Join us Monday, Dec 21st, 2020 to visualize and call forth the highest version of ourselves and this world! We are blessed to have world-renowned Essene luminary Gabriel Cousens, MD lead us through a 20-minute Activation, Meditation & Visualization for our ultimate manifestation.

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Live Event Outline

  • • Welcome & big-picture overview
  • • Gabriel Cousens, MD: Essene activation, meditation & visualization (20 minutes)
  • Laura Bolton: Reconnecting to our authentic selves and living our truth
  • • Mike Winner: Holistic economy, decentralized community building, agricultural cooperatives
  • • Roundtable panel discussion facilitated by Josh del Sol
  • • Closing prayer

We want to hear from you! At any point, post your questions or comments below

The Timeline Shift

It’s become so clear that it’s time for the awake community to move beyond simply “red-pilling” people with the truth. We are being inspired to tap into vision, embody leadership and activate our divine consciousness within. This is the source of true power in our world.

And real community is helping unlock it. Maybe you are already connecting locally and/or online with other souls – one giveaway is our choice to breathe freely!

In this time of Great Reset vs. Great Awakening, we are now at a crossroads and I am seeing that a new timeline is actually becoming available to each of us.

Many talk about tomorrow’s era-changing Grand Conjunction Solstice – when Jupiter and Saturn come together on the day with the least light – as signifying a “timeline split”. The more connected we are at during this time, the more that we will experience a reality of freedom, truth and light.

Tomorrow, December 21st, 2020 is a perfect day to visualize and call forth the highest version of ourselves and this world. We are blessed to have world-renowned Essene luminary Gabriel Cousens, MD lead us through a 20-minute Meditation & Intentional Visualization for our ultimate manifestation. The Essenes understand this special guided activation to embody what was given to Moses on the mount and carried forward by Yeshua himself.

Dr. Cousens has also recently compiled important research on five gee and coronavirus; and medical tyranny injections – these 2 papers will be available to all participants. (links posted soon)

Birthing A New Community

We are proud and thrilled that this event will seed the worldwide Re:Union Community. And our upcoming, power-packed Re:Union Summit (early 2021) will give you the skills, knowledge and resources to thrive in the times to come, while creating the community we need to collaborate and manifest all of this into existence.

This is truly a magical time and we are so blessed to be sharing it with you! Cheers to our new beginnings and co-creating our new healthy and free world! 

And it’s starting tomorrow. We’ll see you there, at 11:30am PST (a countdown clock is on the site).

-Josh, Mike, Laura & Gabriel


  • Unable to receive live stream. My computer says open, all systems ‘go’, but it says “host is offstream”. Thank you. Anne Mills

    • Did you select either Dlive, Youtube or Facebook to watch? Its over on the upper left screen. and please try refresh:-)

    • Did you select either Dlive, Youtube or Facebook to watch? Its over on the upper left screen. and please try refresh:-)

    • Did you select a platform to watch it on? Located in upper right side of event page. Also please try refreshing:-)

    • Did you select either Dlive, Youtube or Facebook to watch? Its over on the upper left screen. and please try refresh:-) Are you receiving audio, Bob?

    • Was unable to watch this event, very late in Australia,
      Would love to watch replay and can’t see how this might happen. Is it possible? if so, how?

      • I am finally watching on another email… because it was unavailable here for a whie I tried different emails, and one worked.

        Thanks, it’s super interesting, especially for those like me who are homebound, caring for my husband in palliative care, wanting to do something special today.
        Hugs to all from snowy Laurentians, especially the pannel.

  • I feel that first the Self or the I should be strong inside of me before I can connect with others. I feel distracted quite quick.

    • This [what you describe], is rampant –happens to me and all of us in different amounts ; it’s part of the *conditioning*, no room here to expand upon. Meditation helps. Daily. <:-))

  • Love you all! Thank you for such a powerful experience. You all are my tribe;) Waves of Gratitude & Blessings!

