are attacking you because of your power, they see you as a strength even if you, at times feel otherwise.

Pull back from of the emotion ever so slightly and consider the logic. They are after your meter because they are scared of YOU!

Why else would they want to track your every move? Why else would they want to impair you more and more financially and psychologically? There is something great in you that maybe they lack themselves ad certainly that they want to take from you. It is, your freedom.

As we have said “FRAUD IS FRAUD IS FRAUD” This does not just go away. Nothing will EVER be made “right” with a ‘NEW OLD NEW” meter from the guy’s house 5 doors down.

Damaging one’s private property NEVER goes away. Damaging yours or your childrens’ bodies doesn’t just go away. Privatizing resources for profit does not just become “OK”…. ever.

We fully appreciate you sticking with us, but more importantly, sticking with yourself, for yourself and by extension everyone else.

NONE of this would be taking place if long ago more had seen the slippery slope, had spoken up sooner on some of the smaller injustices that have taken place. Sure, no one should have theft, graft, greed and evil running through their veins to do this…. but they do. It is just that simple.

So here we are, at that point in time where we stand at the action point of all those who fought for our freedoms to make this country what it is (was) and all the freedom in all aspects that we want in the future for us and our kids. You decide.

Inaction can end this just as fast as action can. We applaud you for knowing and doing what is right, taking a stand (if you have not before) or continuing to do so.

This is not some BS morale boosting stuff that I write to make you feel good. I have no power in that capacity, that is a decision that you need to make. I feel this way, so I write this way. I see them doing this for the reasons I have stated above and I also see that you truly are what we think you are.

We hope you feel the same way.

* * *

The document below contains instructions for:


* * *

~VOID alleged BCUC MCP Approval Notification~

Also, the below can be read at your leisure some good questions about suspicions we’ve had for some time:
SMART METERS Potential Causes for Billing Increases

See original post:

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