Making sense of our world and what we are to do

Article #1 in series: “Ancient Wisdom For Today”

Like hieroglyphs without a cipher, things in our world are now such that they don’t make any sense – and can be overwhelming or demoralizing – without a context of the bigger picture.

Light and Dark

The underlying premise here is that there is a “not-Self” who is challenging the Self. This is an ancient battle involving vast forces – in our biblical mythology it’s known as the rebellion of Lucifer, or Satan, claiming to be God.

(Note, in this context I don’t want to get into gnostic views which may see a distinction between the identities of Lucifer and Satan etc; let’s stay with the biblical narrative for this.)

As we know, this narrative is a grand, cosmic scale. And, as many of us can relate, it is also playing out within us individually.

As above, so below. The holographic fractal. As there is a meta-conflict, so we experience it within ourselves… since we have both light and dark in us. You could say: both Soul and “Ego” in us; both God and Adversary in us.

It’s appearing more and more that we were intentionally created that way. Or as my friend Cal Washington teaches: God and Lucifer were intentionally put into Mankind. A hybridization of both; a “bet” by God and a process to settle a massive court case in a spiritual jurisdiction. Cal’s teaching on Genesis 1:26 is profoundly interesting indeed.

In any case, as I meditate on it, it does seem that us having a type of foundational duality in our core identity is a necessary foundation of our existence in matter and time, since this is a universe of free-will.

The plausibility of this is strengthened by how the “awakening” and “trauma-healing” processes just seem neverending… arduously exhausting at times. Why can’t we get to the core of things in our world or even in ourselves? Is there an incorrect assumption (or several) preventing it?

The innate, Self-sabotaging, anti-life force is both without and within. And while it is clearly more visible now on the planet — in utterly bewildering 2023 — it is nothing new. The apostle Paul wrote about how he desires to do one thing but cannot hold to that intention, and he sabotages himself by doing the other thing. (source)

The takeaway: deeply understanding that everyone struggles with the sabotage of Self can help us access a space of self-love, opening up the pathway for inner reconciliation, and experiencing soul-level redemption.

Refiner’s Fire: A “Harvest” At The Shift Of Ages?

Now, as we are now in the long-predicted “shift of the ages”, this “showdown” is quickly reaching an apex point.

This is the apocalypse, which actually means the unveiling, or Great Reveal. As the Truman Show asks: “How will it end?”

It is key to understand that this Great Tension is going to be resolved one way or another during this period. This present darkness will not last, as we show up. This is all going somewhere; we are all going somewhere.

Yeshua spoke of the current time period in terms of a harvest and bifurcation:

“When you gather up the weeds, you might also uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest. At harvest time I’ll tell the reapers: Gather the weeds first and tie them in bundles to burn them, but store the wheat in my barn….

“The harvest is the end of the age [of Pisces], and the harvesters are angels [messengers]. Therefore, just as the weeds are gathered and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will gather from His kingdom everything that causes sin and those guilty of lawlessness. They will throw them into the blazing furnace where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in their Father’s kingdom.”

-Matthew 13 (source & context)

On the individual level, we each decide by our actions which of the two main trajectories — and there indeed appear to be two main options — we will take at this time.

While we deeply desire unity and everyone to freaking wake up already, indeed it does seem that when Truth manifests in a free-will universe, bifurcation is a result:

“…He will separate them one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on His right and the goats on the left. Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.'”

-Matthew 25:32-34 (source & context)

In my presentation “Ancient Wisdom Uncensored”, I get into many aspects of the “great wheel” and the approximately-25,000 year cycle. I find it deeply compelling to unearth what the ancients knew and then piece the dots together, including symbol decoding, biblical and other writings, etc; but I will save that for another time.

Atlantis, Water and Fire

I recently read Michael Le Flem’s new book, “Visions of Atlantis”, and was totally enthralled. This is probably the best deep-history book I’ve read to date. (I heard about it in a profound 2-part interview on my friend Brendan D. Murphy’s site Truthiversity, where I’m a member.)

In it, Le Flem is a veritable dot-connecting ninja, including a summary of key elements from Frederick Oliver’s fascinating 1890’s writing, “A Dweller On Two Planets”. In Edgar Cayce-like fashion, Oliver as a rural young man interacts with the unseen informational fields, and receives insights that are worthy to consider, to say the very least. A source called “Phyris” speaks to him of a Christ-consciousness carrying the Atlantean legacy and the Law of One into a coming age; a vessel of timeless wisdom.

On the subject of great, worldwide shifts – past and future – Phyris says:

“Behold the psychic record of the past, the concrete history of the world, imperishable until time shall be no more. Wouldst thou read of a first destruction of Poseid [Atlantis]? Seek it in thy Bible, and find it as the Noachian deluge. This was before the age of Zailm, or history which they know, many thousands of years.

