In a public meeting at FCC headquarters on July 14, the agency which once served the people instead acted like tyrannical thugs, in an escalating series of remarkable events.

First, they prevented wireless science advocates from displaying a simple sign, violating their First Amendment rights in a public venue. Then, a security guard forcefully prevented a t-shirt from being taken out of a bag, by a former Congressional candidate with opposing views.

Next, a Bloomberg reporter had his credentials confiscated — almost unbelievably — for merely talking with the former Congressional candidate.

Following these incidents, the reporter, Todd Shields, was visibly irate with FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler — who also happens to be the former president of CTIA, the wireless industry’s lobbying organization.

“Moments ago I was attempting to talk to to some people who came to attend the meeting and have concerns about radiation and 5G. And your security force intervened — told the guy he couldn’t show me the t-shirt he wished to display at the meeting, forced him to put it away, and confiscated my FCC-issued ID. Is this consonant with the discussion that ought to be taking place here, and what’s your reaction to this action by your staff?”

-Todd Shields, Bloomberg reporter, to FCC Chair Wheeler [on video above]

Bloomberg reporter Todd Shields had his credentials confiscated — for talking with a former Congressional candidate about 5G and health concerns.
Bloomberg reporter Todd Shields had his credentials confiscated — for talking with a former Congressional candidate about 5G and health concerns.

And in the Q&A that followed, the former Congressional candidate Kevin Mottus successfully added another dose of truth the narrative.

“Hey Tom, with the NTP study showing wireless causes cancer sub-thermally, how can you proceed with more wireless expansion, with FCC standards only recognizing thermal effects — ignoring thousands of studies showing cancerous effects, neurological effects, reproductive harm, immune system disorders… people are being electrosensitive…”

-Kevin Mottus, former Congressional candidate, to Wheeler [on video above]

After about 20 seconds of yielding the floor to Mottus, Wheeler interrupted, dodged this very appropriate question, and diverted to an FCC-compliant journalist:

“Lydia, do you have a question?

(Which, on the video, almost sounds like a Wheeler Freudian slip: “Litigate. Do you have a question?”)

There have been thousands of published peer-reviewed studies that indicate the proliferation of microwave (wireless) technologies is not safe to biological life. (See meta-study links here, here, here and here.)
There have been thousands of published peer-reviewed studies that indicate the proliferation of microwave (wireless) technologies is not safe to biological life. (See meta-study links here, here, here and here.)

Why is the FCC resorting to Gestapo-like tactics of suppression and outright intimidation?

The issue here, is that the Federal Communications Commission just rubber-stamped their rollout of “5G” cellular technology, which while increasing throughput, would blanket all planetary life with ultra-high microwave frequencies — 24Ghz and up. The fact that these frequencies have never been tested as safe is not stopping corporate-government plans for an unleashing of “massive infrastructure”.

FCCBut there have been thousands of published peer-reviewed studies that indicate the proliferation of microwave (wireless) technologies is not safe to biological life. (See meta-study links here, here, here and here.)

So, because there’s a lot of money in a wireless economy and the data-harvesting that comes with it — trillions, in fact — Big Industry has bought the science, bought lawmakers, ruled the proliferation of microwaves as “safe”, and infiltrated the FCC along with most international health agencies.

And in the face of this willful, for-profit negligence, instead of employing conscience and responsibility, they’re actively silencing all opposition. You know, those of the human species that pay attention to passé concepts like science and reason.

Great book: Captured Agency, an exposee on the FCC by Norm Alster at Harvard Ethics Department.
Great book: Captured Agency, an exposee on the FCC by Norm Alster at Harvard Ethics Department.

Here’s some snippets from FCC Chair Wheeler, at his June 20 press conference:

“5G will use much higher frequency bands [24 to 100+ GHz]… antennas that can aim and amplify signals… massive deployment of small cells… tens of billions of dollars in economic activity… hundreds of billions of microchips… if something can be connected, it will be connected… unlike other countries… we won’t wait for the standards…”

– Tom Wheeler, FCC Chair [on video above]

Paraphrased: “We can’t let life get in the way of profit. We want to make billions from all of you, and control everything. And in doing so, we’re not only going to willfully ignore science, we’re going to remove the idea of standards and initiate a free-for-all.

