The Take Back Your Power team sits down with Brian of www.bc-freedom.com to learn more about the new Claim of Right & Notice of Default document templates, which are now available for people in BC to keep their analog meter, WITHOUT paying extortive opt-out fees which BC Hydro is attempting to impose._

Video link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN2crder1A4

It is our understanding that the first documentation process provided by BC-Freedom in November 2012 was 100% effective, helping the thousands in British Columbia who used the documents to prevent installation of a “smart” meter on their home.  Now, they have (as of November 2013) released template documentation to help those in BC keep their analog meter and preserve their rights.  Their approach is about helping anyone who wishes to come from a higher level of jurisdiction, in asserting their rights to not be surveiled and irradiated in their home.

More info: www.bc-freedom.com

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  • Josh, you’ve done us a great service with your excellent film. Thank you. However, to claim that the “claim of right form is 100% effective” is stretching the truth. Where is the documentation to prove that every householder who used this approach didn’t receive a smart meter? How can we be sure this form made any difference compared to the form I have on my house, where I still do not have a smart meter? You are veering into dangerous territory here.

    • I used the Claim of Right and the follow-up documents supplied by bcfreedom to great effect. It works better than trying to fight BCHydro in court where the outcome is a forgone conclusion for the establishment.

      • What you are not being told is that implicit in Claim of Right is the householder’s right to use any reasonable means, including force, to protect their property. This puts you on a list as a potentially violent person so that when Corix comes calling they will arrive with an RCMP officer. It also undermines our class action suit since you can’t be part of both. This is an attempt to undermine our movement from within. Be warned.

        • Your class action plays right into their hands and I will not participate in it. You are being led astray by the controlled opposition if you think that using the Claim of Right in any way implies violence. I doubt your motives for implying it does.

          • My concern is that innocent people aren’t misled into taking actions that could endanger themselves and their families by placing themselves in conflict with the authorities. Whatever I may think of this regime—and it’s not good—I don’t believe in recklessly endangering others.

          • Using Robert Menard to scare people away from employing Common Law is a smear by association tactic.

            Again…I really, really doubt your motives! I think you just want to scare people off the only tactic that works.

          • I’ve stated my motive: to not recklessly endanger people based on my personal philosophy. What’s yours?

          • To use Common Law to prevent BC Hydro from recklessly endangering peoples’ lives BY MICROWAVING THEM.

          • What do you think Citizens for Safe Technology is trying to do? And have been doing at every step along the way thanks to the dedicated efforts of volunteer directors over the past several years. We should all be working together, not allowing ourselves to have this wedge driven between us—which is really how we’re playing into BC Hydro’s hands if we allow that to happen. Using bogus quasi-legal means won’t do it. That’s all I have to say.

          • Follow you off the cliff?

            The wrong tactic is being used and you will loose in court…it is a forgone conclusion As for “bogus quasi-legal means”…that is just the point…COMMON LAW is LEGAL because it is the basis of law.

            Read the comment by ” Isle” at the top…maybe you missed it.
            Then revue that section of the Criminal Code called Defense of Property in the link I posted above. 2 Subsection endorses use of the “Claim of Right”.

          • He who would trade liberty for some temporary group security, deserves neither liberty nor security. He who sacrifices private freedom for group security deserves neither. He who is willing to trade private freedom for temporary group security deserves neither & will lose both.
            So … What kind of human being prefers safety in numbers? Which kind of temperament cannot distinguish belief from opinion? What kind of fearful disposition or insecure temperament “believes” that
            – if they just obey authority (any authority elected or self declared)
            – if they just behave & comply
            – if they have no problem suspending critical thinking & foregoing common sense.
            – if they avoid taking responsibility for themselves & their choices
            – if they shun individual autonomy & opt to follow the leader, ANY leader,
            In short
            – if they opt for herd immunity, what is it about the herd that convinces them that this affords them any measure of safety?
            What kind of personality “believes” that

            – if they register away their lawful rights, hide out under the banner of collectives, organizations, societies, coalesce & congeal while they use statutory labels & statutory documents containing statutory phrases which re-register people as public entities & hand rights back to corporate/governmental authorities, assuring that groupthink achieves the goal of corralling the susceptible back into the collective, back into the public sphere where they are then guaranteed to forfeit their common law rights & are left bereft, with no recourse against a corporation for whom statutory laws exist for the sole purpose of protecting corporations from those who flail against them?

          • Brian: you’re delirious. TALK TO AN ACTUAL LAWYER FOR ONCE, WILL YOU? I assume they know at least as much as you claim to about law.

          • Define delirious? Telling people for 13 months they will be on a no fly list if they do the docs? I have lots of people down south right now that are reading your stuff trying not to laugh to hard at it. Remember when you guys were saying that people were getting metered using our docs? Where are those people exactly? There were dozens of you on those threads. You would think that at least one of you would have forwarded us a name, or a postal code or something where this was happening? And yet you ask for ‘documentation’ Hilarious. The documentation would be there if you had someone. Real simple, meter # is X then, they send docs, and then get a smart meter with a new # AFTER all docs are done and without ‘caving in’ So, where are these people exactly? I mean, you should easily be able to substantiate this shouldn’t you? Making the above assumption is pretty funny, it is like making the assumption that all the scientists claiming the meters are safe know more than you about how bad they are. Perhaps we should just take their all knowing word for it and leave all this stuff in the ‘qualified’ hands of those pulling the strings in this world? As such, what gives anyone at all in your ‘group’ the right to speak on… radiation, or anything like that… you should leave that to the scientists, they are all knowing and us mere mortals should not dare question them without the proper credentials.

          • AJ, delirious to me would be registering for programs that do not even exist, even with as little as i know about, well, just about everything according to you… i would never, ever be dumb enough to REGISTER for a program… that does not even exist… giving ALL my rights to the government who could (and in your case did) create that very program later… So, AJ, please have in your expert and fully qualified opinion tell us about how smart it is to register for programs that do not even exist. Shall I register my car with tourism BC? LOL!

          • So far I have not been given one iota of proof that Claim of Right works 100% of the time. I’ve helped educate people in my region about the folly of ‘smart’ meters and we have resisted so far quite well without Claim of Right. Give me the proof or this discussion is pointless.

          • Serial fail suits, some paid for by public taxes – not really an impressive track record. So far I have not been given proof that what flocks playing follow the leader subscribe to works at all, let alone 100% of the time. Isn’t the definition of insanity to keep on doing something that does not work while forming a resistance movement to proselytize against what works?
            Who listens to marginal elements who devote all their energy to the latest movement, stopcommonlawclaimofrightdotnet
            Need anyone say more?

          • perfect, your proof will be found, when you, like the rest of the coalition has been trying to do for months, find that 1 person…. please do…find them, because then we can ALL have recourse on hydro… Thanks Mr. Joyce for taking up that task that no one has been able to prove for 14 months that even 1 person has been metered with the COR. But shall i get for you ALL the quotes from your leaders telling people how their docs failed? Please let me know if you need those. We can see how the lawyer vetted all those docs that got people metered… Perhaps we should not use that as a barometer of confidence in the lawsuit. Considering you guys were just going to sit there and do nothing until i Helped you by informing your agents that BC was left off the bottom portion of the MCP, then, you guys finally realized that being a RESIDENT of BC is the main qualification to be PERSON and that this was ‘interfering with your suit’ which was merely a side benefit to a whole bunch of stuff you guys have not even figured out yet. So what was the plan… just let people keep those docs at home, then get tossed out of the suit for ACCEPTING the MCP? then not paying the fee and getting their power cut? Good call on that one…. i think you used the word ‘reckless’ before… wouldn’t allowing people to be enrolled into the MCP be a bit reckless? Perhaps you should be thanking us for telling you about the MCP notice that NO ONE in the coalation seemed to read, otherwise, they would have pointed it out somewhere before the day after we pointed it out to them. Remember AJ, go read the power authority act section 12, then read section E “THE CLASS” on your filing and you might actually learn something else from the ‘nutjobs’ you are copying left and right in the past couple weeks! LOOK AT THE WORD PERSON, AMALGAMATING THE PERSON etc. NOW LOOK AT SECTION E… WHAT ARE ALL THE PEOPLE IN THAT LAWSUIT CALLED? PERSONS! bingo… perfect for the crown… AND you had people register their accounts… another huge bonus for the crown! Nice work!

