Last week, EMP Task Force Deputy Director Cynthia Ayers lambasted "smart" meters as having an wide array of critical problems regarding security, fires and explosions. Her hard-hitting testimony opened a Michigan Energy Policy Committee meeting to review a House bill proposing a free opt-out to an analog meter, for utility customers throughout Michigan.

Her hard-hitting testimony opened a Michigan Energy Policy Committee meeting to review a House bill proposing a free opt-out to an analog meter, for utility customers throughout Michigan.


  • 3:15-16:00 Cynthia Ayers testifying by video – EMP task force on grid safety with questions
  • 16:38-25:32 Senator Colbrook – must watch to understand EMP etc
  • 25:32-57:11 Consumer’s Energy in opposition to the bill
  • Rep Kivela compares opt out meter to typewriter and feels other ratepayers are covering the paying the price
  • 58:00 Retired Commissioner Dan Mcgillveray – false readings….pays opt out fee
  • Rep questions source of wikipedia (while they relied on tobacco scientist?)
  • 1:04:38 David Lonier- EHS
  • 1:08 James Taylor to defend water meters as not smart meters…..they have removed water meters from the bill
  • 1:12 Michele Rison cost, privacy, data tracking, summarizes other states
  • 1:19-1:26 William Bathgate, certified Electrical Engineer, on ‘smart’ meter problems

House Bill 4220 has bipartisan support, with Chairman Gary Glenn as primary. The interests of utility customers and those of industry seem inevitably set on a collision course.

Ms. Ayers is a former NSA employee of almost 40 years, during which time she spent a couple of years at CIA headquarters working in counter-terrorism, followed by almost nine years at the US Army War College teaching senior officers sub-warfare and military applications of artificial intelligence. Since retiring in 2011, she’s become more involved in critical infrastructure issues. In addition, she’s a consultant for the US Army War College, working on electives for cyber warfare.

Her compelling testimony focused on the strong potential for catastrophic cyber attack to the nation’s electrical grid due to the deployment of ‘smart’ meter technology. Since we, as a nation, depend on this network system for electricity to support our everyday life, her insights were invaluable.

Quotes from Ms. Ayers follow.


“The so-called ‘smart’ meters are essentially digital back doors. Hackers are seeking to deploy all avenues of entry into the grid to disrupt, degrade and destroy computers – anything that’s attached to the Internet.”

They can tell when people are home, who is there, where they are in the home and sometimes even can tell what people are up to…. Anyone who’s worked counter or anti-terrorism issues can immediately see the implications of that issue. The severity of this can involve any sort of ubiquitous usage of IoT and Smart Grid technology. It can, with a coordinated effort against a country’s leadership, provide access to families within their own homes to the extent where, unfortunately, representatives of nation states or terrorists could use targeted technology for assassinations or kidnappings.


Ms. Ayers confirmed that there are no surge protectors in smart meters like those found in analog meters. She said that this is a particularly critical issue during heavy hits to the system.

[Mass outage issues may arise] “when heavy surges occur – bigger than normal daily surges – from events like an attack against our nation, such as a high-altitude nuclear explosion, or from more natural cases such as storms like solar flares, coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun.”

When asked about whether surge protectors were going to be put in place, she responded:

“There is some technology that can handle it, but it’s not deployed and certainly not deployed with ‘smart’ meters.

She used the example of a solar storm like the worst one on record, the 1859 Carrington Event  to explain that were an event like that to occur today, it would have taken down electric grids all over the world and resulted in a massive number of fires:

“The more smart meters that are installed, the more likely the event of more fires in the event of either one of these occurrences.”

“The 2008 EMP Congressional Commissions Report stated that firestorms are considered a real possibility, especially in times of drought. The electric grid is our center of gravity. It is the center of all power and movement on which all life depends. It’s the source of our strength. An attack on our center of gravity is intentional. It’s meant to take the enemy out completely, instantaneously and long-term, if possible. Being without the grid for any length of time would mean no water, food, transportation, social order and ultimately, death.”

We think it’s particularly significant that when a legislator asked, “Can analog meters be hacked?”, she responded, “No, not to my knowledge.”

A few questions were taken from legislators, including one asking if she was including laptops and cell phones as also being vulnerable to back-door entry for cyber attack. Ms. Ayers said that it would depend what they’re hooked up to, but confirmed that there would need to be a ‘smart’ meter to provide access to the grid.

