We are taking this show on the road, folks.  A close-to-final cut of Take Back Your Power may be arriving in a town near you!  To raise funds for the official release, we will be screening in several select cities in Canada and the United States during April.

If you live in Toronto, you’re in luck.  The first of the pre-release screenings will be in Toronto, ON at the Total Health Show, on Friday April 5th at 7pm (see map).  The film will be followed by an expert panel discussion including Dr. Magda Havas.  Film admission is included in the $10 Total Health Show pass.

Why pre-release screenings?

The only goal I have is to get this film out to as many people as possible, SOON. These screenings help by raising awareness + community around the ‘smart’ meter agenda, and raising funds necessary to release the film legally and professionally.

Once we meet our goal, the film will be widely released and all communities will be able to host a screening.

When will the official release happen?

That depends on you. The sooner we reach our fundraising goal, the sooner this film can hit the streets.

I know you’re with me in wanting this film to be all over the world, changing awareness and taking down this harmful agenda.  We still need to raise a minimum of around $49,000 to make that dream come true.

Do you want to be an even bigger part of the story?

Angel donors and/or investors are needed to help complete and release Take Back Your Power to a worldwide audience.  Together, we can make a very real difference.  Let’s do this!

In solidarity,

Josh, Sandra, Ella & Natalie

P.S. For more info on screenings, visit the SITE!

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