          • What does this report have to do with BC Hydro? the MCP? power authority act etc? Scare Tactics are all fine and dandy… but please…

          • Then why are you supporting people who’s documents are getting people metered? isnt that a little reckless? why are you constantly asking for money for a lawsuit that has nothing to do with fees? Why were you not advising people to send the MCP docs back UNTIL WE TOLD YOU WHY AND HOW? remember, the day after we sent out a post ‘magically’ you guys figured out why you need to send the docs back… when we have been telling people to do this forever? Hmmmmmm…… seems a bit strange don’t you think? why if we are ‘reckless’ are you copying us?

          • Wrong again. The class action is precisely about opt-out fees, not just the fact that we have the right not to have a smart meter. We are asserting that the fees are extortionary and discriminatory and therefore should not be levied at all. We have also expanded it to include business customers.

          • really, when did this happen… when you were recruiting people at the start and there was nothing to do with fees in there whatsoever? point to the specific spot in the original filing that had anything at all to do with the fees please.

          • The class action is on behalf of a CLASS OF PERSONS… now, that ALL those people are in the category of PERSONS… go read the power authority act section 12…. see what legs those PERSONS have to stand on. The class action’s lead plaintiff ALREADY has a smart meter… so if you dont have one… why on earth would you join? Now, go to BLACK’s LAW 4th Edition and look up the words REGISTER and see what that means at all. Now note, people were DEMANDING hydro REGISTER them…. get this… for a PROGRAM THAT DID NOT EVEN EXIST. Talk about hilarious… these people will dump on the COR, but get people to REGISTER for programs that dont even exist? But wait, it gets better, they were told to register for a NO FEE SMART METER opt out (that never existed) but then… the Govt obliged and created the NO FEE SMART METER…. that 100’s or 1000’s pre-registered for! Remember, go look in blacks law… AJ may want to consider looking into the law. They irony is… the lawyer had no idea BC was left off of the MCP notice… until we told them. Then everything we were doing was crazy. Then after we explained what ‘acceptance’ is in the BLACK’s LAW they started telling everyone to send it back VOID… AFTER WRITING ON IT!. Why on earth would you write on a doc… then VOID it? It is VOID! But, what about it is VOID? why don’t we just VOID any doc we dont like? How about our VISA statement? YOU CAN’T just write VOID on anything. We write VOID for defect… because we found the defects and omissions vs making over and over statements… including “I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO COME ON MY PROPERTY” or I AM THE REGISTERED ACCOUNT HOLDER”
            Or the best of all is… not disclosing to people, that by signing their most recent form… they are in a lawsuit OR Lying to the Crown saying they are in a lawsuit they are not in!

          • Yet you have no compunction about taking peoples’ names and addresses from the BCUC website, invading their privacy by contacting them as part of your campaign. This is highly questionable. The burden of proof is on the proposer of an efficacious action to prove it’s safe or effective, not on the one considering its use—the very point we’re trying to make to BC Hydro!

          • Common law
            All the people living on the geographical area commonly referred to as Canada enjoy the protection of the common law.
            As distinguished from law created by the enactment of legislatures, the common law comprises the body of those principles and rules of action, relating to the government and security of persons and property, which derive their authority solely from usages and customs of immemorial antiquity, or from the judgments and decrees of the courts recognizing, affirming, and enforcing such usages and customs.

            As distinguished from a criminal action, it is one which seeks the establishment, recovery, or redress of private and civil rights.

            Civil suits relate to and affect, as to the parties against whom they are brought, only individual rights which are within their individual control, and which they may part with at their pleasure. The design of such suits is the enforcement of merely private obligations and duties.

            In a wider sense than any of the foregoing, the “common law” may designate all that part of the positive law, juristic theory, and ancient custom of any state or nation which is of general and universal application, thus marking off special or local rules or customs. As a compound adjective “common-law” is understood as contrasted with or opposed to “statutory,” and sometimes also to “equitable” or to “criminal.”

            “Claim” has generally been defined as a demand for a thing, the ownership of which, or an interest in which, is in the claimant, but the possession of which is wrongfully withheld by another.

            Under common law, the rights, freedoms, and duties of private individuals have long been established and unlike statute law ensure maximum clarity between a private party and all agents of government. Under common law, the rights, freedoms, and duties of private individuals have long been established and unlike statute law, common law has had a progression towards more freedom and personal responsibility rather than less. Freedom cannot be lawfully limited without consent, as that would imply slavery. Inalienable rights are not rights at all. They are conditional and subject to be taken away. Effectively, unalienable rights are not bestowed upon one by another unless the first gives his/her consent, or the first is the lawful property of the second. The very nature of the concept of consent is that it can only exist amongst equals with full disclosure and without coercion.

          • Wow, that is your reply to the statements above? Sound like a politician dodge everything… like BC Hydro, someone went to a public website to inform them of an alternative to making the BCUC the authority, terrible terrible thing for sure… now that we have that covered… can you explain how people can REGISter for programs that don’t even exist?

          • The citizen is becoming a pawn in a game where nobody knows the rules, where everybody consequently doubts that there are rules at all, and where the vocabulary has been diminished to such an extent that nobody is even sure what the game is all about.
            Andrew Eldritch

          • The Pawn moves only one square at a time, and that straight forward, except in the act of capturing, when it takes one step diagonally to the right or left file on to the square occupied by the man taken, and continues on that file until it captures another man.

            When a Piece or Pawn is in a situation to be taken by the enemy, it is said to be en prise. To put a piece en prise, is to play it so that it may be captured.
            Howard Staunton

            The exercise of democracy begins as exercise, as walking around, becoming familiar with the streets, comfortable with strangers, able to imagine your own body as powerful and expressive rather than a pawn.
            Rebecca Solnit

          • You are only a pawn if you don’t know the game you are playing.

            For instance, parrots and puppets don’t understand chess. Give them countless contradictory instructions, tell them to do this, do that, register for one thing after another, everything, tell them to put up signs, more signs, sign after sign, eventually any shred of independence will disappear. Psychologists and economists who have studied the issue conclude that an overload of options may actually paralyze people or push them into high risk decisions which are actually against their own best interests and odds of survival.

            This is easily manipulated, destabilization as the result of TMC – too many choices – a concept derived from the findings of a remarkable study by Columbia professor Sheena Lyengar, in a research paper entitled “When Choice is Demotivating.”

            The paralysis induced by TMC is an affliction which those who do not have any internalized sense of authority over themselves or their lives desperately need to overcome, are the least likely to do so, due to the cumulative sense of being overwhelmed which in turn compounds psychological paralysis. These people postpone taking responsibility for their own lives, try to make sure that others make their decisions for them, and abdicate their own lives. Instead such prey will allow themselves to be taken over by unethical yet forceful types who constantly instruct them “Do this. Don’t do that. Do just as I say and you will be fine.”
            Invariably the weak become prey to many predatory schemes, especially once they fully forfeit real choice. They are easy pickings for narcissistic borderline personalities, meaning those who profess to be leaders, often even claiming to be saviours, who proclaim that their way is the ONLY possible way. This type can turn from faux “protector” to downright tyrannical if questioned or challenged in the slightest, yet if cornered this NBP proves to be inherently cowardly and will play the victim card, the bully who protests to being only a rescuers but who actually does everything to restrict the freedoms of those enablers whom they manipulate to feel eternally beholden to them. Thus the borderline personality, who lacks all empathy, will often offer endless contradictory choices as a way to create the illusion that their ultimate goal is not to subsume others, which, of course, it is.

