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  • Brilliant, thank you so much! I have shared this all around and will get some printed as well! I am a brain tumor survivor so doing a lot of this already but much new information in this well thought out booklet is a MUST! THANK YOU!

      • Our friend was given surgery, etc., which failed. Then he was restored with quality CBD Oil + Liposomal Vitamin C, + Homeopathy (prescribed according to the famous Banerjee Protocol – it also reversed every symptom of the chemo ‘n radiation – slurred speech, short-term memory loss, etc.) Find a Homeopath from your national Association or Registry. If they’re too far from you, they’ll consult via phone or Skype and post your remedy (it’s safe, gentle, and very affordable). In some states of USA, this medicine can only be prescribed by an N.D. (Naturopathic Dr) or Chiropractor. Some M.D.s & medical specialists also prescribe Homeopathy (they have their own Association – the oldest medical association in the USA).

        • Hi, Coleen! My hubby has Multiple Myeloma & we can’t do more radiation or chemo because they caused his heart problem which we’ve been dealing with now for over a year. I’m trying to treat him holistically, but he hates the green smoothie I was giving him & will no longer drink it. We live in Iowa and I’m not aware of much holistic going on here. ND are not able to license for practice because of the strong hold of the AMA, etc. Do you have any suggestions? Thank so much! Blessings!

          • tell him its the bacteria in his colon that tell him what is of “good” or “bad” taste….after 2 weeks the smoothie will be the new normal n good taste for him and he should hopefully old enough to understand that curing comes before tasting. I have had the same experience with a herbal tea a very famous phytotherapist (only works with herbal remedies, healing plants, roots, etc) in Berlin. At first I thought I cannot swallow the tea at any price but now I am eating grapefruit like oranges…and they had sent me home to die there within the next 3 or 4 weeks since my tumor had grown right into the right atrium of my heart already blocking the vena carva which gave me an extra 59 kilos of waters from my belly on downwards….I walked like hulk and my ba#*s were tight around my neck in a Borat- Style bath suit string as it felt they were about to tear off every moment…what a time that was…GOd bless you and your hubby and I wish you all the strength you need in these hard hard times!

          • Check out Dr. Burzynski has saved many people when all else has failed. He uses only non-toxic treatments that don’t harm the healthy tissues.
            Also, read: KNOCKOUT, interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer by Suzanne Somers. Excellent information from her own experience.

  • Thank you very much for your valuable information, I hope grounding my surroundings are as easy as it sounds, this 5g network is real scary!

  • What an awesome New Year’s giveaway! Thanks, Josh, for sharing all valuable info and content about the dangers of EMF emission at home and what to do about it. Really valuable tips and info I would otherwise have had a hard time getting.

      • Hey Josh, I live in RuralTexas Of all places for a liberal. I called our electric company and requested removal of our smart meter and he said they absolutely would not do it. I am still new to this only been reading since last night, but are there alternatives For me to get this thing removed? It actually sets right behind my head in the den. Also, just for thought, I purchased an orange grounding wristband from earthling, Do you think that is helping me any?

  • Thank you so much, Josh!
    in the beginning of January, despite of all my efforts to prevent it, Con Edison entered my apartment building, without any permission from the landlord and installed 78 smart meters (we have 78 apartments in our building). I live on the first floor, so they are right underneath me, in the basement.
    I am continuing to spread the information and meting with some higher officials (The assembly woman in my district – Bronx, NY and just today the president of NYSUMA met with the NY State senator Parker). I think that we have to go much higher up the pyramid in order to really stop this.

    • That invasion is appalling!! Good luck with your protest. I agree that higher intervention is important.

    • ;;;.. the 5g etc is all connected to the fake cv ,,the c/virus is a cover to install the evil 5g into the closed schools ..this why they r closed …………………a smokscreen to bring cashless society etc…one world government .. see chris auusie etc .. aussie

      • Yes, Phillips, it is EXACTLY that and I am painfully aware of this atrocious agenda. My question is now what would be our next step? Any suggestions, ideas, resources on this? I know that those of us who completely oppose this HAVE to reach a critical mass.
        At the moment I am trying to connect to communities of like-minded people. Do you know of any? WE HAVE TO STOP THIS NOW!!!