So, what are your thoughts after considering this compelling testimony? I don’t know about you, but personally I’d rather believe it was all just a synopsis of a hypothetical screenplay – a Tom Clancyesque, technically detailed story of espionage & military science.

There are many positive indications that the ‘smart’ meter agenda will be stopped and reversed. It is simply harmful, dangerous and unlawful technology — and people are catching on.

We call on people in every state, province and nation to continue to oppose the deployment of ‘smart’ utility meters, and share the film Take Back Your Power and other resources to spread awareness and empowerment.

Former NSA Confirms: ‘No Surge Protection, Smart Meters God Send for Hackers’ (March 12, 2017)
Expert Testimony on Smart Meters/Grid: “Retain analog systems to the extent possible.” by Smart Grid Awareness (March 12, 2017)


  • And what about the biggest risk? Microwave electromagnetic radiation emitted from these “SMART” meters as they communicate wirelessly making the population sick? Contributing to a whole host of chronic diseases like cancer by inducing oxidative stress in living cells they penetrate!

  • Absolutely, Pri! — I believe the reason the health risks weren’t mentioned in this particular set of testimony is that it was during a hearing on MI smart meters. The health issues don’t carry as much weight in those proceedings because they affect people differently. The huge issues like hackability and fires and being uninsurable seem to get their attention. It’s ALL important. Thank you for stopping by and contributing – much appreciated!

  • Yes the health issues is important but I can see where they don’t bear as much weight. Thoughs of us who almost died, literally, from the digital “opt out” meter, the health issues is so important. I understand the privacy, fires and hacking would be important to get a bill through to help those of us who lives depend upon getting an analog mechanical electric meter. Thank you for your comments.
    Jaime Chimner

    • Apologize for delay in response – hadn’t realized that your comment was here…
      I think that a reason why health risks aren’t given as much weight is that we are all affected differently depending on so many factors (age, overall health, level of exposure, other conditions, etc.).

      However, with the Liability Action process that operates on a higher jurisdiction than traditional court system – in the level of commerce, the individuals who are directly responsible for causing us harm like with “smart” meters are held personally accountable/liable.

      I’d like to refer you to our website at where the process is explained in Episode 1 and in Episode 2, the Notice of Liability documentation is thoroughly covered. I hope you will find it interesting and enlightening!

  • Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Jaime. Sorry to hear about your own health challenges with this technology. You are correct that the health issues don’t bear much weight at least when it comes to standing up against this sinister program in court. As I understand it, the Telecom Act of 1996, mostly written by lobbyists, has seen fit to dilute the strength of the many health impacts resulting from pulsed, microwave radiation emitting from these surveillance devices. Another reason is that this radiation affects people differently depending on their age, whether they are pregnant, have medical implanted devices, etc… Therefore, we encourage folks to share credible information dealing with the risks of explosions and fires and liability issues associated with these. Again, thank you for caring and commenting and doing your part to raise awareness.

  • I am a resident of Portland ,Tn , we did all we knew to do to get the electric company to give us our analog back.CEMC Mine and my husband’s health has declined seriously espically myself. We asked for our analog back and the “higher ups ” of CEMC wouldn’t bulge . We need Input from someone who can talk sense into these people . The extreme we’ve had to go to is draining us.The removing of the “smart meter is making a positive difference our health. Please someone stop these folks from taking our rights from us. Look at Michigan House Energy Committee03-07-2017 with Rep.Beth Griffin District66 Michigan House of Representives . Please

  • Why is no one saying that 50% of the cost of installing these smart meters across America has been paid for by the US Gov’t? We have paid for these damn things with ourt tax money! Obama shoved this crap through.

  • Hi, Vicki –

    That’s right, every single individual whos paying any sort of taxes is aiding and abetting a criminal Government Agencies, so yes you are right, those who have paid into this tax fraud have paid into our own demise without our consent.

    Diane – I’m glad that A G reached out to you. — Here’s link to article by Dr. Mercola where you will be able to view Take Back Your Power 2017 as she suggested –

    Also, please watch Episodes 1 and 2 through our website – to learn about the Liability Action process. — I hope that this helps!

  • Help my hair is falling out! I have severe headaches and the ringing in my ears are driving me crazy! They put a smart meter on my home 2 weeks ago. I didnt know it until today. Now I know why Im getting sick! How can I get help in Goose Creek SC? I want to help people..I want to get the word out!! Please let me know what I can do from here. In slowly going crazy from the EMP radiation!! Myneighbors said they came in the midde of the night and changed her meter..then it dawned on me why im sick.

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