  • Hello Josh. I came in on DLIVE [new to moi] ; apparrently you are monitoring or tracking things here so here I sit. <:-))

  • Yes, true community! First: connection to our True Self, then to other beings and earth!
    And yes, i also liked the dancing! 🙂

  • I want to just put it out here this question that for me is just clear distinguishing between being authentic and diminishing our value: On the one hand, there are those of us (or each of us at one time or another) seeking to understand who we are by looking outside ourselves… (eg from social media – seeking approval, praise, “feel good” etc)… AND on the other hand, spending time with ourselves – just going into the deepest self – listening to the stillness inside and the awareness of the aliveness of every cell in our own body. Which is those are powerful? Does anyone really have any doubt as to who we really are?

  • I been craving and desiring a inperson community in similar journey supporting each other and growing together. Helping each other. It feels really satisfying and probably we are able to grow in bigger scale.

  • Yes, what we see in the world is also in us: put that ego aside.
    And i can feel the longing in my heart when you are talking about all these beautiful new possibilities!!

  • My husband of 42 years is my community, my hero, as he has supported me through 14 years of electromagnetic sensitivity. He supported me through healing and my writing and creativity. I am thankful. …and gratitude is a huge part of being able to receive fully. As i have been cloistered due to wireless radiation for several years, zoom and internet (fully wired:) has opened up many new venues for art and friends. An oxymoronic part of my life, i’m a sensitive but enjoy what computers offer. (was able to attend my first dowsing conference because of zoom, and art classes and plan to attend Josh’s next ReUnion livestream) But, having a ‘live’ community that understands my sensitivity to RF, is not here yet. They love their wireless devices to a point of distraction and ill health. Put your phones down, people. Thank you. Anne Mills

  • Mike –Not woo/woo in the slightest. Spot on . This notion of all is connected is not a notion. We’ve confused the ends with the means, i.e. got Caught In The Exception Instead Of The Rule. What you said about Proper Parenting ; also spot on. Technology…a premise not quite ready for Prime Time.
    Thanks for your depth.
    –Dion ‘The Correlator Smith

  • masks are mandated in CT. $10,000 fine. our governor is a corrupt Chinese Commi puppet. It feels like communist takeover. cv19 vaccine has put 1350 people in hospital so far. there is a cv 19 vaccine state task force. i am fighting this.

  • Also, in Los Angeles it’s not worth it to put our energies towards sleeping minds. They are completely sleeping and will not tolerate our higher self or be open to any information. Our beautiful awakened’energy is wasted in my opinion.

  • I cannot wear a mask no matter what. At 81 yrs young, I guess they forgive my ignorance… and if they look too long and say: your mask? I simply reply, about yours? and go on my way…

  • Thank you Mike for speaking up for truth. we have to stop pandering to lies and delusions and fear and lead by example. We would not tell an anorexic person they were fat, because they believe it, so why should we wear masks to pander to someone’s lies and fears. There is so much information about the occult aspects of masks that are really scary and true. They are very damaging especially to children. This is a softening of the target to destroy humanity and introduce transhumanism.

  • What about those of us that have no choice – i.e. mandated mask laws and working in health care? (Yes I’m in healthcare and completely agree that masks are useless and are simply being used for “obedience training”) I would get a ticket, lose my job, and not be able to buy groceries if I refused to wear the mask in my city. I feel like I am backed into a corner.

    Side note – my family grew up under oppression in the soviet union and what is happening in America is scary. My family was starved, slaughtered, and could not practice their beliefs. And the government didn’t have to do much because neighbors turned on neighbors, friends against friends, for the sake of saving their own arse. The people worked more for the KGB than the KGB itself, blindly submitting to dictatorship. I pray that Americans wake up and stop this nonsense before its too late.

    • I relate to what you are saying and undertand your predicament, that said,
      I beleive the only way is to form a group of like-minded people, talk to someone open and slowly educate and ONLY as a group it will be possible to reverse the oppression.
      What if half oy your group said one day: you are not working until you show us scientific proof these masks are protecting us in light of all that is now known? Why are we not the exemple instead of the sheep’s leaders…
      we like to be free from making more people sick? Will someone in your environnement still have a soul and integrity? Jut a thought!

