The "opt-out" scam. Your real rights. How "conditional acceptance" works. Smart meters. Vaccinations. This video by Jerry Day is an excellent primer for anyone looking to protect their rights - or change the game.

This video by Jerry Day is an excellent primer for anyone looking to protect their rights, or to change the game:

“The opt-out contract is the contract the big institutions try to get you the sign if you don’t want to sign their contracts.

“So when you refuse to allow the pirate to rob you, the pirate hands you an opt-out contract where you agree to pay him for not robbing you. It’s pretty ludicrous. Your refusal is the opt-out.

“Opt-out contracts do nothing for you. They transfer all the power and advantage to the other party. Opt out contracts are pure poison. Never sign one for any reason.

“Always remember that you have Right of Contract. That is the legal term used to describe the fact that on any contract or agreement your signature must be fully voluntary and not coerced in any way. If you’re pressured into signing or agreeing, your signature and agreement technically have no authority or effect. And legally, there is no contract or agreement if you can show there was coercion or pressure causing you to sign that contract. So your Right of Contract means that you – and only you – may decide whether you sign something or not. And you may not be penalized in any way for refusing to sign anything.

“But what about that pressure – they tell us that if we don’t accept the unsafe and unlawful utility meters, they will shut off our electricity? They tell us if we don’t accept dangerous and harmful vaccinations, they will deny us medical services or take our kids out of school, or even punish us as negligent parents. Well there’s a solution for this too. If what they’re offering involves any risk to you, they must insure you against that risk. So you give them something to sign. You offer them a contract called a ‘conditional acceptance,’ which they must sign before you sign their proposal. Your conditional acceptance contract says that you will accept their dangerous or harmful proposal if – and this is a big if – they insure you against the risk. Wherever there is risk, you have every right to refuse the offer or receive insurance to cover that risk.

“That means that someone – some identified and responsible individual – must promise to pay all damages for any negative consequences of the program or policy they are attempting to force upon you.

“They [utilities and governments] are criminally violating utility customers – and they know it. So when they refuse to insure the damage, their equipment will cause to you, you have every right to refuse that equipment.

“If the equipment they are installing was really not harmful and did not violate your rights, the insurance would cost almost nothing. But electronic utility meters are known to be hazardous and harmful – so much so that no insurance company will provide insurance for any price [more about insurance here], because they know that advanced utility metering is a ticking time bomb of damages and litigation. Vaccinations represent a very similar situation to utility metering.”

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  • My son, born in l955 in Great Britain, was vaccinated against small pox after a year in England. He suffered from post vaccinal encephalitis (brain inflammation – due to virus) and he is retarded, still does not speak and he has been institutionalized in Germany for over 50 years. The German government pays a large portion of his costs, ca $5000.00/mo.
    I am highly suspicious of any vaccination (I was told many years ago that more people die from the vaccination than from the disease that was supposed to be prevented…
    This talk is very informative indeed. Thank you.

    • Ingrid, I can’t imagine what that must have been like. It’s almost unbelievable to me that such harmful programs can continue to exist and be promoted throughout society — meanwhile millions are being very obviously harmed. But it is indeed the case. Thank you so much for having the courage to continue to let people know about your family’s experience. The willingness to speak up is what’s waking others up.

    • Your story is very important for people to know. We are constantly told by media, government and industry that vaccinations are “safe and effective”. If people do not hear stories like yours they walk right off the cliff and accept vaccinations without objection. I encourage you to tell your story everywhere you can.

    • Ingrid, THC (in Marijuana) is linked to helping Dementia and loads of other conditions.

      I guess that’s why the white-collar criminal-authorities have been illegalizing it all these decades. What a calamity for them if their income-sources (we the chronic patients) dry out on them!

    • Ingrid,
      You must first get the heavy metals out of your son safely. You do this by using Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s megahydrate and crystal energy ( Your next step is to get your son hyperbaric ozone 10 pass IV sessions. This will turbo charge your son’s healing and create new stem cells. Find a practitioner that uses the German made Hermann Apparatabau ozone machine. Stop all the acidic meds. Read Dr Gary Tunsky’s book the battle for health is over pH and dr Robert Morse’s book the detox miracle sourcebook. You HAVE the truth now, run with it! God bless you and your son.

  • How does “Conditional Acceptance” relate to the US law that denies any liability related to the
    manufacture or administration of vaccines and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation
    Program? Right now federal law says they cannot be sued and those who believe they have
    been damaged must go through this compensation program (extremely difficult).

