Despite hundreds of published studies (like Section 8 of the Bioinitiative Report) concluding that EMF radiation causes immune system effects, the mainstream media, YouTube and Facebook are now closing ranks to censor all investigation and discussion of any possible link — health or otherwise –between Coronavirus and 5G.

Secondly, and as a response to the mainstream media “tin-foil-hatting” this discussion, a vocal minority of several activists have said they feel that we should not in fact investigate or discuss a possible link, out of an intention to retain mainstream credibility.

This is particularly timely because yesterday’s ultra-compelling LondonReal interview with David Icke is going completely viral, despite YouTube banning it (see ban commentary from Brian Rose).

We’re asking our astute subscriber community: What do you think?

COMMUNITY POLL: Would you like to see investigation and discussion of possible connections between Coronavirus, lockdowns, and 5G?
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Feel free to also post a comment below. Thanks everyone, you are amazing and we’re making good strides forward together.

-Josh del Sol

    • Does anyone else feel helpless with this looming threat of vaccines and being chipped? I’m going to contact Lynne McTaggart ( to see about starting a Power of Eight group to send healing to the world and perhaps give power back to the people. Also, does anyone else wonder if it’s just Gates, Musk and the cult who came up with this depopulation agenda or if it’s coming from more powerful sources?

      • The Corbett Report has a 2 part docu-series that explains the complete history of Eugenics on You Tube.

  • Josh, so grateful you have put this together! Thank you! I feel I have we have more than enough information at this point. I’m ready for action. I can’t just sit back anymore and read/listen. What can we DO?? Also, I’m looking for others up here in NW Montana. Is there anyway we can communicate with each other on this platform? Peace and love <3

  • I don’t agree with much of David Icke has to say, but I don’t agree with much Donald Trump says or does either yet he gets virtually unlimited airtime. The blanket censorship of dissenting opinions is NOT a democracy, so let’s at least have an open discussion of the facts we can prove.

  • Josh, I am a Truth Seeker and Holistic Health Consultant for many moons. I have been following the ramping up of wireless technology since it began. My delima is that no one I know is on to what’s really going on, and will not listen to me.. It’s a very difficult position to be in when everyone I know thinks I’m nuts! I am Soo grateful for You and your tribe! Thank you for leading the way and giving me a Home.

      • Tom, yes it is frustrating how deeply entrained people are to the enslavement agenda. But we must remain as spiritual warriors. Stay strong!

    • Same here, Crystal! I’m lucky that my husband, sister, and best friends are on board, but that is not enough people who need to wake up to the horrific agenda being rolled out under the guise of this so-called virus. Keep your chin up and your spirit strong!💖

      • It’s sad but some people refuse to wake up. You try to point them in the right direction. But this saith the tv always win over your warnings. All we can do is plant the seed. God will water and bring forth the harvest. There is a verse somewhere in Paul’s epistles which brings this out better than I paraphrased. Keep planting. Let God take care of the rest. I’m sure that He rewards good efforts as much as He rewards successes.

        • That was encouraging thank you Anne; I’m sure you’re on the right track. I’m paraphrasing too, but recall Jesus, said that those God has given him and are in his hand that no one will snatch them away. He and God are one.

          • Someone replied to my previous post about being careful about which God I’m following. According to my bible, and some folks will dispute the bible too. The God that I refer to is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who sits on the throne in heaven. And there are people who will dispute the existence of God Almighty, heaven and hell too.

            Some of us have learned, lived and observed long enough to know that a god (little g), can be the God of self, imagination, religion, people or things in existence. It tells us in the Book Of Psalms that I have never seen the righteous forsaken; nor his seed begging bread.

            I don’t bother trying to prove to people that God is on my side. I know where I’d be if He wasn’t. It tells us in the Book Of Hebrews to let your conversation be without covetousness, and be content with such things as you have; for He hath said I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. (Hebrews 13:5-6). So as long as I don’t forsake God. I have no room in my heart to ever be concerned about Him forsaking me. Enduring obedience to and faith in God through the power of the Holy Ghost are two of the main things that the people of God need to continuously reap God’s blessings and to prove to ourselves that God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

            I suspect you know these things. I’m under the impression that the scorners, mockers and unbelievers expect people to do flips and cartwheels to prove to them that you actually have a real, living relationship with God in Christ. We will all know one day for sure who is a saint and who is an aint. And I usually leave most of my proving of who I am between God and myself. Because that’s usually where the proof belongs. Amen.

          • I agree totally. We know in our own heart that God exists, we have already proven it to ourselves; and we can’t “prove it” to others but we can show them how they are able to prove it themsleves also!

    • Hi crystal, you are a beacon of light on earth , your cosmic evolved soul created you here on this lil planet of the apes..
      .( those in power are v. Limited in consciousness or care to understand how earth feels etc are selfish and forcing mass control on the human race …
      .its sad and disheartening to be here and observe this barbaric vibe)
      this will soon be ended and much good will happen, mass light higher energy is here and coming to enlighten earth. and help clean up this planet…
      , but you are magnificent loving telepathic being unlike many humans whose souls see trapped in this 3.5d earth incarnation a materialistic dense reality,..
      Thank you for being here. We need you….much love. ..

    • My comment is very similar to your’s, Crystal. No one is even wondering what is going on, after nearly a month in lockdown, and longer yet to come. No one will listen, in fact no one seems to be interested, or even care. Though everyone is scared out of their minds! Fear seems to be the greatest motivator. Would anyone agree?

      • Yes,Audrey,I agree entirely,I’ve only encountered 2 people in my area who are of the same opinion as me.The others think I’m mad.There’s a horrible religion on the go in Ireland and it’s called Government & Enslavement Worship.

      • Audrey, I agree absolutely. Everything ‘mainstream’ is what we’re being pounded with (per usual….) but now, on top of that we’re all physically isolated as well (some of us more than others) & I can’t imagine anyone legitimately saying these days that they’re not scared. Who knows how long this will last?? Heads of state or “deep” state, has got to be the objective answer. But even IF that’s the case, many of them they can either hide or have ‘limited’ access to a cure of some sort, which would be another, not unusually, well kept secret. Who knows what sort of A.I. ‘algorithms’ are in use playing out the various future world scenarios, one wonders. I can’t believe what a ‘conspiracy theorist’ I must come across as but as it’s also referred to as ‘conspiracy ANALYST’ these days as an alternative…. I think I prefer to stick with that one. Stay safe🙏

      • You are right Audrey it is that big four letter F word FEAR. I strongly recommend you and all who are here to read the good book “One Light” by Jon Whistler and published by Light All who heed my advice can thank me later.

    • Hi Crystal, I listened to something David Wilcock says (he is like Josh ) & he said you give them 10% of something eg, make a statement about the Deep State or 5G & see if they ask more questions, then you give them a bit more – 20% and if their curiosity is peeked, they will want to know more & more but otherwise you are on your own – I have done this with a few people lately, and ended up giving them links to video they can watch – works well – you are not alone that is for sure

      • Hi Crystal, I heard the same advice from David Wilcock that Jill described and from my experience from both following that advice and seeing the reaction to people who don’t. My feeling is that although I sincerely hope that David is right, I feel he’s being played by one of his main sources of info. But I don’t think he’s wrong about everything, and he has some good advice and information. And like I said, I truly hope that what he’s saying about the Deep State being taken down happens, soon! I don’t say that to discredit Jill’s point of view, I don’t know if I’ve go it right, it’s just my disclaimer, and again he has a different perspective that is worth listening to.

        Think about just planting seeds, some will germinate, some won’t. Don’t waste time on the ones that don’t. The goal is to plant as many as possible and nurture the ones that do start growing, while still planting more seeds. You may talk to someone today who really doesn’t want to wake up, but you’ve planted that seed. There may be some point in the future where something triggers them and they think, “oh this is what that woman was talking about… maybe there is some truth…”.

        • Hey Alexander, same except from Australia and only arrived three weeks ago. OK to contact you through email as well?

      • Hi Jill, I’m three weeks new to NZ…flying in the day before mandatory quarantining…getting myself into BIG trouble dismissing people’s fears when I first arrived…scoffing at their madness…realising the masses have well and truly been captured by this lie here and that I was (am) well and truly in the minority. I have very few contacts here and am wondering what you are personally doing (a la D Icke) to get off your arse and stand up to the illusion of power? I’m in an odd position because I’m staying at a friend’s (having all of my house sitting jobs cancelled), but am also seeing the most ignorant reactions from those who I believed would be the least affected, ie the off-grid/organic land owners…as a permaculturist looking for like minded communities to permanently be a part of here, I’m a bit stunned…at any rate, know you are not on your own here, there is at least one other haha!!

        • Go to “Earth 2020” – it is a Facebook page in New Zealand run by Jeanette Wilson who is a medium & she does ‘gratitude’ courses all the time which are wonderful – Join that group as there are a lot of like minded people there – she is right up with what is happening & people are posting all the time about what is going on – You can’t change people’s views, but you are “planting seeds” as someone above has written – When the big broadcasts come out from Trump, the rest of the world will wake up – there will be a lot of disbelief to start with, but that will change as people realise that this is REAL & then they will look at you differently & perhaps start asking questions then – all is good in the world, & you are one of the aware people – shower them with love & enjoy your time in NZ – take care

          • I don’t ‘do’ social media…I’ve been completely aware of and planting seed about ‘what’s going on’ for twenty years…like being mesmerised by the headlights on a train grow and grow until the train finally hits is how it is feeling right now…having an awareness about the humans on this world is very different from having a connection with the humans in this world! I also don’t shower people with love…I merely allow my own light to glow – if they choose to stand in my light then great, if not…that’s fiiiine! It’s aaaalll fine said the boiling frog….

    • Your not alone. I’ve found it difficult myself to wake others up, and have them look at me as crazy.

      I’ve learned something over the years, most people don’t value free things or freedom. They only cling tight and defend that of what they feel they’ve earned, worked, or suffered for. For these people you need to drop the clues, the seeds, so they will investigate the information for themselves. Slowly, they will come to see the Truth. It’s frustrating, I know, but it’s the duty of all Truthers and Qanon’s to wake those who sleep—or else we shall all perish.

