Lloyd Burrell is helping hundreds of thousands of people with simple EMF safety tips. Watch my new interview with him above, or on YouTube here.

In his new book and video series EMF Practical Guide, now available here, Lloyd Burrell provides the best simple strategies and wisdom he’s gained over the past 20 years, since realizing that he was electrosensitive.

When we spoke last week, shared his passion behind writing his new book, which he says “is the book that I’d like to have read when I became sick.”

I wholeheartedly recommend Lloyd’s book and video series, which is undoubtedly saving lives already.

In it, Lloyd will help you protect your home and loved ones with easy tips and powerful truth at a time when we critically need to reduce EMF exposure, boost our immune systems and increase awareness.

In the interview, we discuss the 120+ peer-reviewed studies in the Bioinitiative Report which conclude that EMF radiation harms the human immune system.

To view those studies, go to the Bioinitiative Report, and see Section 8: Evidence For Effects On Immune System.

» The interview with Lloyd and Josh is embedded above, or on YouTube here.

» For info and ordering of Lloyd Burrell’s “EMF Practical Guide” book & series, please go here.

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  • A great interview. Thank-you both for what you have done and are currently doing. I have been fighting this now for two years as I had to leave my work in a biology department in a university due to a nearby cell phone tower near my newly constructed glasshouse, and one near my home. I became sick as in , no sleep, head aches and heart arrhythmias. I had a massive heart attack 17 months ago which I put down partly to that. The only solution really in my experience is to move to a less populated area, preferably to a lower latitude where there is more sunlight. EMFs reduce your Vitamin D levels (Cytochrome P450). We need to remove all the EMFs and when they are in our environment we need the correct shielding (very expensive for the stuff that actually works Geovital £600 for the best paint). Unfortunately they have made it that you need a phone to access your bank account and everything. We are heading into a technocracy, like China total control of the population at the expense of our health. Whilst poisoning all our food with the patented antibacterial glyphosate amongst others and GMOs.You do not want to shield your body too much or your building as you need to be exposed to natural resonances like the Schumann Resonances (sync to brain waves). Highest SR near sea and in nature.
    I tried wearing netting and coveralls (EMF protective) it did not help me long term apart from stopping the headaches. People need to know that sunlight and earthing is the key for healing as we are electromagnetic. The sun light makes our bodies work more efficiently mitigating more of the EMF effects as it powers our ATPase making it spin faster. Keeping a negative charge is what it is all about! All EMFs do at basic level is destroy your bodies ability to hold that charge (keep you well)The more we get back, closer to nature the faster we will heal.
    Your micro biome is also affected by the EMFs the cure again is sunlight. Unfortunately, money is the limiting factor for most: the ability to move to a less densely populated area, then can you still work to make a living? Many people now are aware of the issue but do not have the resources to change their environment. I have tried to talk to MPs about all this they ignore me as do doctors as did my colleagues at work. It is fine for those with money living in isolated places that work from home to preach to others. the other side is, if you cannot look after yourself one is unable to help others! There is also the the geo engineering which has been going on and the nano dust which is working synergistically with the microwaves. There is only so much mitigating one can do in a highly populated area! The powers that be know the damage all these things cause but money takes precedence. You can not serve mammon and God both! They do not serve Him (Thou shalt not Kill). God bless to all. Love thy neighbour as thy self. Non of the afore mentioned is done out of love
    Mark (currently unemployed and living with the masses in a EMF soup)

    • Hi Mark, your comments hit the mark. It will not be long before more and more people are affected worldwide. Profit at any cost is going to kill our ability to be sustainable and has to be overturned by people uniting to enact change. Good on Josh and Lloyd for sharing their views but we need to do more if we are to make a positive difference. Thank you for sharing. Cheryl Mead, Building Biologist, Australia.

      • Hi Cheryl, thanks for the comment. People are now burning 5G towers here in the Uk. The media is saying they are doing this as they believe that it is making the the Coronavirus worse. I agree with Lloyd that it would definitely be damaging our immune systems therefore making us more susceptible to any virus not just the current flavour! The fact that no 5G technology has been safety tested except on the battlefield is something Sky News and other mainstream news outlets fail to add. It is all conspiracy, as they say and very dangerous. They also neglect to say that 2, 3 and 4G already has enough of an impact. Do you work for Geo vital Cheryl? Unfortunately, Australia is part of the secret pact of governments: US, OZ, Canada and UK. They are all a cabal. Dr Helen Caldecott from down under wrote some great books in the 80s about how the US manipulates other world powers covertly. She met many people within the nuclear arms and power industry, coupled with world leaders and described just how insane they all were. It makes one wonder how the elites think, as allowing all this manmade ionising and non ionising radiation to surround us when they themselves must have offspring? How incredulous can they be? As they must know the reality of their actions. For me its evidence for evil as explained in the Bible Ephesians 6:12. For the vast majority of our neighbours and friend are decent human being and would not want to see suffering and sickness affect anyone they knew. But, only God knows the hearts of men. God bless and love to you friend.
        P.s As if we did not have enough to deal with the natural fluxes in Schumann Resonances and Curry and Hartman lines which affect many individuals which are all natural frequencies they add this man made insanity. They are so ignorant. In fact, the ignorance of many is probably bliss in this world. Every living organism on this amazing blue planet, a cornucopia of life is wonderfully designed! We are beings of light: Prof Albert Fritz Popp. In the 1970s he discovered that we emit bio photons, the only way our cells can perform 100,000 biological reactions a second is that we run at the speed of light. We are only just being to understand how our bodies really operate! The fact that our microbiome emit bio photons onto the cellular walls of our intestines relaying information to our bodies via light is amazing.

