By now, everyone who has been paying attention has realized that within our broken socio-political system, virtually every decision from top to bottom is based on money, corruption and greed. The 3-part presentation below, filmed in British Columbia in April 2016, will help us all see what's really going on at a deeper level.


The greenwash bait-and-switch: how deep does it go?

By now, everyone who has been paying attention has realized that within our broken socio-political system, virtually every decision from top to bottom is based on money, corruption and greed.

The 3-part presentation below, filmed in British Columbia in April 2016, will help us all see what’s really going on at a deeper level. I will uncover:

  • how the biggest shareholders in the most destructive (but profitable) companies are the very governments that set the rules so those companies don’t pay taxes, destroy whatever they can for money and violate our core human values,
  • how these entities are actually twisting our intentions of saving our planet into serving their own economic agendas, and to further their control / diminish our rights, and
  • how so-called ‘smart’ meters are a key tool for all of this — and why they’re still being deployed despite a ridiculous level of obvious problems.

Part 1: ‘Smart’ meter fires

Our starting point on this journey is the widespread problem of ‘smart’ meter fires – an important precursor for what follows. You will see forensically why they cause fires and explosions (thousands to date), then financially why the collateral damage they cause is considered to be “worth the risk.” Hint: ‘smart’ meters are a keystone in the Big Data pyramid…

Part 2: Big Data, Big Power, Big Government

The insane drive of Big Data is being propelled by the energy industry. Within the popular paradigm, all eyes are on Big Oil as the “bad guys” in an environmental context. Certainly they are not doing the planet any good. But by keeping us within this narrow focus without deeper thought, they have a nice distraction for the world’s largest energy companies to move in on their data/carbon/currency endgame.

Part 3: Pensions, Power, Politics and Climate

This is where the pieces will connect, and it will all simply make sense. The the biggest root of all evil is not money itself, but how the people behind these agendas are after our money (and support of their agendas) for their insane ends.

So the next time you hear a politician talk about “climate”, you will have the keys to see how this all connects. And you will realize on this issue, like virtually everything else, they are probably lying.

“One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.  Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth…”
-IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer, in November 2010 (link)

“No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”
-Christine Stewart, frmr Canadian Minister of Environment, Calgary Herald, 14 Dec 1998

Further reading after watching the videos:

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  • Hi! Two of the videos here are not available. Is it possible to upload them again? If YouTube has censored them, perhaps you could link them to another site. Thanks for all that you do!

    • Hi Marie, unfortunately Brian (the speaker) pulled those videos from his YouTube account, along with his BC Freedom site. This is highly regrettable.

      • You know why Brian pulled all his videos and the website? Because he was trying to deceive people.

        He used his mailing list to market a power ‘cleaning’ device to people.

        Be aware that he is using the bc-freedom mailing list to shill for Terry Stotyn, trying to promote dirty power filters from Cratus Canada.
        > What Brian neglects to mention is that Brian himself is a salesman for Cratus.


        Of course Brian also removed his Linkedin that showed this. I still have the screenshot.

        • Hi ‘saner’ place. Do remember you from your constant trolling before when I was more involved in this movement. After 5 years of not hearing from you, I can see nothing has changed, and that is ok, we’re all on our own journey. I’ve not made 1 single cent on ‘shilling’ power filters or any other device from my ‘list’ (which I also have not emailed for somewhere between 3-5 years, I cannot remember as it has been so far away from what I do now) If I wanted to ‘hide’ that I was involved with Cratus in any way… why would I allow my name on their site? The videos I made from scratch, because of their content and truth brought a lot of trust to me in this community and is how I met great people like Josh (and unfortunately came to know people like you exist) why wouldn’t I leave up ALL my videos, Social Media and Linkedin in account in order to ‘shill’ more products? Right, it makes no sense. As sent to you personally… you have no idea what I went through in my life and what I lost from doing this effort. I stopped because? Of that, and sadly it was people like you who made it just not worth it for me at that time in my life and up until now and who knows longer if ever again I get back into activism. What I do know is am proud to get people information on this product. All I know is the thanks I have received from people who had 1 or more health issues that either disappeared or were brought to a level of comfort that was manageable for them, their spouse a family member, daughter… whatever. So it is that none of what you could say can make that disappear even of how negative I know you can be. There are things I cannot represent, garbage products and lies. In the time I spent in the movement I had dozens of people approach me with this that or the other product, trying to set up some sort of pay structure or adhere to existing. I denied all but this product. Why? I spent years verifying if it actually works, is what they say it is, going over data, asking questions, some times over and over just to see if the answer or result would be different. We were all immersed in a lie on one side that built a movement on the other. In one way, you are right, naturally when some sort of movement gets going, people will try to exploit things for monetary gain. I saw it first hand with all the people that approached me. I also saw it first hand with other ‘groups’ that instead of wanting to work together, attacked myself and others to funnel ‘followers’ and therefor money to them.
          I think I sent 2-3 emails (perhaps less) on this product AFTER doing all that research on it to allow people to know it does even exist. As far as my personal mailing list it must be 3-4 years since I have email blasted them. BC Freedom site has not been up for a couple years because I had to focus on life and not paying for the site. Linkedin account, if you have pictures, please send them to me… I’d like to look at them just for my sake. I got rid of (or never went back on) that site because I didn’t see value and I forgot the password. It is so interesting your theory that someone would do better ‘shilling’ a product by hiding and deleting all their content? This goes against all common ‘rules’ of commerce in the 20th century, internet age etc. It’s real simple… I went in another direction, had some life events, got some different jobs and am doing different things. Would I recommend a Surge Suppression unit to someone from Cratus? Absolutely, I will not be ashamed to put my name onto something that works, that I own and produces the results that it does. Can’t help if you now (like you did since when I first me you when starting the meter work) think everyone in the movement has some scam or scheme going on. It is such an interesting dynamic as well that people so often feel as if people doing things like Josh or myself do/did that someone that money from doing work should be ‘forbidden’ or is somehow ‘not pure enough’ yet this is the very reason why most don’t get involved in things like this since they cannot afford the time, nor the money. This is also the reason why many get involved them quit. The time and money loss is too much for them and their family and as much as they would love to move forward, mathematically, emotionally, spiritually they simply can’t. To Marie, this is the true answer. This is also why I have so much respect for Josh to keep things going and for finally after all this time and hardship (and good things) try to find a way to monetize some things to keep his efforts going. Work, internet connections, electricity and all else have costs associated with them. None of this stuff is free and the cost to attain freedom is great, but achievable. It requires an open mind, not assuming anyone trying to help people (like sanerplace) is trying some scam or scheme. If you focused on the scam that is the meters vs everyone trying to help you with them, you might find it a better direction of energy. I’ve had many ask to put videos back up and that just isn’t going to be a step I take at this time, maybe in the future, but I don’t know. I met so many great people along the way and learned so many skills as well that I am grateful for the experience it just isn’t going to be something I get into more… not because I am ‘shilling’ anything it’s just where I am at with my life.