      • What has been done and it’s being done right now IS illegal. It’s way beyond it. Listen to David Icke’s latest interview with Brian Rose on Digital Freedom Platform. (If you haven’t yet). Listen to the interview with Dr. Kaufman too. Everything is crystal clear.

  • Modems are 5G, but that is in Gigahertz. It is not the millimeter wave of 5G.
    5G connects into the electrical system, is where we see it doing the most harm, by holding and amplifying the millimeter waves through your homes electrical system. There is a lot of fear and confusion with the two, as they are both “5G”. Wifi is measured in gigahertz. I do NOT have WiFi.
    The 5G transmitters placed piggybacking on the electric wires are the 5th Generation (5G) millimeter waves. I do have 5GMM transformers turned on in my neighborhood.
    Two different critters, completely.
    And so my question is this please………..
    Does anyone have suggestions, or know what of tools that deplete the 5th Generation Millimeter Waves? I am thinking cover the fuse box, but, am stumped as to what material/s would be best.

  • Just cancelled Nextdoor membership due to closed minded dangerous bullies that do not get 5G. I am guessing they also believe the farce of 911.

  • I am an Italian specialist in biological medicine, I have been warning people for years about the damage caused by excess use of advanced technologies that produce increasingly aggressive waves that damage our brain, nervous system and immune system as well as the environment and its creatures of our wonderful planet.
    Thank you for having published your research clearly and schematically, I hope that every person will treasure it by listening and above all putting your / our advice into practice.
    Thanks again Mariadolores from Italy

  • The link for
    No longer working. It says…
    internal error – server connection terminated
    Anyone else having same issue?

  • The COMMUNICATION companies are as criminal as the tobacco companies were and are; and let’s not forget DOW CHEMICAL & MONSANTO !! The “SILENT SPRING” is roaring NOW !! NEVER forget EDMUND BURKE”S warning “THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING ” I THINK THAT THE SONG SHOULD BE ” I AM HUMAN HEAR ME ROAR ” Regards &
    Thank you for stepping up… Dr. Herkert

  • Hello . you explained things like switching to 3 G on the Iphone but not the Samsang , I would really appreciat that you do it , as i could not find this features

  • We have entered the scarier times now. At an accelerated rate. I’ve been watching since the 80’s and pity the younger generation that have been spoon fed the Kool-Aid their entire lives. Being a boomer, Woodstock generation, I’ve always questioned the establishment. With damned good reason!

  • Thanks so much for all the work you are doing on this issue. We are all blessed by people like you.

  • Our 19 Story Building Is Looking At AT&T To Install 6 Cell Towers On The Roof. I Am Against This. I Need Info To Share With The Board To Discourage Passing This Deal.

  • We will unite, and stop this madness! They have long pass the threshold of our patience, awaiting changes, we are now taking all necessary action needed. Power belongs to the people, to hell with satanic corporation practice’s! We, the true costodians of Earth has had enough of their filthy demonic inventions. Enough!!!

  • I stopped recieving emails from you as of 4/3! I didn’t unsubscribe. What’s happening? I want to stay informed. Thanks!!

  • COMMENT PERIOD ENDS TOMORROW, MONDAY, MAY 11, 4 pm for pending application for a 4G/5G Cell Tower at 390 Stadium Drive in Ashland.

    Please send an email to the Ashland Planning Department ask them to deny this tower or make it a Land Use application to give the public more time to comment.

    Here is Sample letter – copy/paste/modify

    Email to: [email protected]

    I used subject line: “DENY Cell Tower – Planning Action: PA-T1-2020-00097 Please”

    Dear Planning Department,

    I am writing to ask that the application for a cell tower at 390 Stadium Drive (Planning Action: PA-T1-2020-00097) BE DENIED.

    If you do not deny this application, please make this issue a Land Use application issue to give the public more time for input and discussion. The current comment period and application, occurring at the time of social distancing, is very much going “under the radar.”… pun intended. There are many citizens who do not want a cell tower, especially in this location.

    Part of my concern is that a 4G tower such as this can be converted to a 5G tower. Prevention of 5G, if the tower were up, would much harder than if there were no tower in that location. Therefore, I am concerned about radiation from both 4G and 5G.

    I strongly opposed this application for a number of reasons.


