Watch this groundbreaking conversation with the IRREGULATORS embedded above or on YouTube here. This may be the most significant development since our 5G Crisis Summit, to redirect 5G in the United States. After you watch, please consider a contribution to the IRREGULATORS' grassroots funding campaign. -Josh del Sol

Bruce Kushnick and W. Scott McCollough, Esq are good ‘ol boys who have seen it all. Now they’re coming back to take a stand for freedom.

They’re also leading experts in the telecom industry who have mapped a pathway to restore the Internet to the human-friendly, benevolent ideals from which it started. As part of this redirection, they’re not afraid to call out the corruption of those who have hijacked it.

Bruce and Scott lead the IRREGULATORS, a group of telecom industry experts and insiders who are taking the FCC to federal court in January 2020, armed with evidence — of an estimated $1 Trillion scandal — and strategy that could very well pave the way to a great restructuring of telecom and dissolution of the 5G agenda.

A Powerful Case: In Summary

Bruce Kushnick is a career telecom analyst who helped invent things like call display and the first 3-digit services. Bruce has also been creating music and playing the piano for 63 years, including live performances at Carnegie Recital Hall. He’s entertaining, iconoclastic, barely sleeps and regularly meditates in his Brooklyn apartment.

On the front lines for decades, Bruce has compiled an epic, 581-page tome called “The Book of Broken Promises: $400 Billion Scandal and Free the Net,” which he is now generously offering for free. (Download this powerful eBook FREE via the sidebar on right, or at

After the interview, Bruce conveyed that many of their team of 11 experts have 30+ years of experience in the telecom industry. He sees their group in the mould of “The Seven Samurai”: highly-trained experts who have come together to join one last battle, quite possibly to save the Internet — and our freedom — in the United States.

Scott McCollough is a career telecom legal expert, and former Assistant Texas Attorney General and Contract Consumer Advocate. Reminding me of “Red” from That 70s Show, Scott is a lovable Texan hardass with a big heart underneath. He also happens to know the legal side of telecom and utilities better than virtually anyone else in the nation.

In the highlights compiled in the first 3 minutes of the interview, Scott outlined some key points in this scandal involving misappropriated funds which he estimates now totals a shocking $1 Trillion over the last 16 years:

“We had a bait and switch. We paid for a bunch of fiber to the home, and now we’re getting 5G instead.”

“We started this accounting thing not because we wanted to kill 5G, but because it was the right thing to do, once we figured out how badly local and intra-state wireline ratepayers were getting screwed.”

In the interview, Bruce Kushnick reveals how they have obtained financial documents from Verizon NY — which has previously been quietly designated as New York’s official telecom utility — that clearly show several billion dollars per year in misappropriation and theft.

Scott estimates the amount of funds that wireless giants are stealing from wireline ratepayers to be $60 Billion per year, and sees this as a cash cow that has illegally funded 5G deployments.

“[The IRREGULATORS’ suit] is a knife in the heart of the underlying economics that currently drive 5G.

“If we are successful… 5G cannot sustain itself on an economic basis if it has to pay its own way.”

Two Recent Wins In Court

We’re told that courts have been stripped of their ability to administer justice. However, as evidence for realistic optimism, Scott cited two recent wins against the FCC in the D.C. Circuit Court:

“I’m confident we’ll get a fair hearing from the court. The D.C. Circuit has demonstrated an absolute willingness to bring the [Federal Communications] Commission to heel, when it’s appropriate to do so. And it has done so twice in just the last 6 months.

In correspondence following the interview, Scott summarized these two wins:

1: United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, et al v. FCC, 933 F.3d 728 (D.C. Cir., Aug 19, 2019).

“This was the D.C. Circuit’s reversal and vacatur of the FCC’s decision to completely excuse small cell deployments from environmental and historic-preservation review. The court held FCC did not adequately address possible harms of deregulation and benefits of environmental and historic-preservation review. As a result, small cell deployments must go through the NEPA and NHPA ‘review’ process to determine if further study or analysis is required before site approval.

