In this update: 1) Reno woman killed from fire apparently caused by "smart" meter; 2) Sensus admits "systemic problem"; 3) UK's Notice of Non-Consent / Notice of Liability; 4) Two new risk awareness reports; 5) WHO and SCENIHR corruption at highest levels; 6) EMF Summit Video #3 with Dr. Magda Havas.

by Josh del Sol, director and producer, Take Back Your Power
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Sometimes, it has to get bad before getting better.

Sadly, a 61-year old woman in Reno has died from yet another house fire which appears to be caused by a so-named “smart” meter. According to the Fire Chief, people should be “very aware, very vigilant” about meters causing fires. This would be at least the second fatal “smart” meter fire:

Meanwhile the manufacturer Sensus has confirmed that it’s not just their meters, but rather “these issues are systemic in the industry”:

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Remember, in the corporate world, it’s all about LIABILITY.

Check out StopSmartMeters UK’s Notice of Non-Consent & Notice of Liability, with over 2,000 signatories so far:

Did you know that over 40% of the world’s population has radiation standards which are magnitudes more rigorous than ICNIRP, the FCC, and Health Canada? See 2 new reports from scientist Dr. Isaac Jamieson – “RF / Microwave Radiation Risk Awareness” and “Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Risk Awareness“:

Another big story-hunter is Susan Foster, who is steadfastly exposing corruption at the highest levels – in WHO and SCENIHR:

About 6 hours left to watch the EMF Summit interview #3, with Dr. Magda Havas:
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Quote of the day:
“Scientists at the end of [World War II] were hanged for what
scientists today are doing – and getting away with it.”
~Dr. Barrie Trower, microwave weapons expert and former MI5 & MI6 consultant

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Josh del Sol
producer & director

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      • “Derek Ward” is clearly an industry paid troll/bot, even though he denies it, he even insisted that there was no evidence that that smart meter fires in Saskatchewan were caused by the meters themselves. Then after Sask Power and the Saskatchewan government announced that they were cancelling the program and pulling the Sensus built firebombs, insisted that only that make and model of not so smart meter caused fires. In spite of the fact that there have been multiple incidents of fires involving just about every of make and model of not so smart meter, from G.E, to Landis and Gyr, to Itron. Now he’s denying that those very same Sensus meters used in Saskatchewan are causing fires in Nevada, lets just say that moral integrity is not one of this troll’s strong suits.
        This person, and I used that is the sense of the route word, persona, posts anywhere and everywhere online whenever the subject of not so smart meters comes up. Just type that name into google with the words “Smart Meter” and that name will pop up in at least a half dozen results. If there is as newspaper article about not so smart meters, there’s “Derek Ward” like a Johnny on the spot in the comments, belittling opponents and skeptics, whilst passionately defending and praising the industry. But whenever “he” is buttonholed about these activities insists he’s just some ordinary Joe “trying to get the truth out”. This does not pass the credibility test, a random, passively interested, “ordinary Joe” on the street would never comment on an issue that much, especially a position defending an industry that a real ordinary Joe couldn’t care less about.
        It’s a curious thing though, even though he insists that he lives on a
        coastal island on West coast no amount of searches reveals any letters
        to the editor
        submitted under that name. Well I think I know why, in order to submit a
        letter to the editor to a newspaper you need to give your name,
        address, telephone number, and sometimes email. It’s been like that since Paul Reitsma, a B.C Liberal MLA, was caught writing letters under an assumed name back in the 90s.
        You can’t give a name, address, and telephone number for someone who does not exist, they check on that before they will publish the letter. So it’s pretty clear, “Derek Ward” is a paid industry/politically connected troll/bot/hack, operating out of a boiler room, spewing his vitriol and B.S everywhere through a fake facebook account.

        • You seem to have over looked self interest and simple greed. You have blown his importance all out of proportion. He acts no differently than any shareholder in Itron, and related grid components, including private data, etc. The nature of this or any market bubble is hit and run, such that investors must get in and out, since the initial offering is where all the big money is made. He certainly acts as if he has $kin in the game. If he’s heavily invested, he will now be witnessing his share value dropping sharply. He is not larger than life, he does live on a gulf island and all of this is well known to its small community, he is anything but a big player, a loner, argumentative, unpleasant, hostile ever since he was far shorter than he is now, understandably single, shares a property with mostly absent sibs, has had heart probs/surgery, which he sees as genetic, not frequency generated. He used to be the radio frequency manager for another monopoly, a certain auto insurer in BC. Apparently he would rather die than admit any connection between ill health and microwaves. His goose is almost cooked.

        • Hi Fritz, I am glad you touched on the less than truthful
          letters that were sent to newspapers from all over BC. Many managers went on a huge letter writing campaign. I was checking into some of my old Hydro files and remembered their [Smart Metering Program] booklet. Another publication from BC Hydro that is
          nothing but LIES. Most of the 70 pages are what I would call criminal. Let’s look at page 51, Who is Ian Roberson? He wrote a letter to the Merritt Herald, August 8, 2011 complying about Ms. StClair. NEXT, How about Scott Imbeau who wrote the Langley Advance January 3, 2012. His best quote is a mangled version of the September 3rd, 2011 Economist Technology Quarterly. ” They said Health Hazards posed by mobile phones are similar to the chance of getting cancer from coffee, petrol fumes and false teeth”. What did Scott tell us? ”Other things included in this category are coffee, gasoline and Asian picked vegetables”. REALLY SCOTT??
          Ps. Scott’s newspaper article is on page 59 of the BC Hydro BOOK. I have many more files like this, I am saving those. I would laugh but, BC Hydro’s and the BCCDC’s hatred of disabled folks in this province is
          DISGUSTING. With Derek getting a pacemaker soon, he will be one of the disabled folks who cannot go near a smart meter in his own home.
          Xy and Fritz Keep up your great work. It’s nice to finally see honesty in print.

  • Oh Look another liar. Hi Derek Ward. Why don’t you give up. Smart meters are either killing little children fighting cancer or stopping homeowners with medical implants.

    I do not who is the bigger LIAR, You, BC Hydro or the BCCDC. Well my money is on BC Hydro, they are the one who turn off the transmitter when they are being tested. Right Derek? What do you know about fires? Have you ever seen a smart meter fire? Why are Itron smart meters not CSA approved? Is that because they burn down homes?

    Checking on the UL website we found that only two companies were listed which produced meters for the use in Canada.
    Schneider Electric USA Inc. Triacta Power Technologies
    Where are BC Hydro’s Itron smart meters Derek? ….?


    Could smart meters cause health problems in cancer survivors?

    While RF exposure might not cause cancer directly, there is concern that cells in the body that have been damaged by exposure to some other substance might somehow be more likely to become cancerous when exposed to RF waves. In
    theory, this might be a concern for cancer patients being treatedwith ionizing radiation and/or medicines that might cause cancer themselves. There is no strong evidence to show that this is the case, but research on this issue is still in the very earliest stages.
    Derek, How long has BC Hydro been killing little children with cancer??? 3 years?

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