SPECIAL REPORT by Derrick Broze & Josh del Sol

While much of the world has been focused on surviving a "pandemic", social distancing and quarantines, the proponents of mass surveillance and 5G have been scoring major gains.

During this chaotic time it’s extremely important to take note of the advancements of legislation and political maneuvers which threaten our liberty and privacy.

First, on March 23, the 5G rollout progressed even further in the USA with President Donald Trump signing a bill aimed at “securing America’s 5G infrastructure.”

The act, titled the Secure 5G and Beyond Act, calls for a comprehensive plan to securitize a nationalized 5G grid in “not later than 180 days.”

Combined with an additional bill, the Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability (DATA) Act, which passed the House on 16 December 2019, these bills seek to nationalize 5G network control. Read more about these two bills.

CONFIRMED: 5G and related tech is being deployed at or near many schools during the lockdown

Last week, after seeing video of some installations of 5G and apparent biometrics at schools during the lockdown, we asked readers to share any evidence they had regarding this apparently fast-tracked deployment in their neighborhoods.

After dozens of comments, emails, and videos, we can safely say there is indeed an effort to install 5G related equipment at or near schools, and throughout cities in general.

For example, Twitter user “Just Michael” filmed an encounter with police parked at a local school, who were either performing or supporting the installation. When asked if what they’re doing is related to 5G installation, the apparent police officer acted odd and attempted to deflect the question.

Watch this rather shocking video:

Another clear example of telecommunications activity at schools comes from a Facebook video posted by IJ Hribal. In this video she visits a school in Longview, Texas to ask a contractor if his work involves 5G. The man claimed there was an ongoing 5G installation which actually began in December 2019. (Note: This has been flagged by Facebook as “fake news.”)

In another video posted on her Facebook page, IJ Hribal writes,

“5G being installed at North Penn High School in Lansdale, PA. This was sent to me by a brave mother who would like to remain anonymous. It’s time to check your schools and start putting these people on notice. We do NOT consent.

Finally, an email from the Mayor of Nevada City CA, Reinette Senum described an increase in activity at local high schools:

“AT&T is going off the hook these last couple weeks in our community. We have never seen anything like it…. We have also been overwhelmed by PG&E trucks including IES trucks installing ‘air conditioners’ on the top of our local high school roof tops. For air conditioner installations??”

Read Ms. Senum’s full letter on our Solutions For Humanity Telegram channel.

PASSED: $2 trillion stimulus package advances surveillance, “telemedicine”

The surveillance state is also being expanded in other ways within the 2200-page, $2 trillion stimulus package that was signed by Donald Trump on Friday, and supported by both parties. It includes billions of dollars to the criminal Federal Reserve for a new US digital dollar, allocates funding for telehealth and telemedicine services which will surely be powered by 5G ‘smart’ grid, and creates a fund for development of vaccines.

INTRODUCED: New bill to end encryption, tap private chats

Another new bill called the EARN IT Act of 2020 will attempt to force encrypted communication providers, like Telegram and Protonmail, to give American intelligence services the ability to wiretap private chats or face steep legal penalties.

The bill was heavily debated in early March but has since stalled, however, we should remain vigilant and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the constant focus on COVID-19. It should be noted that the bill was introduced with bipartisan support from Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and is also sponsored by Josh Hawley and Dianne Feinstein.

Like other bills being fast-tracked, this law’s supporters are using the cover of Coronavirus panic to quietly advance it without much of a debate.

REPORTS: Governments using ‘smart’ phones to track in-home quarantine compliance & social distancing

Will government agencies seek to actually track us in our homes, using our smart phones, to see if we are obeying their decrees?

It appears that’s where this could be headed, as the US government is reportedly already in talks with Google and Facebook about tracking the location of citizens using their smartphones to ensure they are practicing social distancing.

And around world, at least 11 nations are already using people’s smart phones to unlawfully track them during this COVID-19 event.

See the this regularly-updated COVID-19 Digital Rights Tracker.

The context: what this all means

As we have outlined here, there is clearly an effort to erect the final pieces of the global technocratic infrastructure while humanity is being pushed into a state of fear and panic over a virus with questionable fatality rates.

