Take Back Your Power is almost here!! And we want you to be the first to know about it.

Later this week we will be officially announcing our launch date, and providing you with our new trailer for the film to share with all or your friends and family.

As we are in the heart of the summer and with energy bills rising — and with privacy rights and health being trounced by our governments who are actually seeking to mandate a ‘smart’ grid everywhere — it is imperative that we rapidly increase awareness and together create sweeping change.

This is why we created this film. We are excited to let you know that we are in the final stages of our 22-month journey to document the issues associated with “smart” meters and the “smart” grid, and we are almost ready to deliver the film to you. In our next update we’ll provide ways for you to spread the word, become a promotional affiliate, and be the solution.

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In the meantime:

As many are finding out through first-hand experience, the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or radiofrequency radiation (RF) emitted by “smart” meters and infrastructure can be very damaging to health and well-being.  Since electromagnetic radiation is invisible, measuring exposures is always a revelation for people.  Without proper meters, one would never know.  And not all EMF/RF meters measure the same things, or are equally reliable.  People often ask what meter I use — it’s the ED75 made by Cornet.  You can access that meter and several others at their website here: www.radmeters.com/Cornet-ED75-tbyp.html

With this tester, just yesterday I was on a hands-free cell call, and I was able to tell that from 1 foot away from the cell phone*, the radiation power density was 0.001 uw/cm2 (screen readout: 0.0100 mw/m2). By comparison, I have tested pulsed radiation from 1 “smart” meter at 1 foot, up to 8.8 uw/cm2 (screen readout: 88.0000 mw/cm2).  In order to help fund Tack Back Your Power and continue this important work, purchasing a Cornet device through the above link will make a donation to the film for a limited period of time.

Know that other manufacturers make good meters too.  For a comprehensive list of measuring/mitigation/books on EMF/RF, do a StartPage search for “EMR testing meters” or check out www.lessEMF.com.  They also have a comprehensive and outstanding list of books here.

Other aspects of so-called “smart” meters and the “smart” grid may be more top-of-mind for the average homeowner – such as in-home surveillance capabilities and plans for “skyrocketing” billing increases. However, once it becomes widespread knowledge just how much pulsed rF radiation affects all biological life — and that “smart” meters and infrastructure were never tested for health or environmental impacts — positive change will be greatly catalyzed.

Warm wishes,
Josh del Sol
Director, Take Back Your Power

* – With a “5 bar” connection. Cell phones usually increase rF output exponentially when they have a weaker connection. As a result, in rural areas the negative health effect can (ironically) be greatest.
* – This was from 1 foot away. When the tester was very close to the cell phone (but not touching), the power density reading spiked up to 31.7 uw/cm (screen readout: 317.0000). However, the distributor informs me that readings this close may not be 100% accurate.