    • This makes the person recommending/administering the vaccine liable for any damages. The doctor or nurse become personally responsible for the damages.

      • Also, do not forget that most countries now have anti human trafficking laws such as Canada’s Section 279.01 to 279.01 of the Criminal Code of Canada, called Trafficking in Persons. Also, there is the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act (Canada), which literally, and I paraphrase, makes out these crimes if any person, and that includes government, enforces its will upon you contrary to your will. These crimes result in prison terms for the perpetrator of up to life, if kidnapping is involved and up to 14 years if not.

          • Josh & Jerry, is there no such thing as a PRE-EMPTIVE NATIONWIDE CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT, which would also make Opt-Out fees illegal?

            Rather than people desperately scrambling AFTER the horrible deed is done?

            Why isn’t there any lawyer advertising nationwide for all interested people to join a nationwide pre-emptive lawsuit?

            And PROMINENTLY LINKED IN BIG RED LETTERS AT THE TOP OF your respective websites, as well as all anti-EMF websites?

    • To: Suz,
      That is the reason we put them on contract on DIFFERENT TERMS than the ;law provides. We are asked regularly to sign contracts that nullify our rights. A person can GIVE UP their rights in a contract. If someone wants to vaccinate me, they will have to do that. We should put language in the contract stating that, by administering and personally recommending vaccinations, they agree that they lose any immunity provided by law. So, with the immunity law, maybe they can kill and injure anyone who accepts their vaccinations, but when they sign the contract, they give up that privilege..

      • Josh & Jerry, re: Smart Meters, is there no such thing as a PRE-EMPTIVE NATIONWIDE CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT, which would also make Opt-Out fees illegal?

        Rather than people desperately scrambling AFTER the horrible deed is done?

        Why isn’t there any lawyer advertising nationwide for all interested people to join a nationwide pre-emptive lawsuit?

        And PROMINENTLY LINKED IN BIG RED LETTERS AT THE TOP OF your respective websites, as well as all anti-EMF websites?

    • To: Suz,
      That is the reason we put them on contract on DIFFERENT TERMS than the ;law provides. We are asked regularly to sign contracts that nullify our rights. A person can GIVE UP their rights in a contract. If someone wants to vaccinate me, they will have to do that. We should put language in the contract stating that, by administering and personally recommending vaccinations, they agree that they lose any immunity provided by law. So, with the immunity law, maybe they can kill and injure anyone who accepts their vaccinations, but when they sign the contract, they give up that privilege.

  • Jerry Day: ‘How to say no to vaccinations and smart meters’ (video)

    Finally someone has addressed this key/crucial factor of Contract about this issue particularly the Vaccines. I have been trying to tell people this for a long time, especially about the vaccines, and them being DEEMED to be MANDATORY…….I sent this to a someone on Jan. 13th when Australia was forcing Mandatory Vaccines on people….I’ll just copy and paste, it goes hand in hand with what You are saying:

    I do not know for sure how this Vaccine agenda is being played out in Australia. What I was told by a retired custodian employed at a school in B.C. Canada,is that there is a CONSENT FORM to be signed before receiving the Vaccine/Flu SHOT etc./. NOW ask yourself the question IF something claims to be MANDATORY then WHY is a CONSENT form NEEDED/REQUIRED to be signed? There EXISTS NOTHING that I know that can FORCE someone to sign a CONSENT form, in absence of evidence/proof to the contrary? Can someone be charged/jailed for refusing to sign a Consent Form? I don’t think so? Can someone be charged/jailed for refusing a vaccine quite likely YES…There is a WORD GAME at play here…. This is about possible liability for them, and some kind of unwritten/unspoken rule they have to offer you/us a way out…Also a friend of mine working in a Hospital said she was quite sure there was also a consent form there for the flu shot…At my job there was one too. They quite likely may call it something other than a CONSENT FORM??? does NOT matter, the requirement of a Human Beings signature is what is important…
    Please share”

    Thanks for bringing this to peoples attention…..
    from B.C. Canada

    • Yes, you cannot be legally forced or pressured to sign anything, otherwise signatures and contracts would mean nothing. While the vaccination liability contract at is important anytime vaccinations are administered, it is especially important where no consent form is required due to some law giving blanket immunity to the providers of the vaccine. We must demand they sign a contract giving up that liability and we should impeach every public official who voted for any law stripping our rights away like that.

  • Would appreciate testimonies from independent lawyers and persons whom may have successfully utilized the vaccination agreement 6 page document. That is an interesting read. Recommended.