“Woudst thou learn of the destruction of Lemorus, that great people who were in the Earth before the Age of Ice, when the world knew no cold, nor snow, nor frost; who antedated Poseid by countless ages? Turn to the book of Job and read of how the ‘deep boiled like a pot,’ and reading, thou shalt learn that Lemuria perished of fire from out of the interplanetary depths.

So one cycle of mankind dieth of fire, and the next of water. And again, the next dieth of fire. The races of Earth to-day shall come, afar off as is yet that day, to perish of fire, and the Earth be blased and rolled together as a scroll, find though its prophecy in the second book of Peter III:10.”


2nd Peter 3:10 reads:

“But the Day of the Lord will come like a thief; on that day the heavens will pass away with a loud noise, the elements will burn and be dissolved, and the earth and the works on it will be disclosed.

(source & context)

“…the works on it [Earth] will be disclosed….” How I long for that.

But before we go all eschatologically Chicken Little, let’s ground this into a balanced perspective, which recognizes our role of free-will in the matter. Then let’s hear an opportunity for a glorious future.

The grandfather says, “My son, the battle is between two wolves that live inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thinks about it for a while and says, “Which wolf wins?

The grandfather replies, “The one you feed”.

Peter Deunov: The Coming Fire and Sixth Race of Man

I want to close this with the complete, unedited words of Bulgarian mystic (some say avatar) Peter Deunov, spiritual name Beinsa Douno, from 1944.

Not because I think of it as the exclusive truth; but because it deserves to be known about, considered and discussed.

In the days leading to his death, and around the winter solstice, Peter had a vision of what was in store for mankind in the century to follow… giving a remarkable prophecy about the troubled times we are going through today, as well as about the coming of a Golden Age.

I am personally blown away by how relatable this is to 2023… written 79 years ago! As you read, feel into the various insights and see if they resonate with you.

Note to reader: If you’re coming from a Christian-biblical perspective, please do not get caught up on semantics and labels in the text like “new age”. Yeshua himself taught of the transition of ages to a new one, and secondly, the text below was translated from Greek. We are all aware here of “new age” deceptions and spiritual bypassing.

Peter Deunov: His Last Prophecy
(Sofia, Bulgaria – 1944)

“In the course of time, human consciousness has gone through a very long period of darkness. This phase, which the Indians called “Kali Yoga” (Iron Age) is now coming to an end.

We are today on the border between two seasons: this “Kali Yoga” and this New Age that we are beginning to enter.

A gradual improvement is already taking place in the thoughts, feelings and actions of people, but soon everyone will suffer the Divine Fire which will bring purification within them and will prepare them for the New Age. Thus, man will be “elevated” to a higher degree of consciousness, absolutely necessary to be able to enter the New Life. This is what we mean by the word “Elevation”.

It will be several decades before the Fire comes to Earth, the Fire that will transform the world by bringing it a new morality. This vast wave is coming from outer space and will flood the whole earth.  All those who will try to resist it will be seduced by its power and will be transferred elsewhere.

Although the inhabitants of this planet are not all at the same level of evolution, this great wave will be felt by all. And this change that will happen will affect not only the earth, but our entire solar system and the Universe [sic Galaxy].

The only and the best thing that man can do in this age, is to turn to God and by consciously improving, daily, to raise the level of his vibrations, so that he can enter into harmony with this strong wave that will soon flood everything.

The Fire I am talking about, which accompanies the new conditions that will be presented to our planet, will regenerate, purify, rebuild everything: even matter will be refined, people’s hearts will be freed from stress, from riots, from uncertainty and people will be enlightened. Everything will improve, everything will rise: Negative thoughts, negative emotions and harmful actions will burn, will be destroyed.

Your present life is a slavery, a grueling prison. Try to understand your situation and get rid of it! I tell you again: get out of your prison! It is truly frustrating to see so much deception, so much sadness and pain, so much inability to understand where your true happiness lies.

Everything you see around you today, in the human world, will soon collapse and be lost. There will be no trace left of this culture and its misery. The whole Earth will be shaken and not a trace of this false, hypocritical civilization that holds people under the yoke of ignorance will be left.

Earthquakes on earth are not just mechanical phenomena, but at the same time they aim to awaken the minds and hearts of people to free themselves from their mistakes and madness and to finally understand that they are not alone in the Universe.

Our solar system now crosses an area of ​​the Galaxy where once, in the very distant past, a constellation was destroyed. With its destruction, this constellation left its traces, its dust in space. This passage through a contaminated space is a cause of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but also for all the inhabitants of the other planets in our system and the planets of the entire galaxy.