          Take care,


          • If you want to educate and inform people don’t let some little hater like saner affect ya, keep doing it brotha! the T-money I knew could care less of anyones statements or views!

        • The evidence from many other bona fide sources is unequivocal, smart meters are fire dangers and just another racket to extract more profits from the people. You ‘saner’ are nothing but a reprehensible liar and you would be better named ‘insaner’

          That you refuse to put your own name to this fake allegation tells all. You are a shameless shill who no doubt is extracting money from the scam of smart meters.

        • Thanks for posting and you have my personal email so if you have a screenshot of my linkedin profile pic, please send as it will bring back memories for me, especially if I don’t have that pic on a drive somewhere. You likely still know a bunch of people on 1 of the 2 lists I have, maybe ask them last time I did an email to either one of them ‘shilling’ anything or emailing even a hello. As said must be at least 3 years at this point now. Usually people marketing (or as you say) shilling a product would do this…I have not nor do I intend to any time soon.

          Take care!

  • Well done Brian – excellent work you are doing. I have just viewed your website and the 18min video titled, “MONEY TALKS: Part 1 – Smart Meter Fires” – thank you very much for that.

    I reside in New Zealand. My power company arrived one day a few years back and installed smart meter. I was not notified nor was I given any choice to remain with old electromechanical meter and had they given me the choice then I would have remained with the old meter because I had read about issues overseas and was never keen on having a smart meter installed.

    Today I received email from my power company Meridian Energy. The subject heading of email was “Please check your details” and I had to scroll down before reaching the subject warning about smart meters as follows:

    Electrical meter safety warning

    We want to keep you and your family safe around electricity. If your meter is smoking, has a burning smell or catches fire, call 111 and ask for the Fire Service. Do not attempt to put an electrical fire out.

    If you’re concerned about your meter for any reason do not touch it. Instead give us a call urgently on 0800 496 496 (option 1) and we’ll organise an urgent visit.

    My further comment as follows:

    I learned a few years after smart meter had been installed that it was optional and that if I insist that I can have it removed but at a cost of about NZD$150 to $200.

    I just phoned Meridian Energy and detailed my concerns to the call center operator and said that given Meridian has in the email they sent out to their customers recognized that there is a problem with smart meters causing fires, I think it is incumbent on them to replace the smart meters with safe electromechanical meters.

    Call centre operator stated that the meter is owned by another company and they have no right to replace it – Smart Co Ltd owns the meter and no doubt gets a nice rental payment from Meridian every month for leasing the meter to them. This is just another way that they manage to shuffle responsibility and extract more profit from middleman layers of operations and ownership.

    Call center operator said she would notify her superiors and have them listen to playback of my call and she will get back to me by email.

    For the record New Zealand has relatively small population of just over 5 million and since they began gathering data on smart meter fires in 2006 there have been 576 smart meter fires in the country. Those statistics are published by Stop Smart Meters in New Zealand


    I will be taking action to get remedy for this and try my best to encourage people to demand replacement of their smart meters given the acknowledged danger. As I stated to the Meridian call center operator if only 1 person were to die by fire due to smart meter failure then the risk of keeping the smart meters in place is too great and all of them should be replaced with the much safer electromechanical meters.

    Thanks again for the wonderful work you do.

    All the best

    Allan Mountain
    New Zealand

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