Take Back Your Power (bolt)
Launching worldwide Sept 5.

Breaking news!  Take Back Your Power is now available for pre-order, our final launch trailer is now live, and after an epic 22-month journey, TBYP will premiere online worldwide on September 5, 2013.

Our efforts – and your support – have paid off, as the film has evolved into something everyone here is truly proud to be part of.  A new friend and conscious film-making colleague, Foster Gamble, commented after viewing an early cut, before I interviewed him this spring:

Wow… astoundingly great job.  Take Back Your Power is a beautiful, tasteful, authoritative and touching account of the dire situation we face, and solutions available here and now.  Bottom line… you have made a great movie and I look forward to helping spread the word on this critical issue and landmark project.”
– Foster Gamble, creator of THRIVE

And, speaking of spreading the word…

Community Affiliate distribution

Click to sign onto the worlwide affiliate teamWe’ve teamed up with Yekra, the leading online indie film distributor on the planet.  They have an amazing platform which makes it simple and rewarding to get behind TBYP.  We chose this route because a) we don’t have a million-dollar promo budget, and b) we can directly fund everyone in this movement to become further empowered.

As a TBYP affiliate, you will get:

  • 3 EXCLUSIVE SCENES from TBYP over 3-week run-up to September 5, delivered to your inbox, and;
  • REFERRAL FEES paid automatically into your PayPal account, for every online view or DVD purchase referred by you.  We’ve asked Yekra to pay out 20% for of all streaming views, and 10% of all DVD buys, to the referring affiliates.  This is up to $1 per stream, and $2 per DVD.  (Filippo Voltaggio, our Affiliate Liaison with Yekra, mentioned that some affiliates who helped get the word out about their Sirius release were rewarded $7-10k or more.)
  • CODES to either a) embed in your site/blog; b) post banners on your site/blog; or c) share via email or social media such as FB or Twitter.  No website or blog needed… and you don’t even need to be on social media… but it helps.  🙂  You just need the ability to send email.

Cost: $0.  What we are together doing is only possible with your involvement.  Please take a moment and sign on here, and start sharing TBYP and being rewarded – beginning with pre-sale purchases today: https://takebackyourpower.net/affiliate/

Pre-Order the DVD or online stream today

Take Back Your Power - Pre-order now
Pre-order Take Back Your Power today, via the player on our main page

Be among the first to see Take Back Your Power when we launch, and order today and receive a 20% discount, from our new-look site at www.takebackyourpower.net

We are sincerely grateful for pre-orders.  We do need funds to promote and cover necessary post-production bills… so please come on board and spread the word.

Wholesale DVD discounts – now available:
Box of 30 – 30% discount  (off reg price of 19.99)
Box of 100 – 40% discount

Take Back Your Power final launch trailer

Watch our new trailer on YouTube!
Watch our new trailer on YouTube

As featured this week in USA Today online, here’s the new trailer to watch and send to your contact lists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDMYc1qlhFY

With the other issues of rising energy cost and surveillance now top-of-mind for the nation, and hacking vulnerability being discussed daily, we’ve decided to highlight these issues in this final trailer.  The film will definitely include an extended focus on the considerable health issues to do with so-called “smart” meters and untested grid technology.

* * *

In the next update we’ll cover how you can easily host a TBYP screening, and we will forward Yekra’s official press release.

We’re grateful to be on the journey with you.  When one can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and helps others become aware, life becomes thrilling.  Thanks for coming on board with us for this exciting ride.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
-Walter Bagehot

Josh del Sol
Producer & Director,
Take Back Your Power