Dr. Joseph Mercola has compiled a standard-setting new book on EMF. Watch our interview above, or on YouTube here, and order the book at EMF.Mercola.com.
Dr. Mercola’s new book was launched in February 2020.

Dr. Joseph Mercola’s is one of the world’s pioneering authorities on alternative health. Mercola’s new book, EMF*D, is perhaps the best compilation of research on the subject of the biological health effects from artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless radiation.

EMF*D is quite simply a powerful resource for you to reach others with the truth about EMF health effects, and we recommend it as a suitable resource for seasoned researchers and skeptics alike.

In this first-of-its kind guide, Mercola reveals:

  • What EMFs actually are, where you find them in your daily life, and how they affect you
  • How the rise of childhood cancers and leukemia have a direct relationship to EMFs (too much exposure to iPads, Wi-Fi, and TV is damaging development and increasing diseases)
  • Why you’ve been largely kept in the dark about this threat to your health
  • How you can actually repair the damage done by EMFs at a cellular level
  • Practical strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from EMFs at home, at work and out in the world

The impressive list of contributors to EMF*D include the following experts:

  • Brian Hoyer (ShieldedHealing.com)
  • Martha Herbert, PhD (Harvard Medical School)
  • Stephanie Seneff, PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Sharon Goldberg, MD (University of New Mexico School of Medicine)
  • Magda Havas, PhD (Trent University)
  • James Clement (Supercentenarian Research Study)
  • Peter Sullivan (Clear Light Ventures)
  • Nicolas Pineault (Author, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs)
  • Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS
  • Alasdair Phillips (Powerwatch UK)
  • Lloyd Burrell (ElectricSense.com)
  • Arthur Firstenberg, MD (author, The Invisible Rainbow)
  • Alex Tarnava, researcher

For more information and to order, see EMF.Mercola.com.

  • I found this interview both interesting and beneficial. However, I was distracted by the frequency that both Dr. Mercola and Josh touched their faces. Currently, with the Coronavirus issue, there is a great deal of emphasis on the importance of NOT touching the face but this advice was absolutely not followed by either Dr. Mercola or Josh. Is there a reason that these two men did not demonstrate better health practices?

    • Hi Martin respectfully virus’s ?are in their billions and are everywhere-that goes without saying.. they were not in public and in their homes or offices and I’m sure that common sense does prevail and they wash their hands as do most humans that are aware etc for the obligatory 20-30 seconds and warm water.. personally I use eucalyptus/lemon wash and a wooden bristle brush.. hand sanitizers organic lavender when out in public… but that’s just little old anal me pardon the pun..? I also don’t believe that as humans we can cotton wool ourselves always and forever. We are after all Human and as humans we are all fallible. I personally worked in aged care for about 8 yrs then in pharmacy and I have never had the flu vaccine nor would I… I have I would like to think built up an immune system that fights everyday virus’s off but in saying that nothing in life is certain.. I also rarely eat out preferring to eat at home organic plant base and fast intermittently while having Vit C infusions and taking supplements etc. Common sense and being responsible for my health and well-being then when out in public enjoying life yet being mindful of surroundings etc I use products that are natural on and in my body etc I guess it’s about life choices and being informed but yes this FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real MONGERING in relation to the coronavirus is a bit disheartening as 5G Should be the direction that people should be looking into..virus’s have been around for years and years and actually the media very rarely discusses deaths in relation to other illnesses , yet just before flu season they pump main stream media with “ get your flu shots” and still thousands die each year but they will only reveal that if they have not sold enough flu vaccines. I know from 25 yrs of working in pharmacy most people would get their vaccines and be back in spending up big on the OTC drugs to counter react the effects of the flu vaccine ( and prop up the funds for big pharma and the corporations that support that system and the mainstream media that is paid for by big pharma’s to push their narratives to the public at large. I have majorly digressed here APOLOGIES but yes the vulnerable and elderly and ppl with existing conditions need to be more cautious and aware and stay safe.. if that means isolating or being anal about their health needs then so be it .. to each his own FREE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS AND POWER BACK IN THE HANDS OF THE INDIVIDUAL ????

    • We have been touching our faces since time began. Its a shame you subscribe to the fear. The ’emphasis’ has come from the fear mongers…The reason they did not demonstrate ‘better’ health practices…is possibly they don’t believe the hype…duh!

