Despite it being censored by YouTube, more than 2 million have watched this interview just in these first 2 days. Below are links to how you can watch and participate in this moment.
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Personally speaking, this is probably most compelling video I have ever seen, and it could be watershed moment. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it. The last 25 minutes are next-level.

Where & how to watch

More than 64,000 watched live yesterday. (Compared to 17,000 who watched the first interview live 19 days ago, which grew to 8 million views.) This put the epic 2hr 34min interview on track for 10 to 15-million views, then YouTube deleted it shortly after the stream.

Subsequently, it was posted on the “Ickonic” channel on Vimeo, but it wasn’t long before it was censored by Vimeo as well. For more about this compelling, unfolding saga, watch the excellent commentary from Brian Rose, embedded in videos further down on this page.

I recommend you watch it on here.

Here’s the Bitchute embed:

And it’s also on Facebook, and Brighteon.

Some thoughts about this moment

I personally had a cathartic experience while listening to this on a forest walk yesterday, having downloaded & converted it to MP3 (available in 2 parts here and here.) EDIT: The audio is also on the LondonReal podcast here.

One can sense that this is a possible watershed moment. After you watch it, you’ll see what I mean. I feel it’s possible that the censoring may backfire, and the interview may go on to have an even greater impact.

I would live to invite all of you — our amazing tribe — to share the video of course, then consider letting 5 others know, with a personal message, the impact the video had on you. As you are inspired to, consider including public officials, law enforcement, spiritual leaders, etc.

Watch more of this saga

Each of these have hundreds of thousands of views. While YouTube, the BBC, and other corporate media are systematically banning videos now — indicating what they fear the most — their draconian fear-based actions will not stop the people from waking up. It’s exciting times…

6 April 2020, morning (before interview)
6 April 2020, afternoon
6 April 2020, evening
7 April 2020, morning
7 April 2020, evening

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Josh del Sol

Josh del Sol is host of The 5G Summit, an in-depth online conference with 40 leading experts. Josh also created the award-winning 'smart' meter documentary Take Back Your Power.

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  • There are a lot of questions and I’m not completely sure, but it would not at all surprise me if COVID-19(84) wasn’t a front for what perhaps be might be coming down the pike: mandatory vaccinations, medical martial law, a ruined economy and a detrimental 5G.

    • yes and if you already imagine it having happened you are helping it to happen. We must build critical mass fast, stop this MADNESS and turn this defeatism into determination back to a healthy environment.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I just watched a video of a NYC ICI physician , Cameron Kyle-Sidell, who said he has never seen anything like this, and we’ve been operating on a false medical paradigm, patients are slowly dying of oxygen.

    • What if the large number of deaths are in the future when they turn on 5G? Then they will blame it on the virus.

      “5G technology will broadcast at 60 GHz, which is the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules, which means it can kill at a distance. At the molecular level, these frequencies affect the orbit of electrons, and that affects the ability of blood hemoglobin to bind with oxygen. If blood cannot hold oxygen, the result is death by suffocation.”

      The 1 million antennae, as well as thousands more low orbit satellites being deployed now. Classified as “Essential”

    • Tim, any hints on sharing it other than through the usual social media (fb, instagram etc). I don’t do them, too much. I would like to pass it on to somebody who might do this for me but I didn’t see the possiblity of sending a personal email instead. thx. C

    • thank you fellow human brother for taking the time to share these interviews. I am a seeker of truth and will also share these before “sharing” is somehow censored out of existence. We need to talk to as many who will listen, then get them to listen to these, perhaps buy some of David’s books, but we MUST get all of this info out there in the real world. He really got me into tears and great angst as well when he started talking about my children and grandchildren, WHAT am I going to do to stop this on their behalf!!!!!