We are being lied to about the virulence of COVID-19. And the ramifications are unprecedented. For more perspective that intelligently challenges the official narrative, see these links:
Ben Swann video – the breakdown of WHO’s disinformation
Wall Street Journal article – fatality rate too high by orders of magnitude
New England Journal of Medicine article – Dr. Fauci’s admission
CNN article – “majority of people with Covid-19 only suffer mild symptoms, then recover”

It’s becoming increasingly clear that elitist criminals in government, media, and corporations are pushing forward a carefully-orchestrated agenda to establish a global society of technocracy. This agenda appears to include:

  1. vaccines which may be mandatory (or coerced via digital certificates, wristbands, or social credit score);
  2. a rapid, covert expansion of 5G;
  3. global biometric systems (such as this) to track who has been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19;
  4. the continuing implosion of the economy to make the public dependent on the State;
  5. a digital currency linked to the biometrics and 5G;
  6. fear-based social control system to normalize “social distancing” and unjustified fear of other human beings.  

The only way we will make it out of this precarious situation is to continue to educate our loved ones and community. We cannot simply stay in our “woke” bubbles and preach to the choir.

These are challenging developments to all of us who are paying attention to the facts about 5G, and waking up to see what appears to be an orchestrated technocratic false flag agenda, unprecedented in our nation’s history.

While many leaders in the battle to preserve humanity’s future are understandably in the mode of research, coping and regrouping at this time, going forward we will be in touch with more information about how we can effectively and powerfully respond.

There appears to be an increasingly limited window of time to reach the masses and we must take the opportunity or risk failing to achieve a truly awakened humanity. Please make an honest effort to communicate with your friends, family, and other people you may be interacting with online or in-person.

Together we can change the story that is unfolding in front of our eyes. We can make it through this dark night and create a better world which our hearts know is possible.

We are bringing forward solutions-based resources. Subscribe to our future updates via email or Telegram (click ‘JOIN’).

-Derrick Broze & Josh del Sol

P.S. If you found this report helpful, please do your part by sharing the link with others. Let’s reach critical awareness.

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  • Thank you both!

    Recently switch to Soectrum Communication for our internet. New router had 2.4 and 5 G bands. I couldn’t get within 30 feet with out pain. Was not sleeping well, even though it was off, no power from 11:00 pm to 5:00pm. My girl called and costumer service said that that that the didn’t have other routers. Called technical Service at Spectrum. The technician remotely turned the 5 G off. Everything from mental clarity, body energy, and the pain in my organ subsided. Can’t imagine living in an apartment building with several of those in the buildings homes.

    Signed the EWG letter about 5G.

    They are systematically making us to sick to fight back.



  • Coronavirus ‘outbreaks’ occurred in China, Italy, Iran and on the Princess cruise line immediately after 5G was activated in these places! Someone needs to document the correlation between the installation of 5G and Coronavirus outbreaks. The Coronavirus suddenly becomes more deadly in hospitals where victims are hooked up to high EMF/5G machinery. Interestingly the only county in Florida where 5G has not been installed is where the presidents MaraLargo golf course is located.

    • If you’ve done your research, you know that this “virus” erupted in different countries, simultaneously. This does not happen naturally…much more going on here.

  • When I go out to the few remaining open businesses the Spectrum and other trucks are all over the place installing..en masse.

  • Josh, sending you heartfelt love and support – I’m in the uk – was sent a link to a video about Q and trump’s election, – does Q exist? Do you know of any groups in the UK?

  • I don’t need to be convinced…i just want to know what to do. What should we be doing to stop/prevent this? I would love to gather people & make our thoughts/opinions known. Would love to share this information if it’s actually going to make a difference in them moving forward. But I’m also not willing to put myself out there if it’s not actually going to make a difference. (i know too much about how this all works & honestly fear for the well being of those swimming upstream…I’m well aware of what is happening to holistic doctors)

    • You can wire your home, buy a cable-phone, tell your friends do the same. Search on powerline-adapters for signaltransfer.
      Read about VLC and Li-Fi, spread that too..

    • May I suggest that the first thing is for people to quit wireless tech period. All of it. It’s the foundation of the global control system in telecom clothing. These folks say get a land line, but don’t say quit wireless per se. The also emphasize human concerns over ecosystem, the far greater threat. And traditionally, ground antennas instead of satellites, though that’s getting better. But if consumers reject wireless, what’s the incentive for companies to make investments in new tech? The AirGig thing is ominous, but too little data on operational details. Quitting wireless would crimp that too, though. Demand wired (not fiber) Internet.