2: Mozilla Corp., et al v. FCC, 940 F.3d 1 (D.C. Cir., Oct 1, 2019).

“This was the D.C. Circuit’s disposition of the FCC’s 2018 decision to reverse the prior majority’s decision to impose “net neutrality” on broadband Internet access by applying “Title II” common carrier regulation. The court generally affirmed the FCC’s decision for interstate purposes, but vacated the FCC’s effort to expressly and in advance preempt “any state or local requirements that are inconsistent with [FCC’s] deregulatory approach.” 940 F.3d 1, 74-86.”

“Both of these decisions limited FCC’s ability to completely preempt any state or local regulation or action over Internet and wireless service and effectively gave some power back to states or local authorities.

“Our case is the third leg of the stool. It would also allow state commissions to decide whether to end the current massive wireline-wireless subsidies going to CMRS [Commercial Mobile Radio Service] in general and small cell in particular.”

Local Governments’ Strategy To Win

Throughout the interview, Bruce illustrates a plan for state and local governments to take back their networks, by:

  • identifying how much they’ve already spent on fiber broadband and/or been the victims of misappropriated funds;
  • realizing that each state actually has a state telecom utility which can empower them to take back their networks… but that this has been kept in secret;
  • invoking legal strategies, which may include police powers, to claim ownership of the often-unused fiber and/or infrastructure being carried on their utility poles (Scott expands upon this topic in the interview); and
  • going after the misappropriated funds.

Bruce then shares about the years of groundwork they’ve laid which now lead to the culmination of their IRREGULATORS suit:

“It’s funny because 5G has woken people up. Scott and I have been doing this a very long time. Sometimes we’d have conversations with one person showing up, saying, ‘Well that’s an exciting idea!’ And now, you’ve got all these people going, ‘I don’t want that outside my house!’

“I want to win. The one thing most people don’t understand is what it takes to win….. What are the companies doing towards us? And what do we have to do to defend ourselves?

“Can we actually restructure things? This case is the beginning of that restructuring, I think.”

Scott sums up a key opportunity area: how we can educate, inspire and team with our local officials to win the battle.

“Getting folks in the local communities to start exhorting their state and local officials to educate themselves about what it is they can do! There are many things they can still do.

“All these officials hear, though, is news coming down from the top, and from the feds, and from industry, [saying], ‘There is nothing you can do. Your hands are tied. We have tied your hands.’

“Well your hands are not tied. I mean, there may be a piece of string around one of your fingers. Yes, you have a finger that is tied — but you’ve still got nine other fingers!”

“They [local officials] may not be able to stop the tower… but they can stop the fiber that goes to the tower.”

In creating the campaign as we come together with community and elected officials, Scott identifies the need and responsibility that we the people have, to go beyond “just being against 5G” and to include the solution:

“We’ve got to give them an alternative. Fiber to the home on an open, interoperable Net Neutrality network. Preferably one that’s community owned.”

Note from Josh del Sol:

I believe the IRREGULATORS vs. FCC initiative is great opportunity for positive change. But in order for this case to happen and be successful, they need our support.

On behalf of the 5G Crisis Summit initiative and community, please take a moment to internally check in, and consider a financial contribution to their campaign. Then, please go to and give according to your means. 100% of the proceeds will go to their team.

If we blow them away with our support (which we can do with your help!), they will allocate any extra funding for future legal and strategic initiatives. As one idea of a shared next step, toward the end of the video interview we discuss an in-person community & leader conference, at which a meta strategy for organized implementation will be built out.

  • This is exciting and excellent news. My question is which has not been addressed is how does this stop people like Elon Musk who is a private entity from launching the thousands of satellites from being launched in the lower stratosphere.? Would any of this excellent evidence these guys have gathered include satitlite and Elon Musk? He is a major player in this as well.

    • This is a serious concern of mine, particularly has he is known to have co-developed mind-control technology! Surely this is a call for the UN to wade in? Can anything shared here serve to bolster action from them?