FCC Chair and former industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler announces proliferation of 5G microwave technology, privatizes rollout and removes oversight and standards
FCC Chair and former industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler announces proliferation of 5G microwave technology, privatizes rollout and removes oversight and standards. “Nobody quits the CTIA. Once you’re CTIA, you’re family – for life.”

If unchecked, what could this lead to?

The implications of all of this are very far-reaching. How far? Well, to find out, let’s start with what we know.

It’s pretty clear at this point that we have a government that has been taken over by corporate interests. In order to increase their power and control even more, they plan to exponentially ramp-up the deployment of technology everywhere, which a vast body of science clearly says is harmful.

If unchecked, this will almost certainly lead to an increase in cancer and other ailments associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Haven’t we had enough of for-profit agendas putting profits before health?

From a surveillance standpoint, we already know there is a sinister spying agenda operating behind the scenes. The rollout of “5G” technology — especially in the standardless, profit-centered way Wheeler describes — would indeed open up a considerable new threat to basic rights.

If everything is connected, you can bet that as many details as possible about our actions will be tracked and stored somewhere — like the $2B NSA facility in Blufdale, Utah. And there is extraordinary market value in this. A director at NARUC stated that the value of data harvested just by “smart” utility meters will likely be worth a lot more than electricity itself, which is a $2.2 trillion market globally.

But besides being creepy and making the 1% even richer, there are clear warning signs that a control-oriented governing system could easily take an indexed catalog of all of your actions and use it against you in a multitude of ways.

For example, increasingly-instrusive “pre-crime” operations are already planned in Miami. And insurance providers are checking their customers’ facebook data to influence premiums and even coverage availability. So it’s really not unreasonable to see how a governing body concerned primarily with staying in power, could restrict rights or remove “privileges” for behavior that is deemed to be not aligned with national interests.

So, tracking is not ok unless we are absolutely convinced that the governing body of that system truly respects individual rights and has the best interests of the people in mind. And right now, we are not even close to having such leadership in our governments.

Wheeler’s vision of 5G would significantly enable those who are motivated by power and money to use technology to rule over everyone else. In order to protect our lives and future, we must not allow that to happen.

While we would all like to have fast internet, we must now look closely at the downside of this technology, and take constructive action. This can understandably be difficult, due to the considerable attachment that we have to both our devices and the sense of immediate gratification that we obtain from using them.

While solutions to out planet's problems are being actively prevented, steering human culture into a virtual/augmented reality seems to be the insane game of the technocrats. Perhaps "The Matrix" was not far off, after all.
While solutions to out planet’s problems are being actively prevented, steering human culture into a virtual/augmented reality seems to be the insane game of the technocrats. Perhaps “The Matrix” was not far off, after all.

How we will save our world: Individual responsibility, accountability and liability

Dafna Tachover is a New York-based attorney who is helping to lead the mission for responsible, safe technology.
Dafna Tachover is the CEO of We Are The Evidence, an organization which advocates for the rights of those who has been injured by wireless technology.

In addition to an interview with Kevin Mottus, last Sunday I skyped with Dafna Tachover, a New York-based attorney who was present at “G-Day”, last Thursday.

Tachover, who is among millions now who have directly experienced microwave radiation harm after becoming sensitized to it, says that the only way forward is individual accountability and liability. In my view, she is obviously right.

“Until there’s personal accountability and liability, this systematic problem that repeats itself will happen again, and again, and again, and it has been. So, we learned that the tobacco industry was lying to the public, bluntly — to the public, to the government, to health organizations — without any hesitation…. Was anyone sued? No. Was anyone found personally accountable? No. So that’s actually what enables this kind of behavior to happen again and again.”

“This is the action we should take: we should make it clear to those government people — or you know, if we talk about wi-fi in schools, the school principals, who do have personal responsibility and liability to protect children’s health — to make sure they know they will be found personally liable for the harms they cause. They have a position of trust, and they betrayed that trust. And they should be found liable. It should be civil liability and criminal liability.”

