This October, I’ll be presenting brand new research at the Wise Traditions conference hosted by the distinguished Weston A. Price Foundation.

The title of my talk:
Opting Out of the ‘Internet of Bodies’: The Link Between EMFs/5G and ‘Vaccines’… and Wholistic Solutions

So, I’m once again diving into the very timely field of EMF-related deep research and solutions. Deep Breath. 😁

The presentation will also include a 10,000-foot view of both a) the ‘agenda’, and b) meta-solutions, including who we are as spiritual beings of consciousness in reality… and including parallel-society solutions and pathways available here and now.

And, since many of you are highly-informed and aware, I’m asking for your help:

If you have any important research / URL(s) on this topic… ideally, leading-edge info for dissemination… please let me know by posting a brief comment below.

(NOTE: To attend the conference, October 20-22 in Kansas City, tickets are available HERE. Early-bird pricing ends this Friday.)

Looking forward to your suggestions below, thank you! -Josh

  • Imagine you are already familiar, but Dr. Ana Mihalcea has done a lot of work and collaborated with others on this topic…

  • Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD
    Karen Kingston
    Robert O Young MSc, DSc, PhD
    Clifford Carnicom
    Dr. David Nixon
    Ricardo Delgardo
    Maria Zeee

    All these people are researching Nano Bots

  • Josh, you asked for resources which inform our understanding of what is going on right now. I highly recommend Iain McGilchrist’s amazing work,The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World. His work shows why we are caught up in a myopic view of our place and our power.

  • I know from first-hand experience, how v damaging mobile phone radiation is to the brain, so i feel v strongly about this issue…that the truth about the dangers be exposed, to the general public.
    Id like to suggest these v good resources to you…Nick Peneault (known also as the ‘the emf guy’)…he also has done extensive research on vaccines and pandemic.
    Also, Jonathan Otto, for research into vaccines etc.
    Take back the power…!

    (By the way, what about Big Pharma, (evil giant), are you doing anything to expose the lies and corruption of the modern med system too?..)

  • In 2013, Harvard University found a set of proteins in our DNA. They attempted attributing different languages and letters to see if it spelled something out. When they used Hebrew, a message was spelled out in this reoccurring set of proteins. This message said “Hello my children, this is Yahweh. You have found the secret of life, now go and tell the world.” This is the signature of our creator in our cells and I believe is the foundation of our innate immunity. I believe, as the jab contains an enzyme called luciferase, these proteins replace the signature of our creator, essentially switching off our innate abilities.
    I never took the jab but affected by shedding and long term illness from mould, EHS (electrohypersensitivity)and heavy metals. In my research, I came across a food supplement that purges all spike proteins from the body. A detox program of 3 days showed afterwards, no signs of mRNA in the body. It is depicted as the blueprint for the perfect human genome and upregulates and downregulates to bring the human body into complete optimal expression. It has been shown to heal every disease it’s been tested against and there are numerous studies. It is in a nano form, the only form that can actually work against the nano jab. It was shown to dissolve clots, heal cancer, arthritis, and numerous viruses amongst other things. It is taken up by all 48 cell receptors and is a potent anti-inflammatory. I have been on this for 6 months. It impressed me so much, I signed as an affiliate, but only to help make it more affordable as I’m on disability.

    It is known as Magicdichol. You may also be interested in the DPE sold on this site as this diverts natural disasters and EMF.

  • The unifydhealing technology is definitely worth checking out. It uses scalar waves tuned by a computer to reverse disease. It is more sophisticated than Rife, and according to them, puts you back in the state you were in before you became dis-eased. The testimonials are all positive, pretty stunning. Tony Robins just did an interview with the founder Jason Shurka and has installed a healing room in his home.

  • Yes Josh, I’ve got some “research”. One person we know had Sonus Wireless speakers installed in her house, also had a cordless home phone, and got an Audi Q6 auto with Bluetooth and a hot spot. She also worked from home next to a wireless router and spent a lot of time on the phone in her car. Six months later, she got Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). We measured over 2000 uW/m^2 in her environment. Her friend, a lawyer, also worked mostly from home, six feet from her modem/WiFi router to her left. She got TNBC on her left side and died. We measured 1700 uW/m^2 at her left side desk location. My brother wore his cell phone in his left shirt pocket for 10 years. He got breast cancer right underneath the cell phone. Of course, this is all just coincidence, right?
    How much anecdotal evidence do people simply dismiss before it finally becomes truth?

  • Arthur Firstenberg
    President, Cellular Phone Task Force
    Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
    Administrator, International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
    Caretaker, (End Cellphones Here On Earth)
    P.O. Box 6216
    Santa Fe, NM 87502
    phone: +1 505-471-0129

  • “The vastness and breadth of true and actually wondrously beautiful and Good, even in their infinitely complexities; than any and all meager finite attempts to crudely surmount.”

  • Precious josh, thank you for the service you bring to all.
    I wish I could give research on what I “deeply know” and feel and live but I will share here in the hopes of bringing even one brother or sister to the Light.
    From a deeply Spiritual place, there is no emf or virus danger when one is holding a higher frequency within themselves. THIS is our true power!!
    We each individually must do our inner work. Prior to Covid I was on the path and when I began I saw it as a gift to dive even more deeply inward.
    I told many I didn’t jab because there was no virus as long as I held my frequency. This has also proved true for emfs and likely other “dangers”.
    Each of us holds immense power. May we awaken to this and rise above!

    • Thanks for the idea, Judith! How do I get started on doing “inner work” and strengthen myself?

      Vaya con dios!

      • Precious Clyde, because you asked, your Higher Self activates to guide you along the way. Follow what resonates with you. I could point you toward hundreds of books, videos or classes. Truth is truth and each of us have our own individual journey back to this Truth which is Love and Unity. See what shows up in front of you to do. Widen your beliefs, no-thing is impossible. We (in our Truth) are more powerful than we have been taught. Once you step upon the path, the path opens for you. I send you the very highest of Love-Light to illuminate your path. I am honored you asked. Namaste

  • Hi Josh,
    I look forward to hearing your presentation in KC in October! It will be an exciting conference.
    I see that Karsten has already provided information to you on Arthur Firstenberg and the Cellular Phone Task Force, so I will not repeat the information. I also know that Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has researched this topic extensively.

  • Hey Josh! I am using Ozone and Oxygen Therapies to help mitigate EMF & RF cellular damage and blood coagulating effects. I teach people how to treat themselves and their loved ones. Also I am designing a Regional Parallel Societies & Economies training series that culminates into a local launch event. I have designed and produced the first two trainings in the 5 module series. I am talking with LFA about launching the series after the first of the year. I would love to know more about your Parallel Societies offerings. Thanks for all the sovereign solutions and pure-hearted goodness you bring to this realm and beyond!

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  • Check the pdfs of Sabrina Davis Wallace, former systems engineer. On Telegram under the “D.E.S.P.O.T.” site.
    She seems to have a good handle on some of this.

  • Where can I buy the movie, Take Back Your Power? I work at a Healing Center in the Cleveland , Ohio area and I would like to show it to our clients. B

  • A SMART METER WAS FORCED ON MY HOUSE AGAINST MY WILL against my will after telling me that they would put an orange tag on my house so that they would know not to change the meter. NOW I AM GOING TO COURT TO GET BACK MY SAFE ANALOG METER.

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