What are ‘smart’ meters?

The basis of the “smart” grid are what are commonly referred to as “smart” meters.  These are digital and (almost always) wireless utility meters that have the ability to harvest a vast array of personal information and transmit it to corporations and governments in wireless radiation bursts.  Though this issue at first seems innocuous, are set to have profound consequences for all aspects of our life and even nature.

What’s happening in this movement, and why?

Utility customers around the world are choosing to take a stand against the installation of smart meters for the same reasons (to jump straight in, click on a link below for more info) —

  • Cost increases: a) on utility bill; and b) massive taxpayer-funded government expenditures;
  • Privacy, and loss thereof;
  • Fires & damage: more than 900 smart meter fires to date;
  • Health effects of smart meter radiation
  • Grid vulnerability: entire power grid extremely hackable;
  • The Bigger Picture: A sense that corporations are now going too far in their quest for ever-greater control, at the expense of human freedom, basic rights and the entire planet’s ecosystem.


Stated intentions vs. reality

It could be said that it is extremely ironic that the stated intentions of the global “smart” grid plans are for greater 1) “energy efficiency”; 2) “reliability of service”; and 3) “to help the environment”.

In actuality, 1) regions where smart meters have been installed have not experienced less energy consumption (only increased cost to customer); 2) the entire power grid becomes immediately vulnerable to being taken down by hacking; and 3) the effects of increased radiation have now been demonstrated to have a negative impact on all plants, insects, animals and biological life in general.

“The smart grid is increasingly understood as an over engineered, ill-advised, financial boondoggle at taxpayer expense, capable of endangering the security of the entire national grid, violating constitutional privacy protections and endangering public health. In addition, the smart grid/metering has not been found to save energy when all the new variables in the system are factored in. Plus, time-of-use pricing is largely punitive to those who can least afford it. Time-of-use pricing is fundamentally a Wall Street model designed to maintain shareholder profits as we transition to more energy efficient models that will reduce demand.”

– Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council

Perhaps even more unsettling

What many are finding is even more unsettling than this – than the smart meter program already failing on all of its goals – is the way in which this program has been implemented:

  • in corporatocratic secrecy instead of democracy – even in many cases laws being arbitrarily changed to facilitate rollout;
  • with no heed to personal privacy rights;
  • with no heed to published science;
  • with no heed to credible experts from a variety of industries;
  • with no stated option for opting out – though this is changing;
  • with devices which are unapproved by UL, CSA (or equivalent), and routinely cause fires and damage – which is not covered by homeowners insurance (because smart meters are unapproved devices).
Though, a huge opportunity is on the horizon

As if that wasn’t enough, the most critical issue of all:  We no longer need to be on fossil fuel-based, scarcity-based economy on a centralized control model, whatsoever.  We now have affordable technology – here and now – to decentralize, to completely do away with all carbon pollution, to have enough renewably-sourced energy and clean water for all citizens of the planet… if the public voice is informed and involved enough.  The new paradigm of informed and passionate public voices will trump the old corporate/government paradigm of “bottom-line-obsession-at-the-expense-of-all-else”.  More about this opportunity in the film and on this site in the days ahead.


As the watchdog has left the building, it is now up to individuals to participate and come together to effect actual change.  Please take the time to research this critically important issue of our time.  In addition to producing Take Back Your Power the film, we’ve taken the effort to do our best to get as much credible, important research, a video archive, and steps for taking action all together on this website.

When you are have done your own research, and come to your own conclusions, we sincerely hope you feel inspired to take a stand for what you value.  You will be standing with millions of others around the globe who are likewise waking up.

“Smart” grid issue: Cost increases

From multi-billion dollar taxpayer funding, to huge spikes in billing following smart meter installations, to time-of-use billing, to the growing reports of smart meter inaccuracies.
» Cost increases: Research

“Smart” grid issue: Privacy & in-home surveillance

Unless stopped by public voice, smart meters mean a total loss of privacy in your own home. Corporations are forming with the specific intention to capitalize on private data. Everywhere that smart meters are being forced on the people, rights are being trampled.
» Privacy & in-home surveillance: Research

“Smart” grid issue: Fires & damage

There have been hundreds – if not thousands – of incidents where a smart meter has caused a home fire. Most smart meters are not approved by UL or CSA (or equivalent), and are made of flammable plastic. Traditional analog meters were made out of glass and metal, and did not catch fire.
» Fires & damage: Research

“Smart” grid issue: Health

Smart meters emit pulsed microwave radiation every few seconds, thousands of times stonger than a cell phone call. There’s a growing stack of published scientific evidence indicating a significant risk of adverse biological effects of this type of radiation… but governments are telling us it’s safe. What’s the real story told by independent research?
» Health: Research

“Smart” grid issue: Grid vulnerability & security

Even in the media, it’s becoming common knowledge that the entire power grid will be at risk to be taken down by hacking. Are corporately-directed governments responsible for creating this unprecedented problem?
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“Smart” grid issue: The bigger picture

How does this multinational, anti-democratic program fit into the bigger picture geopolitically?
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