This week I spoke with filmmaker Sabine El Gemayel about her new documentary "Generation Zapped", which investigates the science behind the effect of wireless technology on the human population -- especially children, with Wi-Fi in the classrooms. Watch the interview by clicking above (the trailer is at the end of the interview).

This is an inspiring, provocative and excellent film. It will give you the first-hand science. It will explain the bias and cover-up. And it will show you what you can do to protect your family. Every parent, educator and legislator needs to see it, and take some simple steps accordingly to protect the lives with which we are entrusted.

With what’s at state — especially as 5G is now being deployed despite there being very strong evidence it is harmful — this is perhaps the most timely documentary I’ve ever seen.

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  • Always wonderful to hear you talk about these massive problems and lend your wisdom.- thank you.

  • Thank You Thank You Thank You for your documentary film. I am a nutritionist and live blood microscopist – in the last decade, damaged red blood cells, dysbiosis of the milieu and calcium leakage has become a commonality. Very Sad!!! We had a pre-screening of “Generation Zapped” in Feb 2018 in Sudbury On, Canada. We applaud you in helping us start the conversation. Knowledge is power but understanding the WHY is true empowerment!! S Pellerin CN CM

    • Sue, thank you… I would encourage you to reach out to the Gen Zapped team to let them know! Thank you for helping to spread awareness and solutions.

  • I did a simple search in Japan ‘5G danger’ in Japanese. Nothing came up apart from information talking about it as if it is a done deal and the ‘next generation thing’. Japanese need some waking up.

  • Projecting awareness is very important. However we need to contemplate alternate solutions for this vexing issue because the political channels will resist acknowledging this issue. People need to focus on multiple avenues outside of the political arena. I think if we could first get them out of all levels of public and private schools would be a major boost in the right direction.

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