  • WOW!!! Very useful info, everyone sent it out far and wide! These Smart Meters are killing us. We all need to stand together on this. Thank you. Haven’t had flu shots—ever, or any kind of vaccines since I was a baby(50 yrs. ago). And after the initial rabies/distemper for my cats, stopped doing them after a certain age too. Know several people whose pet’s get vaccinations every year, whether indoor or out, any age, and they all seem to get cancer at a fairly young age then die around 10-12 or so. Meanwhile, I’ve had at least 8 that have made it to 19-21 years, and they are mostly healthy right up until the last few weeks.

  • Ingrid–My father was also vaxxed for smallpox in the 1950s in the US. The side effects were “the closest he ever came to death” he told me. Fortunately, he recovered. I feel that vaccines might have sometimes some legitimate purpose, but that they are vastly overused currently, and most especially in the US. Certainly the death/injury rates from some (if not all) of them is greater than that of the diseases themselves, even if there were no vaccine. Some of the vaccines are useless, like for diphtheria and polio. There haven’t been any natural cases of those in the developed world for decades. It’s a big business that has turned into a big racketering scheme.

  • I have a problem. A smart meter was installed at my primary residence without my knowledge or permission. How do I get rid of this thing?


    • On the home page at (scroll down) there are some free download notice documents that you may use to refuse unlawful and unsafe metering or demand that someone be responsible for the harm that will come to you. Will your power company put up a fight? You bet. But their bullying and threats are not lawful, only intimidation. They can shut off your power, but then you can sue for injury in a civil action. The bottom line is that , traditionally, no utility contract required you to accept surveillance, radiation and fire hazards. “Advanced meters” do all three. Even if you signed something agreeing to those things you can rescind those contractual provisions if you find out there is actual harm, hazard or privacy invasion going on.

  • When I try to read the “Free” downloads it keeps trying to charge me $2.49 so you might want to fix them or not say they are free cause every one I clicked on tried to charge me money. But thank you for the video you are absolutely right!

    • The downloads at are free. We don not charge for them and we do not receive any revenue from the downloads unless someone finds and uses our “donate” button. If there is a fee being charged it is not us. We have seen people steal our content and charge for it. Make sure you are on the home page at

  • Some utilities are using the excuse that they own the utility meter, and that they have the right to shut off service and/or take the meter if we don’t agree to their smart meter install. How do you resolve that? Lots of cities have ordinances that require you to be connected to their utility service too.

  • You bypass all that by sending notice of unlawful fire hazard, radiation and surveillance. You give them a limited time to provide a safe and lawful meter and then you put one on yourself and they have no legal recourse. They may play hard-ball and shut your power off anyway, but then you can sue their pants off because they never rebutted or denied the legal violations you alleged and they accepted your terms by failing to do so. When they are on notice of violating the law (advanced utility meters do violate several laws) they must either replace the meter with a safe one or prove the one they gave you is safe and lawful. Again, electronic utility meters are neither safe or lawful.

  • I signed an opt-out of vaccinations for my twins under extreme duress, over a month ago. What do I do now? We were there after an extreme crisis had just taken place on one of my child’s life. The dr knew that I was extremely emotionally upset and that he was still very sick. I signed the opt-out and got home so upset that I had done so. Didn’t realize then that I had a three day rescind time-frame. What are my options now?

    • Send the rescission anyway. If you did not get a copy of the opt-out, demand a copy. If they cannot produce a copy they cannot enforce it. Explain that you were pressured to sign the opt-out and, under duress and you did not understand it fully and you “hereby rescind the entire instrument”. Look at the wording in the opt-out. If there is any deceptive wording or unclear meanings in the opt-out you can cite that as cause for rescission. Don’t mention the three days, just rescind on the cause of duress and deception. .Make it clear that you are refusing vaccinations on safety and risk issues and that you rescind all points in the opt-out. Send it by certified mail so you have “proof of service”. Address it personally to the highest ranking person you can find who administered the opt-out, like the CEO of the hospital or the top administrator of the government program..

  • Jerry or Josh

    Many of these insurance companies are on the payroll of the banksters who own our money. How will anyone get a fair shake from these corporations, since they are part of the problem. Our rights are being taken away in so many ways, yet we continue to say this is still a great country. Yes, it is, but the politics for all of this is bad, how can we fix what they have broken and they continue to work against us.

  • been following jerry since before i knew about takebackyourpower , he helped me a lot personally for getting rid of my smart meter and getting a safe and lawful analog meter no there , after i did that though hydro illegally terminated my power and i wasn’t able to do anything about it really , i doubt i would be able to get a timely favorable outcome if i tried taking them to court….

