A personal note, significant 2014 Edition launch news, and special offer from Josh del Sol, creator of the award-winning film Take Back Your Power.
by Josh del Sol, producer & director, Take Back Your Power

Josh del SolDear Take Back Your Power subscribers,

It may be that collectively, the most important work of our lives is to complete the transition out of the centralized control agenda. And to bring forward solutions that benefit people, preserve rights and protect health.

This spring brought me back to the editing room and behind a camera adding information about emergent solutions, and tightening up the film while integrating new footage.

Our result: a more concise, impactful film (perfect for screening to all ‘mainstream’ audiences, everyone you’ve been reaching out to), 100+ minutes of bonus material, and French, Spanish and English subtitles.

The new version officially launches TODAY. Whew! And for now, you can choose your own price to view and download it online.


Now set up as choose-your-price. We have a new streaming host, and PayPal or Vimeo accounts no longer required! Includes 8 Extra Scenes. Instantly stream, download or gift the 2014 Edition:


Since most of our subscribers have seen the original edition, to celebrate the 2014 Edition launch we decided to offer you very special coupon codes. Buy the DVD in July and get $7 off (35% discount) all single DVDs, and an additional 7% off bulk DVD orders of 10, 30 or 100.

Use & share these codes:
COUPON 1: $7 off single DVDs – expired
COUPON 2: add’l 7% off bulk prices – expired


I will be at two 2014 Edition screenings this week, speaking on solutions-oriented panels. Come if you can!
EUGENE, OR – Wed July 23 @ 6:30pm. Flyer: http://bit.ly/1qqBx73
PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO – Thu July 24 @ 6:30pm. Flyer: http://bit.ly/1n4TpjU

* * *

Take Back Your Power: Investigating the "Smart" Grid (2014 Edition)It’s time to increase the reach of our message and reach critical mass. Most people still don’t know. Let’s do this together.

Check out the final cut and be sure to invite others or gift it through the website. Make a big impact with a screening, or by doing a public official blanketing campaign with the DVD – notifying them of the facts for which they will be held accountable and liable.

Thank you for co-creating a better world with me. And remember, love and truth always win.

In solidarity,

Josh del Sol
Producer & director,
Take Back Your Power

PS. Early responses to the 2014 Edition have been super encouraging, e.g.:

“Last night we hosted a TBYP 2014 Edition screening here at Harbin. It was the new movie — and I must say that it was spectacular. The flow was engaging and the film was clear and clean. Everyone was glued to the screen the whole way through and it did not seem overwhelming to most (as other screenings have). There was an excellent mix of humor, shock, disgust and calls to action throughout.

The message is even more clear and succinct (without losing anything from the previous version). This is much needed for such a complex issue. I feel this is now a film that will be in many film festivals and could go viral. It will help us reach a more mainstream audience, which is what is needed for our movement to have success.”

-Jeromy Johnson, Environmental Engineer (http://www.emfanalysis.com), on hosting the first screening of the final cut.