            TMC – too many choices – leaves some victims resigned to staying with whatever they have settled for or done, while afraid to change their minds or make any further decisions lest they then have to live with the subsequent discovery that they made the wrong decision.

            Once having committed, they opt out of the ability to make any genuine judgments – and just look longingly but impotently at how many other options they left on the table which might really have been far better.

            TMC paralyzes the non autonomous with fear, depriving their confidence in the wisdom of their selection. The victims end up preferring to do nothing rather than to have to live with pangs of remorse over a possibly wrong decision.
            Professor Lyengar summed it up this way: “The presence of choice might be appealing as a theory, but in reality many people might find more and more choice to actually be debilitating.”

            The thought process of the fearful is something like this: “I think I have to pick just the right one” instead of wondering, ‘Am I happy doing any of this?’

        • Really? What documentation do you have that proves such a list exists? You don’t and no one does. What the BC Freedom people know is that NO ONE has ever, including the coalition people who were claiming it happened, sent even 1 email, 1 comment to the website etc. Not even a postal code or area code was ever once, in months of asking provided by anyone at all involved in the smart meter issue. Surely if this has happened someone, like those lambasting the claim of right would have come up with 1 name, address or postal code in BC? No, hasn’t happened yet. The other issue is, if 1 or more were being ‘rejected’ or whatever you claim has happened, then, we would have had recourse on BC hydro vs the ‘other docs’ out there… who, by their own admission were getting metered ‘all over bc’ as per the coalition website. Of course the claim will be that ‘people used those signs and did not get metered’ Fair enough… some people used ZERO signs… and did not get metered. That said, we do know for absolute fact, that people got metered by using the coalition signs and docs… all 10+ signs and 10+ letters. No one is saying anyone can or will use force… no one would ever have to… why would they…they have a claim of right? How many times has anyone had an RCMP officer come to the property? Not once… in the 14 months the COR has been out… this is all the same fear mongering that has been spread re the claim of right process. The leader of the ‘opposition’ to the COR himself, even said the COR is ‘in play’ after finally realizing the law had been changed to give even greater benefit to the COR that was STILL applicable at that time. Fear mongering works great for BC Hydro and other people out there who do not take the time to learn and understand and just repeat the same old stuff that has never once proved to be true. How about someone who trashes the COR, who have been looking for months to find even 1 person who has been metered using the COR….. come up with some ‘documentation’ that the COR is not 100% effective. Thanks AJ

          • The RCMP has confirmed to CST that yes, they DO treat people using a COR differently, because of the “threat” of “violence” against an officer. In order to treat them differently, how DO you suppose they know where they are? That would be simple: you’ve been posting the durn things all over your properties. But police do not go out randomly, do they? So there would have to be, obviously, some sort of list to tell them which homeowners are liable to be a problem, right? There’s a list, all right…. because they would have to have one in order to operate, there is a list. Only common sense.

            And you make the point nicely: “No one is saying anyone can or will use force… no one would ever have”. Of course not. But police do not operate that way, not any more. You forget…. children are now being arrested in schools for making “bang bang” sounds while pointing a finger! (yes, it was in the news!) What era did you think you lived in?

            “Man who expose self to unnecessary risk, only invite disaster upon self.” Ancient Chinese wisdom.

            Identifying necessary risk from unnecessary risk is a process you people have not followed. And that is the problem…. not the COR.

          • Speaking of unnecessary risks, why don’t you walk your talk, little missy? A bit late since you are already-smart-metered. What is with s/metered back easters profiling anyone in BC who doesn’t do what she tells them. Exactly what does a Torontonian have to gain from trying to get peaceful people to feel afraid to stand up for themselves? Isn’t the goal here to try to render the reader more afraid of their rights than they used to be afraid of smart meters?
            What is in this for her to tell hold outs in BC how to handle what she failed to succeed at? This is “getting older by the minute”, boring repeat tactics. HOw is this not transparently demonstrative of a flagrant conflict of interest?

          • the gov and hydro are laughing their asses of reading this.if people don’t get their ego under control and stop arguing amongst your selves rather than getting together and resolving this THEY WILL GET THEIR WAY! AND IT WON’T JUST BE SMART METERS.

          • When did preventing smart meters instead become all about trying to stop others from asserting their common law rights? Common law is the foundation of all law.
            Let’s look at what is happening here. Why are ad hominen personal attacks by someone not even living in BC used here to go after anyone who does not succumb to their edicts? What is with fear tactics deployed by those who claim to be so cozy with the RCMP and act like “experts” about what does and does not work? Has what she used worked?

          • I don’t know… are you the same unidentified individual above who can’t read? You must be, because I never told anyone not to assert anything. The only point I made was that people have a right to know what they are getting themselves into, and you are not serving that right in this forum. You continue to bash those who disagree with you, even if they don’t even disagree. I’ve never disagreed with the use of common law, but I have warned (and will continue) people that if they are going to use it, they have to know what they are doing, and include the fact that certain alphabet soup gangs are not pleased, and that many people have suffered for it before them. Not knowing all the facts, deliberately blinding yourselves, is just plain dumb. “There are none so blind as him who will not see.” I didn’t write that.

            So, as I said in the other post, I will leave you to your self-created futures, and welcome to them.

            Let’s just hope that the innocent are not harmed because of your imposed ignorance. By shutting out other information and preventing it from being considered, you are doing exactly what BC Hydro does….misinforming, and failing to inform.

            Pot is calling the kettle black….

          • You can appreciate the confusion since you never responded to the link posted on here from another bc website by a person of the same name as yours. “She” posted (see below) that “she”used to work for a corporation. “She” said that “she”, the person with the same name as yours, realized, but only after 35 years, that “she” had lied for profit for those 35 years. In short, that person of the same name played the redemption card. Readers were asked to believe that it took 35 years for “her” to realize that maybe it was just a bit amoral to be paid by a corporation to lie to people for a living.
            So … the dilemma here seems to be this: How exactly could anyone apparently have no problem being a habituated liar for decades? How would they or anyone expected to lend them credence still be able to even tell whether or not they were, or were not, still lying or not?

          • How can you ask that with the paucity of information you have as a basis for the question? I said I was in PR for 35 years, but didn’t say when I quit lying. In fact, I quit that a long time ago, and turned all my executive skills to teaching good stuff. To that end I started Project Live Audience, which was video vignettes of major world-renowned rock stars asking their fans not to drive drunk. I used my abilities to get more than 200 vignettes produced and shared world-wide. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration credited me with being instrumental in saving more than 10,000 American lives. The President honored me, as did PM Mulroney, and half the police forces between here and Timbuktu. I got this project into 22 countries.
            Now, please stop judging what you know absolutely squat about, and try sticking to the point, which is, if you will recall, that those who do not fully and completely inform themselves as to the real lay of the land are asking for all hell to break loose. If you want to be one of those, go for it, I couldn’t care less what you think, because it’s on you… and everyone is going to know it.
            I’ve made my point here and will be posting no more. It’s on you now, and you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

          • Posting no more? Why not? The laughs were just getting good! You were really warming up your audience! You will be missed!

          • The people have a right to know they will be subject to any order passed to them by a judge to take a meter or enroll in the meter choices program… but they are being told there is ZERO RISK to enrolling… That seems like a bit of misinfo don’t you think? If you sign a document that says I AM THE REGISTERED ACCOUNT HOLDER it might be good if you told people just what RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES they surrendered to the REGISTRANT don’t you think? It gets better with each post, please, don’t go… the more you say the better it gets!!!

