Disclosure about 5G — and its considerable risk for humanity — is occurring within the United Nations. This is thanks to longtime UN staff member and whistle-blower Claire Edwards, who recently contacted me with this powerful story which touches all of humanity and our shared future. Watch the interview above, or on YouTube here or on Facebook here. -Josh del Sol Beaulieu
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The first eight months of WWII with no fighting was called The Phoney War. Using millimetre waves as a fifth-generation or 5G wireless communications technology is a phoney war of another kind.

This phoney war is also silent, but this time shots are being fired – in the form of laser-like beams of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from banks of thousands of tiny antennas[1] – and almost no one in the firing line knows that they are being silently, seriously and irreparably injured.

In the first instance, 5G is likely to make people electro-hypersensitive (EHS).[2] Perhaps it was sitting in front of two big computer screens for many of the 18 years I worked at the UN that made me EHS. When the UN Office at Vienna installed powerful WiFi and cellphone access points – designed to serve large, public areas – in narrow, metal-walled corridors throughout the Vienna International Centre in December 2015, I was ill continuously for seven months.

I did my best for two and a half years to alert the UN staff union, administration and medical service to the danger to the health of UN staff of EMR from these access points, but was ignored. That’s why, in May 2018, I took the issue to the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres[transcript]. He is a physicist and electrical engineer and lectured on telecommunications signals early in his career, yet asserted that he knew nothing about this. He undertook to ask the World Health Organization to look into it, but seven months later those public access points remain in place. I received no replies to my many follow-up emails.

As a result, I welcomed the opportunity to join the effort to publish an International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space because it was clear to me that, despite there having been 43 earlier scientific appeals, very few people understood the dangers of EMR. My experience as an editor could help ensure that a new 5G appeal, including the issue of beaming 5G from space, was clear, comprehensive, explanatory, and accessible to the non-scientist. The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space is fully referenced, citing over a hundred scientific papers among the tens of thousands on the biological effects of EMR published over the last 80 years.[3]

Having spent years editing UN documents dealing with space, I know that outer space is hotly contested geopolitically and any untoward event involving a military satellite risks triggering a catastrophic response.[4] Space law is so inadequate – just one example is the complexity of space liability law[5],[6] – that we could really call the Earth orbits a new Wild West. China caused international consternation in 2007 when it demonstrated an anti-satellite weapon by destroying its own satellite. Space debris is the main concern among space-faring nations, with a so-called Kessler syndrome positing a cascade of space debris that could make the Earth orbits unusable for a thousand years.[7] Does launching 20,000+ commercial 5G satellites in such circumstances sound rational to you?

I live in Vienna, Austria, where the 5G rollout is suddenly upon us. Within the last five weeks, pre-5G has been officially announced at Vienna airport and 5G at the Rathausplatz, the main square in Vienna, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to its Christmas market each December and skating rink each January, which are special treats for children. Along with birds and insects, children are the most vulnerable to 5G depredation because of their little bodies.[8]

Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna are already reporting the classic symptoms of EMR poisoning:[9] nosebleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and cardiac pain. They also report a tight band around the head; pressure on the top of the head; short, stabbing pains around the body; and buzzing internal organs. Other biological effects such as tumours and dementia usually take longer to manifest, but in the case of 5G, which has never been tested for health or safety, who knows?[10]

Seemingly overnight a forest of 5G infrastructure has sprouted in Austria. In the space of three weeks one friend has gone from robust health to fleeing this country, where she has lived for 30 years. Each person experiences EMR differently. For her, it was extreme torture so she and I spent her last two nights in Austria sleeping in the woods. Interestingly, as she drove across southern Germany, she suffered torture even worse than in Austria, while in northern Germany she had no symptoms at all and felt completely normal, which suggests that there has been as yet no 5G rollout there.