    • Hi Sierra, I don’t think the Irregulators groups’s focus presently includes Elon or the plans which have been disclosed for 30-45k 5G-related satellites. They are exposing the corrupt financial backbone underlying terrestrial (and possibly satellite) deployments.

      I understand that there is a possibility the methods of either Ray Broomhall or InPower Movement may interface in such a way to be able to redirect that of which you speak. But InPower still hasn’t opened up their process in the 2 1/4 years since I entrusted the organization to my co-founding partner Cal Washington and their board. And good support is needed for Ray and his focus. One person / group cannot do it. We need to get organized better — and other players are needed to step up / in. In the meantime, we keep going and supporting excellent initiatives such as this one, which are powerfully contributing to positive change here and now.

      • “Wireless service” describes a situation where the last piece of the communications link on one end uses radio spectrum. This includes both traditional base stations on towers or light poles AND satellite. But most folks don’t recognize that “wireless” service also involves significant transmission and processing that uses “wired” technology, like fiber. Fiber is used to transmit from the base station or satellite earth station back to the network core, and then on to the network serving the other endpoint. So our case will impact all wireless, including satellite, to the extent it needs high capacity backhaul. The impact will vary, of course, depending on the extent to which landline broadband is necessary for any given service or location.

        • So really it’s all sort of a public lie anyway that this is purely wireless or satellite. Fiber is always needed. What a joke. Excellent point, sir and thanks for your work.

  • We need to support them (toward their stated financial goal) for all of their tremendous efforts, and more importantly, before the upcoming court date. I’ve just made my donation!

  • Excellent interview and news !Big thank you to these 2 men for there years of research and hard work .Thank you so much!
    This could actually be the smoking gun that is needed to stop this insane rollout!
    Question:Will this also put Elon Musk and his satellites under the same umbrella ? As dosent he have to go though the FCC for his permits and transactions or no?

  • I had an acute reaction to my iPhone 5C and it radically and immediately changed my life. I can find NO JUSTICE so we moved me to the Ozark mountains of Arkansas where I have a FORCED Smart Meter. GOD SENT ME TO THIS FIGHT so we bought the house and waited to see what He’d provide to make it possible for me to live here. We installed a whole house meter and after 17 days in the driveway in the RV, unable to enter the house, we finally got an electrician here to do the work. PRE-install measurements were taken and they were INSANE. 1775, 1800 were pretty common, 500 to 800…INSANE. So I wrote the Public Service Commission whose DUTY it is to make sure SAFE utilities are provided and they did nothing…won’t even talk to me about the readings. I’m now trying to see who holds them accountable. All of this was witnessed by a 36 year Master Electrician who was quite intrigued. The filter worked enough that I’m in the house but I now have a constant pervasive high-pitched squeal in my ears/brain. It pisses me off but I’ve decided to consider it an internal alarm that I’m in a battle. The local sheriff’s wife (46) collapsed and died Friday a week ago so I sent the readings to the crime lab begging them to take readings in the sheriff’s home. I hope they take the challenge. I’m so tired of fighting this battle FOR FREE but it’s a consuming fire inside of me so I have no choice. THIS IS INSANE AND SOME PEOPLE NEED TO BE HUNG IN MY OPINION. We have ONE utility provider and they MANDATE these meters….so what happened to utilities NOT BEING A MONOPOLY??????? Evil is real.

  • Thank your for your work. This information is powerful. Unfortunately…getting people to function locally is a major impediment. If u actually win in Court that could provide a model for people who feel dis- empowered. Is Comcast involved in this?

    I ran for City Council in this last year and lost. I wanted to re-engineer the policing policies…if we don’t get control of our ‘enforcers’ utilized by the local government …how can we fight for control of our environment?

  • We need to change the 1996 FCC ruling that allows them to install their installations that allows them to do what they want regardless of health and safety.” Anywhere they want. This has to be stopped.Thank you for this posting.

