By Shannon Moore, FOX KVVU-TV

Internet and cell phone companies have told us for years that their products are safe, yet some doctors said they believe otherwise.

Doctor Harold Naiman of Healthcare Partners Nevada said there are several potential dangers when it comes to using your laptop, iPad, tablet or other handheld devices like smart phones, explaining how these devices emit microwave radiation.

“This exposure is especially threatening to our children because of their developing brains and thinner skulls,” Naiman said. “We know that their heads are bigger than adults, relatively speaking, and are less dense so transmission can be increased, plus there’s a lot of bone marrow there.”

Naiman said studies have shown exposure can interfere with development, cause infertility in males and even contribute to memory loss and degenerative diseases like cancer.

“Theoretically there are many health hazards,” Naiman said. “It’s so prevalent, that everybody has a cell phone and uses Wi-Fi. They just assume it’s OK, and we don’t know that for sure.”

In May of 2011, the World Health Organization listed mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.

Naiman pointed out that other countries have tested radiation exposure on animals.

“We know that, for example, animals that are exposed to microwave radiation which are used in Wi-Fi and cell phones have fewer neurons in fetuses – in rabbits, rats that sort of thing.”

Naiman said he realizes it’s nearly impossible to avoid exposure all together, he said it’s important to limit the exposure the best you can.

“I think we should use the airplane mode on our phones and tablets,” Naiman said. “Just putting it on that reduces a lot of radiation.”

He also suggested turning off your Wi-Fi at night and using hands free devices like Bluetooth.

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