Update – 3 January 2013:
Scroll down to see an important update for people who have received a reply from BC Hydro AFTER you have sent the initial document.

We’re asking that this be circulated widely, for the benefit of all.

no smart meters
Stand ground. Use template. Share.

I’m going to share with you some powerful new documentation that will allow you – and everyone you know – to assert the choice not to be smart meter’d.

This template is applicable to everyone, everywhere, who does not want a smart meter.  Because this original template was drafted to freely be used by everyone in British Columbia, it is especially key that it reach the email inbox of everyone in BC – including the 1000’s who do not have a smart meter, and want to keep it that way.

Four documents are linked below: 2 guides, 1 template letter and 1 new poster. They can be customized for your utility and the applicable laws in your region or state. Anyone can customize, filled out, and mail in to your utility.

The background:

See the source posting, and other very helpful information, here:

The documents:

Inspiration: in order for these documents to work for you, you need to use them!

The Summary:

The simple statement “I do not consent” is highly effective… ESPECIALLY when:
1) you demonstrate, in writing, comprehension of the legal system, both its foundation and specific legislation; and
2) you demonstrate, in writing, understanding of your unalienable rights… and you stick to them.

As these new documents help you achieve this, you’re now beginning to dictate terms to your utility, and forcefully informing them of your choice not to be part of the smart metering program.  This is a process of taking back your power, which we are unfolding together.

I’ve confirmed with several experts on law, that after sending in these documents, if your utility installs a smart meter anyways (it is highly improbable that they will), YOU WILL NOW HAVE PUT THEM IN A VERY DIFFICULT POSITION, WHICH YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF.

Were this to happen, either contact us at Take Back Your Power, or Brian, and we can help you get connected with someone that can assist you to take full advantage of your position.

Even reading these documents will help to facilitate an empowering new understanding, of the way things are structured in commerce and in society in general.

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finally, note that while these documents will help you prevent a meter install, there are several groups working on documentation that will help anyone get a smart meter removed.  We will be posting this development as it becomes available, and you will be able to discuss it in our new online Forum, which is in the wings.  Info to be sent to all subscribers – subscribe freely on our website.


There is now available a ‘reply’ document template for people who have received a reply from Hydro AFTER they sent ONLY the above document.

See: http://bcfreedom.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/phase-2-documents-to-help-prevent-smart-meter-installations-in-bc/


We’d like any questions to be posted either on this page… or alternatively, on Brian’s blog.  Our website forums are coming soon.

Remember, do not pay any extortive opt-out fees (EVER),
…STAND your ground,
…STATE your claim,
…SHARE these tools with everyone you know, and
…ENVISION the new earth that we – by following what we know to be true – are creating together.

Josh del Sol
Director, Take Back Your Power
Subscribe: www.takebackyourpower.net

  • Thank-you for this info and the pdf’s. I am going to do my utmost to avoid having one installed after reeling in shock once receiving a letter of intention by Contact Energy NZ to have them installed throughout NZ by 2015. They want one installed where I live Oct 2013. Im gutted.. is an understatement.. so between your website and http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz I shall do my best… and it better be bloody good enough. I will immediately padlock my powerbox, and send the registered letters off this week. Thank-you so much for your support, so very much appreciated, as I did feel so dis-empowered after receiving notification.. but not now, you have enabled me to take back my power.

    • Hi NZmozzeegirl
      I also live in New Zealand and would like to prevent a smartmeter install.
      Since you wrote your comment a year ago, I’m very much interested to your experiences in your attempts to prevent a smartmeter install.

  • Since you link to bc-freedom, and give the following advice,

    “Remember, do not pay any extortive opt-out fees (EVER)”

    Have you asked Brian (bc-freedom) if he is paying the fee at the moment? What about all those who followed his instructions? What about those who have been disconnected?


    If you make a claim or instruct, and it is false or misleading, maybe updating the fact for those following might be the decent thing to do…….seeing how none of this is actually working.

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