          • Who IS this self declared “authority” despite failing abysmally to date to accomplish anything that stops smart meters? Who IS this who is encouraging followers to fall in line and line up to register their rights back to the government controlled court system? Why does every single thing she insists on involve telling those she seems to deem weak and susceptible to hand their rights back to the same government that abuses them?
            If a therapist told you to go right back and get beat up again by an abuser, wouldn’t you fire them? More to the point, would you hire them in the first place? Well, maybe, but only if you were so used to being abused anyway, maybe then you might think, why not find an abusive therapist and get beat up all over again?

          • I said no such thing, but you have amply proven that you do not know how to read. And since this bunch is not interested in following the wisdom of critical thought, I leave you to your self-created future.

          • Heard the latest joke doing the rounds?
            Q: When is a lawsuit like a smart meter?
            A: When you cannot escape from the effects.
            Seriously, though – What is the real purpose of any well funded campaign which apparently seems to have led to possibly hundreds of thousands being s/metered after they used methods which have not worked, time and again?
            How many may become chronically ill? How many of the unborn and the most vulnerable tiny infants may suffer permanent damage because those entrusted with their care and well being in turn chose to trust what later turned out to be misguided advice about how to register away their own rights? Or maybe they tried an approach of quantity over quality, or they posted 8, 10, 12 of one pleading but useless sign after another then ripped down by installers, signs which one by one have almost without exception failed to stop the meter base from being smart metered?
            The other real questions are these: How aren;t we now witnessing a McCarthyesque assault on the right to diversity and free choice? What is the driver behind this costly surge strategy, a renewed campaign to rally everyone into a (third) one-size-fits-all suit? Isn’t anyone growing tired of the issuance of one command after another, of peer pressure to follow ever so “helpful” orders, of implicit expectations to keep on registering away private right of refusal, of being told how to grant back to the “authorities” one’s precious right of consent, of being expected to give away personal autonomy to the “collective” in exchange for submitting to control by the exactly same governmental “authorities ” who have already abused and betrayed them, again and again. Is anyone ready to throw in the towel and walk away from multiple unnecessary, long shot registrations onto government lists for just about everything, including what may be entrapment inside establishment based and legislative domain situations which they may later find themselves unable to get back out of? How is THAT informed consent? How is THAT full disclosure? Why are those who do “sign up” on any “veterans list” to join forces in the war against injustice being told that opt out forms for un-joining may not be available until well into next spring? Might anyone who walks into this unknown territory possibly have just assumed they were already beneficiaries of full disclosure of what all of their “options” are? Did every signee for the list think to inquire what their chances would be after they slapped down a non refundable donation fee, then rushed in to “support” a gambler’s cause, then maybe later happened to get cold feet when they realize that no one told them whether there was any escape clause if they happen to change their mind and want back out? What if they then find that they CAN’T get back out? What then?

          • Yes, they don’t meter them… is that the different treatment you are talking about? Perhaps you will want to explain to all the snowbirds that used our docs and flew to Florida, Arizona etc. how it is they got on a plane when you told them months ago they were going to be on a no fly list… I can tell you most of them are laughing pretty hard at that fear mongering… knowing full well of course there is plenty more to come… Please, more of the Timothy McVeigh and other name dropping, it is nice to read such comedy after a long days work! Wait a minute… they don’t meter them because they fear ‘violence’ or ‘threatened’ that is why BC Hydro looks at their ‘terror’ list of COR users and, to this day, sends lone female meter readers to their house to do readings? When do we stop laughing at the fear based ‘logic’? It gets better with each passing day!

          • You can laugh all you want at the mischaracterization of people using your tech, Brian. I find it silly as well, and always have, that people who merely want the best possible lives are demonized because they opposed their own oppression.


            You cannot deny what the security forces think about you. You simply would be outed as a liar within seconds, because there is so much out there proving that your ilk are being demonized. And just because nothing major has happened yet does not mean it won’t…. nor does it validate your idea of what law is supposed to be ( and I say that not as an ingenue, but as someone who has studied as well, on both sides of that fence).

            As the old saying goes, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. And I might remind you, young man… the sun doesn’t require your particular permission to rise in the morning, either.

          • An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who has been doing a little research on this.
            And he actually bought me breakfast due to the
            fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this….

            Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this issue here on your website.

      • 7:30 mins. this is a recording of the missile test the N .Kor. Did and the shell flew over japan. The “Crack ” in the sky is a version of an Aurora. The big Cloud that is coming at the camera, that looks like a moving mountain. Micro bursts in the sky causes these… They are commonly referred to as Low riding fr80ts&#o23n; not trying to impune on your video but people should have knowledge about the world and the way it works.

  • Let’s look more closely at what common law is and has always been, as well as what statutory law is – and is not. Long ago the Campbell government amended numerous laws pertinent to the future smart grid in order to grant absolute immunity from liability to this BC utility “authority”, in order to covertly implement a communications and data mining grid within a grid. Why on earth, then, would anyone think it makes any sense at all to go back to the same “authorities”, hat in hand, tugging one’s forelock and begging for mercy or consideration under statutory laws rigged in favour of the house, so to speak? This approach lacks all common sense.
    Since when does one go the the captain of a pirate ship to complain about the crew?
    Fact is, you don’t go to the captain (judge) of a pirate ship (government) to complain about the crew(utility).
    Why mislead the unwitting into repeatedly giving away their consent when one must consent to be governed by self declared authorities before they are free to harm you? Why encourage followers to commodify and register themselves back to the “authorities”? Just how, exactly, does begging the authorities to reenforce corrupt laws, asking to be treated with exceptionalism, and applying for special consideration serve to model inner strength to anyone? How does follow the leader cultivate autonomy or demonstrate the independence necessary to stand up for oneself as a putative adult? How does “do what I say” make it possible for the fearful to take the necessary steps to expose fraud and reveal corporate bullies as the cowards they truly are?
    Is this not exactly the the opposite of how to correctly revoke consent? How does the use of fear to keep the meek within the fold serve anything but corporate ends? Those inclined toward law education want to research simple facts. English law is derived from and rest squarely upon common law, which is taught to all first year law students. Common law addresses violation of contract, unlawful trespass, and application and misapplication of electrical code. All things relevant to the smart grid are under the auspices of common law.
    There is no legal profit in dealing with anyone who learns that they don’t need a lawyer because they already are free to use administrative redress to nullify corporate abuse of power.

    That said, the majority are followers who feel “safe” only when some self declared authority figure, be it a lawyer, a doctor, or even a resistance leader, directs them to have lawyers represent them in even the most minor matters. The “clients” pay hard earned savings to declare themselves not fit or competent to handle their own affairs of commerce and assign the most straightforward negotiations with an energy provider to a lawyer to handle.

    Electrical services are simply a matter of contract law. One can refuse terms and negotiate ones that suit you.

    Utility bolt on fees are a violation of the Consumer Protection Act. There are laws against negative billing. Better yet all of this is easily challenged by use of common law.

    The first MCP contains outright material fraud – albeit in fine print.

    To do accept it, to negotiate terms, or to do nothing about it is to consent to fraud. It says: “In signing this you confirm your choice of a radio-off meter”, which is a euphemism for “Guess what? You just agreed to a smart meter.”

    The MCP is not about fees. It is a document to use fraudulent means to gain consent to deem expired and to remove the electromechanical meter.
    The antidote is simple:
    Just do not forget:
    Trespass is under common law.
    Electrical code is under common law.
    Contract law is under common law.
    Common law docs are designed to refuse an altered contract and to revert to the original pre-smart contract’s terms. So easy.
    When you take statutory law seriously they get to bluff their way into amalgamating your private wiring into the grid for their own purposes.