There are no legal limits on exposure to EMR. Conveniently for the telecommunications industry, there are only non-legally enforceable guidelines such as those produced by the grandly named International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection, which turns out to be like the Wizard of Oz, just a tiny little NGO in Germany that appoints its own members, none of whom is a medical doctor or environmental expert.[11]

Like the Wizard of Oz, ICNIRP seems to have magical powers. Its prestidigitation makes non-thermal (non-heating) effects of EMR exposure disappear into thin air, for taking into account the tens of thousands of research studies demonstrating the biological effects of EMR would invalidate its so-called safety guidelines.[12] It has bewitched the International Telecommunication Union, part of the UN family, into recognizing these guidelines.[13] And one little email sent to ICNIRP in October 2018 to submit Professor Martin Pall’s comments on ICNIRP’s new draft guidelines conjured up an immediate explosion of interest in the sender’s online presence – which had hitherto attracted none – from companies and individuals worldwide, one country’s immigration authorities, the office of the Austrian Chancellor (head of government), a firm of lawyers in Vienna and even Interpol![14],[15]

I hope that people read and share our Stop 5G Space Appeal to wake up themselves and others quickly and use it to take action themselves to stop 5G. Even eight short months of this 5G Phoney War could spell catastrophe for all life on Earth. Elon Musk is set to launch the first 4,425 5G satellites in June 2019 and “blanket” the Earth with 5G, in breach of countless international treaties. This could initiate the last great extinction, courtesy of the multi-trillion-US-dollar 5G, the biggest biological experiment and most heinous manifestation of hubris and greed in human history.10

People’s first reaction to the idea that 5G may be an existential threat to all life on Earth is usually disbelief and/or cognitive dissonance. Once they examine the facts, however, their second reaction is often terror. We need to transcend this in order to see 5G as an opportunity to empower ourselves, take responsibility and take action. We may have already lost 80 per cent of our insects to EMR in the last 20 years.[16] Our trees risk being cut down by the millions in order to ensure continuous 5G signalling for self-driving cars, buses and trains.[17] Are we going to stand by and see ourselves and our children irradiated, our food systems decimated, our natural surroundings destroyed?

Our newspapers are now casually popularizing the meme that human extinction would be a good thing,[18],[19] but when the question becomes not rhetorical but real, when it’s your life, your child, your community, your environment that is under immediate threat, can you really subscribe to such a suggestion? If you don’t, please sign the Stop 5G Appeal and get active in contacting everyone you can think of who has the power to stop 5G, especially Elon Musk[20] and the CEOs of all the other companies planning to launch 5G satellites, starting in just 20 weeks from now. Life on Earth needs your help now.

The transcript of my exchange with the UN Secretary-General of 14 May 2018 follows.

[Start of transcript]

Staff member: Mr. Secretary-General

UN staff have repeatedly been told that they are the most important resource of this Organization.

Since December 2015, the staff here at the Vienna International Centre have been exposed to off-the-scale electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and mobile phone boosters installed on very low ceilings throughout the buildings. Current public exposure levels are at least one quintillion times (that’s 18 zeros) above natural background radiation according to Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

The highly dangerous biological effects of EMFs have been documented by thousands of studies since 1932 indicating that we may be facing a global health catastrophe orders of magnitude worse than those caused by tobacco and asbestos.

Mr. Secretary-General, on the basis of the Precautionary Principle, I urge you to have these EMF-emitting devices removed immediately and to call a halt to any rollout of 5G at UN duty stations, because it is designed to deliver concentrated and focused electromagnetic radiation in excess of 100 times current levels in the same way as do directed energy weapons.

In line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, to “Protect, Respect and Remedy”, 5G technologies MUST be subjected to an independent health and safety assessment before they are launched anywhere in the world.

There is currently an international appeal (https://www.emfscientist.org/index. php/emf-scientist-appeal) signed by 237 EMF scientists from 41 nations urging the UN and particularly the WHO to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, encouraging precautionary measures, and educating the public about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development.