        • Hi Mark, I did my training through the College of Environmental Studies (ACES) in Melbourne, (Government accredited but not government funded-in other words not a biased medical model, but a biased natural medicine model) based on the German standard and guidelines also practiced in USA at the Building Biology Institute. Wow, you have some serious knowledge of the human body that is well worth knowing. I, like you, have been doing my own research on what makes us sick and it all started for me because I wanted to know more about cancer. I unearthed a plethora of science and fiction on that subject too. We have been led up a proverbial dead-end road. If you ever want to touch base you can access me through my website – wickedhomes.com.au. I’m stuck at home, not able to do house calls (that’s what an Environmental Health Practitioner usually does) so I have time to read and watch what is happening the world over. Great to connect with a like-minded soul. Take care, stay safe and smile, it does wonders for your health. Cheers, Cheryl

          • Hi Cheryl, Thanks for your kind words, I am just trying to understand how our biology really works to get myself well. You have trained in a really useful field. I think the cancer issue is close to most as it afflicts so many. EMFs being a major factor inhibiting the bodies ability to repair and protect. I have had many family and friends whom have passed on too soon due to the wrong health care choices. Would be great to chat with you will look up your site. Mark

  • People have to start thinking NOW, or there won’t be much left to think with or about. Hoding CEO’s and political leaders, privately liable, is the only way forward and it has to happen fast. For thouse of you, who speak scandinavian, Anders-Bak: Nielsen is a phenomenal source of balanced information on how to get rid of the devastating, crippling and FICTICIOUS problem called: jurisdiction. “Jurisdiction” is the single largest problem on earth and its completely fraudulent in the vast majority of cases, as there’s never a valid contract to back the jurisdictional claims made by cops, courts and others.

  • what happens when your telecom. company in the country decided that they need to remove land lines due to copper theft. They are giving elderly and other wireless phones. They sent a courier, demand that they sign for the new phone, free, even thought they have not ordered one, but are told your line will be disconnected shortly. I am told that they have to pay R200 per month not sure this is fact but was told this by someone who this happened too. This is happening in South Africa.

    • Hi Leigh, I suppose they want everyone on the planet connected this way now. The irony is they have to have really good tech in fibre optics now that is being used for the cloud storage. Apparently it can handle far more data that 5G. We won’t see this hard wired tech in our homes though, one it is too expensive and two you will not get sick from it!

  • Fascinating, EMF, esp 5G, has a dumbing down effect. Like you, I feel the impact of the EMFs from the Smart Meters.

  • I have a collection of rusty nails in my yard to help balance the paramagnetism. Chucked out microwave ten years ago

  • What I miss in this is the role of serotonine/gaba anti depression medication. That works well against the emf pains.

  • I mean that if you serotonine/gaba is too low, you get pain from emf radioations. And take out mercury of your mouth and other metals and stop wearing plastic clothings, because they are like an antenna.

  • EMF pains is what you get if you have for too much time, too much mercury or other radiation charching metals in your body and too much toxic from sick making bacteria as in lyme disease for example and too low serotonine/gaba. These are the conditions in wich emf pains can occur most of the times.

  • Mark,
    I respect your views of 5g and coronavirus. However from my experience and from talking to others there is no doubt in my mind that 5g is causation of covid-19. I got sick right at the start of the pandemic. March 2020. Dr. Tom Cowan , Dr. Andy Kaufman, and Dr. Stefan Lanka have great videos on bitchute.com. Please check them out. We are in a time of great genocide. Take care and be safe.


  • There have also been a couple of EMF studies on people who took the thing in 2021….I can feel them! Cross-over symptoms of EMF exposure – vertigo, feeling extremely sick, heart palpitations, not being able to string a coherent sentence together/brain fog, as well as others such as clotting. It’s completely turned my world upside down since then…not being able to get a job, use public transport or be in shops etc and feeling like I need to run away and live with a tribe…! Are there other people who have experienced this too? I would like to know if you know the frequency of these emissions? (I can feel mobile data and wifi and the computer, even hardwired ie via ethernet is making me very sick too – perhaps of similar frequency?). Funny you should mention calcium at the beginning – I have been lactose intolerant for years, so I hope one of your recommendations isn’t to drink milk lol. I have just ordered your books, thank you. Also – in Biodynamic Gardening, Maria Thun mentions that cow manure reduced levels of radiation in the soil to virtually 0, but reduced by 60% with three applications – funny how ‘they’ want the cows dead…Just sayin…!

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