  • Powerful good inspiring presentation!! Thank you!! I have only one complaint, and it has nothing to do with the material presented. It has to do with the interfering music that started playing playing around the last five minutes of the presentation.

    Please do not do this; regardless of how lovely the music may be … it is an extreme interference and distraction and competition with the words being spoken!!!!! I cannot emphasize enough how very irritating the music is when I’m striving to clearly hear the speakers!!!!

    I know that many people agree with me about how the music interferes. It’s very unfortunate how popular the use of background music is used with educational programs these days.

    Please do yourself and the rest of us a huge favor and simply can the music!!

  • Dec 6, 2019 5G, WIFI and Other Killer Radiation and How To Protect Yourself

    Topics include: measuring the wifi signals in your house, health effects of these types of radiation, RF radiation increasing all the time, building an accurate meter, turning devices off to sleep better, minimizing exposure in the home, better sleep, discovering the medical basis for harm, electro hyper-sensitivity, baby monitors and microwave ovens, security systems, air pods, reducing exposure, using the RF meter.

  • October 30, 2019 Cell Phone Radiation Is Associated With DNA Damage In Peer-Reviewed Analysis Of NTP Study

    The peer-reviewed scientific study “Evaluation of the genotoxicity of cell phone radiofrequency radiation in male and female rats and mice following subchronic exposure” was published in Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis by National Toxicology Program (NTP) scientists of the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences.

  • Beyond awesome development! Deep gratitude to Bruce Kushnick & W. Scott McCollough & team for 10 yrs. of taking on corrupt telecom companies & govt enablers committing business as usual set-ups! We the people are sick of favoritism deals & get-rich scandals that we take the hit on financially & healthwise. Our Constitutional amendments are meant to protect us from violations to our privacy, our freedoms, our health & safety. Irregulators is taking on this bait-&-switch abuse & misappropriation of our funds, whereas we are against 5G because it’s a “Spy & Fry”(I created this term) on us abuse—we can & should work together to take 5G down on ALL counts! Much gratitude to Josh & Sayer and TakeBackYourPower team for exposing this dangerous & sometimes existential threat & for gathering experts to help in our fight! Never give up! Let’s donate to Irregulators to fund this necessary lawsuit or telecom/govt scandal will win.

  • This is amazing news! Hold them accountable! Thank you for searching for these scandals and keepig them honest!

  • Thank You in 33 languages Men and all of the women’s involved. You make me proud to be within your ranks of warriors. We are in this to win this. I happen to be a Registered Nurse exstrodinare who is going to school to become an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. So I can help protect my community. I have spoken to and given published literature to my Mayor and City Council and it was well received. I learned that we ha a group that I am now part of as well as Take Back Your Power, The InPower Movement,, , The , 5G Space, and Save Us This year and next I will be working on connecting all of the small groups throughout Washington State an we will all be working on organizing all of the states, territories, and countries. 2020 is our year! Again Thank You for your leadership, courage, compassion and love. God Bless You with a shield of Truth and Light.
    Christopher L. Calkins RN

    • Our case is based on the US regulatory system. Things work differently in other countries. There may be some way to go after support networks (financial or operational) in other jurisdictions as well, but further research would be required to identify potential attack vectors for that place.

  • I am thrilled to hear this. You, gentlemen, are beyond awesome. I want to get my community aware and organized but not sure how to get started. There is so much information regarding this that it can be very confusing to many. Can you give me some pointers and tips to get this off the ground. Where do I start?

    • Michael, this sounds excellent. But that link doesn’t work… it just links to your own email inbox. Can you please post the actual links/documents here?

      • Josh, after re-reading this article, it looks like they were going to install fiber optics, not 5G. This confuses me because Louisville is a “smart city”, and on Agenda 21’s list to install 5G ASAP. Fiber is fine, right?

        • Re: “fiber is fine?” It depends. It needs to be locally owned and operated, without any 5G integration.

