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In this series of articles titled Law for Empowerment, provided freely for Take Back Your Power viewers and supporters, we will feature educational resources for people to empower themselves by understanding established principles of commerce, contract law, or common law. It may not sound exciting to some, but trust me – it is.

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  So, if the legal system itself is not immune to corporate corruption – if administrative judges are, for example, doing secret deals to erode our basic rights and protecting corporate criminals one after the other – we need to lose our naiveté (painful as this may be), and begin to seek higher jurisdictional ground.

Specifically in the case of the global deployment of “smart” meters, it would be unwise to assume that an administrative judge (in contrast to a jury of peers) will be keenly looking out for the people’s best interest – especially when dealing with a multinational agenda in which there is so much money involved and power at stake.  So, let us seek higher ground with the intention to serve the greater good, and to shift towards equitable values.

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Law for Empowerment#01: Video: The Power of Paper
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By Jerry Day, in YouTube description:

One of the most common ways government and corporate institutions rob, cheat and control us is with something called “default contracts”. Through our “silence” they presume authority to own us, our property, our wealth and our privacy. Sadly, our courts and statutes actually support this due to some odd contents of the Uniform Commercial Code. This video demonstrates one way to remedy those unintended “obligations.” Learn more about this by going to and entering the search phrase “How to write an affidavit.”

Freedom-oriented videos on YouTube tend to attract a lot of anonymous institutional and government “boiler room” impostors, disruptors and agitators. These sponsored social network terrorists use hate speech, profanity, racism, name-calling and contrived insults to destroy and marginalize intellectual discussions about freedom on social networks. Who would be opposed to individual empowerment and freedom? The institutions who take and thrive on the earnings and productivity of private individuals and taxpayers. Those institutions are also the ones with the resources to conduct those boiler room operations. For that reason comments on this video are screened. Those who would call that “censorship” are welcome to create their own YouTube pages and be as un”censored” as they wish.

This video was not produced by legal experts or professional advisers. It is layman’s opinion intended only to provoke thought. Use these principals at your own risk.

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