Until we resolve and heal the root effects of having been systematically demoralized, even forces for good will be trapped to behave in cowardly and self-sabotaging ways… and make excuses for it.

When we do not speak and act what we feel is true, but rather submit to do what we feel / know is out of alignment, we self-betray, diminish our alignment with natural law and thus experience a loss of energy.

Watch the video at the top for a precise explanation of how we’ve been systematically demoralized, from a former KGB agent-turned-whistleblower. (source)

Though, what this video doesn’t include is how the dark veil of mind control is being powered by a fuel source comprised of the soul-energy and blood of millions of abused and sacrificed children and fetuses. The dark ones (and the humans who have lost so much soul from “hating the truth” that they have become possessed to a lesser/greater extent) have only ONE AGENDA, with different arms. (And yes, the wireless sub-agenda is part of it. I have mentioned teslaphoresis before; a coming phase of my work will come back to include awareness & solution in this area.)

The dark stair of awareness.

For connecting dots, remember, Epstein was so close with Gates that Epstein asked Gates to be his executor! And as many are now aware, the globalist plan includes injecting us all with not just tracking technology and rna-modifying code, but also with the physical material of those sacrificed — since even aborted human embryonic substance has been included in ‘vaccines’ for some time already, according to top industry executives’ own admissions, e.g. in interviews, vaccine labels, etc.

Thus those regular humans who “hate the truth” — or even just those whom are still resistant to let go of mainstream paradigm — are roped into participation in a satanic ritual and its soul-misaligning effects in their bodies.

Historically, wherever statism — whether it be communism, fascism, technocracy or some hybrid — goes really big on this planet, millions of humans are sacrificed; their energy put into the controlling construct. Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia both fueled their statist movements and power with the sacrificial deaths of millions; and there are many more examples.

In practicing the most extreme of violations, the dark arts harvest energy. The dark ones have become so disconnected from Source & natural law that they have to harvest in order to survive. The model of adrenochrome-addiction manifests in myriad ways.

The realization of this reality is, in a word, overwhelming. Taking a deep breath, we then remember that it’s nothing new.

Sacrifices to dark entities (in order to gain power) have been going on for thousands of years. For example, in Chapter 3 of the book of 2 Kings in the Bible, the Israelites were defeated when the king of Moab (who was badly losing the battle vs Israel) publicly sacrificed his own son to their god Chemosh, on the city wall. This turned the tide and defeated even the “chosen people.”

“26 When the king of Moab saw that the battle was too fierce for him, he took with him seven hundred swordsmen to break through to the king of Edom, but they could not prevail.

27 So he took his firstborn son, who was to succeed him, and offered him as a burnt offering [to the Moabite god Chemosh] on the city wall. And there was great fury against the Israelites, so they withdrew and returned to their own land.”

Mesha sacrificed his son to Chemosh, invoking evil and demoralizing the Israelites.

On the spiritual level, this ritual sacrifice transferred energy to the entity ‘Chemosh’.

On the mind level, witnessing the depravity of this sacrifice demoralized the Israelites.

So pedophilia, trafficking and ritual sacrifice directly fuel today’s mind control and enslavement agenda. I’m convinced that the greatest single reason 80+% of the world is still hypnotized right now is the satanically-harvested energy from sacrificed children and babies (plus our demoralization from learning that something this profoundly evil is actually occurring; coupled with the resultant feeling of perceived helplessness).

Thus we are confronted with the problem of psychopathic evil, and its actual power in our world. The situation is indeed beyond awful. And it is indeed utterly demoralizing. And at this point, I will admit that my faith in the idea of a benevolent, sovereign “God” has been shaken.

Nonetheless, I realize that the power of CHOICE is within me; to choose to live in a space of trust in benevolence and love; and its Source. Even in the down-moments, when I cannot feel it, I choose to retain the thread of it.

Living from this radical, stubborn choice — despite feelings of abandonment by the ‘good’ and ‘trustable’ we thought we knew —is probably our only chance of a future for mankind, and ourselves as souls. If we permanently give up, thinking that the forces of evil are too great for us to possibly contend with, then since we are free-will beings, that would become a self-fulfilling prophecy for us individually; and depending on numbers and spiritual “votes”, mankind may then indeed succumb to demoralization and lose everything.

Without that active choice, unless I am missing something, it seems that at this point either total loss or the small remnant scenario is eminently possible. Though maybe I just need to listen to more ACIM, haha ;-).

We must somehow tap into the Tao of Sam Gamgee, who at the end of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers film, pulls Frodo from the brink of desecration:

FRODO: “I can’t do this, Sam.”

SAM: “I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened?

But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.”

FRODO: “What are we holding onto, Sam?”

SAM: “That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.”

Sam’s speech at the end of Two Towers is more relevant than ever.

Somehow, we must find a way to access and grow a loving power within, even in the midst of the revelation of unspeakable evil. When our human self is not capable, perhaps there’s a simple prayer we each have in our hearts, meant just for us in these times.