  • Now I realize why US internet service is so expensive and terrible. I live in Spain and it is much better with lots of competition, high speeds, good service and low prices. In the US-which invented the internet-it is terrible due to a rigged market. This is the price we pay for out of control corruption.

    • Why should a utility be subject to competition? We should agree on a fair price and have good service. I don’t want to waste my life choosing between providers for a basic service. I don’t think that is freedom though it is indeed choice. Choice does not equal freedom. Freedom is getting things done and not spending extra time on them when a collective solution can be employed and everyone can have great service — and not even think about it. Innovation will be even better. That said, I love Spain and want to move there as well. America is land of fees and home of slaves.

  • So why do people think capitalism, free market corporate capitalism is still preferable to democratic socialism, where a mixed economy (NOT a planned state economy) would have publicly accountable organs of administration (time to throw out the word “government”; no one wants to be governed if you want to be free)?? This case just shows the corporate capitalist corruption infuses into every organ of government if you allow patronage, which you do. Even just ending patronage would reduce our cost and hassle of dealing with criminal corporate activity like this with state criminality in collusion with it. This is as we know the definition of fascism and yet people still think this is “freedom” somehow. America is particularly afflicted because the people who are getting screwed (most everyone) don’t want a real remedy and want to keep their “free market capitalism” illusions in tact. We have a corrupt utility able to do this ONLY because it is private and not actually public. I say we need to take back these utilities and legislate full open-source accountability with criminal penalties for those on the take or under corporate control in any way.

  • Some great points here:

    1) All wireless requires fiber.

    2) 5G is not even economically sustainable. (However I submit that Wall Street will finance these people because this is part of a greater plan for depopulation.)

    3) We were bait and switched on two levels — that actually is not clear — by paying for high-speed fiber but really getting 5G, and other level that isn’t entirely clear.

    4) Most states do not even require utilities to audit.

    So: Are the announcements for 5G we are seeing by Optimum and Verizon and other companies even real or just bogus mind-control statements?

    I hope the court steps up but I am sanguine about the possibility of abject failure.
    Time to get rid of the regulatory agencies, because then we will have to force states to regulate utilities and to be held accountable for any of their collusive corruption. Make them at least spend more to lobby each state. They can’t do it.

    • there’s a couple of different bait and switch tactics being played. First, the companies claim that the networks are not profitable to do upgrades, but this was a manipulation of the accounting. So, they’re solution was to substitute wireless — but use the construction budgets of the utility for wireless.

      this started in 2007.

      at the same time, they tell everyone that they are now putting in fiber and doing 5G, but they aren’t going to lay lots of fiber in areas they never did before, — and since 5G requires fiber every block or 2, then they’ll never do the rural areas.

      so they’ll roll out 4G or just do a slow addition to the current wireless networks to cover over the holes in deployments.

      and the goal now is to get rid of all of the remaining regulations that still exists on the wired networks-the utilities, that no one knows still exists.

      And all of this has been going on over the last decade.

      And the cable companies are mostly reselling Verizon wireless at this point and they have a deal –Verizon stopped doing it’s fiber in most areas and gave the wired business to the cable so they could keep wireless.

      Our case shows that the entire underbelly was fabricated. the telcos should have upgraded to fiber, and didn’t, then claimed it wasn’t profitable even though they kept getting paid and they used the money for wireless, and then said — let’s just shut off the remaining state utilities and only offer wireless– but use the utility networks and have them fund everything.

      And this is the end game of a decade of this going mostly unnoticed and unchallenged in court. We always hoped that the FCC would do something, but this new administration removed that hope — so we decided that something had to be done.

  • 5G…you will see your phone and cable bills double. Add in new taxes, fees and other garbage and the average bill is already 20% of freebies to government coming out of your pocket. Congress and the FCC have certainly been bought and paid for by Big Tech. I don’t think 5G will be at all stopped because our government does not care one iota about the citizen…unless they can tax him to death and beyond. The problem with testing this new technology is that it will likely be done by the tech companies themselves and therefore tainted by self interest..just like they do with new Big Pharma drugs. There is no one to trust.

