On August 20, Oncor Electric (Texas) confirmed before the Public Utility Commission of Texas, that each smart meter collector transmits and covers an area of 125 square miles.  This equals a whopping 80,000 acres.

“The area of transmittal between wireless tower antennas and smart meter routers varies substantially based on geography and customer density. On average, the area for routers on Oncor’s system is approximately 5 square miles, and on average, the area for collectors on Oncor’s system is approximately 125 square miles.”

-Oncor Energy Delivery Company, 20 August 2012

The signal strength required for this coverage is considerably in excess of the previous general understanding of collector signal strength.  As such, these findings are of serious concern with respect to the health of the general public.

Get in touch with your local government officials and media, and make them aware of important facts such as this.  Utilities do not have a right to force a smart meter on your home (no matter what they will tell you), and they do not have the right to force the smart grid on the public at large.

See original documentation (disclosure on page 9):