    • Thank you Crystal. It’s a relief to read your comment especially since it’s not ‘mainstream’…. I feel a connection to your overall opinion about the connection between the hi-tech environment & health change influences. You aren’t alone.

    • I know what you mean. You’re only trying to give them important information and they don’t want it. It’s difficult.

    • A lot of us feel the same way…. however, gradually people are changing even if we just plant a seed in their head. What I learned is that when cognitive dissonance is so vast, we need to meet people where they are, with no judgement, and give them our truth piece by piece, just enough that they can digest. And often they ask for more 🙂

    • I know the feeling very well Crystal and love your comment! But haven’t you seen lately, every year there are more having this experience, one-by-one? Don’t give up hope as Josh’s newsletters could be the beginning of something very beautiful. Just know that if nobody is doing something to raise collective conscience about it and we all walk with our heads in the sand, no miracle will happen.

    • Crystal, I agree and your not alone on your thinking. Been trying to talk to people also and there still to busy to listen or what Tom said they just don’t care.

    • Hi, Crystal! I felt this same way and then watching the David Icke interview last night and seeing how many it reached gave me much hope that many, many more know about this than just us. We are NOT ALONE in this and we have help. Together, we must not lose hope and stay in the light and know that we are all in this together! What an exciting time to be alive, right? Hugs and blessings <3

    • Unfortunately Crystal, people are waking up on their own time frame and there is nothing we can do about that but speak our truth and plant the seed! Each voice right now is extremely important! Please keep sharing your voice and let people think what they think about the information you are sharing!

    • I am blown away by the outpouring of Love, Support and Encouragement from each and everyone of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am truly blessed to be a part of such an Amazing Tribe!!

    • hi crystal, i think we all know the feeling. have lost friends over this near as i can tell, simply by presenting the facts, not even by telling them they are asleep. so frustrating and disheartening. using the charge to get things done. still it is frightening beyond belief having waited for the roll out for so long now.

    • Haola, Crystal! I forget who said it but “It is easier to lie to someone than it is to convince them they’ve been lied to.”

    • Crystal, I hear you. I woke up a few years ago and there was not one person who I could talk to about the Truth because people didn’t believe me. I couldn’t get them to think outside the TV. My own sister didn’t believe me, she told me to think for myself and to not believe all the crap I was seeing on the internet. No one cared to listen. Out Of Shadows 2020 documentary will wake people up. They can find it at

    • People say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover but see ‘labels’ and judge.
      I’m also meeting extreme resistance when I’m alerting my close ones

  • We need to stick together for a brighter and healthier future in all aspects… The challenge is huge on how to make others be awaken and learn the truth but we have to do our part… This is one way to do it ! Thank you

  • I can’t imagine anyone saying, only give is part of the information. Man, how brainwashed can people get?

  • Clearly there’s a link between 60ghz and the ability to absorb oxygen. What a coincidence that that’s the frequency being deployed for 5G!

  • Josh, I love all the work you are doing. Please keep it up. Your posts on telegram are awesome. And I so appreciate your support of David Icke. i’m a truth-seeker too and i’m feeling alone in my community of friends and neighbors who aren’t interested in what i have to say. i know i am in good company with you and not alone. Thanks for being there.

    • Hi linda, telecom industry globally are now at the top on earth and have tot. Power to control govts etc. To make infin. $$$$ …so they dont want ant data avail. To the masses about the truth of emf radiation from wireless tech and the deadliest is 5g known…by installing 5g satellites and cells all over the planet, without peoples knowledge they wont be stopped….so they think.
      But All of this will be discovered and then begin to be stopped as many scientists data on radiation from smart devices and emf is finally revealed globally.
      All this corp. And people in power greed will surface v. Soon… ..

    • Linda, 1) because they CAN, and 2) because 5G is a bio-weapon with multiple functions for control and enslavement, and what loving human would say “YIPPEE LET’S SET THAT UP IN THE SCHOOLS, HOPITALS, AND TOWN CENTERS”? (Also where—surprise!—poor people and people of color live.)

  • Josh, it is imperative to mobilize the information! It’s our Truth roll-out to counter 5G and mis- / dis-information campaign by the Controllers!

    • Thanks Sharine. Could you give an example of what you’re recommend in terms of an action strategy to mobilize the information? (We are working on several things, though a copule of the key components are not directly under my control.)

      • Hi Josh. Sorry if TL;DR. Also not enumerated or bullet-pointed.😆

        One thing I have been doing lately is contacting local and state representatives (or candidates, as in the recent County Supervisor elections here in San Luis Obispo County) and sending them links to your website along with my concerns about 5G. I’ll be honest that I have my doubts of the efficacy of this action, but at least it shows that one more person is aware and willing to call BS.

        This includes resisting the Controllers’ narrative and the insane amount of fear-based social entrainment. I have already experienced “friends” reprimanding me and my band mates (one of whom is my husband, FFS) for doing sequestered FB live house concerts, saying, “you should be social distancing and wearing masks.” When I replied with “please, no social shaming and stop the virtue signaling,” they retreated to the official response: “I just want you to live long so you can keep doing your music.” Gag me with a spoon, as the Valley Girls said so well (and who knew they would be counter-culture in this moment, haha).

        I would love to break all the “rules” and do a mass protest, but with 5G rolling out super-fast, we’d likely be crowd-controlled, blasted with 60 GHz EMFs. Still, I’d do it. I’m not afraid any more.

        More effective than mass gatherings, though, I think it is imperative for each of us to do our own deep psychological work (Joe Martino et al call it “shadow work”). With full acknowledgment and forgiveness, this process, I truly believe, can release us from immense trauma on personal and ancestral levels. If 10% of humans dealt with their personal accountability (e.g., poor decisions) combined with the horrible, unnecessary traumas they endured, the world’s energy would absolutely change for the better. As Alan Watt’s said, they would stop being mere toilet paper tubes.

        In addition, we must combine that inner work with healthy activity, such as making music, exercising, doing martial arts, painting, dancing, cooking, gardening, writing, reading, meditating, and certainly refraining from Hollywood’s Satanic “entertainment” and MSM info. We must eat a whole-food plant-based diet free of GMOs, and spend way more time in nature, while continuing to seek the truth and share it with others.

        Finally, on a personal spiritual level, I have found my line in the sand. I feel it is crucial for each of us to prepare to do battle if necessary. I don’t necessarily mean with physical violence; I’m talking about a mind-body-spirit set-point. What is the “weapon” to defeat 5G? How does music and other creativity play a part in this? It’s like Cindy-Loo Who in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”: The child in us questions “authority” and thwarts evil.

        You could email me if you want to discuss further, but I’m not an expert outside of music, writing, and vegan cooking!

        • Civil disobedience is the solution. The problem is not everyone is on the same page, and that’s by design. The “woke” versus the awakened and aware. Have you read Neil Slade’s book, Tickle Your Amigdala? The mind is our weapon!

          • I will check out the book. Thanks for the recommendation. And I agree, the mind is our weapon.

  • What most of us want is a debate with people from both(or different) sides of the argument in the same room challenging each other’s arguments in a constructive forum. That’s all!

  • Thanks so much for providing this Josh, and it is extremely suspicious that when these 2 are paired, all kinds of flak and censorship occurs. Americans for Responsible Technology recently sent a hysterical email notification (in red and in caps) telling people to stop talking about 5G in connection with Covid. Hmmm.

  • Thank you for doing this. Too many people just don’t think this could happen or afraid of it because they feel powerless



    STATUS: ging viral
    Dr.SHIVA LIVE: CITiZEN SCIENCE vs. Scientific Establishment. The Path to Truth Freedom Health.

    Inovio-led team picks up $24M from DARPA to develop Ebola vaccine, treatments
    Inovio Receives $24 Million Option Grant From DARPA to Advance Ebola Program Development

    CONTACT: Investors: Bernie Hertel, Inovio Pharmaceuticals,
    Media: Jeff Richardson, Inovio Pharmaceuticals,

    NBC San Diego, January 25, 2020: “A San Diego biotech company just received a $9 million grant to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. Inovio Pharmaceuticals received a grant from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).”
    If Inovio wins a license to sell their version of a DNA coronavirus vaccine, electroporation will undoubtedly be brought along as part of the technology.

    Here is an excerpt from an article, “What you always needed to know about electroporation DNA vaccines,” published in the journal, Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, November 1, 2012: “…the cell membrane also needs to be in a permeabilized [“opened”] state in order to allow passage of the DNA molecule…[Electric] Pulses may be optimized to achieve either a greater degree of permeability of the cell membrane (for passive diffusion of drugs), or a greater degree of electrophoretic effect. As mentioned below, there are various ways to go about this, but generally a series of short high voltage pulses (e.g., 8 pulses of 0.1 ms at 1,000 V/cm voltage to electrode distance) is used for drug delivery, and a combination involving long low voltage pulses is used for DNA transfer [into human cells] (e.g., 1 pulse of 0.1 ms, 800 V/cm and 1 long pulse of 400 ms 80 V/cm).”

    In a nutshell, this means that human cells, whose membranes are “too tight” to allow DNA to be injected into them, will be “opened up” by electric pulses, in order to deliver the new type of vaccine

  • While I know that EMF, ELF and 5G can be dangerous, I really don’t want to read conspiracy theories here. I just want good info from reliable sources. Guess I’ll unsubscribe if that is your direction.

    • Thanks Wendy. What’s an example of something you’d call a ‘conspiracy theory’? I’m asking because that term varies depending on one’s frame. For example, some people perceive it to be a theory that Bill Gates is working very closely with the WHO and they want to vaccinate everyone, and also want everyone to have a “digital certificate” related to the vaccine, when they have actually admitted recently that that is the case.