The only celestial bodies that are not affected at all by this hostile and harmful environment are the Suns. This harmful area is called the “thirteenth zone”. It has also been called the “zone of contrasts”.

Our planet has been locked in this zone for thousands of years, but we are finally approaching the exit from this space of darkness and we are already approaching to reach an area much more ethereal, more spiritual, where beings live much more advanced.

The Earth is now following an upward movement in its evolution and everyone must try to harmonize with these currents of Ascension.

Those who refuse to harmonize with this new direction will lose the advantage, the opportunity of all the exceptional conditions that will be presented to them to evolve. They will be far behind in their evolution and will have to wait tens of thousands of years for the arrival of a new, similar rising cosmic wave.

The Earth, the Solar System, but also the whole Galaxy are moving in a completely new direction under the influence of Cosmic Love. Most of you still consider Love to be just a force of desire, an attraction, but in reality, Love is the Strongest of all Powers!

For the time being, money and power continue to be in people’s first esteem, as if your life depends on them! In the future, however, everything will bow to Love and everything will serve it.

But it is through terrible sorrows and difficulties that the consciousness of the people will be raised. The terrible prophecies of Daniel mentioned in the Scriptures relate to the age in which they begin.

There will be incredible floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, giant fires out of control, but also earthquakes that will clear everything. Blood will flow abundantly. There will be constant revolutions. Terrible explosions will occur in numerous parts of the earth. Where earth is, will come water and in many places in the water will come earth.

God is Love!

And yet, all these events will be a response of Nature against the constant and perpetual crimes of people who commit almost from the dawn of time against their Mother, the Earth.

After these great disturbances and pain, those who will have remained alive – beings separately – will know the Golden Age, Harmony and Beauty without limits.

Keep your peace and your faith when the time of terror and sorrow comes because it is written that not a hair will fall from the head of the righteous.

Do not be disappointed then. Constantly continue the work of your inner, personal development.

You do not have the slightest idea of ​​the Magnificent Future that awaits you. A New Earth will come to light soon.

In a few decades from now, your work will already be less suffocating, oppressive and everyone will have time to devote to spiritual, artistic or mental activities. The issue of gender relations will finally be resolved harmoniously: both sides will finally be able to pursue their visions, their goals, without hindrance from the other.

Even couples’ relationships will soon begin to be based on appreciation and mutual respect. Humans will begin to travel in space, but also to enter other levels, and then begin to cross intergalactic space.

They will study in depth the function of the various galaxies and will soon have the opportunity to get to know the Divine Universe, to taste it, to unite, to merge with the Head of the Universe.

* The New Age is that of the Sixth Race. * Your destiny is to prepare properly to receive and experience it. The Sixth Race will be built around the Idea of ​​Brotherhood.

All conflicts based on personal, selfish, interests will then disappear. The only search of everyone will be “yes how to manage to harmonize with the Law and the Power of Love.” The Sixth Race will be that of Love. A new continent will be formed for this Race. It will spring up in the Pacific, so that the Highest may establish their abode on this planet.

I call the Founders of this New Civilization “Brothers of Mankind” or even “Children of Love”. They will be immovable, unshakable for the Good and will represent a new type of people. People will form a family, like a huge body, where each people will represent an organ of this body.

In the new race, Love will be manifested in such a perfect way that today man can not yet even have a very vague and fuzzy idea of it.

Earth remains a hotbed of controversy and violence for the time being, but the dark forces are about to retreat, withdraw and set it free. People, seeing that there is no other way for them, will enter into that of a New Life, that is, of Grace and salvation.

In their foolish arrogance, some of them will continue to think until the end that they can live on earth a life completely contrary to the divine order, but in the end everyone will come to realize that the administration of this world does not belong to them.

A new Culture is preparing to see the light and this Culture to come will be based on 3 guiding principles: the elevation of women, the elevation of the humble and the protection of human rights.

Light, Goodness and Justice will triumph. It is only a matter of time. Religions will be forced to purify themselves. Because each one contains within itself a particle of at least the Teaching of the Masters of Light, but a particle obscured due to the constant influence of human interventions.

One day the believers of all religions will be forced to unite and agree on a common Principle, that of placing Love as the basis of every faith, whatever it may be. Love and Brotherhood, this will be their common basis!

The Earth will soon be shaken, swept by extremely fast vibrations of Cosmic Electricity.

In a few decades from now, the very evil and vicious beings will no longer be able to withstand their intensity. So they will begin to be absorbed by the Cosmic Fire, which will burn down the evil that possesses them. Then, they will begin to repent, because it has been prophesied that “every flesh will glorify God.”

