The Suffolk County Legislature passed legislation Tuesday to require all county buildings to post notices that wireless routers are in use.
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by David M. Schwartz, | see original article
Signs like this are not required.  Signs that disclose the presence of wi-fi, are.
Signs like this are not required. Signs that disclose the presence of wi-fi, are.

The Suffolk County Legislature passed legislation Tuesday to require all county buildings to post notices that wireless routers are in use.

The resolution, sponsored by Legis. William Spencer (D-Centerport), warns that every wireless device emits radio frequency radiation or microwave radiation. It notes that studies “that have looked at the effects of low-level RFR radiation on human cells and DNA have been inconclusive.”

According to the resolution, Suffolk information technology staff will have to “label all locations of wireless routers with a sign” such as, “Notice: Wireless technology in use.”

The bill passed unanimously, although some lawmakers said they didn’t see the need and worried it might alarm the public.

“Is there a public health threat we ought to know about?” asked Legis. Jay Schneiderman (I-Montauk).

“As far as a specific issue of threat, there’s a lot of varying opinion,” Spencer responded. “It’s taking something that’s invisible and saying it’s here.”

According to the Federal Communications Commission website, “All wireless devices sold in the U.S. go through a formal FCC approval process to ensure that they do not exceed the maximum allowable” “specific absorption rate,” a measure of the rate [radio frequency] energy is absorbed by the body.

Spencer said the costs should be negligible.

Aides said Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone will sign the measure.

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  • The thing is in all this that people who say their health is being harmed are being disregarded. This includes children (see the 16:9 report). What does this teach them?

    When sense prevails and wifi is declared dangerous and banned will those in Health Canada and other public authorities across the world be incarcerated for life for what they’ve done? They have had plenty of warning. It is as if they believe the earth is flat but people are saying to them that it’s a sphere and they deny it!

    Let us also remember that in the case of wifi (and cordless landline telephones) any health damage is *just* so wires don’t have to be used. Are wires really such an inconvenience as to risk the health of current and future generations? Health Canada and many other government bodies across the world obviously think so.

  • Please! We NEED Your Signatures! Wireless radiation must be acknowledged as the carcinogen it is, no less potentially hazardous to health than lead, asbestos, & tobacco. That’s the only real hope of change across the board & across the world.

    Notice worldwide petition growing in momentum with the imput of over 31 countries already to urge WHO to act on scientific findings to place wireless radiation in class 1 known carcinogen category (same as lead & asbestos). This move would have a global impact on all levels of this EMF fight.

    And already, over 2,500 from the following countries have signed:

    USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Argentina, India, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Austria, Israel, Germany, Ireland, Pakistan, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa, Norway, Jamaica, Brazil, Morocco, Afghanistan, Italy, and even countries as small as Monaco, Réunion, & Guadeloupe, and more!

    This petition is VERY IMPORTANT!!! Please sign and pass it on!! It hits right at the root of the problem, not just locally, but globally.

    Please add the petition link above to your website, Social Media page, or Facebook! And share with any EMF groups worldwide.

    We want the signature counts to reflect the millions who already recognize they’re being affected by RF/EMF radiation.

    This is especially in the interests of our precious children.

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