  • Woohoo! So glad to see this atrocity on human life and freedom, for the sake of money and control, finally getting a fight for the right.

  • These guys need all the support they can muster to take these issues forward and seek justice.
    At the same time they may need a very good Security company to watch their backs !!!!!!!!

  • I live in Grand Rapids, MI and I just saw on the news yesterday that they now have 5G in the downtown area. I have been following the health issues associated with 5G and have been telling people about it. I have always thought the internet and wireless companies were a rip off and now I know why. Thank you for this information, and thank you for taking it to court!!

  • Everything that I have read over the last few years, the most alarming and concerning is how 5G will not only harm adults but will more negatively affect our young children because of their size and under developed brains. More children developing autism? The fact that these monsters could care less how this will hurt us, our children, all animals and all living things and not give a damn is beyond comprehension!! We are all victims and No One will escape the devastating effects. Not helping these brave and courageous men financially, you’ll might as well say, “I don’t care..come fry my brain and organs!” Please give what you can because every little bit will help.

  • First thank you for keeping me informed on the smart meter and 5G scams. As a result I will be presenting information to my HOA about smart meters in January! I have never been an activist but the 5G seminar opened my eyes!

    I went to the irregulators website to donate but it was an insecure site. Is there another way to donate besides giving my info on line?

    Thank you for all you do!!

  • I am 100% OPPOSED to 5G. I read that 5G will only increase 20% speed (if that). To put babies brains and vulnerable sensitive peoples health at risk is so detrimental. Nothing is worth that human cost. The pulses from the 5G stations will be continuous and affect people’s biochemistry adversely.

  • Thank you for coming to the rescue of every citizen of our great country!
    I’ve been so worried about 5G…unbelievably worse than 4G….so many children are the suffering with autism and so many adults suffering with Alzheimer’s… people just not ever feeling well!!!
    What happened to the smiling faces that were so common?
    The frequencies that will be used are so harmful to life! How long before the
    How will those frequencies be used to control the health and minds of those exposed?
    I will pray for your success and safety.
    So many who have tried to expose the truth have met with untimely deaths. You are true heroes…get as much public exposure as you can. It is your greatest protection.

  • Not sure if this information will assist you in your case or information gathering.

    We live in the central part of the city of Syracuse, NY and have wanted fiber optics here.
    For years we have been waiting to get fiber optics in the city.
    Several of the suburbs have it (higher incomes live there).
    I do not think they are even planning anymore to put it in.
    It was several years since we asked or discussed it with Verizon, but I think the reason
    was it was too expensive to put it in the city (but don’t quote me as I am not certain it
    has been so long ago).

    Maybe this is more ammunition for your case.

    I appreciate your efforts S0 MUCH. I had been discouraged when I heard communities or individuals
    could not refust 5G towers even for medical reasons. Your efforts are probably saving MANY PEOPLE
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Regarding Irregulators vs the FCC:

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, on planet earth has been near totally corrupted. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE WITH THE “legal” SYSTEM AND MOST GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, including the FCC along with those government-controlled entities such as the so-called educational system which is nothing more than an indoctrination / programming / brain-washing / dumbing-down / criminal money-driven enslavement behemoth.

    It is truly encouraging for “the awakened ones” to see a few others fighting back to reclaim our STOLEN UNIVERSAL FREE-WILL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. Kudos to Bruce Kushnick and Scott McCollough who truly understand the evil that we all are up against and who are taking a firm stand against the criminals in our lives.

    Perhaps equally important in the fight against evil is the “Smart” Meter industry and their partners-in-crime, all of the state government agencies throughout the nation which have made the installation of these dumb meters mandatory without opt-out options for those who have legitimate health concerns about the dangerous RF (Radio Frequency) these meters radiate 24/7 into our fragile environment.