Mr. Secretary-General, we have a unique opportunity here at the UN Office at Vienna. Since our medical records are digitized, you have the possibility of releasing data on a closed population exposed to off-the-scale levels of electromagnetic radiation to establish if there have already been abnormal health consequences for the UN staff here in the last 28 months.

I urge you to do so and stop any 5G rollout in these buildings immediately.

Thank you.

UN Secretary-General: Sorry, because you are talking to someone who is a little bit ignorant on these things. You’re talking about the WiFi systems?

Staff member: On the ceilings of these buildings, WiFi boosters and cell phone boosters were installed without consultation, without information to staff in December 2015. Now, if you understand electromagnetic radiation, the signal is – if you cannot get a signal from your mobile phone, the signal goes to maximum strength and that then bounces off metal walls affecting the body multiple times at maximum exposure levels. So the situation here is extremely dangerous. I have heard anecdotally of many people who have had health problems. I don’t know if they are related but the Precautionary Principle would dictate that we use our medical records to look into this and that we remove these dangerous devices immediately. Thank you.

UN Secretary-General: Well, I’m worried because I put those devices in my house. [Laughter & applause]

Staff member: Not a good idea!

UN Secretary-General: This I will have to – I confess my ignorance on this but I’m going to raise this with WHO [World Health Organization] – which I think is the organization that might be able to deal with it properly for them to put someonetheir staff or organizations to work on that because I must confess I was not aware of that danger – [humorously] to the extent that I put those things in the rooms of my housein the ceiling.

Staff member: I would suggest that everybody start looking into this issue and particularly into 5G, which 237 scientists from 41 countries consider a threat that is far worse than the tobacco and asbestos threats of the past.

UN Secretary-General: Well, maybe I have learned something completely new. I hope it will be very useful to me but I confess it is the first time I hear about it.

[End of transcript]

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the authors of the Stop 5G Appeal.

Donations are urgently needed to publicize the Stop 5G Space Appeal further and educate people throughout the world about the threat from 5G, especially from 5G satellites, set to begin operation as of June 2019 and blanket the Earth with 5G, from which there would be no escape for any living organism anywhere on the planet (www.5gspaceappeal.org/donate/).

Claire Edwards can be contacted at stop5gappeal@protonmail.com.
Arthur Firstenberg can be contacted at spaceappeal@fastmail.fm or www.5gspaceappeal.org/contact/.

The Appeal is available in Chinese (中文), Japanese (日本語), Croatian (Hrvatski), Czech (Český), Danish (Dansk), Finnish (Suomi), French (Français), German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνική), Hungarian (Magyar), Italian (Italiano), Norwegian (Norsk), Polish (Polski), Portuguese (Português), Romanian (Română), Russian (Русский), Serbian (Српски), Spanish (Español) and Turkish (Türkçe) and will soon also be available in Dutch, Macedonian, Mongolian, and Swedish (www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal/). We are seeking volunteer translators for other languages.


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  • Excerpted from: Rule of Law – Wikipedia
    “The rule of law implies that every person is subject to the law, including people who are lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and judges.[5] In this sense, it stands in contrast to a monarchy or oligarchy where the rulers are held above the law.[citation needed] Lack of the rule of law can be found in both democracies and monarchies, for example, because of neglect or ignorance of the law, and the rule of law is more apt to decay if a government has insufficient corrective mechanisms for restoring it.”

    What every citizen needs to scribe on their black board 1000 times a day: >

    “It is more proper that law should govern than any one of the citizens”.[4] (Aristotle)

    Complete text” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_law

    I have been attempting to inform friends and “authorities” regarding radio frequency health impacts for over 35 years. They smile sheepishly (like the secretary general) and place my life and opinions into the tiny round file they hold in their minds for comfort. I am now EMF impaired, live the life of a tortured hermit, and watch as civilian populations commit suicide for the convenience of official neglect.

    • Glad to see you still around, Paul (used to see your excellent informative comments at Lloyd Burrell’s ElectricSense site).

