The community of Dartington, UK, set an example in caring for the health and safety of their young ones. This is also happening in Australia (see here) and elsewhere. We join the call for parents and teachers everywhere to organize and protect the children. -TBYP
Read the full original article on Devon Online here. Video originally posted on YouTube here and here.

Parents and students at a Devon primary school are planning a mass walk-out in protest of a controversial mobile phone mast.

The 10m high structure is located just 50 metres away from Dartington Primary School, Totnes, which has worried parents over suggested radiation readings at the school which apparently show the highest reading of ‘excessive radiation.’

Those involved in the protest want the mast located at least 1km away from the school, as well as the outdoor pool, a children’s playground and a school for children with additional needs that fall within a 100m radius of the Vodafone mast.

Dr David Carpenter, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Albany, USA said:

“Children are more vulnerable to RF/MW radiation because of the susceptibility of their developing nervous systems.

“Children are largely unable to remove themselves from exposures to harmful substances in their environments. Their exposure is involuntary.

“There is a major legal difference between an exposure that an individual chooses to accept and one that is forced upon a person, especially a dependent, who can do nothing about it.”

The school’s head teacher, Mrs Mahon, objects to the mast’s proximity and school governors are working on the school’s behalf to oppose the current location.

Dartington Primary School Head teacher Jill Mahon (pictured left) Credit: Devon Online / Andy Styles
Read the full original article on Devon Online here.
  • Bravo parents and supporters of this event. The cell phone organizations have such massive interest at stake that they bank on the public ignorance. Thank you turning this around, both the protesters and the people at Take back your power dot net!

  • So these friggin idiots are taking their idiotic kids to stage a protest right under the mast? Why to go, mommies! Most of them are smiling and having a great time. Give me a break.

    • My understanding is they did this protest right away after the tower went up. According to my testing there can be typically a period of time of several weeks between when a tower goes up and when it transmits. I get that you’re feeling pissed off, but it’s a good idea to consider who and what we are targeting, because friendly fire will get us nowhere.

  • Send a NOL , Notice of Liability to the CEO of who ever the post belongs to for trillions if its not removed .
    All the documents and paperwork and all you need is explained on this site
    This is for Canada and USA but it still applies and the affidavit will work, it did for me and getting my SMART METER off my house, and they were as nice as pie as soon as they saw i was using the right jargon and knew they were in the wrong..and changed it ! chuffed or what !( I have moved onto this Weahter Modification Chemtrails now..
    Well worth making a noise,
    We have not given our consent or permission to be irradiated in our homes.

    • Hello Rodney: Right on. It depends on juristic ion, but I’d be more inclined to file criminal assault or reckless endangerment charges against corporate operatives. Their behavior is criminal, and a criminal action (or charge) is more legally efficient than a civil suit…

      The problem with class action suits or lawsuits that specify monetary remedy, is that the plaintiff ends up in an Admiralty Court. Admiralty Courts do not provide protections under Constitutional Right or Natural (Common) Law, thus the plaintiff waves all rights to trial by jury in most cases… The deck is tilted toward the corporate State, and they have excellent legal teams.
      I once knew an excellent prosecuting attorney. His motto: “If you want to understand a jackal, you must become the jackal”.

      • Mr. Vonharnish: So you’re saying that criminal law doesn’t fall under admiralty law and we poor schlamiels have a better shot bringing a criminal action ?

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