    For over 2 years, since the “mandatory” introduction of “smart” meters in Pennsylvania, I have been waging a continual battle with West Penn Power / FirstEnergy Corp to get the meter now on my house removed and have an analog meter reinstalled. I have refused to pay my power bills during this time, to the consternation of my electricity provider. Well, they always reply, IT’S THE LAW, citing Pennsylvania Law Act 129 which was implemented during criminal governor Ed Rendell’s term in office back a few years ago. And yes, Rendell is a criminal British BAR, law of the sea, lawyer like all BAR lawyers who have sold their souls to the devil for M-O-N-E-Y, “prestige,” power and control. These kinds of “laws” ARE NULL AND VOID FROM THE GET-GO simply because they were implemented by a totally evil bunch of criminals. YOU DON’T DEAL WITH, OR OTHERWISE SUPPORT, CRIMINALS. PERIOD!!! CRIMINALS CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED – EVER. THEY ARE EVIL STS (Service-To-Self) IDIOTS. JUST FIGHT BACK AND GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE – FOREVER!!!

    So far at least my electricity has not been cut-off due mainly to an open source, freely available to all, Declaration of Non-Consent, aka A Declaration of Freedom (which is in an ongoing state of revision and currently well over 60 pages in length). All I ask in return is to be reimbursed for the printing cost at my local library (currently 50¢ per page x an estimated 65 pages = roughly $33.00). A printed receipt will be provided.

    This Declaration of Freedom document could also be useful for individuals who wish to opt out of all 5Gig and other senseless technologies such as WiFi, “smart” Tablets, lap-tops, cell phones, cell-phone towers, etc, which were / are implemented by a bunch of scoundrels whose overriding priorities are TO MAKE MONEY and to KILL-OFF USELESS EATERS.

    Attached is a copy of the first page of My Declaration of Freedom which will give readers a sense of what is necessary to win the fight against evil.


    Regarding Irregulators vs the FCC:

    At the time I sent my earlier note to the Irregulators, I didn’t think to just email My Declaration of Non-Consent, aka My Declaration of Freedom. Anyway, it’s enclosed in the attachment. Please feel free to make as many copies as you wish AND, please share this open source document with as many people and institutions as possible. People everywhere can use this draft as their own Declaration of Freedom simply by adding their own name(s) to the document. Everyone is also free to make any changes to the document that may better serve their individual requirements.


    Ed Stahlman


    This Declaration of Non-Consent is long!!! (well over 60 pages!!!) Well worth the time it takes to read though.

    Included here is just the first page of My Declaration.

    My Declaration Of Freedom Or,
    My Declaration Of Non-CONSENT for
    Ed Stahlman or, G.E. Stahlman or, G Edgar Stahlman
    aka Ed Free-man, A Sovereign Being per THE Declaration Of Independence
    Most Recent Update – November 27, 2019

    I, Ed Stahlman, here and now command that all darkness [(Archon/Khazarian intentions, destructive
    technologies (including ‘Smart’ Meters OF ALL types), Nuke-clear power generation, criminal corporations,
    corrupt mainstream media, criminal governments along with their war-making industries, government-
    controlled school systems, etc, etc, etc.)] along with all of the negative consequences that these evil,
    criminal, entities create, are hereby dismantled – in all time-lines and dimensions from here unto eternity –
    never to be reconstructed ever again!!! I also hereby reclaim my universal free-will rights as well as my
    political status as an American state national AND MAKE NULL AND VOID the government / corporate
    monsters false claims to redefine me as a territorial or municipal “citizen,” SUBJECT TO THEM AND
    THEIR CONTROL. This is the will of SOURCE, aka PRIME CREATOR, therefore it is LAW.