-Dafna Tachover, attorney [on above video]

Kevin Mottus is meeting with reps and creating change on the ground in Washington. If you want to create real change with him, contact him at
Kevin Mottus is meeting with reps on the ground in Washington DC, Sept 6 – Oct 6. To meet up with him there, reach him at

Former Congressional candidate Kevin Mottus spoke about the urgency of the situation.

“My background is as a medical social worker. And when I was in the hospitals I saw young salesman and lawyers coming in with brain tumors, and healthy otherwise, other than the tumor — and doctors asking them about their cell phone use. So I was clued in very early with these heavy users and the tumors it was causing.”

“Schools are now our most dangerous places to be. You have 20-40 wireless transmitters in their iPads and wireless laptops, and then you have 2-3 commercial-grade wireless routers…. So you have, really, the setting of the most significant exposure in our country, and the most vulnerable population being exposed are small children — which we know are 3 to 4 times as sensitive to all environmental hazards.”

“We are microwaving our population and wondering why our cancer is going through the roof and chronic disease is going through the roof. It’s really very sad.”

“I spoke to Congressman Grayson from Florida, and while I was talking with him, one of his staffers, Joe, came up to me. And he said, ‘What are you talking about?’ I said, ‘I’m talking about wireless cell phones causing brain tumors.’ He said, ‘That’s interesting, because I had a brain aneurysm and I’m lucky to be alive. It’s also interesting because my buddy just died from a brain tumor.’”

“So, people are definitely getting sick. And you need to ask them, ‘Does your face tingle when you use your cell phone?…. Do you have difficulty sleeping? Have you ever gotten nauseous using the phone? Do you feel funny when you’re around wi-fi, or getting close to it?’ And you’ll be surprised — people are getting sick.”

“For instance, I spoke to Congressman Rush. Congressman Rush has a salivary gland tumor, which Israel has associated with cell phone use….”

“We need to stop this before they [FCC] auction the [ultra-high frequency] spectrum.”

-Kevin Mottus, former Congressional candidate, California [on above video]

What can I do to stop this crazy plan!?


Our friends at have put together an action page for writing, calling and emailing Congress, the FCC and others. Our friends at have put together an action page for writing, calling and emailing Congress, the FCC and others. Use this platform and templates to let them know firmly that you:

  1. Accept their oath of office to defend the Constitution, and all of your rights
  2. Will hold them responsible, liable and accountable if they do not stop harmful 5G technology in its tracks
  3. Demand the 1996 Telecommunications Act be immediately repealed. (This industry-penned law took away local rights to refuse cell tower installations on health or environmental grounds.)
  4. Demand that the responsibility of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) safety standards be transferred to an independent, science based panel that represents the people. (The FCC has NO ONE who is qualified to protect the health of the people, because it was never part of their mandate.)

This is the “warning shot.” While all know more than letters to our reps will be needed to right the ship, this is where it starts. So do this first.

Then, to join the movement and be kept informed of organized actions going forward, be sure to subscribe your email to and to our site,


View Kevin Mottus' call-to-action, and join him to make change on the ground.
View Kevin Mottus’ call to action.

Mottus is calling on everyone to go to speak with your government reps in DC — and to go in person if at all possible.

“You know where the Congressmen are. You know where all of the committees are. Go. Educate them. Go like the wireless industry goes, time after time, to the FCC.”

Mottus is inviting all anyone who wants to join him in DC for the next session of Congress (between September 6 to October 6), to email him at

It is also very important to contact your local governments, to let them know that they, too, will be held individually accountable and liable. In Wheeler’s June 20 talk, he very clearly identified the role that local governments will play, if their plan of 5G is to be “successful” or not.


Take inspired action now.This is as much about standing up to the harm-doers and holding them accountable, as it is about holding yourself accountable to do the right thing. Not to take the world on your shoulders, but to do the right thing and stay connected with others who are likewise committed.

In this process, we’re remembering who we are, as co-creators of reality. We’re accepting responsibility for the fact that we let the situation become what it is today, because of our passive trust in those who have become corrupted — but we’re forgiving ourselves, trusting in the greater flow, and coming together.