      I sincerely empathize as I also “…live the life of a[n-EMF] tortured hermit…”

      (I was already a “hermit” due to CFIDS which I had often described as “brutal.” But I NEVER had used the words “Torture/Tortured” UNTIL this EMF nightmare began here 5 years ago. I had never even heard of “EMF” until then when I was forced to search for WHY was the building, floor, bed, body, & internal organs being electrically vibrated, pulsed, & reverberaed!)

      Glad to see all commenters here are fully awake to what is going on in the world. A news article I had read re Israel & 5G said their having lousy internet speeds was due to the only two Telcoms in the country who, due to its small population size, did not want to spend the $$ for the upgrades. If we could only be so “blessed”! :-/

      • Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

    • There is no peaceful protest!
      There is no free assembly!
      There is no diplomatic achievement!

      Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

  • The Matrix is showing the power it holds by spreading ignorance. General Electric used to say,”Progress is our most important product.” All the people who stand to make billions need to do is put on a happy face and assure the public that they are in control and everyone will live a much better life if they just accept that they actually care. How many people have died because they accepted that cigarettes were safe or asbestos? It really is time to wake up and wake up everybody else while you’re at it.

    • Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

  • Thank YOU Claire Edwards!!! Our world needs more people like you — that speak the truth — and hold ignorant, lying men like the SG, accountable for their atrocities against all life.

  • People will wake up soon enough as to the health hazards of 5G
    Thankfully for the likes of Claire for not been afraid to expose the health hazzzards of this horrible
    Concentrated 5G system it is both evil and wrong .

    • Hi Doreen, I’m looking for the actual document template itself on your site. Can you please provide a direct link to it? Thank you for your excellent looking efforts!!

  • Please excuse my sarcasm, (levelled at the UN, not the writer) – doesn’t this attitude fit directly with your Agenda 21 (3)/30 (3)? Why am I not surprised. This is simply a method of delivery to kill more people. ALL Nations should leave the UN – it is a TOTAL disgrace, and now Israel wants to take it over and have it based in Israel. Well, that’s no surprise either as it started life as the Jewish funded League of Nations. Nothing new here people, just more blood libel sacrifice of the Goy. I mean, Israel is not having 5G, is it? No, that’s for the cattle they sacrifice, like you and me.

  • Here in Den Haag, (The Hague) , Holland, they have tested 5G twice, and both times have coincided exactly with hundreds of birds dropping dead out of the trees in the inner city park where the transmitter is. Here’s a link to the local news. It’s in Dutch, but you can google translate.https://m.omroepwest.nl/nieuws/3716837.
    And here’s another. https://jdreport.com/5g-experimenten-den-haag-honderden-vogels-vallen-massaal-dood-uit-de-bomen/amp/

    • Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

  • You can see why the Zionist are now not supporting their Creation, the members have sussed them out, poor old trump has been told by his satanic zioboss to ditch it before it gets noticed..

    • I wouldn’t call em strangers. I just call the bobby ngger muellers

      Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

  • What are we doing having these Potato heads in position of influence and alleged protection when they are SO FRIGGIN IGNORANT , and deliberately , smiling to make the informant feel belittled, of anything that is going on these days, I expect he has been instructed to have no idea of what DEW’s are ,Weather Modification, Chemtrails or HAARP,Transhumanism, DNA selection, or the Aparthied of PALESTINE, these Zionists and there Agenda 21/2030 need to be removed from these positions, and throw out into the wilds.

    • Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

    • Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

    • Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

  • 3/11/19, saw this below NYT-excerpt/comment at another site re the 19 UN-ENVIRONMENTAL passengers killed in the Ethiopian plane crash:

    There was 19 UN employees on the plane. From NY Times:

    “But the flight between the cities may have been carrying a particularly high number of United Nations workers because it was the day before a session of the United Nations ENVIRONMENT Assembly, described as the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment.

