Former PC Mag writer John C. Dvorak was fired after an opinion column which was critical of 5G — and his column was removed. Watch the interview above, or on YouTube here.


John’s original PC Mag column URL was here:
…which now directs to this industry propaganda:

PC Mag subsequently reposted John’s column at a hidden URL, but it appears that even that has been (again) removed. Here is a link to John’s original article, currently available on as of 14 Dec 2018:

John’s article outlining this experience:
(This is the URL that says “suspended” for me – Josh)

John’s “No Agenda Show” podcast:


FCC is a captured agency:


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InPower Movement – liability action for 5G, ‘smart’ meters, and government-mandated vaccinations:

International Appeal To Stop 5G On Earth And In Space:

  • Yes, 5G is very dangerous for health. It is like a microwave in terms of EMF. Before we worried about masts by schools, homes etc. Now with 5G, it’s EMF effects will be in every 5-10 houses and so we cannot escape it, want it or not!!
    Once we reach our saturation point, we shall not even be able to get onto public transport, or be in a room where anyone has a mobile on etc without feeling extremely ill.

    KEEP 5G OUT.


    • It is women and kids who’ re the most vulnerable, women due to their hormonal situation and kids due to smaller body size. But men outnumber women in research panels, and they usually experience far fewer personal negative health consequences.

      • Actually 5G will be an equal opportunity destroyer because it attacks our electrolyte cell channel functioning and no man, woman or child can withstand that type of attack for any length of time. I suspect most people who are subjected to it will be either dead or extremely sick within a week. Some will die from heart atacks almost instantly.

  • I’m in Alberta, Canada. does NOT come up for me; page error 404.

    Perhaps John is seeing it due to his browser cache only?

  • So Medium has pulled their article by JCD which was about how PC Mag pulled their article by JCD after firing him. Interesting. Now you know where their weak spot is folks. The story needs to get out…

  • 5G is necessary, or so I have heard, for the operation of the soon to be driverless cars. And all the big execs at delivery services like UPS or Fed Ex want driverless cars. On the down side, some quarter of a billion delivery drivers across the Globe will be left unemployed. That alone should be a warning to all of us who want enough middle class people out there to buy stuff and keep the economy going.

    • They won’t be unemployed for long. They will either be quite sick or dead. The electrolyte system if the body is unforgiving and 5G will screw up that part of us in seconds along with other bodily functions.

  • I see the same thing that you do Josh. I think maybe what John is seeing is a cached version, or something along the lines of what he explained about a Bozo filter.

  • It looks like those pages were unpublished as I also can’t load them. Ms. Dvorak’s version of that link is cached in his browser’s history. Comments could be planted to preserve an appearance of the live page.

    I only notice how the subject of screen addiction is being pushed forward and no mention of EMF exposure health risks anywhere in mainstream media. is the exact same controlled environment only with an illusion of a slightly longer leash.

  • I share Mr. Dvorak’s gratitude to the telecommunications companies for making me so painfully aware of damage from EMF that prior to the cellphone revolution, I had no clue about.

    Very recently I read an article that made it clear that 5G is a critical part of the arms race. I think it was on Zero Hedge about the Huawei CFO’s arrest. Huawei is developing 5G for China, a place where I hear pregnant women are now required to wear lead-lined aprons to protect from EMFs. Russia is going full-speed ahead with 5G, too, despite widespread knowledge of EMF health effects. Trump has made a priority of 5G.

    TPTB may be desperate in addition for additional surveillance as widespread protests of inequality break out in Europe and are inevitable elsewhere.

  • I have some vital information about how we combat 5g it’s also pretty exciting. There is a new unitnof energy we can use which is an alternative to electrical current. I also have a product that balances all radiation fields which is a good interim ‘patch’. Get in touch!

  • Thank you for all the work that you have put into this subject. This shift is happening so fast and the information provided by the big companies are hiding the truth, so I appreciate all you the education you have provided me with. Keep up the great work.

  • From health risks to picking stocks this manmade reality is the issue! How can you not see it? As to the one focus message, the linear narrative framework, well perhaps it works because we have been trained to limit and filter out ideas that create large context framing because our patterns in logic have been overdeveloped while our greater abilities remain underutilized, undernourished and under valued.
    The problems our species is facing has some core beliefs that are not only false, but ludicrous and antiquated, we can do far better! The masculine myth realm of what matters is imploding upon itself.

  • The link did not work on mine either. Strange because the article about the woman being fired works….I checked on New Years day 2019

    Happy New Year!! Hopefully we will wake up to the Data DNA we are giving away and all the strong tech that is harming us. Keep up the good work!

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