Though it can be painful to face the situation and accept the necessity of our action, we just have to do it. We’re now seeing clearly that in order for the human species to make it through this threshold, individual rights must be protected.

It is not ok to suppress free speech. It is not ok to suppress science; whenever this happens the resulting harm is enormous. And it is not ok to prioritize power and greed above life itself.

So the only way left is to grow up, individually and as a species. When we do this — by taking responsibility and putting our Inspired Will into the world — we open the door to a future of awakening, freedom and peace for all humanity.



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  • Sounds like the New World Order is behind this.
    It implements many of the things that they wish to do to us.

  • I can not emphasize this enough it is about eugenics. All useless eaters and oxygen thieves must be eliminated so the elite can continue to enjoy their ravenous appetites!!

  • I go to Phillipine immigration and am told I can not go in with pant cut offs above the knee or the Tshirt I was V given at a Medical dispensary in the USA. People look at my Passport as needed and look at my Visa page knowing if they turn people in with no current visa they get a cash bounty. City Mayor here has known drug dealwrs executed in the streets; gets elected President of the country because people are enjoying less criminality.

  • This film must be distributed widely. Josh, Kevin and Dafna excel at describing the cover-up of health concerns by the FCC and the reckless disregard for any science as they bulldoze ahead with 5G’s massive infrastructure deployment. It is deeply concerning to see the suppression of free speech by Wheeler’s people. Josh, another excellent film. Let’s all promote it as best we can.

  • Thank you for putting this together to give us a feel for the FCC deliberations on 5G which amount to nothing more than a sales pitch and kangaroo court. That they are now threatening and going after wireless questioners and objectors tells us they are moving past the ignore them stage to the bully stage, because of course it is all starting to become effective and impossible to ignore with the new government study. Allies that are regular partners in crime are balking (doctors, scientists), so they will stall any meaningful discussion of wireless health impacts as long as possible while concomitantly pushing through the deployment of the infrastructure as fast as possible. This is a ‘try to stop us” tactic. And yes, we can be are the forefront of this technology, just like we were are the forefront of GMO’s, which in hindsight wasn’t good for business at all, and then there was nuclear power and what to do with all that fuel. These techno-evangelistic guys have a terrible track record.

    Let’s see now, so far they have taken over the food supply which is now laced with novel transgenic proteins and engineered nanoparticles, put in place pulsed microwave weaponry in space that can target any place on earth, scattered sensors on and in everything on the surface of the planet, and now they are asking our co-operation to crank it up. I am totally amazed people even believe anything they say anymore.

  • Good insight – thanks for sharing this perspective. Yes it’s becoming hard to ignore, isn’t it? We heard today of a scientist who for years was repeating the mantra, “wireless is safe, wireless is safe…” but finally woke up after the NTP study came out.

  • Has there been any research done on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Autism. I have felt for quite a long time their is a direct correlation between these and the multitude of radio waves. They are definitely increasing. Very much agree with your video. Dafina Tachover is a great spokesperson. and what all said was right on. that is how the government is working nowadays–anything for the $$$ donations they are receiving from those who will personally profit. And whether or not it is good or truthful is insignificant. It is all about their pockets.

    PS remember that facebook, google, yahoo are all wanting to encourage this–more money. doesn’t surprise me at all they might monitor and block this. Share with your friends while you can.

  • There were a number of places where the video “messed up”. One particularly at 16:20. It jumped ahead to after 17:00. I tried moving back to that spot, but could never hear what was said. I’m wondering if I’m the only one who had trouble playing this video? (I mean the first Vid on this page).

  • Unfortunately, people allow this to happen. We are all attached to all these dangerous gadgets and devices. It is a loosing battle. Further more, there’s a depopulation war going on, with everything, HAARP(microwave weather manipulation) affecting us all and everything, GMO, pesticides, fluorite, vaccines you name it and all the biological war fare that is going on with chemtrails. It is hard for me to comprehend the amount of evilness going on. Including the two candidates that are completely insane. Hillary will start a WW3 in not time. The plan is already in motion.
    The change has to come from the people, but it will take to long to educate them. The harm is much bigger than the people that are awakening. I see so many children, even BABIES with cellular phones in their hands and the parents thing it is so ‘cute’! And senators??? Well, look ate Bernie Sanders, endorsing Hillary and allowing rigging and fraud to be acceptable. I think he was blackmailed to endorse her. Anyway…. sorry, but I really do not see a way out. It would change if they stopped profiting from all these things and if they really cared about the people, but they don’t and MOST people don’t care to know.