      • I convinced my husband to hard wire our internet. I have had serious health issues since we put WiFi into our previous home. If 5G goes through, I am certain I will die. I have great difficulty walking in our neighborhood. There are 32 WiFi networks that are picked up by my computer if I turn it on to check. I can’t even walk straight at the community gym because they have WiFi. When I told them of my health problem no one cared. I never went back. After 1 1/2 laps (1/10th of a mile) walking, my eyes burned and my legs got weak. I can’t stay at Walmart more than 5 minutes because they have WiFi on continuously. I get very sick, dizzy and faint. I have to leave or I won’t be able to leave. I went with a friend to the hospital to talk with her husband’s doctor. By the time we were, done, my friend was shocked at how much difficulty I had walking when I walked in just fine. They have WiFi at the local hospital. I can’t go to the hospital due to WiFi! I have no doubt 5G will kill me. I certainly will lose the ability to walk if that happens. I have notified our city attorney, mayor, and administrator of my health problems with the current WiFi. No doctor was able to pinpoint the cause of my problems. Luckily, I am a Christian and I know where I will go when I die, so I have no fear of dying, but I would like to watch my grandchildren grow up. It seems to me, they may join me in heaven one day because everyone will get cancer and die. I believe my husband and I had the corona virus last week. We are almost over it. It was pretty nasty but with lots of vitamin C, I got through it with no need for a doctor or hospital. My husband thinks he’s Tarzan so he took nothing and did pretty good. He has a better immune system than I do.

        • I’m SO sorry for all of the suffering you are experiencing due to the current generation of wireless technologies. We’ve had a hard-wired computer for nearly 2 years now, I think, and we rarely had wifi on at all, until 2 weeks ago, when everyone became homebound. Since then, I have experienced headaches almost every day and more body aches. I know it is nothing compared to your sensitivities, but I understand the concept and feel it to an extent for myself. Wifi must be on anytime more than one of us needs/wants to be on a device at the same time. With 2 school iPads now at home til who-knows-when, along with my husband’s work laptop, it’s not been fun for me. I’m also trying to start my online business. Ugh.

          Good for you for treating yourselves with vitamin C! That’s what we do every day as preventive medicine the past couple of years, and treatment for most any illness we’ve encountered. The past year+ I haven’t gotten sick with whatever my kids and husband have brought home, yay! I have confidence that our clean eating and supplements will get us through this current viral outbreak, too. But what to do about 5G is the bigger issue on my mind these days.

          I wish you better health and more happiness somehow, Sharon. Everyone deserves it!

        • Hi Sharon,

          I for one can completely empathize with what your dealing with. Your personal struggles like so many others are nothing short of horrendous. The 5G rollout is also one of many crimes against humanity being committed in these times. May this be the wakening point for the masses in which the people can regain our stripped powers. I mainly wanted to comment on your post to tell you of a couple doctors to check in to. I have no idea your financial or insurance limitations but thought it was worth letting you know. Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PhD. Dr. Christine Shaffner, ND. May you thrive and prosper.

          with Love!

  • Even if you deem 5G-critic as consperathy-theory you need to ask why fiber-net, which is much cheaper, broader and faster than WiFi has been stopped in roll-out. The signal from the faster fiber-net could continue in your home with VLC – “Visible light communication is a data communications variant which uses visible light between 400 and 800 THz. VLC is a subset of optical wireless communications technologies. The technology uses fluorescent lamps to transmit signals at 10 kbit/s, or LEDs for up to 500 Mbit/s over short distances.” – Wikipedia. Apropo LEDs; in Li-Fi system, perhaps?
    When realizing those possibilities, then again – why 5G or even have microwave signals around at all? Please re-read the article and look at the attached links and draw your own conclusions, please…
    You need to search for yourselves…

    • Do you think light has any less potential for harm than microwave? Try “Health and Light” by John Ott. Look up Jack Kruse. LED’s are especially dangerous. Even fluo lamps. Artifical environments in general. Fiber also has issues. Lots of research out there on this.

      Do you know that all mobile signals reach the Internet backbone by wire? The safest Internet is the old one – telephone lines. Might we need to stop being speed pigs and maybe even get lives offline? 🙂


    • I understand none of that tech talk. How do i do this for myself all by myself. I have wireless sensitivity and am worried about having to go live in the woods somewhere even if I do not personally use it.

  • WOW didn’t think anything of it, as so nieve ?? Telstra (australia) has sent info, requesting limited time on use of internet, as maybe a problem with downloads, never thought it was related to 5G ROLL OUT!!!, thru all that Australia has been thru this year, along with covid-19 plus 5G ??? what else can this planet deal with ?? we will end up like the waste lands in Mad Max ???