      • I’m interested in the health effects of 5g and other forms of radiation. When I first read this newsletter that’s what it seemed to be about. Now you are getting into all this global political stuff, “conspiracy” or whatever. I’m surprised that you are not featuring the video of the retired President of Microsoft Canada who came out against 5G on 4/1/20. It’s on Youtube. I think that would make a more powerful post than this other guy. Maybe the new vaccine against C-19 will be a good thing if it works. I heard about that on the news tonight, that it may be ready very soon. I’m not for all vaccines all the time. I had a cat that had a very bad reaction to his triple vaccine about the 3rd or 4th time he got it. He became listless, wouldn’t eat or drink. I healed him. I used alternative therapies. So I can understand parents fearing for their children, and noticing adverse effects. I just am not interested in that battle.

  • I appreciate the predicament and just dealt with it myself. However, after a great deal of prayer I realized that to avoid sharing the truth is to deprive others of it. As such, I am continuing to post on this topic as the installation of this technology has already impacted me greatly.

    There is great power in truth, and we are living in a time of great deception. We were warned these days would come. As such, we must act as beacons of truth and light in such dark hours.

    This is what my decision has been, anyways.

    • Yes – I encourage you to definitely continue to share… because some (not all) of the seeds you’re planting will surely come to fruition… and that is enough

  • Let everyone possible know this information so we all can choose from truth instead of from whats carefully spoonfed to us to keep us believing their lies.

  • I believe we need desperately to know if 5G affects, people, animals both wild and tame, plants we eat and those we done. How will it affect the biosphere? All for greed and indifference to others in the world.
    As a Citizen I want to know just exactly as can be learned. I nothing harmed, then okay, otherwise ‘Take them down.”

    • Ditto here. I hope Josh and his team read this. It just keep the spinning circles going. I vote for YES.

  • The CSX Movement arm of people who fight for civil & human rights in psychiatry played nice, tried to get along, accepted federal funding streams for 35 years and look where it got us – 25% of women in the U.S. on pdrugs; reinstitutionalization looming. Now the general public might have the opportunity to experience our reality of digitized money to to treatment compliance. Don’t show you for your shot? Your mortgage doesn’t get paid, period. Ever since 21st Century Cures was signed into law, ANYONE at all can be dragged off in the middle of the night, no phone calls, no notification of anyone – in the name of public safety. There is no due process in healthcare. So YES please, talk, talk talk. Thank you

    • Yea I love his work. I”ve subscribed with several different addresses and for some reason I still can’t receive his emails…

  • I have had an ongoing underlying feeling that there is a very dark side to this virus breakout.

    I contacted my local school administration to ask why there are service trucks at the schools and point blank asked if they were installing 5G during the school shutdowns .Their response seemed to be a scripted one and denied 5G was being installed.

    I also saw the video where a father went yo his child’s school and videod his encounter with service men there and cops in plain cloths. Why did they need cops there? They basically got all puffed up and would not answer as to what they were doing and why the cops needed to be there.
    A very interesting encounter to watch.

    • Indeed. The situation can be bewildering. The important thing is that none of us are truly alone in moving through it toward a response.

    • I feel he’s right about lots of things, but he lost me as a follower when he said he didn’t believe in Jesus. We are in the midst of the age-old battle between good and evil, and the fact is, we will win without David Icke, who’ll have some explainin’ to do, to God later.

      • Hi Nora. Interesting perspective. Can you give me an example of someone who is as skillful as an illusion-deconstructor as Icke is, from a Christ-based perspective?

        • My personal favorite illusion slayer is Rob Skiba, a rabid bible scholar, but he is even more controversial! He is the well-known “flat earther” who takes the bible literally. In second place would be Dean Odle, he has a parish in in Opelika Alabama. It’s a well known fact that a high percentage of folks who research flat earth, become believers. To unravel our brain-wash we have to look at everything with a curious, more critical eye.
          Love your work, Josh. You’re awesome!

        • Hi Josh and Nora,
          I highly recommend the Christ Letters. Though they can be found on multiple sites, two are: and
          They are free (some with audios) and have been translated into many languages.
          These Letters and articles, along with Love Without End: Jesus Speaks and The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green (, in my mind, say it all, and represent the true message that Jeshua came to bring.
          Happy reading and meditating!

  • Thankyou Josh.So glad you asked.
    The investigation we are proposing should absolutely expose the connection between the 5G roll-out and the enforced lockdown.
    These two are critical to each other in order for the globalists next move to succeed .
    Proving this connection is critical to the investigation.
    It will not be difficult to prove intent.
    The lies and fakery of the pandemic are so obvious and the perpetrators are standing right in front of us acting as protectors and saviors.
    But their histories are well recorded and clearly reveal their true intentions.
    And we certainly know who they are.Can there be any doubt?
    Let me know if you need a comprehensive list.
    We can advise each of them of the investigation and see which of the cockroaches scatter

    Howard Phelan

    • Thanks Howard. You said “it will not be difficult to prove intent.” How would you do that? I’d like to invite you to post further links / dot-connecting in this direction.

      • How to prove intent?
        Thanks for your speedy reply.
        I will address your question in brief first and will give a detailed answer later.

        OK, The engineered global pandemic lockdown and it’s intention of creating a nightmare planet for we “commoners” is only possible with 5G advanced surveillance.
        Those behind this crisis intend to benefit from that kind of future.
        But they have left their fingerprints everywhere.
        The crimes are documented and the criminals are identified.
        Our honest journalists, investigative reporters , whistleblowers ,heros like Julian Assange and you Josh have exposed them and their disgusting intent.

        Please expect my further reply.

        Howard Phelan

  • Google would not allow me to access this page. I had to use another browser so that I could vote.
    Microcosm and Macrocosm. A similar type of freedom vs. domination & control stuff happening in our communities even if different subjects. We are now all on the same page with the polarization being focused around COVID-19 as if it were a bad thing. If I am remembering correctly a “virus” is just a warning to other similar organisms that a threat to survival is afoot and time to shore up the immune system or whatever. If you were a daisy growing in a field next to a field of daisies that had been mowed down at 3 ft. you would choose to grow to just under 3 ft. high.
    I’ll bet Bill Gates and others see us 5G Crisis guys as viral threats. And you know what? I think they are very likely correct. There is a danger afoot to human organisms and we are spreading our anti-infos (antibodies) warnings to strengthen the continuing survival of humanity. I think the guys who are terrified of loosing their power and control over others are suffering much more than those of us who are standing up for our freedoms. Sometimes change requires pitchforks and torches. Just sayin’

  • Josh, thank you so very much for having the courage to stand up for our rights. The many that in the next few months we could see shattered in crumbles under the boot of Medical martial law. United We Stand #WWG1WGA

  • Also, I think it is important to include vaccines in the dot connecting between 5G, coronavirus, and lockdowns. It is my belief that vaccines and 5G are two sides of the same coin…one controls us from an external source through our biofields, and the other controls us internally through toxins and nanotech, essentially making us into antennas. We are running out of time and no longer have the luxury of seeing 5G and vaccines as two separate struggles.

    • Exactly, since the vaccine is the whole point of this charade. The vaccine they’re developing will cause mass deaths, not any “virus”.

    • Yes, Denise. This is their enslavement trans-humanist agenda. Fill us with as much aluminum/other metals/compounds that 5G activates, lighting us up like Angler fish for constant detection. Microchipping adds another layer. 5G also severely weakens an already compromised immune system, and acts as a crowd dispersal tool. Nifty all-in-one technology to turn us beautiful, organic humans into partial robots they can control for their nefarious purposes.

  • Hello! This video was banned from YouTube minutes after it was posted by London Real after yesterday’s interview – probably because of the vital information the power structure does not want you to see. But you must hear it. After you watch the video, if it resonates with you, I encourage you to pass it on to everyone you know.

    I have been a fan of David Icke for a very long time, and everything he has been saying for thirty years is now unfolding.

    There is enough reason to believe the alleged Corona virus is a complete scam, and the real threat to humanity is the police state that is closing in at an alarming rate. 5G seems to be a crucial step in this ”lockdown” of human freedom.

    Are we to believe that societies that allow for untested 5G to be rolled out as quickly as possible are keeping communities under house arrest to protect their health?

    The problem is not the ‘virus’, but the changes currently occurring in society that the virus is being used to justify – as well as the rolling out of 5G, which we know will make people sick.



    The Coronavirus Conspiracy: How COVID-19 Will Seize Your Rights & Destroy Our Economy – David Icke – London Real

  • Josh,

    From the start of your 5G investigation, I’ve always been thankful of your dedication and perseverance. You’ve taught me a lot, thank you. Always a supporter.

  • These days are unique indeed, experimental control of our 5 senses is being exploited to its fullest, it is incredulous that we are being rounded up and corralled by means of fear..
    Freedom of speech is being stamped out and choices and options are being pre-decided on, the illusion of freedom is being presented instead, all for “our” benefit?
    Science is also being over ruled and censored, true knowledge is also. Sensationalism and fear however is heightened.. meanwhile we have wars, starvation, all a never ending story, and we are being asked to place our trust in authorities, Unfortunately the track record for governments falls flat, the truth I believe is the people of the world are just cash cows, and this is a war though unlike any other, whether 5G, viruses, economic breakdowns, food and water quality, vaccines, etc, it is quite obvious people were always the target, it is more of the same, they want control of our very thoughts, individuals that think for themselves are considered dangerous, it is quite the opposite,.

  • Im get very affected by 4G so im really hoping that these Governments will wake up soon to what 5G is going to do to us!!

  • Josh: We need to form a platform which includes parts of the platform used to fight SOPA and PIPA in 2012 ( see Over 75,000 websites did a blackout days before Congress was to vote and pass both SOPA and PIPA. Millions of people online responded to the blackout and petition and voted against SOPA and PIPA and their votes were sent to Congress and the White House. The platform will include a few videos about hazardous death rays of 5G and a few videos about the hazards of vaccines.

    Did you see the 60 MINUTE’S episode broadcast on 09/01/19 about how American officials working in Cuba and now China have developed serious brain injuries that they say are the result of secret attacks?