    Anyway, I do thank you so very much. It is soooooooo refreshing to listen and to watch some people speaking the truth and actually care.

  • I clicked on both and and received same message from Firefox: “Your connection is not secure. The owner of has configured their website improperly. To prevent your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.”

  • Thank you for raising this question about FCC intentions.
    From my personal experience I can say the following:
    I am a physicist with specialization in electromagnetic waves at the beginning of my carrier and in biophysics later on. I worked with super high frequencies (SHF) from 3 to 300 GHz for at list 13 years from the age of 19 to 32 y.o. and worked with both open sources of SHF and transmitted through microwave conduits and equipment and know it very well from my personal experience that microwaves are harmful for health. The most noticeable impact they make on human nervous system causing noticeable neurological disorders mostly in the form of Vegetative-vascular dystonia. Microwaves also make some heat up effect in the body tissue depending on the power of the SHF source, its distance from the body and the length of exposure. From the last point of view, people using their I-phones, which they hold near the ear, are exposed to these dangers most of all. And if they do it frequently and for a long time during the day it creates remarkable danger for their health.
    However, I also can say the following:
    According to studies conducted in Russia in 1960-ies (during the most humanitarian time in the Russian history) the most harmful effects to human body are produced by the microwaves in the range of 3 GHz. Microwaves of 10 GHz and higher were considered safer. Nevertheless microwaves in the range of 2.5 GHz are widely used nowadays in many applications and switching to higher frequencies could make positive effect on many reasons from less harmful for health to remarkable advances and gain in technology, which can allow transmission of much more information with less power.
    In other words I am for such switch to higher frequencies, however I am also for comprehensive studies of SHF hazards, which could invest into elaboration of safety rules for using these type of devices. Moreover, I would be happy to participate in such studies, applying my broad experience in physics of microwaves, since I consider such studies important for the mankind.
    In this context I would advise Josh del Sol to switch from groundless irritation and emotions to more positive discussion of pluses, minuses and hazards of such technological advances and base such discussion on real facts and data instead of emotions. It could become much better application for his energy. Just organize such research independently and come up with legislative initiatives instead of protests full of rage.

    • In other words, you’re here to sell 5G. NO THANKS! Must be hired to bypass what a mass of scientists are warning against. We’re talking of a MASSIVE amount of micro cells worldwide and from space over 23,000 satellites to beam it down to every inch if the planet. A truly consciencious human being would make a solid stand AGAINST deploying such a millimeter wave system and Did You Mention the ECO.SYSTEM as a target for destruction by insane 5G deployment??

  • George, I read your comment twice and cannot agree with your logic, though will reply & conclude with the following:
    1) There is no independent, verifiable long-term evidence to show that microwaves of 10GHz and higher are safe. None.
    2) However, industry has lied, bought the science, and covered up — in perhaps the biggest scientific coverup of the past 100 years — the fact that microwave/RF frequencies are NOT safe.
    3) Industry owns our government, so much so even by 1996, they penned the Telecommunications Act, with the net effect being that it was no longer “legal” to prevent the installation of cell towers based on environmental (or health) reasons. That was 20 years ago. Now, they have completely captured the FCC. Read the ebook “Captured Agency” by Norm Alstar of Harvard Ethics Dept if you somehow are still not aware of this.
    4) Congress is also bought and paid for. This is obvious now. And even if legislation could somehow get passed to protect the people, it would not be upheld in the current sociopolitical circumstances — as we see in Obama’s backdoor deals with industry and the DOJ (with regards to spying agendas), which you can find referenced in Take Back Your Power. As such, more widespread awareness and accountability measures are clearly needed.
    5) These behaviors — of the FCC (a supposed government agency) covering up the science while people are dying, being functionally/cognitively impaired, or otherwise negatively affected by the millions, while the Corp-Gov complex exponentially proliferates exactly what is causing the harm — is UNCONSCIONABLE.
    5) It is become more clear by the day that the agencies that are posing as our government, are either heavily influenced by or directly controlled by what we could call psychopathic thought. It’s beyond a circus now. Perhaps this is the inevitable result when an organized group of humans put money and power as higher priority than life. Among the myriad of common-sense examples of this (you can do your own research), here is just another one I came across today:
    5) If you yourself have an awareness of the considerable harm directly caused by microwave radiation (which is somehow going to be miraculously safe when the emissions/waveforms are given more energy and “mass-deployed”?), yet you feel that this is not something worthy of emotion or even focused truth, then I’m sorry, but perhaps you are in quite a state of cognitive dissonance.