“When your heart… is not able,
Your prayers… they’re not fables.
Let Me show you… how much I care.”

-Brandon Flowers / The Killers, “My List” – Sam’s Town
(Speaking of Samwise: Sam’s Town gets my nod for best album of the 2000’s.)

In my experience, an intention to live from this Choice will indeed pull one into an experience of healing trauma at the core-level. Shit is gonna get existential. But I won’t get too deep into this aspect here.

Recommended: Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series

And speaking of LoTR-level epics, Brandon Sanderson’s brilliant Stormlight Archive series guides us to see that when we live with commitment for something greater than ourselves, the Light can move through us and bend reality. In his 4-novel series, a prerequisite for becoming such a “Radiant” is speaking and living the oath of the First Ideal:

Life before death.
Strength before weakness.
Journey before destination.

Facing impending worldwide death by an overwhelming evil, those that speak and live the ideals are imbued with the power and abilities necessary to engage the battle for Life. There are five Ideals in total. Here’s the 2nd… and I will then let you discover the rest on your own:

SECOND IDEAL [by type]:
“I will protect those who cannot protect themselves.” [Windrunners]

“I will put the law before all else.” [Skybreakers]

“I will remember those who have been forgotten.” [Edgedancers]

“I will seek freedom for those who are in bondage.” [Willshapers]

“I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together.” [Bondsmiths] -Brandon Sanderson, Stormlight Archives novel series

As we awaken and become disillusioned, we must comprehend the shock of grand evil, but not get trapped in it, but rather move forward to the “good” timeline that wants to come into manifestation — which is backed by at least as much force, if not more… even when we can’t see it.

So, tap in. Get involved in root-level solutions like what InPower is doing (they have just completed a 6-year process of development); and/or go deep within and prayerfully invoke solutions into being in your own life.

If in our world there is more than just “survival of the fittest” — if there is indeed a benevolent, omniscient Source of love and grace — then let it manifest now in our hearts, minds and bodies. We need it. Let us somehow be re-moralized, from the inside out, reborn into a truer form.

How do you see it? How can we best resolve and heal the effects from systemic demoralization? Comments welcome — scroll down to post.

Featured image by Drew Rae

  • I have always liked Josh del Sol and appreciated his work to stop Smart Meters and EMF’s / 5G, I wish him success going forward.

  • Yea I agree, with all these demons working with “satan” and the MAMMON AND MOLOCH WORSHIPPERS and all the TRANS AND LBQT GAYS attacking us , I was a sort of atheist, found 23 years ago through the help of the HOLY SPIRIT, I was ELECTRYCUTED DURING MY WORK AND RESCUED with out human help WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, that the LORD JESUS is the answer.
    I know tooo many people do not find this truth because they cannot “see” they need physical experience like I had but even if I explain/ tell them they do not understand. Look I have nothing against what you do, and if what you do will help someone to find the THRUTH the LORD works with HIS means even through you.
    GOD bless


  • Josh – a profound assessment of the times with a clear of reflection of humanity’s problems, yet a gentle leaning towards the obvious answer – God, our Loving Creator, and His Son, Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Thanks for the post. I agree that the threads of His Hope is often hard to see, but know that even in these tattered garments of our present reality, how truly all would fall apart were God not both near and present by His Spirit. It’s why now, our choice to believe in Him by trusting Christ and His righteousness, is more important than ever. While believing, we will trust, obey, and live the love that is within us, from the the love that God has for us. The struggle is evidence of everyone’s freedom to choose; our yearning for deliverance is evidence of Christ’s imminent return. Thanks and blessings!

  • thank you for the topic.. if I can be permitted to offer feedback about symbols, you need to change your logo which is a reference to lucifer, satan.. the ss had the two lightening bolts..

  • Wow. Thanks for insights. I first learned of you, Josh, with the Smart Meter mess. I’m now in vulnerable spot as a youngish, aware senior who needs p-t income. I never achieved moving to WA from lower consciousness Central Valley CA–my journey path.

    Anyhow, a couple of years into the Covid fiasco, I realized I /we were facing what I had learned to dis-acknowledge with New Thought teaching and mystical experience was “Evil.” I hadn’t followed the Devil /adversary belief. Focused on positive. Good!.

    Believing All Is One, I have sought to reconcile obvious soul-less beings ( or non Beings) on a micro-scale – the Narcissistic Personality Disorder person committing elder/soul abuse on friend/employer attorney recently compared with macro scale NPD/ sociopath/ Evil of such as Gates/ FAUCI/ Klaus Schwab, governors of CA, WA, Trudeau, et all! Why me, Lord? Why now when I’m a senior?

    And the music/flesh video I didn’t get at first, thinking why is my intelligent Josh serving up a typical lovey dovey music video?! Half way through I got tears in eyes and immersed self in the freeing artful flowing Union of male/female energies.

    The Bible says somewhere: “My grace is sufficient unto thee.”
    And the famous: “get thee behind me.”

    If you know anyone who needs p-time remote assistant who writes and promotes, I’d be grateful for your sharing my name.

