Dear FortisBC:

Here are some things that we know. You’re a big utility company. You’ve been one of the most aggressive companies on the CONTINENT in pushing so-called “smart meters” onto customers who don’t want their safety, privacy, freedom, and general well-being subjected to a proven and obvious danger.

We also know that whoever is running your Twitter account recently retweeted and liked an article from our site which exposes a plague of house fires (and consequential deaths) caused by exploding smart meters.

What we don’t know, though, is… why?

Are you waking up? Are you finally realizing that when you make a mistake, when you do something that proves to have innumerable and drastically negative consequences, you stop doing that thing? Have you learned from history that when the evidence of harm becomes evident from an “advancement”— like with asbestos, lead products, Thalidomide causing horrid birth defects, etc — you take that “advancement” off the market, no matter the cost, because lives matter more than profits?

We hope so. We sort of doubt it, but we sincerely hope so.

In any case, thanks for the RT. We hope that a lot of your customers see the Tweet and wake up. We hope that you’ve brought them a message that shows, in all its terrible factuality, the danger you’ve put us in. Mostly, we hope you now remove them from people’s homes.

Either way, there’s no way around your impending liability.

So, thanks again. For literally the first time ever, we appreciate the exposure you’ve brought us.

Kind regards,
The team at Take Back Your Power… and all of your customers