With this being more of a personal update, I will say that I am so grateful for the board and team who have come together at InPower Movement. They are each investing tremendous work in terms of bringing forth the next phase of the Notice of Liability (NoL) process, helping us protect our families and all of life. This is a group who is leading the way, in service to humanity, and are at the forefront of re-imagining our shared future.

Click here to watch the “Autoimmune Secrets” docu-series free

As most of you know, InPower is developing a system and tools for easy NoL automation, document management, support, community, local groups, and new focal points where our world needs solutions the most. It’s a big project with a long-term vision.

With the considerable task at hand, InPower has understandably decided to focus exclusively on the mission and mandate of completing this next phase of systems development. Until this point is reached, InPower does not plan be creating new external content. I am extremely proud to have helped start this organization, believe in its work wholeheartedly and envision a fruitful collaboration until the founding intention is fulfilled. My own role with InPower will remain as an ambassador and content producer.

In addition to creating videos for the forthcoming NoL system, in the meantime I will also be releasing other new content not be under the InPower brand. I see the considerable need to help to increase awareness and move toward higher “jurisdictions” of consciousness + solution. One of my intentions is to help lay the groundwork for InPower’s next phase and mission of freedom to mankind through accountability.

As such, you may be soon hearing of new developments forming for this fresh content. Stay tuned to this email list and to InPower’s email list for separate progress updates.

Note: The best way to reach me directly is through the TBYP website (via contact page here).

Josh del Sol Beaulieu
Creator, Take Back Your Power
Co-founding Ambassador, InPower Movement

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  • Dear Josh,

    I really like what you do. I would like to see the talks on auto immunity but could not find it. Any help? Also: I think its time to talk about the chemtrail program, which has stopped to a large degree right now. What is emerging, especially in Europe, how bad the changes in the athmosphere really are. The chemtrail program has left the oceans covered with plastic microbeads that prevent the oceans from evaporating water. Result: a world wide shortage of rainfall. Was it intended? Result of stupidity? But we are much closer to catastrophic change than anyone is aware of…


    Dietrich Klinghardt

    • Hi Dietrich,
      Thanks so much for connecting. Here is the link for the Autoimmune Secrets series — I think in the next couple of days Jonathan will release all of them for free again: https://autoimmunesecrets.com/?oprid=23597

      I agree that it’s time for open discussion of geoengineering. In my view, it is a multi-purposed strategy happening to boost GMO crop proliferation, dumb people down / make them more toxic and depending on the medical cartel, and cause other “controlled chaos” and limitation of resources (i.e. rain / clean water). I will contact you privately to set up a way in which we could share the information and your research. Thank you for all you do.


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