  • God bless Jerry Day and Josh Del Sol, God strengthen and empower them, guide them and support them in the Light of Truth. Let everyone hear and understand their message of Truth and act courageously in support of the Truth. Amen.

  • Can these same forms saying the utility is required to remove unlawful meter be used to deny a meter if there is not already one installed. They came by to install but we had locked ours. A week later we got a notice that we have a right to opt-out (which we do not want to do) within 30 days of our power will be shut off. The wording of the document you provide does not seem to cover simply denying a smart meter from being installed. Thanks!

    • Two ways to do that. You can edit and reword that form to refuse installation, or go to where there is a form specifically for that. Scroll down on the home page below the picture of the electric meter and there are some instructions and several useful forms that can be copy/pasted right from the screen to your word processor.

      • Jerry, thanks so much, though I’d appreciate clarification (I guess I’m dumb):

        My local utility will soon be installing smart meters in my locale, and they state there would be a $15 meter-reading fee each month for opting out.

        Would your Public Notice form force them to not charge the fee?

        Also, some more questions:

        Within the past few years someone came to install an indoor meter (stating Cubic Feet) which I assume is a water meter though maybe it’s gas? Whatever the case, she adamantly assured me that was not a smart meter.

        May I assume smart meters are just for Gas & Electric?


        I was able to locate my electric meter (similar to your picture) outside my 1950s house.
        But (dumb me) – I can’t seem to find my gas meter. I.E. I’m confused where my gas meter is and where my water meter is. Any tips as to how to identify each would be appreciated.

        And btw, yes, I do have gas heat, and a gas stove + oven.

      • P.S. Jerry – your notice states “California Commercial Code”.
        But I’m not in California, so would it work for me?
        Thanks again, & sorry I failed to ask this above.

  • When the smart meter installer came and told us they were going to install the meter in August 2016
    we didn’t know we had a legal right to refuse it. I’ve since become educated on the subject.
    Our bill skyrocketed the next month compared to the same month last year.

    We want it taken out. Do we follow the procedures you recommend ?
    Is there another protocol for having the thing taken out?

    Thank you for this information, and any further guidance you can give us.

  • Dear Josh del Sol,
    After two failed burned out smart meters our PUD tried to install they reinstalled the old meter and told us to replace the meter base so they could reinstall a smart meter. They said we have 7- 14 days to do so or they will kill our power in the middle of the winter. I don’t know how to stop this from happening we can not afford to fight this huge power utility. Please we are desperate for help. We do not want a smart meter on our house.

  • Does this include all those phenomena and flu vaccines too? I never do vaccines but my elderly mother does. And I think my dad does too. Not sure if they’ve put in a smart meter yet. I’d have to ask one of my brothers and or son about that. Thank you for the info. I’ve been suspicious of vaccines for quite awhile. The smart meter is news to me. Scary world we live in for sure.

  • Josh & Jerry, is there no such thing as a PRE-EMPTIVE NATIONWIDE CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT?

    Rather than people desperately scrambling AFTER the horrible deed is done?

    Why isn’t there any lawyer advertising nationwide for all interested people to join a nationwide pre-emptive lawsuit?

    And PROMINENTLY LINKED IN BIG RED LETTERS AT THE TOP OF your respective websites, as well as all anti-EMF websites?

  • My utility wants to install an electronic meter with the “radio turned off”. They would still come and read it each month. In this case I can’t say they are liable for surveillance or radiation. I know they have the power to turn ON the radio, but they will say they won’t do that. Would a Notice of Liability still work?

  • Great work Jerry, thank you.
    I have one piece of info that most people know nothing about.
    The USA is a for profit corporation and not a government that cares about its people, it’s been like that since the 30’s. All states and .gov organizations are the same, the FED bank is a foreign owned corporation run by Zionist, the IRS is also a corporation, not part of the government.
    Lawyers and Judges are all working for the corporation and are members of the BAR, Common Law is the only way to win against these people and you never use the system that the BAR uses.
    Karl Lentz has many websites and videos explaining how to win against the courts, he is different than most everyone else and wins in court 99% of the time.
    Hope this wakes some people up.