  • All of this for what? To reap anything & everything to do with this worldly possessions? This is true human nature as described by Holy scriptures (the Holy Quran) which left unchecked can be disastrous to the whole of humanity.Imagine least developed Socierties’ are being driven by these well thought out schemes by so-called developed ones(well placed greedy individuals)into situations hard to imagine thinking they’re protecting citizens when in truth they are hoodwinked just to advance the mafia’s agenda.
    Thank you to you all who’re trying to inform us on this well orchestrated plans to enslave & ultimately destroy humanity.

    • I know everything you are talking about. How many people do you know who are as fully informed? I have found only three people with extensive understanding and willingness to believe this is real life. I see many online comment sections where it is apparent many have only part of the story understood

  • I watched the video with the evil cops and the very first thing I noticed was the totally defensive stance (body language) of the one the guy was speaking to. Yup…nothing going on here! I’ve said it before…5G will be rolled out – no matter what! The world has become an evil place (more evil than before).

  • There are things we can do to protect us from any pandemic or 5G. Cellular inflammation is at the root of all chronic diseases and toxins are a major driver. To heal we must fix and detox the cells so they can do the healing. Our cells have an innate intelligence and know how to heal us but we must remove all barriers to healing. 5G also damages our cells and there are also things we can do about this. I am a Functional medicine practitioner and have been trained in the most sophisticated health restoration/detox program ever created and it is changing lives and what is great is that it is online. However, it needs to be customize to each individual so this program comes with 3 months of my time and so much more. You will learn the process that you need to do and continue to do to prevent and/or reverse chronic diseases at any age. We need to stop relying on the government to save us. We have a Sick care system and it will never be a Health Çare System because there is too much money to be made in sickness. People need this information now so I would like to offer anyone a free ” Learn How to Have Vibrant Health at any age session with me if you email me at restorehealthnaturally@gmail.com. This offer is for people that want to take responsibility for their own health and destiny.

    • I’m doing all that and continue to decline. Can’t afford to spend anymore money. It’s gone. Insurance doesn’t cover natural treatments. My functional doctor charged us $14,000 for 6 months of care. He guaranteed I would be well in 6 months. I was no better in 6 months. He had me do the exact same things I had already done on my own. After I left him, I managed to kill the bad stuff in my gut drinking celery juice – documented. The rest of me is still very sick. See my note above. Someone with an endless supply of money can try those things, but in my experience, it doesn’t work and even if I had the money, I wouldn’t try again.

      • Hi Sharon. If you want a less expensive and far less complicated approach to restoring your natural health, go to drlwilson.com. Our programs are safe and effective, and they are relatively inexpensive. Your experience with your functional doctor may have left a bad taste in your mouth, but if you earnestly desire improved health, check out the website and see for yourself. It really works.

  • Thanks Josh. For those of us with EHS especially, scary times. What do we do? I constantly attempt to educate, but alas, it falls on deaf ears, or people think you’re crazy and don’t believe you have a condition.

  • We all need to be writing and calling our members of Congress and demanding WIRED infrastructure – fiber optic cable to homes, schools, businesses, etc.

    FACT CHECK: The bill that is mentioned here is about making sure the HARMFUL wireless infrastructure being put in place is secure and not vulnerable to cyber attacks that could shut down our entire country. Also, there is a statement under, “SEC. 5. LIMITATIONS AND BRIEFINGS” – “The Strategy and the Implementation Plan shall not include a recommendation or a proposal to nationalize 5th or future generations wireless communications systems or infrastructure.”

    WIRED infrastructure has much less risk of cyber attacks – but the WIRELESS industry has too much money and power (political influence), so we, the taxpayers will have to pay to protect their vulnerable systems.

    • Right, wired. But not fiber. The old telephone Internet is safe. It’s actually the Internet ‘backbone.’ And really what we need to do first is not write to the puppets in the DC outhouse, but just get straight and give up ALL wireless tech at the consumer level. That ENDS political influence 🙂 Big challenge, yes. But the alternative is a destroyed planet by wireless radiation – all G’s.

  • After seeing one of the above video, I walked to my nearby local elementary school and luckily did not see any new installations. I would agree that it is very important to spread awareness about this issue outside of our online bubbles where we are preaching to the choir. But in doing so, we often hit another problem: opposition, censorship, shills, common idiots, etc, and we must develop tactics in dealing with these roadblocks as well. Censorship above all imo is something that will have to be brought to light.