    • I would suggest that you go to Peggy Hall does a ton of research on the law. I believe she us doing a webinar on your legal rights as an employee including masks and the experimental treatment they are calling a vaccine. I will no longer shop at Wal-Mart because of their mask policy unforced by police. My goal is to get at least 10% of the people who have shopped there to stop shopping there.

    • Yes, it rhymes with that system. Look at the players behind the scenes. It was a dress rehearsal for what is happening now, except the technology will ensure slavery. EMF prison put up around us. Look at what 5G – 60 ghz does to the hemoglobin’s inability to absorb oxygen. It will mimic respiratory failure and will be called “Covid.” Brilliant.
      Unfortunately we are reliving the dark ages due to mind control.

  • Excellent presence Laura. Will be in touch after the event.
    Hello Gabriel: 30 years+ is quite a long time for us to interface again. We were associated in the days of San Rafael and post Mukunanda. (I followed the ‘in trenchs, working with orphans and on the mexican side in the dumps of Tijuana for some time. Facilited workshops and it’s still a wonderful wild ride) Your in a new country; me, here temporarily in France. Will be in contact after the show. Keep on glowing. Did a lot of breathwork ith orphans in Rumania post dictator there excellent for PTSD. Blessings to you all.

  • Mike~ [Inre `no masks`] as you probably know, there are really solid questions –from ppl of the highest credibility, and renown as well– about the “virus” even qualifying AS a virus. Breathing one’s OWN co2 has deleterious consequences. And don’t EVEN get me started about the Covid ‘Testings’ having any authentic value whatsoever. They are very possible ‘testing’ for the presence of exisomes. Theater of the absurd. After literally thousands of hours of deep-dive research I can say this with confidence.

  • Hello, I’m so glad to be tuning in. I never have fallen for the media, global narrative I knew within and did my research about what a virus is and how things spread and knew it was all bogus. I have been searching for my tribe in Oakland if you know of any please make me aware. Thank you again for the presentation.

  • I’m curious to know what part of Mexico Laura is located in? Reason being that I intend to travel through and around Mexico soon and if ‘law enforcement’ is being quite strict about COVID policies where she is, I would like to know so I can be prepared for that 🙂

  • Yes Gabriel, that was also my observation: people who live in their heads, they don’t see what really is happening..
    The connection with their heart is missing..

  • Hi,
    Thanks for hosting this💕. How do we transmute emotions quickly, on the spot, when we catch ourselves spiraling into an emotionally unhelpful state?

  • Josh~ Not to blather-on here, but to let you know there is a pretty good freely viewable docu –not perfect but worthwhile, inre what you just said abt `keeping your vibration at a high(er) level`, the film is titled ‘Heal For Free”. In this is taken up the practice of Earthing [literally, physically grounding] and, in a practical way]. I’m working on putting this and literally hundreds of films, both dramatic and docu, on my own server platforms until/unless they take me down, which ain’t gonna happen … in connection with a feature-length documentary of my own titled “A WORLD IN FAILURE (…what would it look like?)”. If I can pull it off. Aha! ‘Dark night of the soul`-Josh … I went though one of those for 3 yrs+. Almost terminal & didn’t make it out. [Listening to Laura’s share just now, almost identical description to my own experience.] Now, consider this a huge blessing. I call it ‘The D-NOTS` [<<acronym]. And Laura, this, like you, exactly WHY I do what I do having dropped everything else –despite the sometimes bitter adversity from many fronts.

  • thank you… just caught the end of what seemed like a very good message to share on this very powerful gateway. Let us together hold a great vision for our future, a great awakening and transformation of civilization for freedom. Altruists unite!! Many blessings. Thank you for ALL your work. Namaste.

  • Thank you beautiful souls…
    I would like to also suggest “Matthew’s Message’s” ( Suzy Ward who is Matthew’s mom is a dear friend of mine and her work with Matthew (who passed in 1980) is nothing short of beautiful information of our Golden Age, and this amazing time we all agreed to be here for. All of the money from book sales feeds starving children. Suzy is the real deal and I love her so much. Matthews Messages connected so many dots for me since I was divinely guided to this work. Believe me it will resonate…
    Love to all,
    David Allen

  • This is fantastic information and a beautiful practice of breathing and connecting with YWHW, great tips to live authentically in connection with our soul, our higher self, our source and the people around us. Looking forward to the next summit

  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to say Your Holy Name. What an incredible Brachah. Only the Kohen Gadol was allowed to utter Your Holy Name in the Beth HaMikdash on Yom Kippur, and now I, humble little person, was able to UNDERSTAND Your Name? Your Name is the One and Only Mantra. Hashem is ONE! That’s what ONE is all about! How come nobody explained this to us before?

