We’re pleased to announce the official launch of the revelatory documentary, “Take Back Your Power”, streaming online or on DVD.

Watch “Take Back Your Power” online now:

Here is today’s empowering announcement from TBYP creator Josh del Sol, custom-made for sharing:
Josh del Sol: Revelatory new film exposing surveillance & control (2013)
Revelatory new film exposing surveillance & control (2013)

And here’s some of the comments posted this afternoon from early viewers:

  • The TBYP film is EXCELLENT. Five stars! I waited for months with trepidation… and oh my gosh, the film IS spectactular! -Jen C
  • Just watched it – must see -Elizabeth
  • This is a MUCH NEED TO WATCH… -Jeff W
  • Amazing Movie, Must See! -Alexandra
  • yes, it is a’ must see’ -Hilu

A massive thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.  You know who you are!

DVDs are now available and are shipping early next week.  The $4.99 streaming price counts as a discount toward your DVD purchase, if you order after viewing online.  Wholesale boxes are also available.  These funds help us continue our work.

Enjoy the film, join us on Facebook, Twitter and our website — and share us with your friends, family and community.

“I don’t know the future.
I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end.
I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin.”
     – Neo


The Team @ Take Back Your Power

  • Josh, all of you involved, what an eye opening film. I got a couple of friends to go, and we just watched it here in Winfield, BC. One of my friends had no idea of the scariness of the Smart Meters. You have done an excellent job of producing this documentary. Thank you sooooo much. I have told others about the dangers of these things, and am now going to encourage everyone to watch it. We must TAKE BACK OUR POWER–AND NOT JUST WITH THE SMART METERS.
    Again, thank you for this. An excellent, excellent job.
    Hugs and good wishes,

  • This is a serious and important issue that needs to be addressed fast. More people will become sicker then ever while the profiteers get richer. Enough of the MADNESS!

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