  • thx for this EXCELLENT courageous LondonReal interview. You opened our eyes alreadyin 2011 when you presented your jaw dropping TakeBackYourPower documentary in the NW of the US. you named the EMF sickeners : Digital meter, Wifi, 5G (which is now being massively installed in empty schools against parents’wills), etc. This confinement and the fear people are in, makes them even more addicted to all of the cybertoys and world, blinded, submissive sheep running into cliff. I am pretty sure that the video just got blocked in the middle of me watching. C

  • As we engage with this ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) divide, conquer, command & control oligarchy, its time to remember & take back our worldwide human long time ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) consciousness & power within each of us & waiting to be joined together as ‘community’ (L ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift-or-service’).

  • This “pandemic” is the globalists best chance ever at bringing in the New World Order! Forced vaccinations (this should be obvious!), cashless society, taking what’s left of our “rights and freedoms, etc. Their first step was Agenda 21 and creating the “Perfect Storm”. Well; now they have the perfect storm and they are using it to destroy this society; which, I believe they’ve already done! As I look around me, it’s obvious that most people are scared to death of getting sick and dying and they see “healthcare” as some kind of messiah that’s going to bring in the miracle VACCINE and save them all. None of them will listen to “reason”. I am not sick and nobody I know is sick. None of the people in my area seem to have this “virus” and many of them look like death warmed over. I’ll repeat what I’ve stated many times: Nothing is as it seems!
    BTW; it’s beginning to look a lot like a POLICE STATE, here in BC. The best analogy I can come up with right now, is Nazi Germany!

  • It looks like a monster that cant be stopped, weakened perhaps, slowed, but not stopped. So….Is there anyone making products to shield us in some way??? I know there are EMF blankets, clothing, wearable devises, and whole home devises, but these products were before 5G which is obviously stronger to say the least.

    • It’s not about the strength, it’s about the frequency. All the products you cite work because they have a fine silver thread woven into them creating a mesh. This is based on the simple known fact of the Faraday cage (James Faraday). Applied properly a faraday cage can block ALL emfs of any frequency 100%. To put simply, the smaller the holes in the mesh of the cage, the higher the frequencies it can block, regardless of the “strength”. Working backwards (using a simple formula you’ll find online) from the frequency you want to block up to (eg60Ghz), you can work out what size hole is required and buy the appropriate mesh (metal) and line your walls, make frames over the windows etc, exactly like mosquito netting, the metal type of course. Just do a bit of research on Faraday cages. Hope this helps

  • I know about the plan for the chip given along with the upcoming vaccine. Called the gates tatoo. Heard it was for tracking if you are vaccinated so to be used for entering (or being denied) school, travel, stores… and so on. But now I am seeing they can put nano antennas in those who accept vaccines?? Is there plans for it to go in unknown?? Will it be listed just as mercury, aluminum, or some metal? By the way, it is hard to get people to hear things like spoken in this video. They are too amused by movies and funny sayings on FB/youtube then to listen to the amazing content of this video. Thank you for it.

    • Ad hominem argument. Disprove what he is saying here. Otherwise, you have no credibility at all. I have looked at publicly available official documents that verify a lot of what he is saying about COVID-19.

    • Leen more than a few here would care to disagree with you plus the fact is if you have not already discovered there is a shit load of evidence on Covid19 that is very suspicious, irregular or are just plain full of shit! Lies abound way more than truth Dr. Buttar was one of the first providing documentary evidence of the real source of the virus. What David says about skim bags like Bill Gates (who knows shit about viruses) Dr. Fiouci is even worse and of course WHO which is now proven as one bad joke! These facts are available for any inquiring mind from many sources so are all those sources wrong. Those are known facts unless you live in the dark yet many do so effectively but those certainly would be most uncomfortable in this group to put it mildly. Oh didn’t you love the MSM video said to be taken in a NYC emergency room EXCEPT the exact same fucking footage had been used in Italy days prior! What the hell should that tell any enquiring mind let alone any so called journalist to suspect the game at play has zip to do with the headline.

  • I have been following Josh ever since the first smart meters were installed in NZ
    If you are interested I have a lot of information on this extending from the work by Trevor Constable a Kiwi who was a radio engineer in merchant navy and commented on radar and its effect during WW2. His book published in 1976 is the Cosmic Pulse Of Life.
    The first edition was burned by those who did not want his information published….
    prior to his death Trevor had a company based in Singapore that was ground breaking in weather modification…. using Orgone of W Reich.