    “The event, which starts on Monday, brings together representatives from United Nations member states to address ENVIRONMENTAL problems.”
    Source: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/ethiopian-airlines-plane-crash-time-discrepancy#comment-293690

    Does anyone think there could be any connection (?) between the Appeal re 5G, the UN 5G Whistleblower’s info, & the 19-UN ENVIRONMENT Assembly session workers being “kept from attending” it(?) or is that too “tin-foil-hat” of a suspicion?

    Great report, btw, by Claire Edwards. God bless her, Arthur F., & you for sharing it.

    • They will also be held accountable for the mh370 Mayalsia airliner!!! they are all pederast suicidal us eu un bankrupt paramilitary banking international war criminals of FAILURES!!!

      Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

  • Draft Document to establish factual research and follow-on prosecutorial powers, in world court, for investigation and protection of non-combatant terrestrial humans from harm, either deliberately or inadvertently caused by space-based platforms.

    “Plan to establish an initiative in UN world court, petitioning world government, to establish international law, to prevent and prosecute any nation state, or trasnational corporation from using space-based satellite systems or space weapons systems against civilians around earth.

    For this to occur the following must be established in the world order of international law:

    World petition submitted to United Nations Human Rights Commission, and World Court, a clause in the covenants of Global Law: [1] for establishment of an independant world court investigative and prosecuting committee, responsible to no single State (yet funded by a global tax on all nation States, and funded by a (carbon ) tax on all identified transnational corporations.
    [2] for establishment of an appointed special global world prosecutor to establish an independent prosecutor, and independent jury composed of no less than members of twelve jurors from twelve nation states and 12 transnational corporations, and twelve randomly selected 12 citizens from around the world to sit as members on a committee and jury of no less then 36 members composed of all, including one person from the nation State, a transnational corporation, and independently selected civilian from the nation state or region, where the suspected geo physicial event of suspect violation occurred and took place.

    [3] For the purposes therefore, a global petition must be submitted to world court based on legal test of factual evidence of ‘reasonabl suspicion’ or presentation of factual basis by established probable cause for warrant of investigation into a case meriting investigation of such transnational violation of human rights.

    [4] Further, establishment of world court authority for investigation into, and prosecution of: any nation state or transnational corporation established by submission of factual based legal claim by petition with evidence provided to world court by citizens of at least 12 nation states, and such global material-based factual-based petition being deemed adequate to form a position adopted for establishing a world court order for investigation into an alleged violation of use of space-based weapon systems, or space-based technology used against an individual (either inadvertently or by intent) resulting in catistrophic harm to individual citizens of an nation State, or member of the global body of world citizens, or an employee of a transnational corporate entity.

    [5] That this aforementioned petition, be certified accurate, then is all that is needed to establish a world prosecutor to further investigate the material facts of probable suspicion, or probable cause, and for independently deciding to establish a global committee or jury for the same.

    [6] Punitive measures, (1) If the prosecutor of world court determiñs that a factual basis has been established by reasonable suspicion, or probable cause that a space-based platform was used either inadvertently or by purpose, the international court can sue such rogue nation, nation state, or transnational corporation the sum of one million to one hundred million dollars, in that country’s currency where said violation occurred, but at a rate established, in number and value by standard of the defacto present world reserve currency reserve basis.

    [7]. If the world court, based on factual evidence and certified petition and world position of violation of international human rights law, determines an egregious violation against a civilian(s), then the world prosecutor, at world court discretion, may require or compel a representative of any nation state or transnational corporation to attend a tribunal and to testify a: (presently established in Hague) or at any global prosecutor’s official location by proxy. That any nation, any rogue nation, any transnational corporation must respond to pending allegations, and or charges within 30 days, and if so required to appear, must appear within 60 days of notice, either by the head of such nation state (president, prime minister, attorney general, king or queen or officially designated and dually authorized representative of the potentially responsible party (prp), rogue nation (prp), or transnational corporation (prp).