    The agenda of such a platform is to spread awareness, and accumulate over 200 million email addresses (critical mass) of registered voters over 2-3 month period. Then once everything is set up, an email is sent to everyone so that they can vote to ban 5G, (which has been banned in Brussels, Switzerland (after it was turned on and people got sick), parts of Australia, etc.) and to ban mandatory vaccines in the US. You probably heard that Denmark has approved mandatory vaccines.

    We need to talk, but first you need to see Please send me an email a few hours before you call to make sure I will be home. I go out for a few hours to walk and get food.

    My cell is 747-250-5360 and has voice mail. My direct landline which has no voice mail is 818-909-2562.

    ONce we have set up the Platform, it can be used for other health issues. But first we need to stop the 5G Rollout and Mandatory Vaccines in the US!

    Thank you,
    Ronald Lance

    PS. I attend the and bought 1 of the packages.
    I am sure you are aware that those people in Wuhan were under attack by Covid-19, severe air pollution(chemtrail death dumps), and 5G!

    • I like your idea, however voting is meaningless when you are dealing with people who do their dirty work regardless of laws and the inherent rights of the people to bodily self possession.

    • Ronald I like that idea. But it seems like we would need something stronger now. By they way, where are those 75,000 websites now? Did the leaders get bought out by Soros etc? Curious if you have further insight or ideas there.

      • Josh:
        I have been doing research and just sent a message to Mark Monitor who is affiliated with Reddit. If you read line by line, all the way at the bottom Reddit is listed as the leader.

        Please go here:, and you will see Administrative contact email. Cut and paste the url for the “Select Request Email Form at” into another browser and address your letter to:
        Faisal Shah, Ed Priddy, & James Hepworth, who founded Mark Monitor in 1999.

        I am retired and have loads of time to stop 5G & mandatory vaccines.

      • Josh:
        Just found out Reddit Founders: Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, Aaron Swartz. I will attempt to contact the first two online and by phone. Aaron Swartz is the child prodigy I mentioned in another message. Sadly, he is no longer with us on earth.
        I will also attempt to contact the 3 founders of Mark Monitor
        by phone today. I already sent them a message from a form I found online.
        If I make contact with either of the 2 living founders of Reddit or the 3 founders of Mark Monitor, I will give them your email address of:
        Ron Lance

    • I agree with you, Ronald. We need to create platforms and coordinate and take immediate actions to stop roll out of 5G. Can we work together to create platform? Polla 415 299 4577

  • Crystal Your not alone I had to take the red Pill 40 years ago Cured my son naturally of cancer . Was attacked from every side . Was even wanted by the FBI for 2 years . That was alone your on a wave and its about to crest with thousands of Like minded Light workers shedding truth to the masses as this huge wave crashes onto shore. You were born for this time . Your the hero of this time in history you just don’t know it yet.

  • I just want the truth. Look to see if there are connections just like any good scientist would look to see the results of an experiment. Nowadays people and even scientists want to “prove” their point. We need to follow the data and if it leads to a link then so be it, if not, well keep looking for other kinds of links. There are many ways of looking at a situation and we need to allow the data to come out and speak to us.

  • David Icke covers it all from geo engineering, vaccines, AI. People need to wake up to the fact the worldly powers want to control the masses. But we have the power if we all unite together. United we stand divided we fall. We will all be locked up Democrat’s and Republican they don’t care.

    • We must do more than just unite together. We must MOBILIZE and take collective unified action together! Can we please use this platform for REAL TIME ACTION PLANNING?…

  • I believe the reason for the stay at home order is so the can radiate us in our homes using the interconnected smart grid and their death meters my roommate has once again begun getting bloody noses even though we don’t have a smart meter he was getting nose bleeds prior to our opt out and everything was fine until about a month ago when they returned. And our bill has sky rocketed even though he’s been the only one home

  • Hi Folks! David Icke is spot on! He just wants people to live in peace and harmony and really isn’t happy with what’s going on! He’s been researching, writing books and trying to get the message out he speaks about in this video for over 30 years! He’s compelling, smart and a very good man!

  • I have been doing my own research and i am in no doubt that 5G is the keyword. 5G is extremely dangerous and the 5G – ID2020 connection is sinister and Gates and his mates need stopping. No 5G, no virus!

  • Yes I certainly would. I would like to see 5G stopped. I am very sensitive to 4G and won’t survive 5G. This looks l8ke the beginning of the New World Order. We must do all we can ro stop it. Thanks. Barbara Dove

  • Thank you SO MUCH Josh, for being such a warrior, and day after day bringing out so much important information. It is also wonderful to see this community of people who has gathered around your work and to know we are not alone with this awareness. Love you, brother! I too am ready to take some action and would welcome a way to connect further with this community.

  • Thanks for this recent update on covid19. I will be looking at your video links. I watched one of David Icke’s video today – “Covid19 and 5G – What’s the connection?” Another interesting one is, “The Hidden Agenda For the worldwide shutdown” by the Fullerton Informer. Glad you’re aware of the deception and sinister activity going on in the world today.

  • Making sure you see this, Josh. Relates to the doctor’s testimony of suffocation. A scientific paper out of China describing how proteins on the virus grab the iron and disable heme in red blood cells. That’s a more proximate explanation than 5G, imho. Though I believe EMFs are also a contributing factor.

    COVID-19: Attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism

    • I’ve seen that posted all over the Internet today, in various forums. I don’t believe anything sourced from China. If you read Arthur Firstenberg’s book, The Invisible Rainbow, you’ll get a better understanding of how the millimeter wave frequencies affect human cells. Then there is the matter of there not even being any virus. You literally cannot catch a virus. It is not a living organism like a bacteria or a fungi. It does not jump from an animal to humans naturally, it can only be injected into tissue via vaccination. The flu vaccine push the last few years was deliberate; it allows the unreliable testing methods they claim can discern who has the virus and who hasn’t, to give false positives. The only way they can convince people is with faked numbers, faulty tests and science-ism. This is precisely why people who (falsely) test positive for “corona virus” have no symptoms. Liars cover their lies that way, and have now an excuse to lock everyone down, based on their premise that it’s one disease, caused by one agent–a virus.

  • I think it would be more effective if reports could be separated to show the scientifically proven facts, together with indisputable references up front.
    Then move to the dot-connecting.

    Not being an American, I haven’t a clue who many of the names are. Frame your reports to be meaningful to all, and try to incorporate much info from other countries.

    Convince people with the facts and they will largely connect the dots themselves.

    I’m particularly curious as to how the perpetrators protect themselves from highly infectious diseases deliberately spread.

  • Having done extensive medical research over the last dozen years, I’ve learned a great deal about immune function and the role of viruses, bacteria and fungi. A virus, in fact, is NOT a living thing, it is a solvent formed inside our cells to excrete toxins and plays a vital role in restoring health to individual cells. Viruses are difficult to culture in a petre dish because they are not living, and they do not “infect” humans, they reside in our cells. Corona in particular is not found in humans normally. It’s found in animals like cats, pigs and others. The only way for a strain of Corona virus to be in a human is if it is deliberately introduced by a vaccine containing the virus. You can’t “catch” any virus, it isn’t contagious and doesn’t jump species. So it’s clear that the whole Covid-19 plandemic is nothing more than a hoax, perpetrated to destroy the economy and blame president Trump’s policies.

    • Nora, that is my understanding of viruses as well. They become activated when cells are toxic and their job is one of “housekeeping.” 5G emits radiation, which poisons cells. Viruses get activated, but the radiation is the straw that breaks the camel’s back in an already immune-deficient person. This is why all (or most, as far as I have read) CV-19 deaths occur in people with one or more co-morbidities. Thanks so much for sharing your well-researched knowledge on this “plannedemic.”

      I’m still unsure about Trump as a total white-hat, but I do agree with some of what he says. I see him as more of a free agent who aligns with others/ideas arbitrarily when it suits him best, which makes him look independent and strong, and I think that is one reason why Q followers believe he is (currently) unraveling the Deep State. Still, I appreciate you calling out MSM for constantly denouncing Trump.

  • There is no need to connect… both are a negative health impact. They don’t need to be connected. The fact that 5G adversely impacts health stands on it’s own. Remember what happened to Alex Jones… they baited him down a path that was his undoing… if he had just stuck with the facts about the mass shootings he would have been better off.

    • There is no “virus”. The real threat is 5G. The evil people behind the rollout of 5G frequency weapons chose a virus as the red herring because they’re sure most people don’t know much about viruses. Mainstream media has brainwashed the masses for decades to think that viruses are communicable and cause illness, when they are not even living things, they are solvents that are manufactured by all cells when toxins build up. The viruses liquefy and break down toxins to be excreted, returning the cell to a healthy state. All of this orchestrated pandemic is a hoax, prepared for and planned for decades, to bring in NWO.

  • There was a video at the bottom of your last email that is prof of conspiracy. People are too dumb to process lots of info. That video needs to go viral

  • I frequently post about 5G on my FB page. I often get no comments whatsoever. It’s as if people don’t want to hear about it, or are not concerned. As far as I’m concerned, this is the most important issue of our time…far more important than COVID-19, fracking or anything else I can think of. The very life of our planet literally depends upon us defeating the monstrosity of 5G both on earrh & in space! It’s a complete holocaust & we must fight it with every shred of strength we have! RESIST!

    • Thanks, Toby, and I can’t agree more. 5G is the brainchild of evil people and their twisted technology worshipping. Their goal is complete enslavement of Earth and all life on it so they can suck it dry of all the amazing, beautiful energy and use it for additional nefarious purposes. We must resist. I would rather be shot to death than become even more enslaved than I already am on this Prison Planet. No Bill Gates vaxx+microchip for me.

  • Just want to say a huge thanks to Josh and everyone involved in trying to find out what’s really going on!

  • Josh, I’d like to see people knowledgeable of the science and technology approach the issue of 60ghz RFR and its unique oxygen absorption properties. What does this mean practically?

  • This is what sheeple believe…..If it’s on the news and this is a democracy, then it’s true. Everything else is just conspiracy theory.

