A fascinating conversation between David Icke and Derek Broes, on 5G, AI, and exploring a root solution: awakening our consciousness so that we will not be hive-minded -- but rather will be part of the co-creators and experiencers of a positive timeline for humanity. Watch the video above, or on YouTube here.

Note From Josh: As with all topics, if “spirituality” or “consciousness” or perhaps “Source” or “God” happens to be uncomfortable, remember to take what resonates and leave the rest. As Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Personally, I have been more deeply realizing that the seat of divine authority is within each of us, giving us the power to be light in a darkened world. This may be latent, but it is fully there at least in potential.

It can be accessed through service to the all, serving the One.

And as we realize the holographic fractal nature of reality, even every small act of genuine care for another, or for yourself, builds this kingdom.

  • Look into Micheal Tellinger his research into a species with amnesia lol talks about technology of ancient civilizations that has been hidden like how pyramids were made and what they appear to be or people being silenced anyone revealing free sources of energy like Tesla who’s idea’s were stolen and sold to us over last century (Tesla coil). Whoever controls the energy has the power.

  • …and why is the EU building in Strassbourg …built with architecture to resemble the Tower of Babel … and the EU building in Brussels has statues of a woman ridning the beast…hmmm

    • I totally hear you. It’s the system of the Babylon. There are still those within it who are trying to do good. They need the tangible and energetic support of people; the focused intentional manifest power within us.

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