    [8]If by full deliberation through legal process of the body of the world prosecutor’s office, and in accordance by judgement handed down by world court order, the following may occur, but is not limited to:
    A) A fine submitted to the offender nation which must be paid to the world court in full within 60 callendar days.
    B) Or a rebuttal and satisfactory appeal by the alleged offender nation State, rogue nation, or transnational corporation within 30 calendar days.
    C) Response by a duly authorised delegate to appear to testify against such charges as may be rendered against their nation state, rogue nation, or transnational corporation.

    [9] This clause establisnes the international prosecutor the authority to subpoena factual evidence in support of innocence, or guilt form the alleged offender nation, rogue State, or transnational corporation. However, this clause establishes the esteemed right to normal protection of a nation State, rogue nation, or transnational corporation from self-incrimination. However; denial of such request, based on international subponea, empowers the world prosecutor to carry out such duties, regardless, based solely on a certified position supplying a qualified petition based on world court determination that such petition is adequate warrant based on reasonable suspicion or probable cause for investigation, and for prosecution.

    [10] This legal president establisnes power of world court to wxercise this authority for protection of human rights against use of such space based weapons, and is herein affirmed by right of all civilians, persons, and non capital criminal person’s on earth.

    [11] Extended clause, this action and authority has limited scope yet retains the right of the world prosecutor to investigate upon receipt of such a qualified global petition indicating violation of human rights against the use of space based weapons in times of war between states, or war among all states in the case of world war.

    The basis for establishing this authority is “immediately granted and ratified” by petition of fifty signature nations of these aforementioned clauses titled “Rights of non-criminal Individual and Civilian Protection against the use of space-based kenitic or energetic weapon platforms, including prime ministers, CEOs, heads of governments and civilians.

    This global legal policy is ratified in full ‘for consideration and funding,’ based on certification from no less then thirty five signatory countries, including transnational corporations and civilian leaders. However, a requirement exists, that within a period of no more than five years, from date of receiving the initial signature of thirty five signatory member States, corporations, and individuals, and additional fifteen countries must sign and ratify this petition to obtain a fifty country (manditory) concurrence to enact this authority in full.

    However, by obtaining signature authority of thirty five member Sates (defined as countries, or states or provinces composing a majority of a Nation State, this body of international human rights for investigation is duely recognized and funded by contribution by signatory nation States and transnational corporations, and ratified to allow for submitting factual based petitions of concern based on reasonable suspicion or probable cause to the defacto world human rights court for investigations of violation of space based platforms against civilians, and for identifying that a space based weapons system violation has in fact occurred against a civilian, then such evidence and determination is adequate to proceed with investigation.

    Nothing in this ratifying policy, stated herein, disallows funding through private foundations, member Nations (by grant), or by crowd funding sources.

    Positions within this global commission of human rights against the use of space-based weapons against civilians can be made by appointment by member States, appointment by qualified transnational corporations (Inc.), appointment by NGOs or Private Foundations, or by selection of individuals and voulenteers such as by diasporas, or by volunteer assignment appointed by any previously aformationed legal entity, including assignment by leading members of limited liability companies (LLC).

    Upon signature by one civilian, in any Nation state, this position and policy thereby carries weight of human rights coalition to be further considered and ratified.

    C. G. Hill,

    Signature lines for adoption by initial ten member states, are as follows:

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    _____________________ ___________ __________________________
    Name/title. Date. Country or Corp. ID

    • To settle this diplomatically is a FAILURE!!! boycott all the multinationals within sovereign nations and accept the nuclear biological chemical threats from the us eu un paramilitary banking failures still will not stop the microwavewar mind control warfare!!!
      Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

    • Where is the central broadcast? Or we must satelite warfare and I just used the last of my anti-satelite missile. The v2k tells me darpa before the v2k I never heard of darpa. They tell me their propaganda before they publish it on the global mass media of LIES!!!