    Strength for the journey for you and family.

  • Beautiful, Josh. But you mist realize the ‘dark agenda evil ones’ are reptilians without a connection to Source. They have been removed from the Earth plane, along with Satan & Lucifer, the heavens are now open & there is no longer any separation between us & our God/Source energy. We are all the benevolent expression of Source in infinite love!

  • When you look at the state of the world, it IS very Satanic & hence demoralizing, as you’ve stated. What helps me maintain a healthy emotional balance is knowing that the future has already been foretold in the Bible to be a wonderful one. In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus prayed to his heavenly Father & said, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Psalm 37: 20-11 states. “Just a little while longer, & the wicked will be no more. You will look at where they were, & they will not be there. But the meek will possess the earth, & they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” Our heavenly Father & his Son Jesus will not be too late. They will not let us down.

    • Invoking God’s Will onto earth “as it is in heaven” means bringing the understanding of Natural Law into physical manifestation which is our responsibility and duty as beings made in the image of God. The way to serve God and uphold his will is to BE like Jeshua, not idly wait for his physical return – that is an childishly simplistic interpretation of a profoundly deep spiritual metaphor. The second coming of Christ is the realisation that Christ is the divine consciousness within each and every one of us, famously embodied by the great teacher and mystic known as “Jeshua.”

  • Demoralization and lies, hiding the truth about our reality is all the enemy has in truth, no weapon formed against us will be permitted to prosper. It seems you’re going through the various stages of depression that all rational people go through when they finally realize the war being waged against us, and that the rosy future we imagined we’d enjoy will not be a reality in this mortal life. It takes a while to work through that, but some of the greatest personal growth springs from the hardest tests. The level of evil is so great it wears the mind down for a while,
    but little by little we realize that enemy we thought so fierce is a bunch of desperate demons. They’ve sealed their fate, facing their permanent death, not just a death of the flesh body they inhabit, when our King deals with them upon judgment.

    We must be reminded that we shape our reality with our words, intentions and acts. We are powerful beings, made in God’s image, with the power to create and the ability to commune with Him through thought, the ability to speak into existence that which we want to materialize. We can control the outcome if we’ve reached a level of spirituality that allows us to relax, trust The Father and do His work daily. We should “love not our lives unto death,” but ready ourselves to be a soldier in His Army in these last days.

    • Nora, it’ll be a day of rejoicing and thanksgiving when our King judges the wicked to be deserving of everlasting death! In the meantime, do you believe that being a soldier in God’s army is a spiritual battle we’re all involved in & not a fleshly or physical battle?

  • We are much more than we know, of diving original and totally capable of overcoming this deception. Thanks for such a great piece of writing (and quoting) it has lifted my spirits again.

  • Dear Josh, I so appreciate your caring heart and all you have been doing for humanity. So much to say. . but plz be encouraged. I have studied many religions and philosophies. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only reasonable and proven belief that describes our world as we see it. Our short life time cannot be compared to Eternal Life. . .which is what everyone seems to want. “In hope of eternal life which God, Who cannot lie, promised before time began.” Titus 1:2. I’ve heard such talk as, If God has all power, Why doesn’t He DO something about all this! He has and He will. Revelation is one of the more difficult scriptures to understand but PLZ read Rev. chapters 19-22. WOW No one is going to get away with anything. God is the judge. HE alone will take care of it all. We can only do so much. As to the earlier question. . .God Loves us but love demands choice. He can’t MAKE us want Him or make us do right. God the Son demonstrated His love for us by coming in humiliation as a man and suffering inconceivable torture, not just by dying, but by taking the sin of all humans off all time into His pure Holy Self to pay the penalty for all the evil mankind has done. And now we all have extended to us the mercy, grace and reconciliation with our Creator. i.e. Salvation.
    Many know John 3:16, but verses 17-19 are also important. The Gospel is not “a”
    truth, but THE TRUTH. Andd “His TRUTH endures to ALL generations” In this age where everyone has their own truth . .. how has that been working out for us?
    With great respect and gratitude .. . . Rene

  • Josh, thank you for your thoughtful reflection! As someone who grew up in the USSR, I always wondered if I’d be a dissident in that collectivist system if I were older. For a kid in the 1980s, everything seemed pretty ordinary. I considered myself fortunate to be born in the country of the ‘un-oppressed proletariat’. Thanks to CV-19, I have my affirmative answer; I would certainly be a dissident/free-thinker/troublemaker.
    I sometimes refer to the most recent ‘new normal’ as ‘USSR 2.0’, although it is probably closer to Biblical Revelation. We are, indeed, in a spiritual battle, which is why the expansion of consciousness and personal inner trauma transmutation is essential. In the end, the heart-centered way is the only way. Re-moralizing is possible by restoring connection with our timeless inner core and the Source connection/Christ Consciousness/God. The paradox of true sovereignty is in restoring faith and surrender while remaining lucid.
    Thanks again for speaking up on things that matter!

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