  • My issue is that I am forced to take a yearly flu shot for my job. I am an independent contractor with this company, not an employee. When I asked them how they can legally force me to do something I feel is wrong, they told me they get away with it because they do not fire me, they just don’t give me any work for the 6 months of the year the CDC says is flu season. I work for a local hospice so they just don’t send me any patients during that time (essentially suspending me from my income) and then I can work again after flu season so they say that makes it legal. They used to allow us to opt out and just wear a mask with patients if we didn’t take the shot but this “new way” for them to force compliance is NOT in agreement with my personal beliefs that vaccines are not good. I did not vaccinate my children (born in the 70’s and 80’s) and my grandchildren are not vaccinated either as we have researched the pros and cons and find the research on safety shows there is no safety. Thank you for what you are doing, I am so happy to see this information going public. So far no smart meters in my local area and I will refuse if they do try to install, thank you for providing the legal ways to do so.

    • Hi Joyce,
      I’m sorry to hear you’re being unjustly pressured in this way. I would definitely recommend getting on InPower’s email update list and/or getting in touch with them on their website here. They will be releasing a liability process specifically to deal with mandatory vaccination policy. Its applicability will include situations like what you have describe. Best wishes.

      • Hi Josh, it has been two years and InPower STILL does not have a liability process for forced vaccinations. Who is now taking the lead on offering Notice of Liabilities under Mercantile Law on forced vaccinations?

  • In the village I live in was upgrading there water meters to smart meters. And I got a letter on them wanting to install there smart water meter in my home. I work on 2nd shift so it was hard for me to have them install there smart meter in my home.. They kept trying to set up a time to install there smart meter. And so this went on for awhile and finally I woke up to them shutting off my water I was not behind on my water bill. But since I never set up a time to have them set up there smart meter they tried to shut off my water. I went out to talk with them and they said they got orders from John who is the public works director. I wasn’t happy and said a few swear words to the utility workers for trying to shut off my water. They shut my water off . So I called the public works director and talked with him. This was a Friday that this happened. So he said unless I have the smart meter installed he wont turn on my water??? So I couldn’t go the whole weekend without water. So my hands were tied. He said his workers felt threatened by me and that the only way he would have the workers come back and install my smart water meter is having a police officer there??? I told him there was no need for that. So after talking with the public works director he sent the utility workers back to my home. There hours on Friday was they close at 12 noon so they had to hurry and install this meter so they could turn back on my water. Today this day I am not happy about how this happened to me. The electric company has installed a smart gas meter and electric meter outside my home and there was nothing I could do about them installing these meters? ? As that’s what they are going with??? Thanks alot and have a nice day. Sincerely, wayne keller

  • They put a smart meter on my home about 5 years ago I started having anxiety panic attacks ringing in the ears heartbeat is funny so I moved my chair to the other side of the room away from where the meter was and my wife for her chair where the leader where and it wasn’t long after that she started experiencing the same effects that I was having so we went to our power company and told them we wanted the analog meter they told us that they could not do that we told them we wanted to move on Pole away from the house they did not want to run new war they said it was fine but we told them we did not want that meter close to our house they said we would have to pay for all the war and for them to move the poles so I don’t know what we’re going to do but I do not want to continue to feel the way we are feeling something is not right thank you

  • Jerry, if it is the case of a child being denied education (CA) for refusal of vaccination who do we present the form to? The senator who drafted the tyrannical legislation? The principal? They are even pushing to almost eliminate medical exemption in CA. Meaning even against medical advice they state is mandating you vaccinate in order for your child to attend school. Any specific advice you can give to us parents in CA? Thanks so much for all this information!

    • Hi MrsMatto,
      You present that form for signature to anyone who is demanding to control your family’s medical care by forcing vaccinations. If necessary, edit the document to add a place for their signature. Make it very clear to them that refusal to sign the form is admission that vaccinations do have risks because if they did not, there would be no reason for them not to sign a liability form. If they refuse to sign, and thereby admit there is risk, then you are fully within rights to refuse the risky medical procedure without penalty of any kind.

  • URGENT! We still have an analog where our provider wants to exchange it. It sent a ‘Final Disconnection Notice of Services’ with a 2 week deadline, and want to know if there’s a way to rebut its case with a demand (or notice of liability) letter or legal action (i.e. emergency injunction)….or for medical reasons under the Disabilities Act…..or do we have no choice but to accept it and place it on a pole for $10,000…or somehow given an option to retain one by purchasing a re-calibrated one online and have it re-certified…..or seek relief via human rights tribunal.

  • I watched Jerry Day’s video on refusing vaccines then clinked on the “refusing vaccine” file and i got “error 404- file not found”, is there another way to get this file

  • Nothing exists under “vaccinations” tab or “conditional acceptance” tab. I’m looking for a conditional acceptance form that I may use against the plandemic vaccinators that will be coming around by September.

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