  • I enjoyed your presentations including the astronomy ones. Lots of positive, uplifting content. Thanks to each and all of you.

  • Dr. Cousins, I have a feeling we need to connect. We have so much in common: you are an MD? I am an MD. You were a disciple of Baba M. disciple of Nityananda? So was I. You write about vaccines and 5G? So do I. You moved to Israel from the US? So did I, back and forth though. You are a rabbi ( hmmm)? I have a rabbi, a Gadol actually. Actually I don’t live so far from you: Mevo Modiin? We are about an hour and a half away (when I am in Israel). I don’t think it is by accident that we connected here today. Obviously there is some work we have to do together – in Israel. Think about it!

  • please help me since. I clicked on this link, i now have hundreds of unwanted emails.
    please take me off your list. this is not empowering!

  • I participated in the live event yesterday. During the dancing I started crying. Today while doing the Dalai Lama’s Loving Kindness Meditation which first blesses me, then someone I truly love then someone or institution I have an problem with. When I got to the last part which I use” the people and institutions that seek domination over the peoples of the world ” I started crying. I really think that doing the meditation with Dr. Cousens yesterday changed something fundamentally in me. I can not thank you enough for this live broadcast.

  • Thank-you so much for sharing this inspiring event! It was truly food for my soul. Thank-you! Thank-you! Kathy Hubel

  • publishing the paper written by Gabriel Cousens has done absolutely nothing to convince me to believe in your movement,.. I found it to be riddled with not much besides fear mongering, and extrapolations of things like the side effects,.. I too have read the FDA results, and while some of the side effects and risks have you have stated are really there: You have exaggerated their risks for your own political gain, which makes you at least as evil as the they you are attacking! Have you people actually read any of the benefits on mRNA vaccines their effectiveness against all kinds of cancers, aids, and almost all genetic type afflictions. Finally science has found a way to actually fix things at their source and not just treat the symptoms. You people might as well be just another manipulative church with your driving fear into people seeking truth, like Jehovah witnesses into don’t treat diseases with things that may save your physical life, because of some external god they believe will save you. The god is within, and Karma is a powerful thing. So careful with what you are doing and who you hope to benefit. The truth is out there but I do not believe you speak it ! Really if the “They” want to control us, more then THEY already do, THEY could do it far easier than creating a virus and then creating a mRNA vaccine to distribute across the world,.. THEY would have used our cell phones or put it in the water. After all nanoparticles would be impossible to filter out.
    Paranoid, delusional, manipulative are all words that come to mind
    Lastly think of many readers could die if they are scared away from gene therapy that could save them. Like CANCER; that has a greater than 50% hit rate in Canada, with a much higher mortality rate, given all the very real toxins in our world and processed food and the chemicals used in food production. Things like CMD in our flour, which breaks down into two different chemicals, when baked, that are carcinogenetic

    • You can have my vaccines. All of them. No, please. I insist. I will bravely face the scary low 99.93% survival rate, without the toxic and genetically-modifying injections, so that you can be even more healthy and “save” even more lives. Please take as many of the vaccines (and flu-shots, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, synthetic nutrients, etc) as you can. And as often as possible, so you are super-duper healthy.

      And then we won’t have to deal with your disinformation BS soon thereafter.

  • Greetings from New Brunswick Canada .. we have only 24 deaths in 777,000 but have a province wide lockdown! The fear is the virus . . . God bless Josh – we connected years ago when crowdfunding the film “Take Back Your Power” in 2012/2013 and I was able to join you to Jason Verbelli and the … let’s continue to wake up our brothers and sisters to the fear agenda for control.

  • >