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Josh del Sol’s brand new, 5-part eCourse brings solutions to the 5G problem in 2020. In this interactive post-Summit series, expert luminaries present solutions for redirecting 5G and reclaiming a future with safe technology.

You will be empowered with these indepth, concise video presentations and discussion. We’ll dive into:

Andrew J. Campanelli: Specific legal strategies which local governments are using to beat telecoms locally… including an outline of an effective ordinance
Brian Hoyer: Making your home EMF-safe
Mandy Jacob: Winning grassroots strategies
Lena Pu & Cal Washington: Commercial liability actions which groups are doing now
• How communities like yours are gathering & taking back their rights

Join this interactive course and connect with the community & presenters in the comments!

Update for Course Participants:

18 August 2020

Q/ Will there be a Module #5? 

A/ We have not yet received word from Cal Washington of InPower Movement as to when their new NoL action platform will be ready for demonstration — this was planned to be a main focus of his presentation/interview. Accordingly, this module will be recorded and made available as part of this course, according to InPower’s release plans. (contact InPower here)


In addition to 5 exclusive video presentations, participants in this interactive course can download presentations and resources from each speaker, and post comments & questions for the presenters and community.

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