    Corporations like Apple defeat Samsung by using common law.
    Not in the least mysterious.

    Who, then, has what to gain by demonizing simple administrative redress, which is the quintessence of individualism and autonomy and the correct lawful way to handle this easily reversed issue.

    Hydro deals with the willing by use of divide and rule, one customer at a time. This is a big strategic clue about how to deal with them, also one customer at a time.

    Josh also endorses this approach for a very good reason.

    The current revised Claim of Right is itemized under a new section for completely legitimate defence of property in the newly amended (as of August 25th, 2013) Canadian Criminal Code Section 35. It could not possibly be a more peaceful, or more effective way to defend private rights by using that which supports all English law. The Meter Choices Program is a Meter Choke Chain Program. Anyone who endorses paying extortion fees to be duped OR anyone coaches people to switch to a negotiation about the start up price of the ongoing extortion is neither fully informed nor at all empowered and therefore incompetent to lead others toward success, or anywhere, except, perhaps, off a cliff.


    – a ringing endorsement of the effectiveness of common law,

    – a love letter to sing the praises of the simplicity of claiming back one’s inherent of rights,

    – an optimistic admirer’s essay dedicated to notices of default,

    – a realist’s ode to notice of fatal defect, and…

    a tip of the hat to http://www.bcfreedom.com

    Sorry, but wishful thinking &/or any endorsement of defeatist arguments has no place in any discussion about how to take back one’s power – or better still, how to keep it. BC-Freedom dot com is a place of common sense & practical optimistic action.
    It’s a place where you get your chance to say NO to this nonsense lawfully & effectively – and where you are able to MEAN it.
    Most will see that this is a very unique website, one which offers a simple, non mysterious option by showing you step by step how to achieve personal success.

    What is to lose by learning how to refuse to be abused?
    There is a small learning curve but a huge upside to learning how to systematically handle one’s own commercial contracts & affairs of commerce, by using what is called “administrative redress” in order to reclaim the very same rights that it turns out each one of us has had all along.

    All you are doing by using these documents is taking back what is already yours to claim or reclaim. Your rights.

    You are NOT a “victim”. Abuse is NOT your only option. YOu need not practice learned helplessness. The main character in the memorable true story movie The Elephant Man finally stopped running. Everything changed when at last he had had enough, when after a life of abuse he turned around in a classic scene to face down his bullies, He cried out ” I am a human being!!”.

    This is what each one of us gets to do.

    Lo and behold it turns out that we have rights after all.

    Governments and corporations are NOT free to trespass, NOR to put you at risk, NOR to use blackmail, or extortion, or coercion, or bullying.

    NOR are they free to charge you more than electricity costs for using electricity (or water or gas). NOR are they free to violate your privacy &/or steal your private data.

    BC-Freedom is manna from heaven, just in time. Here are just some of the very important changes which I think can & will be created in your life, by using these documents:
    – No more living with siege mentality
    – No more sleepless nights
    – No more wondering if your safe meter has been “hot swapped” by an unqualified temp while you were at work or out shopping or out of town or asleep
    – No more wondering if a bent prong hidden on your meter base continues arcing & causing wire corrosion from a microwave enabling “smart” device locked on your home which potentially is going to start a house fire
    – No more seething anger or indignation about why someone amateur is trespassing & then shoving a non UL & non CSA approved, uninsurable device onto the most volatile system in your entire house, your electrical system.
    – No microwaves forcibly introduced by a utility on to your unshielded vulnerable whole home wiring or your bioelectrical brain & body wiring (unless, of course, you opt to go right on choosing to use wireless microwaves inside your home)
    – No frequency graphing the electrical profile of everything you do & when you do it, inside the privacy of your home
    – No unapproved & unsafe device with a two way transmitter forcibly jammed on to your CSA & UL approved private meter base
    – No device capable of doubling as a mini cell tower cell relay collector hub operating on your home billing you for your electricity used to run the smart grid
    – No digital remotely rewritable software run computer attached to your home

    – No device that “estimates” usage & rounds up to the nearest kWh every quarter hour

    – No device able to disappear its own tracks so that you end up with no proof of “real” usage vs being charged for “ambient energy” or “reactive energy” from those mercury filled fluorescent lightbulbs they sell you after they fail to tell you that toxic bulbs are unsafe but instead tell you that they save energy (now they are taking to saying just the opposite – http://www.bchydro.com/news/conservation/2013/bchydro-bill-power-factor.html)
    But somehow they forgot to tell you the bulbs can burn your skin, cause cancer & emit rf frequencies.

    – No remotely reprogrammable software changing the rules as it goes along.
    – No remote shut off of your hopefully non microchipped spy appliances or furnace, or any heater or ac, controlled by someone half way round the world.
    – No surveillance of your in home , activities, internet use, TV, etc
    – No utility data mining & data sharing your privacy with government or selling your private data to private entities inside & outside Canada
    – No going broke via penalty fees for a safe meter or for smart (for whom?) over billing
    – No billing you for millivolts for motor start ups, or for static electromagnetism in the neighbourhood and beyond/- NO LED flashing light on our meter only visible by military grade goggles.
    – No time-of-use billing forcing you to cook & launder & bathe only after dark unless you pay extortion rates.
    – No dawn to dusk tripled high rates when most retired, young, old or disabled people are at home & cannot “wait” until after dark to stay warm, eat or live their simple lives
    – No penalty fees or risky future costs charged to you for exercising your right to keep a safe meter which only measures the energy you use
    – No more threats or fees or fake choices of a smart radio off meter or a smart radio on meter, neither of which is safe since both radiate, pulse, spike, & still have a volatile SMPS necessary to protect the computer software in this device from line transients and voltage fluctuations, while at the same time it continues to put households all around it at risk & while it fails to protect you from it.
    – No Zigbee chip to measure appliances use
    – No failed installation fees
    – No extortion allowed
    – No fear necessary
    – No feeling of helplessness, just the opposite
    – No begging a merciless corporation or judge for mercy
    – No need to resort to safety in numbers to possibly get nowhere
    – No risk of being court ordered to have a meter you do not want
    – No invasion of privacy of a corporation.

    What this bc-freedom.com site makes people of aware of, their every day rights, is why it has gained attention globally, for very good reason.

    Once you begin to understand WHY you are using these documents, then it becomes clear that written right into Canadian law, & in particular right within the Canadian Criminal Code, is recognition of these exact same rights which you have had all along.
    Claim of Right in Section 35 of the Canadian Criminal Code is all about the rights afforded you to use administrative peaceful written documents for defence of home property.
    There is NOTHING ANYWHERE ELSE that even comes close to being so uniquely simple & effective as what is offered on this website.

    Thing is, most people STILL do not know that they have had such ordinary rights all along.

    I personally thank anyone connected to this site. Everything on it is informative, not to mention free, which is exceedingly generous, kind & good hearted.

    There is no conflict. The website offers everything people need to calmly & methodically use documentation to refuse to be defrauded, to just use printer ink & paper & stamps to reclaim that which is inherently your right, under Canadian law.

    This is the safe sure way to stay unmolested by any out-of-control government & to block corporate tactics based on trying to get customers & taxpayers to fund greed.

    Unlike what may happen when it comes to taking what always must be considered to be a win/lose & often costly gamble by using legal actions, …..instead, when you use these documents, you are also not passing along legal costs to fellow taxpayers to pick up court costs or the utility’s lawyer tab, – which is the case in BC – win, lose, or draw.

    Instead, anyone who truly loves independence and autonomy versus herd action can pay a very small cost to do photocopying & to use registered mail, in order to avoid being over billed or bilked or spied on by utility corporations, all of which same corporations seem to have shifted into an entirely new line of work. No longer is this issue about the safe provision of electricity – but it’s certainly become about almost everything else.