    Doubt-casting also happens to be the very same same propaganda tactic that is primary to a conscienceless industry, and employed at the stage when many people begin to hit on the uncomfortable truth:
    “Doubt is our product, since it is the best means of competing with the body of fact that exists in the minds of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy.”
    – Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company, 1960’s.

    As Dafna said in the video, the wireless industry has learned very well from the tobacco industry, and even improved on their propaganda methods. Best wishes on your journey.

  • I know this is long but its very complex and its very important to understand Microwave/EMF-related health problems and illnesses for everyone’s future..

    Like everyone when I got my first cellphone in the 1990’s I assumed that wireless devices had to have already been proven safe. And I never started connecting severe symptoms until years later when microwaves were everywhere and everything went to 3g and then over. The effects of 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g are different, the higher the more toxic. We have all been educated to believe many truths are nonsense or conspiracy lunacy and any messenger like myself of such truths as out of touch with reality. My reality has increasingly become a nightmare in this “free” country over the past 2 years. Living in America is disabling me due to the deployment of a wireless utility infrastructure with safety standards that are criminally inadequate. The question is how much longer will I have the basic right to find a way to live anywhere in the USA free from what I explain below?

    Chronic diseases and illnesses associated with non-specific symptoms are on the rise. Physicians are increasingly confronted with health problems from things they were not taught in medical school. Studies and patient reports clearly indicate interactions between Microwave and EMF exposure and health problems are rapidly on the rise. In the beginning for me symptoms occurred only occasionally, but over time due to more wireless everywhere with the introduction of 3g to 4g to 5g they increased in frequency and severity. Common symptoms include headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, depression, a lack of energy, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms.

    I am convinced more people everyday are beginning to realize that they cant think and function in what many increasingly identify as a ‘fog’ or depression and can’t figure out why. Does that sound like you or someone you know, especially your children? Every day in every community more of us are being forced to absorb increasing toxic cell destroying radiation from cell phone/wifi microwaves. This is why neurological diseases are rapidly increasing and increasingly more common in children. The American puppet Government for a ‘sustainable”world government plan keeps pushing reality further and further away from the conscious mind in the American people because its how government gets exactly what it wants. Are you surprised they would use technology to take this tactic further than any other time in history? Whether you accept this or not, consider the truth every thought you think creates your mental atmosphere. Do you want to let government use technology to limit your potential, manipulate your thoughts and create learning disabilities in your children? They are doing it now!

    I refuse to allow this in my life with everything at my disposal!

    When adverse health effects can no longer be kept from the public using the so-called safe standards you know the truth is starting to emerge, but perhaps a decade away without a mass awakening. The telecommunications industry got a free pass for safety when cell phones were first introduced. All scientists who found safety issues were banned, and their research (due to those that control the funding structure) ended. The industry has not acknowledged independent research since the 1980’s for reasons you should want to understand. Currently your government says there is no evidence to link cell phone use or living close to cell towers with cancer or ANY ill health effects. Same pattern for example with tobacco, asbestos, endless chemicals, first responders to Ground Zero etc.. Independent research shows strong links to brain cancer, DNA damage, childhood leukemia, neurological disorders, ADD, learning disabilities, autism, insomnia and much more. Government is using microwave technology now going to 5g to create a population of damaged people for a reason? That reason is control.

