An excellent 33-minute investigative documentary by Melissa Dykes at Truthstream Media. The questions raised must be addressed. And those deploying such weaponizable microwave technology - such as 'smart' meters and 5G - must be held to account. Watch the video above or on YouTube here.
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  • Is the horror music necessary? I will not participate in your horror videos any further. Please let me know when you find decent videos without the unnecessary horror music! Explain the purpose. Who ARE YOU?

  • No news to me. I’ve been attempting to inform people regarding radio broadcast affects on brain function for over 35 years. Generally, I find that people are so functionally disrupted by their addiction to toys, they are unable to process scientific information in anything that would resemble a cognitive process. I’ve even sent them this small excerpt from a lengthy Abstract I formulated years ago. >

    Rodent experiments
    “The pleasure center was discovered in the 1950s by two brain researchers named James Olds and Peter Milner who were investigating whether rats might be made uncomfortable by electrical stimulation of certain areas of their brain, particularly the limbic system. In the experiment, an electrical current was given to rats if they entered a certain corner of a cage, with the hypothesis that they would stay away from that corner if the effect was uncomfortable. Instead, they came back quickly after the first stimulation and even more quickly after the second. In later experiments, they allowed the rats to press the stimulation lever themselves, to the effect that they would press it as much as seven-hundred times per hour. This region soon came to be known as the “pleasure center”.

    “Rats in Skinner boxes with metal electrodes implanted into their nucleus accumbens will repeatedly press a lever which activates this region, and will do so in preference over food and water, eventually dying from exhaustion. In rodent physiology, scientists reason that the medial forebrain bundle is the pleasure center of rats. If a rat is given the choice between stimulating the forebrain or eating, it will choose stimulation to the point of exhaustion. ”

    I’ve amassed a significant amount of data that suggests that radio frequency broadcast (at virtually ANY frequency bandwidth) will cause significant and irreversible modifications within the hypothalamus and limbic systems over a relatively short period of exposure. No one has enough cognitive function left to even give a damn.

    • Good day Paul,
      Did you happen to come to the idea that all what humans do has a reverse feedback system. Like any technological breakthrough eventually create side effects incompatible to sustainable life of humans themselves. It feels like inevitable law conditioning a civilization as a whole. We destroy ourselves to irreversible level shrinking the population as we do not have other species to balance our hectic behavior. Thus we came to the point that the technology itself is a cleansing tool, kind of a knife in the infants’ hands – surely the one will hurt himself.

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