    – If you fail to understand the freedom these docs grant you,

    – If you later inadvertently cancel all this work you put into these documents

    – If you register away your rights back to corporations, governments, lawyers,

    – If you register yourself back into being a public commodity by signing away the same rights you just “claimed”

    – If you prefer to keep on thinking that your have no personal choice or authority over your life to act on our own behalf

    – If you undo your rights by joining any public actions such as a “class of people”, etc

    – If you thereby turn around & once again give away your rights, grant consent to be abused again, hand away self ownership, negate your privacy, for instance by signing public anti smart meter petitions or by registering to initiate or join lawsuits, just be aware BEFORE YOU DO SO that it is very important to fully understand that to do so can & will undo what you learned how to do right here at this site, …. which is to Take Back Your Power, one customer at a time.

    When you use your own bc-freedom administrative redress documentation, you do not need to hire a lawyer at all. Congratulations, you are using the law to successfully defend yourself.

    Except for pro bono, lawyers, even if they do not charge up front and instead go in on contingency, which they only do if they know they are very likely to win, are still only for those with deep pockets & with nothing to lose. Who do you know who can afford to pay to lose?

    Hiring a lawyer is no different than declaring your self unfit to use common law to manage your own affairs of commerce directly with the utility, or any other corporation you do business with, for that matter.

    How many fully understand the gift of autonomy & independence it affords them to use common law and NOT get involved with lawyers, judges & courts?

    How many truly realize that when you hire those trained to represent the Crown, they appear to be in a perceived conflict of interest to represent you at the same time?

    Are you aware that by participating in such a process you are in effect rendering yourself a legal dependent, having to trust others to hopefully represent your interests over their own, which may be at cross purposes with yours, all because you have chosen to declare yourself unable or unwilling to represent yourself regarding an outcome over which you now have no personal control?

    Well that is exactly what you do when you hire a lawyer to represent you in this kind of matter, because by doing so you absolve yourself of all personal responsibility for control of your own life.

    When you hire a lawyer, in legal terms you become no different than a minor who chooses to hand themselves over in trust to a lawyer, & who thereby forfeits individual power because instead they grant power of attorney to an attorney. That is the opposite of taking back your power, isn’t it?

    Instead, you have choice. Lawfully you have this chance to learn how to stand up for yourself effectively right at the bc-freedom.com website.

    There you get to represent yourself, using document processes to reverse and/or refuse so many abuses at once, just by using these really wonderful and thorough documents.

    Ask those who have used a claim of right for over a year and seen all smart meter hassle stop.

    It also feels good to do so. There is no substitute for taking your power into your own hands, peaceably and systematically.

    There is nothing which can compare to the stress free relaxed feeling of doing so, and then gradually realizing that once you take steps to protect yourself by asserting your rights, you get to relax.

    There is nothing the utility corporation can do about your discovery that it, the corporation, is not all powerful after all.
    Truth is, they have no comeback – ESPECIALLY once large numbers realize that common law is theirs to use to say NO and to mean NO – precisely because common law is the foundation stone of the laws of this land and they know this all too well.

    That is why they kept on trying to void your docs by sending more & more slick shiny legal Notices. And that is why you counter with your own correct common law Notices, which immediately cancel theirs.

    Too bad for them, since all you have to do is to VOID FOR DEFECT whatever Notices they send, by following step by step the guide for how to bounce back to them whatever they do.
    Just think of it as tennis and send that ball right back across the net.

    Could be wrong, but it kinda looks as if their deadline to keep on hassling customers seems to be over as of December 1, Sunday, . That’s tomorrow! So unless they call this final weekend, – and they probably will – you just bought yourself peace of mind for the price of copies & registered mail. Just record calls if you can, but do NOT answer.
    Meanwhile, since there seems to be fraudulent content in the Notices they sent , ESPECIALLY the first MCP Notice, there is no statute of limitations on your right to refuse their apparent fraud by pointing out to them in these documents that their Notices are fatally flawed and therefore are defective.

    Guess who else uses these kinds of common law documents similar to those on this site?
    Corporations, that’s who.
    The method offered on this site is not one iota different then what Apple used to beat Samsung.

    By using these docs, anyone can re-“claim their right” and refuse to be abused by government or corporations.

    You are & always have been free to exercise this choice & to revoke any inadvertent consent you may have given them in the past which caused them to think they are able to bully or intimidate you – which in a way, unfortunately, they are, at least unless you take back the consent your gave them.

    All you have to do is use the links on the bc-freedom site.

    And the good news is that you can do so in a straightforward fashion without any risk of getting swept up in any fear based or panic driven or victim oriented or group safety based or other kinds of drawn out iffy commitments or any risky class actions which you may find out that you may not be able to quit once signed on, …or such.

    In fact the freedom site’s approach is pretty much the safest possible way to go. This is also a way to gain individual private rights, not to beg for herd immunity, which rarely works, since it is based on exceptionalism.

    Instead common law is front and centre in English law and is how you stand up for yourself as a private individual.

    Feels good, doesn’t it?

    People in Australia and elsewhere where this use of the foundation of English law is still effective are catching on to the basic principle, which is this: Either you do nothing & remain silent, …either you say it is no use to resist or to use your right to fight back in a calm, administrative and effective way, in which case you just consented to everything hydro wants you to think and do, ….OR …. you use the rights afforded you by law which you have had all along and you do so by taking simple administrative steps to deal with
    – your common law contract rights,
    – your common law trespass rights,
    – your common law electricity code rights,
    – your common law right to mandate in writing that any provider of any consumer service such as energy now has to abide by your lawful rights. This becomes the case because you use
    – your refusal to comply with illegal negative billing rights,
    – your refusal of fraud which is your right.
    That is what that site is all about, there to assure you your privacy and to show you how simple it is to take back your power.
    It is quite important to use the laws and rights we already have to stop this instead of trying to rewrite the fatally flawed and deeply defective and even in some cases illegal laws that permit them to do this.
    Statutory laws protect pirates.
    Why ask the captain of a pirate ship to stop the crew from being pirates?
    Common law protects you from pirates, corporate or otherwise. No one can feel like a victim if they are proactive & effective.
    Start now: TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. There is no time limit to do so. You will never feel helpless again.

    • Great. And when BCHydro and the Government ignore everything, proceed as usual and disconnect the power (has already happened) ….then what?

      It is great that people want to take action. Now how do you gain compliance from Hydro and the Government? Unless there is a practical mechanism for doing so, this is futile.

      • And still absolutely no acknowledgement from bc-freedom that all their documents are a complete waste of time if there is no way to force compliance from Hydro. Something they refuse to even contemplate apparently.

        Until someone can explain a way to make Hydro acknowledge and respect these documents, this is practically and effectively pointless.

      • Great comments in writing as a problem. Recently I have come to see how writing is an embodied practice and is at the very heart of the academic process. Bourdieu refers to &#i826;hab8tusࡅ as a regulated improvisation built over time. I think the habitus of writing converts our analogue ideas into digital outputs therefore it can never be solved, only refined.


    • A small sampling of questions which few think to ask prior to handing over their valuable signature to the government by registering for anything, least of all registering into a class action lawsuit:

      Q: Why is the money non refundable if paid to join a smart meter class action lawsuit in BC?
      A: No one has been able to determine why this is the case. Generally speaking, in BC all costs, both court time and lawyers used to defend the defendant (in this case the utility) and all court costs but for lawyer fees incurred on behalf of the Plaintiff are paid for by the taxpayer. Im light of the fact that this is lawsuit number three, to date, perhaps that may be why there is a clause which states that all monies not used will be put toward the next lawsuit?

