smart-meter-removalLike many communities, in early 2012 the city of Fairfield, Iowa began installing wireless “smart” water meters, without informing the public.  And in summer 2012, because of public pressure and the presentation of facts, the city halted installations, began uninstalling meters and reimbursed opt-out fees.  While there are a number areas in which “smart” meters are causing harm (research the issues), Fairfield focused on the health issue.

This information summarizes the steps that Fairfield residents took to take power into their own hands:

1) Learn the facts

When people began to experience health problems and became concerned, the mayor and other officials tried to convince people that there was no problem. The Mayor is quoted as stating that the meters “are only emitting a signal when the meter reading person sends a signal to read the meter. When the signal is sent, it “wakes up” the meter and sends back a reading in a matter of seconds. When the information is received, the meter goes “back to sleep”, so the meter is actively emitting a signal for less than one minute per month.”

Residents soon tested their smart meters with an analyzer that detects high frequency radiation and found that in fact, these Neptune E-Coder 900 meters, are pulsing RF radiation every 14 seconds, 24 hours a day.  Not only that, but the amounts of radiation are significantly higher than those known to cause negative health effects – according to both published scientific studies and the symptoms that are being observed and reported by tens of thousands.

2) Become organized… and keep your group informed

A group of concerned citizens mobilized and started Fairfield Safe Meters, providing information and organizing residents. A free WordPress website (blog version | standalone version) with a subscription plugin, and/or a simple email distribution list, will give you the ability to stay in touch with your supporters with updates on progress and action steps.  Be sure to ask those who learn of your cause, if you can add their email to the list.  This will help the momentum continue to build.  And having regular meetings with the leaders in your community will energize the process toward your objective.

3) Educate the community

Dr. Richard Wolfson, one of the community organizers, and other residents started sending letters to the city council and to the local newspaper explaining the health risks associated with smart meters. Concerned residents started contacting their neighbors and informing them about the dangers posed by smart meters. One important action item was a powerpoint presentation that Dr. Richard Wolfson gave to residents at the public library. This presentation, linked here, was very educational and based on scientific research documenting the dangers of smart meters. The presentation spurred dozens of people to get involved and to volunteer with Fairfield Safe Meters.  Additional resources that Fairfield used are here and here.

4) Be clear about your goals, and put pressure on government

The residents of Fairfield were very clear about their goals. They were asking for the right to opt out of having these meters installed and the right to go back to analog meters. Much of the story is chronicled at the Fairfield Safe Meters website. They also  started a Facebook page with information for the community and a petition to the council, both on their website and on change.org. More than 875 locals signed the petition.

Enough pressure was placed on the city council that a public meeting was held to consider allowing residents to opt out. One hundred people came to the meeting. The organizers of Fairfield Safe Meters invited a number of experts in the public health and law fields to testify about the impacts of smart meters of human health and lack of testing to assure the meters are safe. The following is an excerpt from the meeting:

“Many residents were upset the city purchased these meters and installed them in homes without informing the public or researching their health effects. City officials were contending the meters were safe, without direct evidence. Also, city officials passed on misinformation about the meters, saying they only transmit once a month. Even years after meters were installed, the technology was not clearly understood by the city.”

Initially, the Council proposed that residents who want to opt out and get a different, non-RF meter would have to pay  $100 plus $75/hr for installation, and an additional $10/month on their bills. The Fairfield Safe Meters group kept up the pressure, pointing out the the non-RF meters are much less expensive than the smart meters and that it is unfair to charge residents for something they never agreed to in the first place. In the end, the city council backed down. The council decided that anyone can opt out and get a non-RF meter for no extra charge.  Also, anyone who had already paid for the opt-out, would get the money completely refunded.

FOCUSING ON LIABILITY: A number of groups are having positive results in holding governments and decision-influencing individuals directly liable for any and all damages to health, privacy, security and basic rights including enjoyment of life.  For example, many provinces and states have a Public Health Act which contains a section essentially stating that local government must take action if they are presented with a potential health risk.

In this context, if local or regional government officials are made aware in writing that a health hazard or health impediment exists, and they do not respond to address the hazard, they have just agreed to be liable for any and all damage.  This is how their system of commerce works.  The inherent liability of a public or corporate official can be effectively leveraged by notifying in writing any official who is unresponsive – or is considering a response – of their personal liability, and what you deem the appropriate consequence for their negligence should be.  The application of liability yields a weak link in their chain. A properly-written letter from even one in the community – let alone thousands – will yield much fruit.

6) With enough persistence comes victory

Victory is inevitable with community support, good organization and persistence!

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