    Property values and tourism could go down. Ashland is attractive largely due to the rural, “away-from-the-big-city” qualities. People come to Ashland, as tourists or property buyers, to enjoy Ashland’s charm, limited congestion, and limited radiation/EMFs which many people believe to be toxic. Even if there is no agreement on toxicity, people’s beliefs influence their spending. That being the case, this tower would be detrimental to SOU and any businesses in the location, as well as the city at large. Also, this type of radiation can be detrimental for birds and pollinators. This is a primary route and resting area for migrating birds, which adds to the charm of Ashland and attractiveness of property – we don’t want to lose those attractive qualities.

    Local Crops and Farming – We have seen during the COVID-19 crisis how valuable our local food growers are to the community and how local people are choosing to grown their own food. With the economy in distress (our primary economic multiplier OSF closed this fall, plus many, many other factors), adding radiation to the center of the city could damage our ability to produce our own healthy food. This is an economic issue for local growers and a supply chain issue for consumers. Also, the proposed location is extremely close to “The Farm at Southern Oregon University.”

    Preservation of Ashland Food Angels – The proposed location is close to the home base of the Ashland Food Angels, a vital community service program whose director has high sensitivity to EMF. The director might not be able to continue this vital service project with the proposed placement of this tower and the Ashland Emergency Food Bank, community meals and others would sorely miss the food donated regularly by the Ashland Food Angels.

    Bee City USA – City of Ashland website states “In December 2014, the City of Ashland adopted a resolution to become the fifth BEE CITY USA in the country. Each year, including in 2019, Bee City USA® renewed Ashland, Oregon’s Certification.” Adding a cell tower at 4G, which can be converted to 5G, is not consistent with Ashland being a Bee City. Loss of this distinction would lessen the charm, attractiveness and character of Ashland.


    I recognize that a 1996 FCC rule bars local agencies from considering any health or environmental issues in making decisions about siting of cell towers. This is obviously a ruling that has no concern for human health or environment, but is favoring protection of other interests. It is our job on the local level to have concern for human health and our environment. Therefore I list the following concerns and ask you to realize that each of these concerns is also an economic concern. Again – People’s beliefs influence their spending. As well, there is much dispute over the toxicity of 4G and 5G radiation – we don’t know the long term effects and we would take great risk of harming our workers and our environment both of which are economic drivers for our community. We would also be risking unforeseen health care costs and stress on facilities.

    Health concerns about cell tower radiation that have not been proved to be untrue include:

    – disruption of DNA leading to increased risk of certain types of cancers

    – interference with reproduction and fetal development

    – Neurological impairment and electro sensitivity, with children at higher risk. Many children live and attend school in this neighborhood.

    This proposed placement of this tower is dangerously close to a pre-school, Walker Elementary, SOU dorms, Ashland Senior Center, recreational areas (including sports fields for our student athletes), residential areas, and businesses. 4G effects are largely disputed and 5G remains untested. Why should Ashland’s children, students and residents be the guinea pigs for AT&T? If there were a problem, AT&T could go back to development, but how would we undo the damage? It would be an economic and human tragedy for our community. Please don’t let this happen.

    Please deny the application for a cell tower at 390 Stadium Drive (Planning Action: PA-T1-2020-00097).

    Thank you,

    [Your Name]

    [Your address]

    No photo description available.

    • Everywhere I look 5G has been installed on old 4G towers and new 5G towers are appearing everywhere, about 3 per mile including in the rural areas inside of farms. I can feel electricity in my jaw where I have 15 silver amalgam fillings on and off. It brings with it nervousness and interference with sleep. I feel it inside my house and while driving my car. Somebody told me not to buy a hybrid nor an electric car as these are emitting, and I don’t know if any mitigation is possible.

  • The Kennedy interview is compelling viewing. Today is World Environment Day.
    The interview should be shown on mainstream TV as a documentary in Australia.
    Why not send it to Channel 2, also called the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC)? Or to Channel 31, SBS, both of which have large audiences.