      Q: Why is it that I am signing up for a class action lawsuit in a statutory court overseen by a judge who must abide by statutory laws put in place to fully exempt and protect the utility from all public liability, especially when personal use of common law supersedes statutory law and costs nothing to use?
      A: This is a matter of personal choice. Risk averse people, meaning those with a very low risk tolerance, do not join lawsuits, since even when the public picks up the tab, all statutory legal proceedings are still very much a decided legal gamble, and since the rules for statutory proceedings are already clearly rigged in favour of the house, so to speak. Not so for common law, which is the foundation of all English law. Common law is able to override that which binds a judge to swear an oath to uphold and support government laws relevant to this or any statutory matter, good, bad or deeply flawed, or not.

      Q: Why do I pay a fee to join a class action lawsuit and why is it not paid directly to a lawyer but instead, paid indirectly to a third party?
      A: No one seems to know the answer to this question.

      Q: Why do I sign a form if it happens to be sans full disclosure about terms and limits, and why do I then give that form with my signature on it to someone who is not a lawyer and is not working for the law office involved?
      A: No one seems to know why this is the case.

      Q: Why am I not given full disclosure and correct legal advice in advance concerning the pros and cons of joining a class action lawsuit?
      A: Just as with what Hydro should – but does not – provide to all customers, prior to any consideration of getting or refusing a smart meter, namely full transparency and total disclosure of all terms conditions and limits,…so too do the same rules apply and hold just as true for the terms regarding joining a class action lawsuit. Those marketing a lawsuit and soliciting plaintiffs have an ethical obligation to disclose all terms, an obligation which must be fulfilled as part of joining a class action lawsuit.
      Buyer/gambler beware.

      Q: In reading the filings for one particular class action lawsuit, it becomes evident that the Plaintiff bringing this action already has a smart meter. How does this represent me, when I have successfully held out and do not have a smart meter?
      A: It would seem as if this process does not actually speak to the needs of hold outs. Should the action fail, it also appears that any co-plaintiff would apparently then become subject to the same terms as the key Plaintiff, namely the co-plaintiffs would seemingly also become a candidate for a smart meter.

      Q: Why is it that when I choose to join a class action it is not done directly via the lawyer involved in that class action lawsuit?
      A: No one has been given any satisfactory answers to date for why this would occur, when and if it does occur. In situations where one registers via third party lawsuit handlers, to date there seem to have been no clear answers provided as to why registering into a legal class action lawsuit is handled by a third party or parties who do not seem to work at or for the lawyer’s office.

      Q: If a lawyer is obliged to fully disclose all terms, conditions, limits and and time line for withdrawal if I change my mind, nothing explicit offered in writing at the time I “join” a class action lawsuit, why am I still in the dark about my option to opt out, even after joining?
      A: Apparently no one has been able to answer that question to date. It is always advisable to seek advise from an independent professional, namely your own lawyer, prior to giving away your signature and any attendant right to change your mind before a given deadline, regarding joining and then withdrawing from a class action lawsuit.

      Q: What does it matter how many are in the class action lawsuit?
      A: Not really, no it doesn’t. Three to five will net the same judgement or outcome or result, and even a small number would then inherit any trickle down penalty as would three hundred or three thousand registrants. Whereas it seems that all benefit from any potential victory without any need to join the lawsuit, particularly in this case where no financial compensation is sought.

      Q: If the lawyer is so certain of victory, why is is he not going on contingency, meaning, why is his fee not offered to the plaintiffs contingent on success?
      A: Lawyers tend to be risk averse. Financially, they win whether the client wins or loses.

      Q: Can I still use the documents at http://www.bc-freedom.com as a common ultra low cost lawful method to protect my own private right of refusal …even if I have already
      a) joined a class action lawsuit
      b) not withdrawn from a class action lawsuit?
      A: No. The designation of registering to become a co-plaintiff puts all plaintiffs back into the public which in turn precludes the choice of any use of private rights of peaceful administrative redress as self defence, even as embodied in the newly revised Canadian Criminal Code, Section 35, Claim of Right as a cost free non risk method for defence of property and right of refusal of a smart meter.

      Q: Up until what point can I withdraw from a class action lawsuit?
      A: Take heed, there are distinct time limits and it is complicated. On the bright side, if the plaintiffs win, the reality is that everyone wins, whereas If they lose, (which would appear to be a more likely outcome since Hydro can point to government laws already on the books which were created by the Campbell government precisely in order to absolve Hydro from all statutory liability and all statutory accountability) then all plaintiffs immediately become subject the the terms of the judge’s final decision.
      Conversely, at that point only those who do use common law documents instead may be exempt from the implications and fall out, in the event of the loss of a class action lawsuit.

      Q: So then, do I have to join a class action lawsuit at all, in order to benefit from any potential victory?
      A: No, especially since even if it were to be successful in part or in whole, any such success, limited or otherwise, then establishes case law precedent for everyone, so those who do NOT participate directly in a class action lawsuit will nevertheless benefit fully (or pay the price fully) from any decision the judge reaches, all without any direct involvement.


      Opting out and opting in

      16 (1) A member of a class involved in a class proceeding may opt out of the proceeding in the manner AND WITHIN THE TIME SPECIFIED IN THE CERTIFICATION ORDER.

      (2) Subject to subsection (4), a person who is not a resident of British Columbia may, in the manner and within the time specified in the certification order made in respect of a class proceeding, opt in to that class proceeding if the person would be, but for not being a resident of British Columbia, a member of the class involved in the class proceeding.

      (3) A person referred to in subsection (2) who opts in to a class proceeding is from that time a member of the class involved in the class proceeding for every purpose of this Act.

      (4) A person may not opt in to a class proceeding under subsection (2) unless the subclass of which the person is to become a member has or will have, at the time the person becomes a member, a representative plaintiff who satisfies the requirements of section 6 (1) (a), (b) and (c).

      (5) If a subclass is created as a result of persons opting in to a class proceeding under subsection (2), the representative plaintiff for that subclass must ensure that the certification order for the class proceeding is amended, if necessary, to comply with section 8 (2).

  • Dee, you seem to be mixing oranges and orangutans.

    The effort to prevent people from using a simple perfectly legal device like the Claim of Right by scaring them with Tales From The Furry Men On The Lam Crypt is very obvious. I’m surprised you can’t see how the situation is being manipulated to drive people away from using this simple, cheap, effective and perfectly legal remedy.

    Corix/Hydro seems to be attempting to contact holdouts by phone one last time.
    Just hang up!

  • For all of you people who may have been told to REGISTER for a program that did not even exist, please read. It is interesting that the REGISTRANT (BC Hydro) “ONE WHO REGISTERS ANYTHING FOR THE PURPOSE OF SECURING A RIGHT OR PRIVILEGE GRANTED BY LAW ON CONDITION OF SUCH REGISTRATION”… You probably would want to stay VERY clear of that, unfortunately people have been asking you… or advising you… to indeed give up those rights and privileges on your BC Hydro account.
    REGISTER is another good one “TO BE IN CORRECT ALIGNMENT ONE WITH ANOTHER” So, if you are REGISTERING your account with BC Hydro… who, but BC Hydro could you be in alignment with? “TO ENTER PRECISELY IN A LIST OR THE LIKE” What list? Could it be on a list of people who REGISTERED for a NO FEE SMART METER OPT OUT? and could the government simply obliged such a program (see Meter Choices Program) after people, for some reason were told to REGISTER, pre-emptively… for a program that did not even exist? And as such… “TO MAKE CORRESPOND EXACTLY ONE WITH ANOTHER” Now, it really… really… appears as if this is the LAST THING you would ever want to do… yet we see time and again people telling you to do this with countless documents out there, including ones that say “I AM THE REGISTERED ACCOUNT HOLDER” You can all be the judge for yourself on this on whether or not this was a good idea. Luckily, BC Freedom documents would never put the government in such a favourable position as to have you REGISTER your account with Hydro and risk forfeiting any RIGHT OR PRIVILEGE to that BC Hydro.