    This is quite a leap from George Orwell’s “Real news is the publication of something the powerful would rather have remained unknown. All the rest is just PR”.

  • Dr. Martin Pall has nailed it in “5G radiation and the COVID-19 pandemic: Coincidence or causal relationship”


    Statement by Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, that 5G radiation is greatly stimulating the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and also the major cause of death, pneumonia, suggesting an important public health measure to deactivate 5G small cells and antennae. Others have focused on the lowered immune function produced by EMFs with 5G especially active. That is not the focus here. Rather the primary focus is on how 5G impacts the cells of our bodies and on how that impact makes coronavirus infections much worse and how that impact also makes pneumonia, the primary cause of death of COVID-19 much worse, as well.

    Available FormatsDownload as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd

    There is a 30 day free subscription on that site; can be shared from there to FB,Twitter etc.

    “5G radiation and the COVID-19 pandemic: Coincidence or causal relationship” (Martin L. Pall, PhD, March, 2020)

    Dr. Pall’s credentials:
    133 peer-reviewed papers published

    “5G radiation and the COVID-19 pandemic: Coincidence or causal relationship” (Pall, March 30, 2020)

    For more of what Dr. Pall had to say about the possible extinction event that could be triggered by 5G being deployed worldwide, see


  • I see a lot of people looking for truth. Amen to that, it is written, “Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (see John 8:32). I do believe this whole Lockdown situation, tho certainly intended by the enemy of our souls for evil, is being used by Jesus who loves us so much that He laid down His life for our sins, was buried, and rose again to give us a living, eternal hope – something we surely need right now. Since He, by His word, created the heavens and the earth and the seas, and everything in them, He alone has the power to reconcile us to Himself. He is such an encourager, too: in Psalm 37:12-16 He tells us “The wicked plots against the just, and gnashes at him with his teeth. The LORD laughs at him, for He sees that his day is coming. The wicked have drawn the sword and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, to slay those who are of upright conduct. Their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.” He also encourages us so much in other places in His Word, the Bible, about which, He has told us, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” (Matthew 24:35) One of my favorite encouraging passages is in the 20th chapter of 2 Chronicles, where a vast enemy was approaching, God’s people were naturally fearful, but after seeking the LORD, He told them “Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” Later, the king told them “Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper.” and He basically put the praise choir in front of the army. “Now when they began to sing and to praise, the LORD set ambushes against [their enemies] and they were defeated.” He is our only Hope; seek Him while He may be found.

  • Thank you, Josh, for the work you are doing. The topic of 5G (and EMF in general) is very much in need of public discussion and awareness.

  • If they don’t put a stop to this we all are in big trouble. Greed is more important than peoples health.

  • Josh, your emails have been helping me so much during this crazy few weeks. Please keep doing great work! If possible, I would like to interview on my podcast: “Grow Sanctuary Podcast”. I am based in New Zealand but we can find a time that suits both our time zones.

  • the focus now is on 5g ; but when Take Back Your Power came out the focus then was on either 3g or 4g . a smart meter was installed last year , on my mothers house in Orl. Fl . the week previous to that I started noticing headaches and noises , ringing etc. in my head ( tinitus) ; at the time I wondered WTH then a week later I understood . since then I’ve experienced lots and lots of trouble with my eyes too. burning , stinging , eye strain and more . some fluid too, always having to wipe my eyes . my point is , that it’s not just 5g . If I understand what Jerry say’s in this video with James Corbett , 5g hasn’t even been completely ” turned on ” yet and I’m experiencing all this just from a smart meter already . maybe I have high sensitivity to electricity and that’s all it took to set off my body complaining .

    we need to Unify Globally and stop this . this is my mild response . I have others in mind also .

      • After learning about the destructive health issues that are related and a result of the 5G technologies, and the ability to send through energies that can also manipulate our emotional states, I was very curious as my 2 cats were constantly howling all through the night intermittently while standing at the closed door to the hallway where the 5G modem was installed. This occurred shortly after the recently installed 5G and 3 extra 5G boosters were plugged in. I decided to unplug the 5G modem at night along with the 3 5G boosters in my home. From that moment on, the cats have been quiet at night ever since. Only when I plug in the modem to work online, do they start howling again. This is very telling to me, as it is simply too much of a coincidence. I also attribute 9 months of severe illness to the moment that my 5G modem and boosters were installed in the last year. I just recently made the connection after hearing more and more about 5G and EMFs that is being shared out there. I was made aware of the related conspiracy issues more than 25 years ago through several spiritual communities and have watched the unfolding of it all from many sources over the years. Thank you for an extremely well done video and I look forward to the 5G summit viewing coming. Keep up the great work. It is important to bring this vital info to the world community at large, as it is time humanity really came together to help create much needed change!

  • Josh, I don’t know if I is my area or not, but I have a fit with youtube. I know is still isn’t very popular, but don’t forget vimeo, or bighteon.
    Thank you and your team for all you do. Be Blessed.

  • I voted NO since I’m not a fan of David Icke and associating with him could undermine the credibility of your work.

  • Thank you Josh for all your hard work investigating, for the video with David Icke, etc. Hopefully enough of us are paying attention and together can stop this insanity. Time for the ‘evil doers’ to be taken down. There are more of us than them. What’s stopping us? Them? Why? Because they have money? We came to this planet to bring in LOVE and LIGHT. Let’s do our jobs and turn this thing around!

  • Yes time to stop 5G and stop the shock treatment of humanity and the planet. 5G is the source of all the health problems and every difficulty on the planet. And the way that our freedoms are taken away.

  • Freedom of speech is fundamental to democracy You have the power to raise your own vibration and that of the world.

  • We know what is going on so huddling together at a time like this is probably counter productive. I’m sure most of us know how hard it is to reach people. In my view we need to make the message simple and forget 5g. I think we should email all the media email addresses we can find online a simple and quick prof that this is not what the media is feeding us. “Dana Ashlie citizen reporters do what the media will not” would fit the bill to wake someone up. You all have work to do, send that out in mass, more important now than ever to reach people that the media is not telling the truth!

  • you/we lose credibility via david icke. he’s spot on re a few points, but also states inaccuracies. more important, a lot of people lost faith in him when he started spouting off about lizard people years ago.

    • I definitely don’t agree with him on everything. I felt his latest interview was extremely good though, and well-backed up. Was there anything in there that you would call out as an inaccuracy?

    • Ah, yes the lizard people thing. It’s a sensational way to put it, but the truth is there are two bloodlines on earth. One bloodline is that of Adam and Eve’s children Able and Seth, and the other bloodline is the result of Eve and Satan (who fathered Cain). That’s why scripture says “the seeds” will war against one another, and we are seeing the culmination.

  • I thank God for you and the truth that you are bringing forth to us. I have been enlighten from the information that you have been sharing. I have been trying to get people to wake up to the true reality of what’s really going on. People refuse to listen and do their own research but rather get their information from mainstream media. We are in a serious time period and I believe that it is preparing for the Antichrist and soon return of Jesus Christ. I plan to have my family informed and prepared for whatever is currently happening and what is about to take place.

  • Hi Josh,
    I’m hoping to get a connection with you – wanting to get the info you had from the Australian Lawyer to send to our local governments – unless you think that is no longer viable for some reason up here in Calgary AB… I’m knee deep into it – round three with the politicians – up to the point of saying “enough passing the buck – I will hold you responsible” (gave all the info three times already (to 4 parties, local and national levels) – with suggested things to read and watch… no reply but “too busy with the Corona Virus issues”, and no date to follow up. THANKS (I know Karen Barker, who said she would also ask on my behalf for the info too – sorry to badger! and hoping you have it!) Betsy Mustard
    I so appreciate all that you do and how you maintain a sense of neutrality in your interviews – very skilled/ gifted. Well done!

    • Ray Broomhall had started a website, but it’s not currently up. It’s very difficult when you’re highly visible and in the fight. Despite that, he’s done a brilliant job in introducing these new strategies to us. They are all presented in, in two parts. Free for 7 days at this time still… and we are relaunching it June 1… if you want to access those 2 talks and docs.

  • The connection of Coronavirus to 5G installations is overwhelming. But the main stream media is so heavily influenced by the Public Health establishment, backed up by the fear of the FCC and the. FDA that we never hear it even raised.
    In the U.K. where it. Was raised it was quickly dismissed and ridiculed with vigor.

  • Josh, I know a number of people who are concerned, if not effected by these EMF/RF, smart meter, 5G, et all concerns. It seems overall the biggest blockage is not knowing how to take action, speak/phrase the concerns, reference rights & laws, and the like. I’m an old, poor woman who suffers with debilitating EMF headaches, but I would like to contribute a little money monthly to develop an action plan with forms, wordings, laws, procedures and whatever else that people can use to empower ourselves and stand up to this matter, -and maybe additional ones as people become empowered. Josh, free to contact me via email address provided. And if I’m of any value to help, I’d be honored.

    • Joyce, thanks very much for this. I will have one of our partnering colleagues, who is heading up some things in this area, reach out.

  • Thank you for everything you do, Josh!!! We need to unite and stop the insanity, and every day I have more and more confidence that we will indeed succeed! More and more people are speaking up, more and more people are waking up.

  • Yes we need to find the link, here in Australia they are rushing the rollout of 5g while we are in lockdown,

  • Thanks for the MP3 links Josh. I began listening on Brighteon but just over half way through it wouldn’t load or play any more. Maybe due to internet traffic with people working from home… I then went into your MP3 link and slid along to the 1:22 mark and after a couple of minutes could pick it up and finish the talk.
    I guess I’ve heard most of what he said previously from various sources but he did put it all together in a very real way, too real. 😯 I’ve felt from the start of this business a few weeks ago that this is where it was going.
    Like so many others have said, it’s still considered conspiracy by most but I like to remain ‘aware’ of the possibility.