  • Why are the schools being targeted with 5G installation? Our local TV ads kept saying Tmobile phones were getting the 5G first, but when I paid my March bill, they said there were “problems” and couldn’t get it installed just yet. Have been wondering if I should cancel my Tmobile account because of their alleged being #1 with 5G here locally (Ks/Mo) Also, bought an updated laptop, but Spectrum router would allow my outdated PC to have the internet (Windows 8), but not the laptop. Spectrum said the router had a defect and gave me a new router, which worked just fine with both PC and laptop. Now I’m wondering about the new router after reading the above comments. Anyway to tell if the new router has 5G? Have read many times how angry the controllers are because their Agenda 21 and Goals 2000 keep getting held back from completion because of all we’ve got now and plenty more were supposed to have been achieved by now. Appears they are acting out their anger now, and sometimes that can be a good thing because they reveal more of themselves and what they are doing when acting out their anger. Again, why are they targeting schools for the 5G?

  • Please explain in laymans terms what the big win by irregulators.org means to us that prefer wired over 5G and what can be done to stop 5G in our area.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for sharing about these truly disturbing activities regarding 5G installations in and near schools which are now so conveniently empty due to COVID-19. THAT is what makes me fearful for my kids, not COVID-19.

    I’m eagerly awaiting your next updates, which will hopefully share a call to specific actions. The one question I have right now is: if I see or hear of such 5G installation activity in, on or near any of our local schools, should I contact the principal? Mayor and council members?

  • Hi this is IJ Hribal and I wanted to let you know that the video of me interviewing the contractor was at EJ Moss which is Lindale ISD, not Longview. Thank you.

  • As I read this (BC, Canada), there is a truck just down the street, with two men putting up very thick cable, where there are already small repeater cells on the pole!

  • 5G towers are being installed at the schools in Santa Clara County. Towers were being installed at Hoover middle school this past Friday.

  • Sincerely, thank you Derrick, Josh, and the whole TBYP team. The information and topics you cover are absolutely vital in giving the people back our power. Also to mention in this time there cannot be enough people with the due diligence and the researching methods that you all demonstrate. I am currently getting ready to organize documentation on the 5G Rollout to present at a city counsel meeting. If there is anything i can do to participate in research or to lend a hand in any manor that i’m capable of please contact me through the given email address. No matter what peace and love are there radiating energy, we as beings must find alignment with these energies. As one consciously becomes aware of the strength of these energies the individual then has the full capability of sharing and spreading the unbounded energy love and peace form. May everyone stay well and rise to a higher elevation within consciousness in these seemingly dark and tyrannical times. Lastly, as the saying goes, the darkest hour is that before dawn.

    with Love.

  • Very informative. We definitely do live in the last days. But knowledge is power and ALL people need to be informed so together we can push back this horrific evil that is coming toward humankind

  • I just witnessed it with my own eyes (and filmed it) being installed in a city in San Diego county. This is real…and very scary.

  • my browser will not show any of those #55 topics at the end.
    keep in mind that they run the browsers also!

  • Josh and the TBYP team:

    Our immense gratitude goes to you all for your tireless endeavor to take on and raise the awareness of what is a basic human right – the pursue of one’s well-being and healthy vibrant living, swimming upstream against the powerful unethical corporate world and the less than ideal government organizations. Thank you all, a thousand-fold.

    I have a suggestion that can bring your extremely valuable work to wide and fast attentions by the thousands: use the free platform of Change.org, create a partition, include links of studies/reports/facts/thoughts/suggestions/actions planned, anything to give a streamlined, comprehensive, convincing picture.

    I don’t know if this is the right forum to reach you, would appreciate a confirmation if you’ve revived my message.


  • I’m poor ! On SSI and living with my brother who is on SSI! In a small apartment. I have very few people in my life and none of them wanna here any of this! I can’t save money prep food . Now what’s ur answer for someone like me??????? Feel alone!!!!!!!

  • This is just the start. There will be war, financial collapse, famine, our “space brothers” will turn up and claim to be our creators (a lie of course). There will be world government and you’ll be forced to take a “mark” in/on your hand or forehead. We are living through Revelation. Jesus is the only answer folks. Trump will soon be taken out and Obama will return…

  • Josh, talk more about http://www.irregulators.org big win in court against 5G deployment. If I understand correctly 5G is not profitable without cross-subsiding. At a State by State level money is due back wherby States can implement landline. Is this how we can win legally to halt 5G?

  • >