The team at Infomatic Films have just released this relevant and hilarious 4-minute "truth bomb".


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  • I might not be very SMART but I think this cartoon needs more work before it is widely released because it is confusing the way it says theres no fires and unless someone is aware that is a lie they will believe you are saying it is true. Please remedy this confusion as at present it is a disservice to share this.

    • I agree with this comment, because most people who agree with the Smart meters have already been affected by them mentally… Perhaps a NOT sign (circle with a bar through it) can be put at the end of each claim.

  • I agree with the above comment the sarcasm has the reverse effect of making people think that everything they’re saying is actually true rather than dripping with sarcasm it’s confusing you need to have a statement at the end that all statements in this cartoon are false and that smart meters are dangerous and you should list of dangers at the end cartoon itself is extremely well done kudos to the filmmakers

  • Excellent explanation, however I do agree that those unaware might think there were no fires caused by smart meters.

  • Thanks for the video. But I too, agree with the comments above that if you don’t know the truth, the sarcasm will be missed, and people will be misled.

  • Love the presentation and thrust of this very well done cartoon. However, I do agree the *fire and general sarcasm throughout could be confusing to some. Perhaps having a *prominent cartoon character/sign pop-up stating “LIE” every time a falsehood is stated. Something along this idea might remedy any potential confusion.

  • Just share with this sort of blurp:

    SMART ATTACK: Smart meters are not so smart to have installed. Unfortunately, they are a smart move for those that like to know everything about your power consumption, amongst other things. And, yes, they have started fires so please note the sarcasm used when this short film says “And of course they haven’t caused any fires!” Well, they have and if you share this, please note that in case people take that comment literally!

  • Astonished that the comments focus on the remote possibility that some ignorant people will take the video literally. Maybe we need smart devices.

  • I find the film to be exactly what it says it is.
    A “Smart Attack”: Hilarious short film tells it like it is.
    The ” tongue in cheek” speak makes it impossible to exaggerate the seriousness of of the matter. The message was not lost to me at all.
    Well done.

  • When I applied for power thru SRP Salt river Project. I made it clear I did not want the smart meter. They informed me if I wanted power then I had to get the smart meter. So how do we have choices in what we want or don’t want installed when the only choice is Either get the smart meter or go with out power?

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