    • Hey Pete, are you in NZ? I’m pretty fresh to NZ (Nth Island) (as in I’ve been here for three weeks) and really don’t have many Kiwi contacts…I’ve been part of the Take Back Your Power movement (in Australia) from the outset and also the 5G crisis movement since Josh and Sayer’s summit last year…just wondering how ‘it’s’ going for you and what you’re doing to get off your arse and stop acquiescing to the illusion of power in NZ? For what it’s worth I’ve found the most deluded people (regarding the lie) here are the ones who I believed would be the most informed (ie off-grid organic self-sufficient etc)…so as a permaculturist and looking to be a part of a community of well informed, like minded people I’m a little surprised…

  • David is on to it, he did not mention that it’s is an ‘Election Year’ and the only man who can stop this is DJT and he is under Major attack by all the naysayers. David hates the naysayers.

  • The whole world has stood by and watched Julian Assange go through absolute hell, KNOWING the man has done nothing wrong. Now, he is STILL suffering, dyeing a slow painful death, in horrific conditions, and none of us have done anything except to look away, as if we don’t see it happening. We should all be ashamed,……

  • A huge thankyou from the bottom of my heart for this courageous and amazing interview. I feel more hopeful & more empowered & I’ve shared with as many people as possible. Thanks also to Josh for sharing !

    • 5G has the capability to kill millions if not billions but it won’t kill everyone, though it will weaken those it does not kill and make them more susceptible to other illnesses/diseases and also affect their cognitive functions. It also allows those in control of it to target very precise locations eg: dissenters.

  • From the beginning I thought there was something up and a hidden agenda and after watching the 5G summit and looking at the Covid death figures which are often inaccurate and don’t take into account other co-morbidities suffered by many of those who sadly pass away, it only strengthened my sense of disbelief and wonder as to what will happen when economies are destroyed and the children of the future have to pay the cost, both financially and psychologically.

    • There are various things they could do, not have masts installed anywhere near their properties, have shielding built into their house walls (Faraday cage), wear emf shielded garments. I have seen interviews with the usual suspects of silicone valley, the people that invent, unleash on the world and control all the social media sites and they repeatedly say that they do not allow their children to participate in social media because it’s unhealthy. I’m sure their attitude would be the same towards 5G. It is weapons grade technology sold to the masses under the pretext of it being a telecommunications system, they are well aware of this and would thus keep well clear of it.

  • As Usual Icke The Kike Has NO SOLUTIONS!!!

    Recently David Icke spoke on London Real about the Coronavirus hoax and the demons plans to enslave us and radiate and poison us with harmful vaccinations in their Godless, cashless microchipped hellish civilization.

    He had a massive platform with 64,000 people watching him live which put the his interview on track for 10 to 15-million views, then YouTube deleted it shortly after the stream. It has now had over 2 million views on various platforms on the internet. Still the real point is this: DID ICKE OFFER ANY PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS? THE ANSWER IS CLEARLY NO!!! At the end of his interview, he told everyone to “Do what they feel.” These are not the words of leadership!!! These are the words of a shill programming our minds to accept International Jewry’s World Communist takeover!!!

    If he really was a leader of men, he would have used the great platform he had to call the truthful people of the world to the ONLY SOLUTION we have to this demoniac tyranny which is stripping us of all our rights and freedoms namely CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!!!

    • You too don’t offer any solutions. Its obvious your only intent is to belittle David Icke. David is sharing his years of research and knowledge. What have you done, WHO do you work for.

  • I think it’s disappeared during the few breaks I’d taken today. I was at about 1:20’s, where he was talking about China and Big Brother. It’s there now but doesn’t want to play?! Does that mean it’s GONE AGAIN??

    This has to be the start of NWO, then the Beast unveiled. If not, then this itself is pretty scary. However, we have to trust in The Trinity to protect us. We may loose our lives here, but Heaven is there when we wake up!

    Hope it can be reposted, again!