    Green and energy efficiency industries are part of the world government plan same as the polluting industries, all promoted by the same corporations for the same endgame. In America the right to land, access to clean food and water, protection of health and safety, privacy, security, and informed consent are being obliterated for the world government plan under U.N. Agenda 21 since the 1990’s. U.N. Agendas 2030 and 2050 is why environmentalists have been manipulated to promote smart meters, smart grids, and smart cities. Many of the same individuals fighting Monsanto buy Iphones, support Wi-Fi in schools, and supporting the rollout of the insane 5G network. Individuals that think they are making a better world opposing fossil fuel infrastructure are embracing references to grid modernization that are creating increasingly toxic efficiency with no concept of the destruction they are endorsing to the masses under the guise of “sustainable development” that is clearly for the world government plan.

    “Modern technology owes ecology an apology,” is a wake-up call to those who continue to support wireless industries without addressing the collateral damage being born by those being injured. There is already enough evidence. We think we are addressing the health and environmental damage of fossil fuels with a smarter grid, but are instead unleashing another wave of destruction and consumption under the guise of sustainability. – Alan M. Eddison is the Director of Green Energy Affairs in Zimbabwe.

    Currently there are three federal mandates in the USA to promote wireless technologies. These are wireless broadband, wireless smart grid and smart meters.

    From personal experimentation, and reading similar experiences from others globally, I consider it conspiracy fact that in the world today entrenched with microwave pollution, microwaves interfere with thoughts, induce fatigue, induce inflammation, pain, nausea, create negative emotional states etc., etc.. From experience I know the effects induce a headache and pressure in the temples at the start. All you are told by government is the technology is harmless and is required for monitoring purposes for the public’s safety. For those who are dealing with depression, anger, mood swings migraines etc., have you ever considered you are being heavily bombarded by microwaves from multiple wifi sources and or cellphone towers? Get signal detector to find out and get proof.
    Using a microwave signal strength meter, I have made several observations about these signals on myself.

    1. Historically they eventually always came where I spend most of my time, this is due to a non-stop cellular rollout across America) as my worst symptoms were/are always in the presence of multiple wi-fi/cellular sources. SO I MOVED as far as possible from all sources.

    2. Using a microwave detector I specifically measure pulse frequencies at my head, when surrounded by cellular and wifi microwave radiation, moving to a new location will lessen the effects until it happens again etc., etc.. The more cellular antennas around me and wifi the faster I get symptoms. I have 2 meters one that measures up to 4g and another over 4 g. I also have a guass meter.

    I know for a fact cell phone towers and wifi everywhere are generating these microwave pulse signals I feel and see on my meter through triangulating hotspots. I have no idea to what degree or if satellites are involved. For anyone experiencing the effects and seeing the readings this is not conspiracy theory, its conspiracy fact. In truth the microwaves being forced onto people have been exposed in multiple studies over several decades showing they resonate with DNA, penetrate flesh and bone. These signals cause emotional instability, cancer, en-train brainwaves causing aggression, stress and endless other insane effects. I have experienced them inducing anger, frustration, sadness, inability to think, depleted energy, painful inflammation, and many other additional psychological and biological complications.

    This microwave insanity sponsored by the American government is required for setting up world government ahead and to keep it in place forever, all for an insane version of a “united world” increasingly keeping more of the population docile. As these signals are increasing I also continue to learn how to best cope with them. I continue retaining control of my mind, emotions, coherence and behavior by 24-7 working to reduce/avoid the signals that directly manipulate my thoughts, feelings, and behavior. And I am supposed to believe I live in a “Free” country! Knowing is understanding the battle, blocking these signals is the ONLY solution. I couldn’t have overcome all this without an RF / MW (radio frequency / microwave) signal detector and a gauss meter. My advice to everyone is question mass confusion, depression, baseless thoughts or emotions that urge you to act without thinking. Reducing microwave influences WILL increase your mental and physical productivity/capacity allowing you to do what you truly desire to do. It is certainly allowed me to understand myself and political reality.