  • Josh, I lived in a town in the north of Western Australia where there were military towers, over 5 years I absorbed radiation, so much so it destroyed my thyroid, which of course controls every cell in the human body, I became very ill . My lungs struggled to get oxygen, which I believe is what is being said about 5G, all my organs were damaged. Doctors failed me so went to a homepath for answers. My downfall is I have MTHFR gene which means I can’t get rid of bacteria & toxins in my body very quickly unlike people who don’t have this, I believe 1 in 5 people have MTHFR. Because of what my body went through I am now super sensitive, I absorb phone tower radiation & detox on a regular basis. So you will understand that I certainly can’t be exposed to 5G & neither can anything else !! It would be interesting to know of the people that died from the “virus” if they had MTHFR & their body couldn’t fight it, especially if they had damaged lungs to begin with, maybe there is a link maybe not. Yes, very hard to find people who listen, most follow the herd of sheep. Good luck everbody !!

    • Jenny, I think Loyd Burrell might be able to help you. He has completely recovered from extreme sensitivity. Well connected fellow.

  • Josh i started watching David Icke this this morning about 5 minute & whent had a lay down & when i. come back they had taken the Video down i watch a lot of David for about 7 years now & Alex Jones &
    now you i no what is the truth But what i do with it to save the World i am 66 i got a leg cut of had a stroke a couple years ago a carn, t talk properly how do i help change Australia anyway

    • You are a brave soul, and you have way more power than you realize. We all have “the ruby slippers” and it’s the power of the human mind. Speak the reality you want into existence!

  • As a civilisation, we still haven’t learn the most important values in life. With this corona problem, our super high tech communication systems are spreading out information and we still don’t know if we can trust it, neither technically for our health, neither for it content. We have learned that we can’t trust anymore. And what I see, like David Icke is doing, he is speaking from his personal point of view… but so do most of all these corona video’s lately… everybody comes with his truth. And so am I of course. So I’m not saying that it’s bad, it’s what you see is the reality. So, whatever your choice of information I would like you to sent to me, is that it will raise up and stimulate global believe in: Yes, we can learn to trust each other… so I’m not preaching that we ‘have to trust’ each other, but, that it should be ‘at least’ a goal to try… and once you made that choice, you quickly will understand that ‘only Truth’ matters. If you can guarantee 100% truthful information, or promise to strive for it: you’re my friend! And Christel, I love your comment!!!

  • As a sufferer of EHS I am in total agreeance that 5G could be a major problem. With the networks in place at the moment (causing people who are susceptible to the frequencies that are emitted) already giving us flu like symptoms, pain where it chooses, heart problems, respiratory problems and the list goes on and on. People need to realise that these symptoms are real and that we are not mental deranged. We are real people whose bodies have been overloaded with toxins, be it environmental or by chemical poisoning, and unfortunately have acquired this sensitivity. It can happen to anyone!!!!

  • You are barking up a tree with a dead end. There is no proof 5G has been started anywhere except for Vienna and that was stopped. There is far more evidence showing this whole corona thing is a complete and utter hoax, with no virus anywhere to be identified. I highly HIGHLY suggest you interview instead Dr. Andrew Kauffman of Boston, who has it right as to the non-existence of any SARS nCov-2. You are not looking at the facts and your poll does not allow me to express this viewpoint.

    Just look at the facts of what is given in corona, and as for 5G, that is a separate discussion as of now. I am really not convinced by anything other than there is a small possibility that 5G may be being installed in schools, but again, given that in your own interview with the Irregulators, they mentioned this was not even financially possible right now in all but the biggest cities, I am skeptical of 5G being in every little town. I am in NYC and I do not see evidence of anything that is reported to be occurring here, including any 5G installs, including mass deaths, including cremations and overcrowded morgues. Please see #plandemic for more. Just not happening and I live across the street from a primary school.

  • Thanks for your important community contribution. You help to cleanse me of all this internal confusion

  • Thank you so much for your community commitment and contribution you have to cleanse me from all this internal confusion

  • David Icke is a dedicated professional researcher – strategist/detective exstrordinaire his views are deeply researched and consequently are both robust and varifiable…right or wrong.
    So they warrent airtime and serious investigation.

    It is no more complex than varifying the claims or proving them spurious.

    The issues this singularly brave man confronts every single day of his life potentially impact every element of our society’s worldwide.
    Step up people or this could be the beginning of mass tyranny and the enslavement of mankind.

    You are called…..Make no mistake …as there may well be no other opportunity once the cancor sets hold.
    Now…right now!!!!
    Bravo David, bravo bravo!!

    Michael W Holland: New Zealand

    • Michael, you write “step up people”, the point is Michael, YOU step up! We need to take individual and collective action. Would you like to work with me to organize and implement an ACTION PLAN? Polla

  • Yes, absolutely!


    How about we start Global Movement in which everyone cancels our cell phone contracts and IMMEDIATELY STOP FUNDING THEM IN THAT WAY!

    This Mass Movement would be clear demonstration of our collective power to stop funding and supporting thier MASS MURDERING AND CONTROL SCHEME.

    Another idea…How about we petition Trump to stop 5G or we wont vote for him and will take him out for mass murder!

  • This is Event 201 gone live, even Mike Pompeo admitted during a press conference that it’s a drill. These arrogant psychos act as if they own the world, and all of us, to do with as they wish. We’re funding our own demise, our taxpayer money is being used to try to kill us off. We have to wake up all our brothers and sisters who are buying all this crap and living in fear of this boogieman virus that is a fiction. Our governments, colluding with corporations and the media, are perpetuating a fraud upon the world. They’re in breach of office and need to go to prison. Icke’s video on London Real is brilliant and needs to go viral for people to learn the truth.


    We need to find something that everyone can do to make immediate global impact and send immediate message to stop 5G.

    Can we shape this dialogue into ACTION Initiative Planning?

  • Dear Josh, both amazing and powerful video’s from David Icke and dr.Cameron Kyle were in your last news letter, but what do I learn from it and what do I really want to hear this? From David I hear a lot about his ‘old ideas that are coming to reality’ But when I forget the content listen what I understand between the lines is – and sorry if I’m wrong, but it is what I experience if I stay listening.- it creates fear in me. So there is no better example to compare this with dr. Camerons powerful message, which is also a real and truthful wake-up call that comes with the content of his video. But together with that comes the awakening of compassion and empathy. This is a real wake-up call coming from the heart, today! So I think we need more open and clear witnesses and documentaries how people today are already suffering from 3G, 4G.. and soon much more; to raise public conscience that 5G ‘is really serious business’ and that it should be seen as an hidden enemy as dangerous as the coronavirus. No matter which one was the first, neither the cause of all the trouble… both are doing a lot of harm to many of us and we should be only warned for this but also be prepared or… eliminate the problem. So thank you for your great and important work that you are already doing. If only ONE among us keeps doing it… many of those ONE’s can tune in with YOU. That’s at least one benefit of modern technics. So I love what you are doing, so please keep doing it.

  • I would be careful about trying to prove a direct causal link between 5G and the Corona virus. It is enough to say that 5G weakens the immune system and contributes to making us more susceptible to viruses. It will only serve to discredit and distract our goal of alerting the public to the many other existing dangers of 5G. There are so many conspiracy theories circulating right now. That focusing on that will backfire and distract. There are already so many legitimate well documented dangers of 5G. The unauthorized installation of the 5G network that is occurring behind the public’s back is by itself powerful. Also, much more needs to be said about the safer, faster and more secure alternative… the Fiber Optic Network! People are hungry for engaging, positive solutions. Especially now. We can promote the Fiber Optic Network and fight 5G at the same time. We must! Setting up the Fiber Optic Network will be a great way to improve our country’s infrastructure and get people the jobs they’ll need after this Pandemic is over.

  • I would like to see ALL technology frozen right now. Forever. No 5G, 6G or development of further tech. We HAVE communications that work, we have the ability to use what there is to date. I do not want incapacitation just because some dumbnut wants to surf eBay for handbags faster from her non-essential super-phone. These people need to wake up fast – they are what ruins humanity.

  • I vote yes. To me it would appear that corona virus is most active in the countries that have more 5G poles. It may be that Africa is not so badly affected as it does not have many 5G poles at present. We are fearful of what will happen when they do come our way. I do believe that the corona virus is real but that the 5G towers lowers our inherent ability to fight the virus.

  • I dislike conspiracy theories but voted for investigation into the connections only because I KNOW that the Governments have been informed with all the scientific evidence that 5G is dangerous to health and yet they still maintain that ‘there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it is’.

    The process behind this political decision needs to be investigated in full to reveal the dominant agendas so that it informs the same issue with vaccinations.

  • Hi all, I just want to say I appreciate the fact that you are here. I have been feeling alone, and unsafe in my alone-ness. Like I feel like if I had even a few people around me who could see what I am seeing–which of course started from an initial clear intuitive hit that led me to places like this one–I would feel better. I am currently trying to balance informing myself to be a messenger and aligning myself with light and love to take care of my own spirit. Blessings

  • You are in serious danger of confusing the public and you/we need the public. People cannot understand the possibility of both being linked…they don’t even know what 5G is in fact. You are losing integrity by the day with the aggressive confrontational stance you have taken. I understand the concept but it’s wrong. Far more intelligent to deal with each subject separately instead of the present stance.

    • The link is fairly well established by credible scientists; 5G is connected to the illness they are calling COVID-19. However, as Rappoport and others have written on the subject, the disease is not caused by a single agent. The people who have died have been tagged as virus-related deaths when they clearly died of other causes or often multiple causes. The powers that be are faking the tests, faking the number of fatalities, and faking the pathogen. I think you underestimate people. If you read a sampling of comments on this forum, which is indicative of other forums online, it’s pretty clear at least a percentage of people can readily grasp a link. I personally find assertive and confrontational approaches effective and honest, particularly when dealing with scumbags who want to fry me.

  • I would like to see an investigation into 5g and the frequency effect on the physical body and the planet and how those electro magnetic frequencies have evolved over along period of time by in my view related to our experience today through the distortion of our reality

  • I would love to see and hear anything you can uncover, if you are brave enough. I feel it is a big decision to stand up and do what you are doing and I am deeply grateful. But if you have a young family, please make sure you be careful. Like many others here have said, I hardly know anyone in my area who is interested in listening and that scares me.