  • I’m a parent, grandparent & Great Grandparent. Thank you for this information Josh Del Sol. Michael

  • Thank you very much for your pasion for truth and health.
    I just want to share something it may be like a little map of what is happening…

    We facilitated a Family Constellation in Barcelona (Spain) this past Saturday, June 6th, 2020.
    You may already know this kind of experience to solve transgenerational family issues…

    It may be applied to other issues related to organizations and social/political matters.
    This time, we focused on the situation in Spain, but some of the insights may apply to other countries and the world in general.

    It will soon be in French and German.

    Best wishes.

    [email protected]

  • We are a society of Americans who originally loved our freedom–as this country was intended for it to be. But we have lost sight of it through our endless search for bigger and better technology that will give us “everything” we want because “we want it all”!!! I’m all for techy stuff which is helpful for each and every citizen, but not at the risk of human deterioration, intellectual compromise, and control by others who feel they can and will do want “they” want without consulting with the citizens of our country to ask the question/s. I will not be controlled or submit to anything that I don’t want for myself, my family, and the people of our world whom I love!! Thank you Sayer & Josh!!! Blessings to each of you who are involved in this work!!!

  • The problem isn’t the technology. The problem is disrespect for life which includes all the life on the planet, which is the environment and ecosystems and nature. The problem is the failure to do the required Environmental Impact Statements with rigorous scientific scoping at the front end in which all comments become part of the official record. The problem is disregard for NEPA, the National Environmental Protection Act which requires EIS to be done before anything occurs. I hate to say it folks but our President betrayed us by waiving the NEPA requirements and supporting the 5G rollout, but there were other earlier betrayals by others on both sides of the very intentional political divide, including inside the fake protection agencies that are captured by industry.

  • I sent NIPSCO a letter in response to the notice they left on my door they were getting ready to swap out my utility meter, that I was refusing the meter. They installed it anyway. It was there a year and a half before I started getting deathly sick. By the time I discovered it was there I was getting nose bleeds in the night, hot head, horrific migraines, electricity running up my legs and in my hands and arms as if I was being shocked, heart palpitations and then as if a switch flipped I started hearing the rf frequencies. I called NIPSCO close to 50 times begging them to remove this meter. I stopped sleeping and put on 40 pounds. NIPSCO techs were at my house 7 or 8 times and always said there was nothing wrong with my meter. It took me to discover the red sticker with CL320 on my meter myself, neighbors had blue stickers. My readings were higher, when I plugged things into the walls I was seeing sparks, switches and outlets stopped working altogether. I called NIPSCO again and told them I wanted to speak to an electric engineer because of the CL320 meter on my 1200 sqft home. The very next morning the same tech who had been there 7 to 8 times before knocked on my door and told me he was sorry and that the meter was meant for a welding shop or house with over 6000 sq ft. When he unplugged it my house went silent and when he plugged in the new one the rf hearing started in again, just not as loud. In the meantime I continue to get sicker and no one will help me. I’ve called everyone I can possibly think of to help me get my analog meter back. NIPSCO keeps telling me to get used to it because its not going anywhere. Honestly, I just want to die. I have to sleep with white noise going all night long to try to drown out the rf and honestly it doesn’t help much. I am showing signs of nerve damage and even my plants in my home are dying. How did NIPSCO gain so much control over my life, peace and well being? I’ve been in my home 11 years and was very healthy and vibrant until they installed these monsters on my home without my consent. The town council told me if I don’t like it, I can move.

  • I am just curious of electromagnetic field pollution and the 60 G millimeter wavelength and I had incount in my facebook this 60 Gigahertz with sodium fluoride done by chemical trials, this is very dangerous to human health so I try to view this in my pages this kind of oxygen pollution and I cry for the situation of humans health especially for the poorest people, the protein in there human body would be destroy by this strong millimeter wavelength 60 G .

  • I am just curious of electromagnetic field pollution and the 60 G millimeter wavelength and I had incount in my facebook this 60 Gigahertz with sodium fluoride done by chemical trials, this is very dangerous to human health so I try to view this in my pages this kind of oxygen pollution and I cry for the situation of humans health especially for the poorest people, the protein in there human body would be destroy by this strong millimeter wavelength 60 G .

  • hey! talking about finding like-minded wakeful people. We are mystics who are awake! how cool to hear a person speak like that on the End Game hosted by Patrick. Unfortunately we are in Australia. We are looking for a community of like-minded people in our area. thanks for sharing. Shalom 🙂

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