    • I thought the same Trixie, but they keep on giving little warnings that suggest this IS the real thing. They are now suggesting here in Australia that overseas travel will be shut down for the rest of the year. By that time, the economy wil be in tatters and the food production and supply chain destroyed.

  • Well I just got called an idiot from a fellow friend who is a doctor by sending him this link. But I’m even more convinced now by David. Seems the higher the level of education the more oblivious they become to be most polite You can’t teach being scientifically street smart. I hope David’s wrong and I’m just as oblivious but that will never happen. I’m sure if this was 1939 and I balked at people rallying in Nuremberg the response would be synonymous with a few bruises and broken bones.

  • Now I am not a massive fan and I have no way of knowing if this is true, however I have said from the start, that this pandemic is all about blaming the collapse of the economy.

    It all seems to perfect to be real.

    More people will die of fear and agree about language

  • Great interview! Robert Shapiro (a channel) in his books Shining The Light talks about the same. He calls it the Sinister Secret Government. The solution is to follow your heart, feel love for yourself, which is then felt by everyone.

  • This is all very convincing. I need just one explanation: Why are doctors and nurses attending to “coronavirus” patients becoming sick and die of the “coronavirus” – without having had any previous health problems?

    • Good question Werner and one that I also pondered….IF a large percentage of the contradictory ‘proof’ is true, that is, if it’s an elaborately orchestrated hoax, then you have to think that medical staff getting sick and/or dying, are in fact afflicted by some other illness. Remember that the test premise will always, ( if I understood correctly), show positive if there is something else ‘wrong’ based’ on the cellular exosome response. I’ve tried to fathom out the theories and suppositions without too much success. My other thought was that maybe, just maybe, some of the unfortunates out there have already been subjected to dangerous levels/frequencies of technically generated EMF.

      • Many thanks for your comments David, but I do not think that the EMF hypothesis fits. 50 doctors as well as nurses have died in Italy and though the figures are lower in other countries the question remains – why? I do not believe that EMF is specifically “concentrated” on doctors and nurses in the affected countries. Unless the coronavirus is the culprit I need a more convincing explanation.

        • I wasn’t for one moment suggesting a connection between potential EMF damage and medical personnel…I just think that the way a 60GHZ field disrupts cellular O2 is particularly worrying. I was looking at the science angle, not the people. However, IF Wutan is ‘back to normal’, and we don’t know for sure, then I confess that my shared hypothesis has to be incorrect….unless of course they’ve wound down some of their 5G network. That’s the trouble with too much spare time…endless debate and thoughts. Thanks for responding.

          • My theory is that being a part of the medical establishment and I am therefore assuming having a strong belief in it’s methodology, perhaps they have been given or have taken themselves some sort of vaccine that has reacted very badly with the high levels of emf radiation found in most hospitals around the world. Many vaccines are known to contain aluminium (aluminum) for example and i believe that aluminium in one’s system can react extremely badly when combined with emf of certain frequencies.

        • My theory is that being a part of the medical establishment and I am therefore assuming having a strong belief in it’s methodology, perhaps they have been given or have taken themselves some sort of vaccine that has reacted very badly with the high levels of emf radiation found in most hospitals around the world. Many vaccines are known to contain aluminium (aluminum) for example and i believe that aluminium in one’s system can react extremely badly when combined with emf of certain frequencies.

          • This could be an explanation, but is tenuous, because it assumes the same sort of approach in many hospitals all over the world (not impossible, but perhaps unlikely). I have also noticed that quite a few contributors find it difficult to understand that anyone would wish to destroy humanity. In order to understand the why and how – and also where David Icke is coming from – it is essential to read The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. This entirely fact-based book provides the full explanation for what is going on and what to expect in future. It is a story that began some 2500 years ago and appears to have reached a critical and possibly decisive phase now.

          • You say that it is “perhaps unlikely that hospitals all over the world would use the same sort of approach” but this is EXACTLY what we see happening right now because of the directives coming through the WHO. Re: the destruction of humanity, i would say that it is even more than just the destruction of humanity but more the destruction of the planet and ALL it’s lifeforms – not the annihilation of but the destruction of.