    Now a very simple thing to do is to read parts of the BC Hydro Power and Authority Act, which, if you have been told to REGISTER your account to BC Hydro, you will have likely fallen under the jurisdiction of:

    Despite the Land Title Act, if the authority acquires all of the property, assets or undertaking of, or amalgamates in any manner with, a firm or person,aall of the interests of that firm or person that are registered in a land title office are deemed to be registered interests of the authority or the amalgamated corporation, as the case may be,bthe registrar of that land title office must accordingly make all necessary amendments to the register, andcthe amendments constitute registration of the interests under the Land Title Act in favour of the authority or the amalgamated corporation, as the case may be.

    Interesting… look what you may have been told to do… give up your entire property and ALL rights to the AUTHORITY DESPITE WHAT IS IN THE LAND TITLE OFFICE!
    Seems a pretty risky thing to do given what it says here in the law don’t you think?

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  • BC Hydro has insisted since the initial implementation of the smart grid program and the deployment of smart meters (they are not actually “meters” at all) that Hydro must install smart meters in furtherance of its mandates under the Hydro and Power Authority Act, the Clean Energy Act, and the BC Hydro Electric Tariff regulated by the BC Utilities Commission under the Utilities Commission Act.

    How many thought to ask this: How many of these Acts were ever given Royal Assent?

    Since when is a “mandate” the same thing as a law?

    Legislation is simply legislation.

    An Act only becomes an Act when legislation is properly debated, passed and becomes Law. When public funds are involved legislation such as the Clean Energy Act MUST be debated. It never was. Instead closure was used t push it through the legislature. Closure is disallowed when taxes are involved.

    In particular the Clean Energy Act, which BC Hydro points to as their “mandate” was never granted royal assent.

    Translation? It is not an Act. And that means it is not law.

    Further: Measurement Canada is a government body funded by taxes.

    They have no skin in the smart grid game. In fact MC finds it concerning that data extracted by a smart meter does not remain contained inside the device as it does with an electromechanical meter. Instead private metadata travels at random through the ether. How can the airborne data be “regulated” unless the utility controls the air itself?

    Measurement Canada is a tax supported government agency which operates impartially to assure consumer fairness.

    Measurement Canada’s job is NOT to monitor what has already been established for decades, that electromechanical meters are dependable. MC’s job is NOT to make certain on BC Hydro’s behalf that this or any utility is not being cheated by malfunctioning meters. MC is there for consumer fairness


    Measurement Canada has to approve the use of an electromechanical meter.

    They are only there to do due diligence to make certain that the consumer has assurance that the meter works properly.

    BC Hydro is authorized to act on behalf of Measurement Canada. In theory this means that a meter swap must be in the best interests of consumer fairness.

    And this is where this train leaves the rails. On whose behalf is BC Hydro operating now?

    The consumer?

    Or BC Hydro?

    If it is in fact the case that BC Hydro is now operating on behalf of BC Hydro with regard to Measurement Canada policy, then this is up for challenge. Make no mistake, Know your rights, They can and they will be stopped from abuse of power.

    If, as is now being discovered, that it also proves to be the case that smart meter transients augment “usage” and contribute to “augmentation” of bills which reflect anomalously high “usage” , the question of a conflict of interest becomes added into the mix. This in turn puts electromechanical meters in an even better light, the reliable workhorse versus the shiny new device using the fuel of microwave voltage spikes, pulses and surges to operate at up to warp speed.

    Out of 1.9 million electromechanical meters in BC, almost every lat one of which has proved to be consistently reliable over countless years, only a handful have ever had to be re-calibrated at all. They are that good. That is why Hydro never deemed that there was any need to recalibrate these meters, since they never lost the utility any money.

    Of course, for BC Hydro, being content to never lose money is not the same thing as coming up with a scheme to make much more money.

    Still, from the perspective of Measurement Canada, the long term track record of electromechanical meters has long been established and remains unquestionable.

    And seal expiry is not a reflection on the meter itself, In fact anytime any work is done on a home, the electromechanical meter is pulled and then after the work is completed the same meter is then returned to the meter base and the tamper proof seal is then replaced with a new tamper proof seal.

    Indeed, BC Hydro has also asserted for decades that analogue meters are always accurate. They may regret this now but the fact is that these meters are amazing and superb, fair, accurate, dependable. The issue for BC Hydro is nothing to do with reliability, The issue for BC Hydro is that electromechanical meters only measure power usage – which is what a meter was meant to do.

    Every assurance by BC Hydro of the total reliability of these wonderful electromechanical meters which Hydro ever printed is still archived on the internet and their high opinion of analogue meters is a matter of public record.

    Not so with the record for smart meters.



    When a BC Hydro technician visited her home in early March, the meter was moving at “warp speed,” which the technician said was unusual, particularly since everything in the house was turned off. Even when the breakers in her house were turned off, the (smart) meter advanced every 11 seconds.

  • wonder if people will get notified of comments on this page or not….

    hey so to the lengthy discussion that has happened on here which i trekked through yesterday , i asked the Citizens for Safe Technology site about the points made how to can’t register for something that doesn’t exist and by the act of registering you’re signing some undisclosed rights away , after i informed them that their updated page for the no fee opt out forum was missing the doc file which they then added to the page later

    the person had this to say

    >Hi, Michael,

    Thanks for your question!

    comment you found in the thread you referred to in your email assumes
    that this is a legal tool. The No Fee Opt Out Registration Form on our
    website simply serves notice of a person’s position with regards to BC
    Hydro’s smart meter program. That is all.

    you are concerned that using this form will work to your legal
    disadvantage, we can assure you that it doesn’t have any effect on
    anyone’s legal rights or culpability one way or another.

    I hope this clarifies the purpose of this form for you.



    and my response

    >oh , well then what good is the forum then? i can write on a price of
    paper that i went hydro to give me power at no cost , doesn’t mean
    they’re gonna care….

    your thoughts?….

  • alright here’s the next reply i got…..

    “No Fee Opt-Out” form in question is also a way to help to assess the
    number of people, with or without a smart meter, who are opposed to the
    program. The information goes not just to Hydro but to [email protected].

    are right, and I hear what you are saying. Pieces of paper in
    themselves are useless, and this very large problem is not going to be
    solved by sending this form. BC Hydro is blatantly ignoring dissenters
    and pushing ahead regardless. However, we know for a fact that every
    active voice, such as yours, is a valuable part of the solution. For
    many, this form is a way to nullify Hydro’s attempt to claim “implied
    consent”, and is proof, if only small, that consent is not given. A
    record, if kept, is a small tool for the citizen to prove he is indeed
    informed, and doesn’t give consent.

    class action lawsuit, and participation in that, is what CST is
    committed to because we believe it is a valuable, and necessary, piece
    of the solution. If the forum you have been using is your preferred path, then go that way. However, it will “take a village” to fight this, and combining forces is far more effective than working in separate camps. If
    CST’s approach isn’t to your liking, then simply choose not to
    participate in it, but it would be great if more people with knowledge
    and energy step forward with solutions, ideas, and positive action.
    I think you need to do what feels right, and is possible, for you.

    sooo wouldn’t noting that you are paying the criminal extortion fee under duress be the same and more legally viable or w/e way of showing a lack of consent for the ‘opt out fee’?….

  • “which are now available for people in BC to keep their analog meter,
    WITHOUT paying extortive opt-out fees which BC Hydro is attempting to

    So, is Brian paying the opt-out fees?

    If he is, maybe he can tell us why and what he is going to do about it.

    Seems all the promises and bravado have done nothing to protect anyone.

  • >