On Wednesday September 26, the FCC voted to grant itself more unconstitutional authoritarian powers to further their 5G agenda with an extremely heavy hand. 

The new order from the FCC, a revolving-door captured agency, declares that it will effectively steamroll all local governments and all Americans, and do whatever it wants in deploying 5G throughout the nation.

Even according dissenting FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, this action is a gross overreach of property rights, and will be slowed down by many lawsuits from local governments.

The FCC is a captured agency, according to this report by Harvard Ethics Department.
Click to view the Harvard Ethics report. (PDF)

Hundreds of local governments have previously stated they will sue the FCC if it proceeds. Local governments are being stripped of their rights, and are simultaneously becoming very aware of the vast body of evidence showing biological harm from 5G “millimeter wave” / microwave radiation.

The FCC is on very shaky ground, creating an opportunity for people across America to get involved with your local government councils, educate them about 5G, and fight back.

These dissenting comments from FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel show just how split the FCC is:

“…So it comes down to this: three unelected officials on this dais [Chairman Pai and the other two Commissioners] are telling state and local leaders all across the country what they can and cannot do in their own backyards. This is extraordinary federal overreach.

“I do not believe the law permits Washington to run roughshod over state and local authority like this and I worry the litigation that follows will only slow our 5G future. For starters, the Tenth Amendment reserves powers to the states that are not expressly granted to the federal government. In other words, the constitution sets up a system of dual sovereignty that informs all of our laws. …

“[T]oo many municipalities to count—from Omaha to Overland Park, Cincinnati to Chicago and Los Angeles to Louisville—have called on the FCC to halt this federal invasion of local authority. The National Governors Association and National Conference of State Legislatures have asked us to stop before doing this damage. This sentiment is shared by the United States Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, and Government Finance Officers Association. In other words, every major state and municipal organization has expressed concern about how Washington is seeking to assert national control over local infrastructure choices and stripping local elected officials and the citizens they represent of a voice in the process.

“It didn’t have to be this way.”

Local governments’ main reason of pushback is that their power of local decisions is being stripped by the FCC’s order. City councils may or may not be aware of the massive health risk and damage that will be caused if 5G proceeds as planned.

To that end, let us listen to and share the words – and plea for sanity – from Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck, who is a self-proclaimed techie and engineer who worked on the space station, in a role responsible for electromagnetic interference:

Senator Colbeck has also release an excellent solutions-oriented paper, “Wireless Radiation Brief” (PDF).

I will be covering this topic more. In terms of specific actions, from my perspective the InPower liability action will help create enough leverage to give us a chance of stopping 5G. Once it is available following their current phase of development, I believe it to be the most effective organized action available.

In the meantime, now is the time for action. But we now know that appeals and petitions are ineffective. However, there are hundreds of cities poised to sue the FCC — see the US Conference of Mayors declaration, as one example, which lists 306 cities on their webpage.

So, it appears that the best option you have right now is to get involved by educating your city councils and supporting their lawsuit against the FCC.

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Solutions to 5G: Several Useful Resources

Scientific Evidence

Grassroots Communities & Organizations

Note: Several of the organizations listed below are still promoting actions limited to contacting your elected representatives and pleading for help. With that being said, there is a resounding increase in awareness that a firmer response is now required.

  • Now we know one of the motives for Agenda 21 – to get most of the population concentrated in cities where it is easier and more effective to electro-smog us to death. It also makes atmospheric spraying easier and pre-kettles us in case police and military are required to prevent us breaking out to safer environments. My wife and I have been moving from rural community to rural community trying to stay ahead of the electro-smog. There are getting to be fewer places to hide.

  • That is a great video! Hope everyone watches it.

    It’s important to emphasize that 5G’s greatest threat is who it wipes out our cells’ immunity to the flu and pneumonia. I fully expect tens of millions to succumb to this threat within weeks of 5G being turned on.

  • Really, they should ask a few cities if they are willing to volunteer for 5G rollout and monitor the effects for about 5years; if there is nothing to fear, then there is nothing to fear. They should try to ease the mind of the public instead forcing this on us……they need to run a controlled real-world test prior to national rollout and post the results of said test publically.

  • This is a great article Josh. And so many good resources in one place. Thank you for your hard work and efforts for this cause. I’m sharing this with our local city and county planning officials, Mayor and City Council members and County Commissioners.

  • Josh, as you already know this will be the biggest “Global Genocide” on planet earth once the roll out of the 5G network comes to fruition. You have been an amazing activists against all of this, and I too have tried my best to educate the public as much as I can. I am to the point of exhaustion, but I will never stop being a local activist against high emitting man-made technology that radiates extreme levels of radiation and EMF’s. I am going to read this article and see what it takes to file a law suit against the FCC in my state. Thank you for your endless commitment to fight this life altering issue, I personally thank you with all my heart.

  • I’m concerned that politicians who have voiced objection to 5G only seem to be focused on fed overreach and how lawsuits could slow the implementation of it. While government overreach is no small matter, this is technology that is dangerous whenever regardless of when it will be implemented. I get that tech-heads are all aflutter about the speed and other perceived “advancements”. But no one in the public arena seems the least bit concerned about it’s effect not just on humans, but on animals and other wildlife. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

  • I have just been compelled to exchange my analog meter for a radio-off smart meter, and I need to send a letter to BC Hydro stating that this exchange was allowed under duress….. and that it’s not a willing choice….. I saw a sample letter that had a list of items to include – but I’ve lost the source of that letter….
    Do you have anything available as a model that I could use to write to BC Hydro?

    The electrician was nice, but very slick in his assurances that the meter I now had was not going to create dirty electricity or any other problem – and the people at CFST are fear mongers who have lost credibility because of their exaggerations….

    I would REALLY appreciate any help you can offer.
    Christina Stafford
    273 Garner Crescent
    Nanaimo BC V9R 2A5

    • #Stop5G on facebook has lots documents etc to help with correspondances. I am sure you’ll find a doc on smart meter issues.

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