  • While it can easily appear like an orchestrated convenience
    to “roll out 5g“ while people are focused on a pandemic, I feel we need to initially look at each of these events individually. There is ample evidence that 5g is not safe, yet I believe that the majority of people are not aware of the possibility of harm to we humans, our pets, wild animals birds, and possibly trees & plants. I am unfortunately one of those sensitive people who can both hear it & feel it. Awareness is difficult as connections between EMF frequencies & illness have not hit mainstream.
    We need to find many examples , listen to the Doctors who have made the links & can explain the science behind it.
    Governments agendas for surveilance may supersede our health( 5g) which could then fall under “protection” for citizens -rather than their own intentions (& possibly fears) as they take more & more control. These are only thoughts – i’m sure there are many … we need awareness, but to tred lightly… we may lose our rights very quickly. We must, above all, have no fear – with fear we will be controled … money now controls … as we turn over to digital it will even more so.
    There are foundations that need to be dealt with softly that we become silently strong.

  • As others state, this is one facet of a potential multi-headed established world order consolidation. Yes, expose fivegee; yes, investigate all links; yes, absolutely stick to verifiable peer-reviewed science, or credibility is lost. So hollowing out farming in the disingenuous name of rewilding for climate change via taking away private ownership and food production and locking us into surveilled city grids may be as much to do with the Big Picture as what 50GHz would do to the oxygen in your lungs.

  • I think humanity fears Nature far more than it loves liberation and freedom. The technocrats are already too well entrenched by capitalist democracies and what we are witnessing is our collective acquiescence as democratic citizens to getting our chance at playing Technocrat or Slave.

  • The nations of the ‘developed’ world are being conned and completely believing in the lies being pumped at them 24/7 on the media.
    “Lockdown” makes it impossible to demonstrate and panic spreads through the population.
    I am an eternal optimist but I know we have our backs up against the wall here…

  • Humanity’s senses are hardwired to fear and subjugate Nature. The flip side of subjugating nature is our own enslavement by Technology. Unless we transcend this natural tendency and surrender completely to Nature we will keep creating the conditions of our enslavement and ultimate destruction.

  • Most people are in the dark as to the dangers of 5G and I feel they believe that if it’s there it must be ok to use and that we would not been given anything that’s not safe. I believe this is far from the truth, and am believing that the truth of this will be exposed together with any connection to the coronavirus.

  • I agree with the right of free speech, and like all the other people now signing this petition, we must fight to protect this at all costs so we don’t need to worry if David Ike is right or wrong, because we will have the power of investigation and to say “No!”

  • Draconian times for sure.
    This is the most critical time, now more than EVER, for grassroots movements to save the planet. Our governments/corporations are literally filled with morons and maniacal eugenicists who are systematically destroying all life on the planet.
    Take the time to share ‘5GApocalypse’ and everything Josh is doing. Together we can be the change….

  • Draconian times for sure!

    Grassroots movement is what will save us, not corporations and governments, they are the actual problem(s). Filled with morons and maniacal eugenicist they are systematically destroying our planet.
    Share Josh’s work with your family and friends. Together we can save our planet.

  • I agree with some of the comments below – most of my friends and family think you have to believe everything the government and mainstream media tells you. My point is ‘when did the government actually do something that was in YOUR favour?’

  • It’s easy to follow our loved ones. Then you need to say, wait, this is not who or what I am about!

  • After you watch David Icke’s interview, you won’t need more information. We have to say, “NO” to 5G, bottom line, and create a demand for fiber optics.

  • I’ve been on a health kick now for over 6 years. I was 230 lbs. Now I’m 199 lbs. I eat healthy! Exercise 5 out of 7 days and take Black Seed Oil tablets. These tablets boost ones immune system and anti inflammatory response which are key to health during this 5G attack on the body and mind. Shop AMAZON.

    I’m 55 and feel like im 25. I also include in my daily routine:

    25-30 mins heart pounding core cardio workout DAILY.

    Lemon/lime/orange rind boil or simmer and place a towel over your head and breath deeply for about a minute. DAILY.

    Fruits and veggies DAILY.

    Multi-vitamins DAILY.

    8 hours of sleep. Turn the phone off at you bedside while sleeping.

    Drink water all day with lemon.

    We must take care of ourselves to battle this wave of 5G. If you let your body go, your mind will follow quickly and you’ll loose the battle.

    Good Luck out there!

  • Thank you for doing what you’re doing. The more people who know what is really going on, the more we will be lifted into our power. Our weakness has always been acquiescence to those who seek to control us. No more fear, we are powerful and they know it.

  • Apparently Woody Harrelson is onboard and alerting people. He knows the Hunger Games future scenario. Hopefully more “believable” artists and free thinkers will wake up and not be afraid to contribute.

  • As a retired D.C. now registered psychotherapist using LENS neurofeedback to map brain function I have a deep understanding of brain dysfunction. 5G is potentially dangerous to healthy physiology. Tissue not at ease is disease.

  • Since 2010, the year of the rollout of smart metersand their microwave tropos and wifi, Palm Springs has experienced huge climate change, additional structure fires and worst of all a 4 times increase in vertigo, broken bones and heart problems. Sirens, sirens, sirens, sounds like new york.

  • This is a difficult watch at first. Although I’ve heard much of it before, it brings it ever closer to pointing out the reasons for my uneasiness – where I have acquiesced to power, and stayed disconnected from my power within… my gifts that have been buried in perceived responsibilities. And at the end I was brought gently to courage and strength of my true inner convictions. Thank-you David!

  • For some reason, this is not letting me vote! Keep it all coming. Just listened to an interview with Dr. Valerie Robitaille in Morroco on the subject. Excellent.

    Also, have you listed to Dr. Shiva and have you read his letter to Trump about the Immune System? He is interviewed- exposing deep state agendas. Hard truth, but really necessary to share information!

  • I am in the throes of fighting 4G (5G within a year) pole deployments on my street in Escondido, CA. Verizon has the only operating pole, and AT&T has plans for FOUR more including one across the street from my house.
    NINE radio cells are planned in proximity to my friend’s house up the street. He is fighting spinal cancer and eats only what he grows at home. Pulsating radiation into him, and his food supply is a death sentence. I watch my three grandsons who range from four months to four years. Pulsating radiation into their un-ossified skulls, nonstop, can lead to DNA changes and cancer (ie. Ripon, CA elementary school). We are under attack people (5G, VAX rights, Lockdown as a precursor to ……. …?). Our Civil Rights under the Constitution are being challenged repeatedly. Get the word out. Let your representatives on all levels of government hear your concerns. Don’t let up!

  • Same for myself & husband, no one is interested that we talk to or understand. People, family included, think we are nuts as well, and don’t want to talk about it. We try to plant a seed but haven’t seen results as of yet.

  • Yes, I would like to see investigations/discussion on links between 5G and the C-V . . . and how the Irregulators are doing. I also understand from a friend in England that C-V test kits from china are infected with C-V . . .

  • Josh – I early supported your work with SmartMeters as you started out dealing with science. Unfortunately you have gone too far toward unsupported theories. This ruins credibility. We need someone with your brains and contacts to be able to quote without reserve. Please use only well proven theories. Take a page from prof. Magda Havas who knows well the problems with EMF/RFR, but only quotes reliable sources.

  • I think as the conscious people on the planet we must join our forces with the likes of David Icke, of course Josh, Dana, Sayer Ji, and teach ourselves everything there is to know. Not to get bogged down in the info or made anxious, but to stand strong while we look the dark side in its eyes. It is the fear in the world, not us. We MUST at all times, KNOW WHO WE ARE, INFINITE BEINGS WITH INFINITE POWER AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN FROM THE PAST, INTO THE PRESENT AND INTO THE FUTURE. That is of course, REAL LOVE, TRUTH AND PEACE WHICH has NO FEAR. Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo is also starting an action plan. Let’s join up, break the disconnect that is trying to force itself upon us, and stand together, strong, resolute, fearless and luminous.


  • Sayer Ji from Green Med info is also speaking this truth As are many stop 5G groups around the world We must keep speaking the truth without fear that “the Emperor has no clothes” as the TRUTH WILL SET US FREE

    Gro Harlem Brundland got headaches from cell phones. And since she was the Director-General of the World Health Organization and the former Prime Minister of Norway, she did not feel the need to apologize for it, and simply ordered that no one was to enter her office in Geneva carrying a cell phone on their person. She even gave an interview about it in 2002 to a Norwegian national newspaper. The following year she was no longer Director-General of the World Health Organization. No other public officials have repeated her mistake.
    (note besides headaches, microwave radiation degrades oxygen absorption by the blood resulting in flu like symptoms)
    Page 368 from “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg.

  • what can we do to stop all thiis isolation, lies on the covid 19 just to produce a compulsory vaccine, steeling our wealth for us to pay back their corruption?? Surely more of us than them!!! How do we sack them?? Have we no power as a coporate untited to get rid or stop them???? ……… the govts who put all this in place. They are terrorists and getting away with it 🤬

  • Hi Josh, First I want to thank you for the work you did on opting out from smart meters. Second no one talks about the Haarps, which are very much part of this picture along with the nesrad stations. I hear them, now for over 30 years. Just think if every one would stop using their cell phones the world would be a better place.

  • What can we do to stop the 5G from Expanding any further in our country , it affects the immune system as we all know and causes health issues.

  • The evidence is building, but community is still accepting what is presented on the TV news, which denies any connection (of course). At the same time it is possible that this virus and not just any virus people are getting as a result of 5G exposure, was deliberate and manufactured.

  • Some dictionary definitions of ‘Corona’:
    an electrical discharge accompanied by ionisation of surrounding atmosphere; in electricity, a sometimes-visible discharge resulting from a partial electric breakdown in the air surrounding a wire at high potential; something suggesting a crown such as a faint glow adjacent to the surface of an electrical conductor at high voltage; Corona can be one or more circles of light around a luminous object, light, visible light, visible radiation – (physics) “electromagnetic radiation (EMR)” that can produce a visual sensation; a discharge, at the surface of a conductor, accompanied by ionisation of the surrounding atmosphere and power loss.