    Its obvious to me using meters to measure for microwaves, increasingly high levels find me. I can go to an area and will be fine and all of a sudden get sick. Now I use meters and when they go off I take off. So what sounds insane to most people is a reality for me. I dont have cable, or a cell phone. Rarely go anywhere near cell towers. I only have a wireless internet phone. I turn it on and remain 10 feet below and 20-30 feet from it until the batt dies. I use a 12 volt screen with wired keyboard and mouse. That system is only good enough when I am secluded from wireless devices far enough to not pick up a signal from them and a half mile or more from cellular masts to prevent triangulation. It took lots of painful trial and error to figure that all out. So with a non stop cellular mast rollout in America everyday there are less places I can go/live and have to always be ready to move. To survive I currently live mobile on a boat as far as possible from the nearest cellular tower (microwave array) in a place with (for now) minimal wireless exposure. Whenever one goes up I move.

    Why do I have to do that? Because wifi/cellular microwave pulse frequencies give me headaches, super loud ringing in the ears, increased heat rate, all over inflammation, lack of concentration, loss of short time memory, fatigue, sleep disturbance, dizziness, acute itchiness, depression, anger, and I also get what feels like a sunburn only on my face, and I am not in the sun! Its obvious its from microwaves 3g and up and there is a synergistic effect when combining 60 hertz emf’s and microwave pulse frequencies. All the above turns me into a useless blob mentally!

    I am mentally incapable to be coherent enough be outspoken against our corrupt government in that state!

    There is endless evidence on the genotoxicity of cell phone/wifi radiation causing DNA damage/DNA breaks exactly what government/health and radiation “protection” organizations have been hiding. Smart phones/appliances, more than non smart wireless devices, are increasingly being connected to somatic symptoms, social dysfunction, anxiety, severe depression and poor sleep.

    This is manipulating everyone’s lives and (by design) nobody is told how to identify symptoms, you have to seek it out for yourself. Unless you control your environment you are bathed 24/7 in electromagnetic frequencies that are pulsed out from more sources than you can imagine. They ARE causing damage to everyone, especially children, even more to the unborn. Microwaves that are emitted by cell phones, mast towers, modems, smart meters and all ‘smart’ appliances that contain zigbee chips are two-way radio transmitters operating using microwave technologies

    Because of wifi in the world today, and covert uses of it, a growing number of people suffer from EHS (electro hypersensitivity), which means with accumulative and prolonged exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology, (which is required for the world government plan) people experience headaches, nausea, fatigue, insomnia and much more. And the damage is much worse for children, and horrific for developing fetuses. These technologically advanced modes of subjugation are designed to further disable us both biologically and mentally in preparation to implement the conditions necessary for unprecedented global totalitarian control for the planned coming age of human deconstruction (transhumanism) for the people of the world out to 2045 and beyond.

    Many in our government must foresee/understand outside of this microwave nightmare we have all been standing by witnessing the global elite positioning themselves for world rule through creating massive environmental changes (chemtrails) to the whole earth to move people and change DNA , gmo’s, poisoning air, food and water, using sophisticated deployment of massive psyops and psychotronic mind control, free-trade, de-industrialization of America and Europe, Industrialization of China, a worldwide centralized banking system forcing a one world currency following a staged and engineered worldwide and complete financial collapse, and then the deployment of massive eugenics until at least 80% of the population is eliminated. By 2050 and beyond if the global elite sociopaths get what they want “the people” of this world to survive will be forced to become transhuman creations who are part machine and part biological.

    The link below is to the best available Guideline in 2016 I have found exposing Microwave/EMF-related health problems and illnesses…/reveh-2016-0…/reveh-2016-0011.xml

    All of the evidence, other related posts I did and research to back up my claims is in the comment thread.

  • This is evidence that the U.S. government is indeed tyrannical. They do not really care about the facts that unbiased science studies have found that non-ionizing radiation cause negative biological effects. They feel free to violate our Constitutional right to Free Speech in order to prevent bringing the facts to their attention and others and rush headlong to promote the rollout of 5G to the detriment of the health of their citizens. It’s wealth before health.

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