    • Just curious Paul, but why do you put your trust in the very corporate entity that makes BILLIONs in sales in this technology? There are thousands of studies that have been done over the years that show the dangers of wireless technology. I’d rather put my trust in scientists, doctors, and other experts who have nothing to gain and who are not operating out of a place of serious conflict-of-interest… check out https://bioinitiative.org/rf-color-charts/ for a sampling of such studies…

  • The directed energy mind control satelite terrorist weaponry is already GLOBAL SURROUNDED THE ENTIRE EARTH all of it is lies to our brains for depopulation and enslavement. The funny part is I know the voices and the false memories (quantum virtual reality) the celebrities are all perpetrators and enemies to EARTH AND HUMAN KIND!!!

    WE MUST FIND THE CENTRAL BROADCAST us eu un paramilitary banking depolulation agenda NOW!!!

  • The directed energy mind control satelite terrorist weaponry has already GLOBALLY SURROUNDED THE ENTIRE EARTH all of it is lies to our brains for depopulation and enslavement. The funny part is I know the voices and the false memories (quantum virtual reality)are not real the celebrities are all perpetrators and enemies to EARTH AND HUMAN KIND!!!

    WE MUST FIND THE CENTRAL BROADCAST us eu un paramilitary banking depolulation agenda NOW!!!

  • The directed energy mind control satelite terrorist weaponry has already SURROUNDED THE ENTIRE EARTH all of it is lies to our brains for depopulation and enslavement. The funny part is I know the voices and the false memories (quantum virtual reality)are not real, the celebrities are all perpetrators and enemies to EARTH AND HUMAN KIND!!!

    WE MUST FIND THE CENTRAL BROADCAST us eu un paramilitary banking depolulation agenda or SATELLITE WARFARE!!!

  • Thank you Claire. You restore my faith that not all in high places have become corrupted by their position. There are a few shining examples, and they, and you, give the rest of us hope. I’ve signed your petition and sent it round to about 50 folks I know (not many I know, but I’ve been banned from having a facebook account – and other social media accounts – for previous activist activities, and so email is my only option at present).

    I wonder if you are aware also of swarm technology? This research – LeeRabaey_SwarmTechnology_GOMACTech2015.pdf – is funded by DARPA and involves the deployment of trillions of smart sensors into the atmosphere to blanket the earth and ourselves in tiny computerized particles that network together to gather info and data from their host environment, and then to act on that information. At the time of its writing, it was estimated that by the year 2020 there would be THOUSANDS of these smart sensors on or IN our bodies, and that this deployment would cover every human being on the planet. This version that I included here doesn’t have the language I read 5 years ago when I first discovered it. But at that time it stated that everyone everywhere would have thousands of these sensors on their persons. I do believe that this program will tie in to the 5G program, as they will be gathering unprecedented amounts of intelligence and data.

    I have lost access to 7 different email accounts since I began my activism 6 years ago. The one I currently use is somewhat protected, but I have discovered that many of my emails simply vanish into the ether when I try to contact folks about stuff like this. Just mentioning it, so that you might also take some precautions (like printing out your contact list, having several backup emails, etc.)

    Warm thanks to you once again,
    Katja Juscha Grunther

  • I fear that the problems the world faces are spiritual and require spiritual intervention. We gave too much power to satanic people with satanic agendas and we now have to prepare ourselves, our minds and hearts to receive the King of King who will destroy these dark forces of evil. We cannot do it by ourselves. There is too much corruption in every walk of life. Too many people fearing for their jobs. Too many of us fearing for our lives. Too much propaganda which is misleading our world and now we have Covid 19 (or is it really the equivalent of 5G weapons of warfare against humanity). This is really test time for all people on earth including Christians, Jews, Muslims etc. Our we willing to turn away from wickedness, corruption, fear and greed and stop being too weak and/or yes-men with no knowledge or understanding of the control and power agenda of satanic bosses.

    Turn to Jesus and let him protect you from the weapons of evil. Believe and trust in him and read his Word, the Bible

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