  • Everyone may now have some idea of what it is like to live with microwave illness (aka EHS) except if you go to the shops, or anywhere else, you can be guaranteed for your body to be tortured by radio frequency radiation. But most have no idea others cannot live in their own homes and have been self-quarantining for years continuously due to exposure to the carcinogenic effects of 2g, 3g, 4g and 4g+. This illness has been suppressed for too long. Now might be the right time to bring awareness to the mainstream. Any ideas how to make this happen? People might have more compassion after being locked up in their homes for just a few weeks. Thank you Josh for all your work!

  • The time is for the people of the world to now realise that a REVOLUTION is NECESSARY NOW,against the elite rulers of civilization. Or remain forever imprisioned !

  • I am most concerned about the impact of EMFs on all life on this planet. The insect population if adversely affected by radiation. We cannot survive without the pollinators which are essential for food production.
    Another major concern is the massive deployment of satellites which will(are) beaming 5G radiation over the entire planet.
    The health and safety issues MUST be addressed by governments.

  • Greetings Josh
    As discussed, proving criminal intent regarding 5G roll-out and connections to the pandemic is easy.

    Ironically, the hard part is deciding where to begin.

    The documented truth is an exponentially growing force.

    The proof connects all aspects of the global eugenics program components, only two of which are the pandemic and 5G
    I suggest beginning with the latest from Sayer Ji Greenmedinfo “Let’s get real about this plan demic” brilliant article, with links to the James Corbett’s The Corbett report “Medical Marshall Law.”
    Check out all the show notes.

    And the link to Spiro Skouras brilliant and solidly documented video:
    “Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates Call for Mass Vaccination and Global Government”.

    1) Medical Martial Law 2020 [1:09 hours] by James Corbett
    2) Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance [42 mins] by Spiro Skouras

  • If millions people cancel their smartphone services, people may be able to take back their power…. Cancel your cell phone service and show them your power. I’ve never owned it. Wake up people before too late!

  • Nowadays there is a little choice open to an individual or/ even a community whether to accept or/ reject the new technology, however, we must admit that the growth of the new technology over the last decades has been so massive that not just an individual alone but a nation is left with a zero choice as to ignore it. The answer, I believe is to adapt our life as deemed appropriate and try to strike a balance between its moral and unethical values not forgetting that new technology pros always outweigh its cons on the long run.

  • Dear Josh,
    I have listened to you for quite some time and believe & trust in what you have been sharing. The 5G Crisis Summit that you and Sayer Ji did back in August 2019 was a true eye opener. We are all being “duped” and scammed by Bill Gates and his CULT. We are all being led to death by a psychopath much the same as what Hitler did and the Jonestown poisoning. Is everyone in our government in on this too ~ the House, Senate and even wealthy Trump??? How can we speak our truth and be heard to get us all out of this lockdown???? What can we do as common citizens to band together and stop this whole scam?? Bill Gates and his cult need to be stopped NOW BEFORE our country and the world is totally devastated & there’s nothing left. He is a CRIMINAL ALONG WITH HIS CULT AND SHOULD BE JAILED FOR LIFE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE ~ OR POSSIBLY THE ELECTRIC CHAIR FOR THE DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE TO ALL OF US. HE MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  • WE live in an era of instant gratification and “seeing is believing”. Unless people can actually SEE/FEEL/SUFFER the danger/damage of EMF and 5G in their own personal lives, they will follow the “safe, popular” narrative of mainstream media . . . Unfortunately, the traditional mainstream media has been hijacked/bought long ago by big corporate companies in order to survive financially and thus became mere spin-doctors for governments, municipalities and huge corporate companies . . . More people will have to start speaking up from their own personal experience in their communities and how their health /lives have been affected by EMF radiation, etc. to break through this Fake News barrier that Big Pharma and Tech Tycoons created . . .

  • Ok, I’ve been sitting in this Chaos long enough! Time to jump out of the “pot”. We must remember that “WE have the Power”.
    The “Consumer” runs the show! Our dollars dictate policy! The trick is we Must stick together as “One” to create Change! We must meet them at their level – – – – – MONEY and CONTROL. Will it be a sacrifice? Will it be painful? Yes! Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!! I’m proposing a radical concept. What is powering all this chaos? -The Cell Phone! – I would like to see a Movement to “Dump the Cell Phone” and move to safe wired Fiber Optic technology. This is the only way to truly put a Stop to this madness of….5G, Surveillance, IoT, Facal recognition, chipped vaccines, mind control, the destruction of our planets ecosystem, the killing off of insects, birds, microbes, animals, plants and ourselves! Sacrificing our health and immune systems (the real cause of COVID 19), stopping a contract that our government just signed with Elon Musk of SpaceEX to install One Million Small 5G cells across our country in addition to launching 42 Thousand Satellites to saturate every square inch of our planet with 5G, destroying the integrity of our oceans and compromising our weather, satellites destroying curcadian rhythms for all living things. And the list goes on…. What’s the bottom line? Cell Phones. We are being called to be in Integrity at this most unprecedented time in our history. The choice is ours. Is it in Integrity to be sending money to these Tech companies every month? Are we contributing to our own destruction? We must remember that our very own dollars are supporting this madness. Like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz, when we Wake Up, we will see that we had the Ruby Slippers all along! “Let’s take back our POWER”!!! Who’s with me on this?

  • Feeling frustrated and helpless with the whole 5g topic. I have been watching it being installed in my town during the lockdown. It’s now located very close to my house. I shared this info with my next door neighbor yesterday and she pretty much said “oh well.” I feel like my family is having to pay the price for the rest of the country choosing to stay asleep! Would welcome any tips on how to try and wake people up in my town to the dangers of 5g.

  • Yes, FB is censoring any info regarding 5G, and alternative treatments for the COVID 19 virus. I know because I was censored. I posted 2 posts, 1 on 5G and its effects on the immune system, and 1 post on how intravenous Vitamin C therapy, along with Zinc, Selenium, etc were being used with high success to treat COVID 19 in China. Both written by credible sources. They posted a disclaimer stating, Before you read this post may contain “fake information”. I feel they must be in league with the pharmaceutical companies, some monetary or power gain for them.

  • I have been trying to find a corelative map of the covid-19 hotspots and where 5G has actually been deployed. I can find info that 5G has been deployed in some COVID-19 hotspots: in Wuhan, Turin and Milan, and New York City but it is only very general info and what are other deployment locations? I would love to see data on where 5G is active and at what frequencies and what types of applications. Also I read a wireless trade journal article from 2001 discussing the fact that the FCC had unregulated 60Ghz frequency and that appliances needed only an FDA medical device license and not an FCC license if they used 60Ghz. In my small home town the biggest concentration of antennas (unknown frequencies) is on the roof of the local hospital. I am wondering about the used of 60 Ghz in the hospital setting as well as in the communities at large where 5G is deployed. I am interested in hard data not rumors or generalized info. Does anyone have any data or leads?

  • 5G needs to be tested in .00000001% area prior to installing it in 100% of the World as if we are mice.
    And they need to be held accountable for 100% of all health ailments costs , ie: cancers that appear.

    Sadest part is the youngest are the most unaware. And will effect them the most…. if they live long enough. I know of 2 under age 40 who have already passed away from cancers.

  • YES! Absolutely! I’ve been researching this myself and would like the opportunity to share what I found in respect to the new ‘covid-19 antibody test’. Please reach out. or fb Stephanie Amora Danylko

  • Since the crazy times have hit us I have done so much reading and feel I have come to realise and being awakened regarding the bigger picture. Prior I felt the sinisterly air and it smelt bad. I would love to be part of the movement for change as citizens we deserve a healthier quality of life the air we breath and water and food we consume, autonomy and freedom of expression. And we cannot live on a healthy earth without its occupants our wildlife forests etc.

  • Absolutely discuss the relationship between 5G and the corona virus. I want to be able to articulate this to others, broadcast it and call Congress. I will keep pushing until 5G is taken down and the removal of the threat to our liberty with the false COVID pandemic.


  • Yes, it’s all about control. For example, in New York, Gov. Cuomo, along with Democrat Govs and politicians, are enjoying their power: you MUST obey! They arrest people for wanting to work, yet criminals have been released from jail and free to roam. What a world- they enjoy feeding on our fear. So don’t be intimidated to speak the truth to others Don’t force, but show some facts and allow them to make up their own mind. Tell others about:
    It is a documentary by Mike Smith re Hollywood and how we are manipulated by the news. It is riveting and can begin to wake people up.

  • A video study, on the system, two years ago on how 5G energy separates the 02 molecule
    In the body. Isn’t this one of the problems of C19,breathing?

  • I had the covid cytokine and now mast cell activation which they now call long haul covid. Yet I can see that past mercury toxicity made me sensitive to other adjuvants from vaccines as after getting some specific ones I began to developed a mystery inflammatory condition which resulted in chemical sensitivity and EMF sensitivity. I now see that mast cell activation can be triggered from aluminium in vaccines. I have no other risk factors for covid cytokine so looked into the mercury /heavy metal connection and it all makes sense to me. that it is interlinked MCA is reactive to EMF as well as adjuvant sensitivity. Please feel free to contact me you want more of the research leading to my conclusion as this does not explain it very well but the connection is there .

  • I too would like to have a very public forum to discuss the 5G and in home 5G WiFi exposure to the public. The power meter issue is still unknown to the home owners and needs to become a public point to know. Thank you for this subject being brought forth for better community health.

  • I live in France and am very concerned about the installation of smart meters here on the electricity grid. Our bill was already high and went up steeply since installation.

  • Does any one knows which legal template documents I can submit to BC Hydro to prevent the installation of a Smart Meter/ Radio Meter against my analog meter that ‘apparently’ it has expired? Thanks

  • >