    Specifically, I command that ALL illegal activity around my space here on Gaia be stopped, IMMEDIATELY!!!
    patently criminal activity (poisoning of earth’s fragile environment) and I want it to stop IMMEDIATELY!!! If
    this evil and criminal activity does not end (NOW), AS OF March 6, 2019, those responsible WILL ALL,
    COLLECTIVELY AND INDIVIDUALLY, be penalized as detailed elsewhere in this document. This document
    ALSO ESPECIALLY INCLUDES the Centre County Tax Claim Bureau along with their legal representative, Miller,
    Kistler & Camplbell, AND the Bellefonte Borough along with all top echelon executives / individuals involved in
    administering their tax affairs. Everyone involved IS NOW KNOWN TO PRIME SOURCE. These fines shall remain in
    effect until every last one has been paid in full, even if it takes future incarnations of the perpetrators.
    money-centered ways) and commit to a STO (Service-To-Other) spiritual orientation forever WILL BE
    TRANSPORTED TO THE CENTRAL SUN TO BE RECYCLED. This I command, as is my right, FOR
    ~ See Item 72 below ~

    If you would like the full version, email me at with the notation in the subject line “Full Version Of Declaration Of Freedom.”

  • Notice to government trolls and other evil beings:

    Anyone who uses the previously listed email address with any form of malicious intent will automatically be fined as per My Declaration of Freedom, aka My Declaration of Non-Consent, aka My Free-Will Contract. DO NOT DISREGARD THIS NOTICE!!!

  • The idea of deploying a massive number of satellites is very questionable to accomplish given the overcrowding conditions in low orbit and space junk already in place. Beyond that it is clear Musk is riding the wave of government assistance in all of these supposed new technologies we have seen come to fruition in the last 15 years and all of it is interconnected and all are simply control mechanisms to control YOU that you are forced to pay for and subsidize ! Basically we are seeing a corporatocracy that is fed by taxpayer dollars without your consent or many times any knowledge of such at all. And then we have this as part of the mix as well, more government intervention at the highest levels.

    This 5G thing is just another sham on the populace and does have serious health questions. All of this is interconnected and all for deliberate reasons.

  • Why not file the FOIA request and use that in your suit ? Seems like an obvious thing to do ? Some states would not follow thru and would have to be sued of course but that would bolster you case , Hey ?

    Can it get any more clear that all of these alphabet gov agencies are total shams that are not at all what they claim to be ? DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, DNI, NSA, FCC, FDA, and all the others actually do the opposite they claim to do. They all work for the entities they are supposed to be watch dogging ! And yes our government is simply a giant criminal enterprise using your money to embellish itself like a cancer or out of control bureaucracy on you and me. None of this is anything new at all, just more people finally waking the hell up and realizing it all. Our tax dollars are used against us in a myriad of ways 24/7/365. So realize when these entities do these massive write offs that is in fact your tax dollars being used for that purpose in a round about way with all the phony expenses and such and not delivering the originally intended goods and infrastructure you were charged for. How many such schemes exist in USA today ? Clearly this is just one of the many.

  • States rights over federal jurisdiction has been proven and won in two major areas by the State of Nevada. They involve the rights of the citizens of the state that cannot be thwarted by federal agencies. And that states can pass laws that hold and cannot be override by federal agencies or laws. You have the accounting and financial data and you should take it to the state elected representatives, commissions, state public utilities, as well as the state accounting offices. I would suggest contacting citizens and officials in the State of Nevada to raise awareness, to pass or enforce laws establishing states rights and jurisdiction that could establish a precedence for other states.

    I am very excited about what you are doing, and I do hope you are successful on every front.

    • So the war fought between 1861-1865 was wrong.If it did not happen over slavery I would agree. In any case it’s too late. The power of the federal government is in the hands of the special interests. You are attacking one of these.

  • Is there anything like this in the UK? Or are these people representing UK too? i am finding it hard to follow what is happening here in UK and is any legal action being taken.

  • Thank you, Josh! We first crossed path years ago when smart meters were rolled out in my town (Naperville, IL) and my friend, Kim Bendis, was arrested for….well, nothing but to keep her out of the way of a smart meter deployment. Thank you so much for all of your work –for all of these years– to get the info out so everyone can understand what is happening.

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