    • Theres the virus. Covid19 is a coverup for 5G. So if 5G brings a massive effect on humans lives and health they’ll say – well it’s the virus around not 5G folks. They protect themselves from ppl going mad and burning every 5G tower In the world.
      5G hasn’t been tested properly and it’s a multimillion dollar investment- satellites, towers every 500 m etc. I’m pretty sure they leaked a virus from the lab to have an excuse.

  • You can’t avoid being a touch disturbed by David Icke’s level of ‘passion’….and he has previous form for being a bit….eccentric to say the least. Plus, terrible taste in tracksuits and hairstyles. Likewise, he tends to get a little overexcited etc. However, regardless of some negative feedback about him supposedly being a leader but without any solutions, ( unfair, he’s not purporting to be a leader), He’s highlighting some extremely valid theories….and I’m avoiding the C word…in a number of forms. But, looking at the facts and the logic, you can’t argue any alternative scenario(s) favourably. So, millions of possibilities….cannot figure WHY destroying normal humankind is a way forward. You can bandy words like cashless, control, 5G, AI, vaccine, nanobots – endless. Personally, would love to live off-grid, but in reality, I’d like to look forward to finding a human way to combat what seems to be global disaster. The geek shall inherit the earth. Count me in if someone finds a way to recruit for countermeasures against dystopia. Meantime, A few people out there need to upgrade their personal security regime.

    • I think that if David will provide a solution to the problems he will be dead long time ago….as a “researcher” he is more safe. Solution =people power ….which is sometimes is not working (except revolutions)…fact nobody succeded/helped to save Assange. Just think what we can do to prevent 5G??

  • I have asked different people if they could tell me how many people in the USA has died from the flu during this pandemic of covid-19 I would like to know the combined flu/covid19 number of deaths here in the USA. No one seems to know the answer-Would anyone here happen to know? I have searched the internet,but haven’t got a direct number. Thank you kindly in advance for the info.


    ΑNΟNΥMOUS lNSIDΕR shares what we all may face…AND HOW to PRΕPARΕ. ΕX-DΕPΑRTMENT of HΟMΕLΑND SΕC. ΕMPLOYΕΕ TΕLLS ΑLL she experienced with HΕR DΕCLINING health working next to FIVΕ GEE TΕCH!

  • Hmm. I agree with lots of things David’s said. Not sure about 1 fact if there’s really no virus.
    Healthy, young friend of mine has died. Unexpectedly with all symptoms they describe as from COVID19. He was a yoga teacher – no other undergoing health conditions. I think they made this lab/man made virus and its just a coverup for a multimillion investment 5G as it’s not even properly tested and they rolling out it crazy fast right now. If people would start getting ill from 5G and realise that there would be a massive protest around the world and every tower would get burned. So they protect their arses with this virus that exists (modified/ stronger version of flu) and 5G roll out all together.

  • I’ve been looking for a secure, encrypted video conferencing service for a while now. Thanks to Derrick Broze’s suggestion, I’ve found a solution. If you want an alternative to Zoom: try Jitsi. It’s encrypted, open source, and you don’t need an account. I hope you find this useful!

  • 04/05/2020 M.D. Asks If Coronavirus Is Caused by Thomas Cowan, MD

    Dr. Tom Cowan discovered the work of the two men who would have the most influence on his career while teaching gardening as a Peace Corps volunteer in Swaziland, South Africa. He read Nutrition and physical Degeneration by Weston A.Price, as well as Rudolf Steiner’s work on biodynamic agriculture. These events inspired him to pursue a medical degree.

  • David Icke is a delusional narcissist,and has caused harm ,much like Alex Jones in America. We are well aware of the situation with crazy politicians and their nefarious activities since the beginning of time,but we don’t need David Icke to tell us his bizarre version. He needs professional help with his problems,alas he cannot see that,as narcissists have no insight into themselves.
    Like Trump and Jones he will refuse to listen to anyone.
    Thank you.

  • >