  • Here is the rub, Dr. Mercola and Josh del Sol…

    You are right to use the tobacco debacle as a reference to the woeful lies and deceptions of a for-profit, amoral cartel selling death, illness, and disease to billions of vulnerable people worldwide for generations before meaningful push-back ensues.

    Not only is it impossible to unscramble eggs (as regards EMF), it may also take a corona-flu-pandemic-type episode to straighten out our priorities.

    And even if we do reach a realization that our health and life weighs in the balance and scaling back/adapting EMF technology to manageable levels will take sacrifices and habit changes ( just like cigarette addiction), many will defy logic and common sense due to the deeply-embedded immediate-gratification gene in most of us.

    Even more importantly, capitalism leads to elite solutions far above the disposable income allotment of 90 percent of the global community. Such is the problem with professionals like you both – who offer rational, heartfelt solutions which are unaffordable on Main Street. Organic food and supplement advocates also do this.

    That is why the lion’s share of doctors, advocates and coaches are All-American white…and their target audience live in gated neighborhoods pampering to such souls.

    We need more natural medicine and protocols that are developed for the rest of us. I guess my dream for a better, cleaner, healthier world for those without a voice, with limited funds, and lacking enlightenment is a delusional whim whispered to me from an alternative universe in my warped mind.

    • It sounds to me like you are sick and tired of people trying to sell us s#*t. Me, too. After all, its how we find ourselves in this situation in the first place. America is the seat of capitalism.

  • based just on this discussion, it seems like it would be good to introduce a bio-/physicist into the topic, for example Dr. Barrie Trower who can better explain the details on the interaction of radiofrequency photons with compounds of our bodies. Sorry, I do appreciate Dr. Mercola a lot, but a bio-/physicist has always a better view into the essential deep details, which once explained properly, will make everyone just dump their phones entirely…

  • Why are we all (citizens of the world) getting screwed like this? Where are our governing bodies not giving us this info instead of fighting over which company will give us 5G?? Are they all blind or worse?

  • EMF creates ADHD in kids
    5g caused “Corana” “Virus” in a ship in almost everyone aboard!

  • I’m already severely EMF’d. I can’t find the promo code. I am trying to order 3 books and the promo code is invisible to my confused brain. If anyone else can find it, please post. Thank you.

  • In Wuhan they died masses because of the experiment of a huge 5G radiation, and which was boosted with the man made Corona virus, told Benjamin Fullford, who is an investigating reporter in Japan. 5G causes among other damages a brain damages, if Your head is between Your phone and the support transmitter on the street! This systematic killing machine has to stop, also these satellites! Do not buy these 5G phones, never! And take a contact to Your local authorities like FCC in Your country, educate them, and they have get sued, if they don’t stop this madness!

  • How do we obtain information regarding where 5G antennas exist in our neighborhood? I did have someone tell me it was installed in my area last April. I just don’t know where the cells are located.

  • To Martin and Judit
    It’s depressing and saddening to see the mind-boggling level of ignorance that is still prevailing, illustrated by what’s going on now globally, and the comments on the touching of the face. And all of this after 2 decades of global information network…
    Dr. Mercola’s entire work is focused on showing people how to “take control of their health”, as he says in each of his presentations, but it is obvious a staggering amount of people haven’t got the sligthest idea of where the real problem is. Joe and Josh simply KNOW the simple things that ANYONE can do to resist infections, to avoid complications, chronic disease, so touching their faces is the least they’d worry about That thing that’s protecting them, like everyone else, is called the immune system, obviously terra incognita to the majority of the humans, and they have simply learned how to cripple that system as little as possible, to support and stimulate it.
    The problem is not the germs, it’s what’s making people less and less resistant, EMFs being one of the ever increasing number of factors.

  • Dr. Mercola mentioned in his interview that one chapter of his book (most important chapter – what we can do to avoid the emf dangers) is available to download free of charge on his website. I could not find it… if someone else was able to find it, please share a link.

  • Last week I saw you with Dr. Patrick Gentempo on his Endgame docu-series.
    How can one opt out of the Smart Meter when ComEd (Illinois) will in June 30,2022 make it mandatory that all will have Smart Meters due to ComEd updating their grid? So even if they charge me $63.95 to remove the smart meter now and an additional charge of $21.53 per month, but by June 30th of 2022 the smart meter goes back on again. Any information that I am not aware of?

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