Jerry Flynn, retired Captain in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Jerry Flynn is a former Captain in the Communications Electronics Engineering Branch of the Royal Canadian Navy. Jerry studied virtually every aspect of wireless radio communications, including radio theory, antenna theory (both transmitting and receiving antennas), the ionosphere and radio propagation, solar storms and solar flares, the electromagnetic frequency spectrum – specializing in the radio frequency spectrum, electromagnetic radiation, cryptography, communications security, radar systems, and satellite systems.

Jerry Flynn’s presentation from Oct 4, 2012 – the National Day of Action – powerfully illustrates the harm which smart meters and pulsed microwave radiation are doing to human beings, and all life.

National Day Of Action Against Smart Meters
Speaker: Jerry Flynn, former Captain, Communications Electronics Engineering Branch of the Royal Canadian Navy
Runtime: 1:27:18
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  • If you care about your own and your family’s health, you NEED to watch this. The health risks alone are very scary. The other factors, the fire risks, the invasion to our privacy, the security of the grid they are hooked up to, the ease of which they can be controlled or damaged to break down our electric system; ALL of this you need to be aware of. If we all stick our heads in the sand and pretend that Hydro has our best interest at heart, we are still going to get bombarded and our health is slowly being destroyed. Our children and our grand kids need to know the danger they are in. Please watch and heed and become well informed to make an educated decision. Don’t just take this man’s word for what you hear, check out his info for yourselves. He does speak the truth, whereas Hydro and the government isn’t. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR POWER.

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