This previously-unreleased presentation dives deeply into the 'smart' meter situation, highlights key developments since the release of Take Back Your Power, and outlines solutions. Watch above, or on YouTube here.

Filmed at the 2015 Building Biology conference on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

In this video, I outline the ‘smart’ meter situation in very granular detail.

As we connect the dots, the dark underbelly of the ‘smart’ meter agenda becomes exposed for all to see: utility corruption, fatal fires, billing scams, unlawful surveillance and health risks from voltage transients and pulsed wireless radiation.

The result of the ill-advised, haphazard deployment of ‘smart’ meters is now coming into view: a hornets’ nest of liability for utilities, utility commissions and governments.

This has led to utility commissions increasingly rejecting utilities’ meter deployment/upgrade plans; and an admission that the agenda is topping out at 50% installation across the USA and other countries.

A window of opportunity is opening to return to safe utility metering technology — but the people will need to continue to come together and engage in solutions.

With this as one of our shared objectives, I invite readers to join 25,000 other like-minded souls in our solutions-oriented community. New subscribers will receive my free guide to quickly reduce EMF exposure.

In This Presentation:

0:01:03 – Overview
0:02:30 – 1. Defining the ‘smart’ meter problem
0:03:03 – …..unlawful surveillance
0:05:30 – …..commoditization of human surveillance, in homes
0:07:30 – …..people losing control of their own electricity access/use
0:08:40 – …..utility bills are inexplicably increasing
0:09:04 – …..misuse of taxpayer funds
0:10:20 – …..thousands of home fires, including fatalities
0:17:16 – …..damage to human health: radiation & voltage transients
0:19:23 – ……….powerline carrier ‘smart’ meters & health effects
0:21:48 – ……….HEALTH REMEDIES: what is working
0:23:45 – ……….CLIP: live blood cell analysis
0:25:26 – ……….breakdown of science
0:28:07 – ……….CLIP : ‘smart’ meter radiation & cell phone radiation
0:33:56 – ……….government agencies controlled by industry
0:34:10 – ……….CLIP: microwave power density & health effects
0:36:10 – ……….media misinformation
0:36:50 – ……….is “EHS / disability status” the answer?
0:40:26 – …..installations without consent
0:42:05 – 2. Developments since 2013
0:42:36 – …..Northeast Utilities: “no rational basis for smart meters”
0:43:51 – …..CLIP: Dr. Timothy Schoechle: “get rid of smart meters”
0:51:00 – …..solution: distributed micro-grids w/ safe analog meters
0:53:35 – …..Ontario Ombudsman receives 10,000 complaints
0:54:08 – …..Swiss Re warns of “unforeseen consequences” of EMF
0:54:26 – …..ComEd raises rates by 38% to pay for smart meters
0:54:35 – …..fires: hundreds of thousands of meters being replaced
0:55:00 – …..insurer: smart meters are a “time bomb” for utilities
0:55:09 – …..110+ municipalities in Quebec are opposed
0:56:26 – …..showdown in Pagosa Springs, CO
0:59:45 – …..CLIP: hundreds of smart meters explode
1:03:36 – …..PG&E/CPUC collusion: email conspiracy
1:06:39 – 3. Is a meta-solution possible?
1:07:10 – …..let’s be honest: what is not working
1:09:31 – …..those committing harm have little to lose
1:10:50 – …..people are waking up
1:14:20 – …..1. consent. 2. liability
1:15:24 – 4. The bigger picture
1:19:50 – …..Iceland’s conscious revolution
1:23:54 – …..Newtonian activism vs Quantum advocacy & inner work
1:26:02 – … to action

» Download Josh’s PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Note: Thanks to the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology organization for filming. To locate a certified Building Biologist near you, go here. This is the best single option I have found for enlisting an expert to do comprehensive measurements or improve safety where you live or work.

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  • Josh,

    Thank you for releasing this talk. Your work has helped me to empower myself to make positive changes in my health and a shift towards conscious activism. Quantum based inner energy work has been liberating as well. Thanks for all that you do!

  • Science dont talk about human electrostatic field and induced capacitive EMFs frequencys (all frequency levels)
    And more you walk, more your electrostatic field make growing induced EMFs ( rest = 0 to 50V/m on 50/60Hz, walknig = 600 to 2000V/m )
    Thats coupling résonance with electrosmog.

    But you need to connect your body on E-Field detector !
    Poeple have to know wath induced in/arround body and on skin… NOT in/arround detector !

    • Thanks Peter — this aspect is very interesting indeed. Could you please comment further on this, perhaps with a link or two that explains it more, and/or demonstrates the e-field detector measuring on skin? Sam Milham briefly showed me this one time and I would like to understand it more.

  • This is not new! A movie made in 1985/updated in 1998 (“Brazil”, a Universal Studio release directed by Monty Python member Terry Gilliam) explained Government control of all utilities, the police state, Government lie’s for population control. Listed as a surrealistic nightmare vision of a “perfect” future where technology reigns supreme. Everyone is monitored by a secret government agency that forbids love to interfere with efficiency. See it if you can, it’s about where we are now! Look to todays media/movies for where we are being lead! Good movie but dry British humor.

  • >