Our mother, Earth, will soon be rid of the people who will not be able to accept the New Life. [S]He will reject them as if they were “spoiled fruit.” In fact, they can no longer be reincarnated on this planet. Likewise, criminal spirits will be “impossible to come back.” The only ones who can stay on our planet will be those who will have Love in them.

Today, there is no place on earth that is not contaminated, either by human or animal blood.

It is therefore necessary to have a purification. For this reason, some of the present continents will be submerged, while other lands will spring up elsewhere.

People do not have the slightest suspicion of what threatens them. They will continue to run after the vain goals they have set and behind the search for pleasures.

On the contrary, the people of the Sixth Race will be aware of the value of their role and will have respect for the freedom of others. They will be fed exclusively by the plant kingdom. Their Ideas will have the Power to circulate as freely as air and light circulate nowadays.

The words “Unless you are born again.” correspond to the Sixth Race. Even Isaiah [chapter] 60 refers to the coming of the Sixth Race, the Race of Love.

After the great upheavals and disasters, people will stop living in sin and will find the way of Virtue again.

The climate of our planet will change and will be temperate everywhere, while violent differentiations will no longer exist. The air will be clean again, pure, as will the water. Most parasites will disappear.

People will begin to remember their previous incarnations and will feel intense satisfaction finding that they are finally free from their old conditions. Just as one frees a vine from its parasites and its dead leaves, so do the Most Evolved Beings act to prepare people to be able to serve the Source of Love, God.

They give them very good conditions to grow and develop and to those who really want to listen to them and follow them, they say: “Do not be afraid of anything!

A little more time and everything will be fine. You are on the right track. He who wants to enter the New Civilization, let him study, let him work consciously and let him “prepare”.

Thanks to the Idea of ​​Brotherhood, the earth will once again become a blessed place and it will not be long in coming.

But before it happens, huge tragedies and pains will come to awaken the consciences. The mistakes and crimes that have accumulated over thousands of years must be repaid. The fiery wave emanating from the Supreme World [sic Galactic Core] will contribute to repaying the karma of the peoples.

Release can not be given otherwise. Humanity must prepare for the great inevitable trials that are coming and that will bring an end to egocentrism.

Under the Earth, something amazing is also being prepared. A majestic and completely inconceivable revolution will soon manifest itself in nature. God has decided to uplift this world and he will! It is the end of an old age.

A new order will come to replace the old one, an order in which Love will reign over “the whole earth.”


Thank you for reading. Comments are welcome below. -Josh

  • we are in the grooming for the new world order,,they call great reset so the mass won’t pay that much attention to what it is & where it’s taking us.

  • Very interesting Josh. I’ve read Dweller on Two Planets, and I highly recommend it. I’ve also read a lot of Edgar Cayce (the Edgar Cayce Companion, Little Black Book, Think on These Things, and at least one biography are all worth having). I’m now reading Lost Teachings of Atlantis, by Jon Peniel (died several years ago). Cayce predicted the teachings we’d need before the earth changes would come from John Peniel. It’s an amazing book. There’s at least one other Jon or John Peniel out there online, but one or more could be imitators or false prophets?

  • Rudolf Steiner talks in detail about the 5th post-Atlantean epoch which we are in now and all the challenges and obstacles we must overcome and he describes the war of ‘all against all’ that will usher us into the next 6th cultural epoch. Deunov and Steiner are both on the same page.

    • Brilliant, Chris. What’s a good book or specific link to learn more about this aspect of Steiner’s writings? The great man wrote such a massive amount of content, probably one of the most consistently-inspired writers ever.

      • Thank you Josh for sharing this important information.
        I have written a book pertaining to this topic ‘The Path to the 5th Dimension’ so I resonate very well to the predictions on the New Earth. My book may be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

          • Hi Josh,
            Oh, I was actually certain that my book was available as an e-book as well. I will have to speak to my publisher about that. You see the Danish version is in print as well as in digital version.
            I would be happy to give readers the opportunity to read the first two or three chapters online. I would be able to send it in Pdf format.
            How do you propose we go about that?

      • Hi Josh, not sure what Chris would say, but if you want to explore some of Steiner’s works on cosmology and history, probably “An Outline of Esoteric Science” is a good place to begin. Also “Cosmic Memory”. His lectures, “Art As Seen in the Light of Mystery Wisdom” touch on future Jupiter age. “At the Gates of Spiritual Science” is great. “The Fifth Gospel” is extraordinary, and his lecture on the “Gospel of Luke” is filled with more heart than head, like most of his lectures…one could go on and on, though. Two short lectures that are so essential to this time are “The Work of the Angels in Man’s Astral Body” and “Preparing for the Sixth Epoch”, in which he speaks of Russia as preparing to lead in the 6th age. Interesting in light of all the confusion around that country now.
        Enjoy, and sincerest thanks to you for leading me to so many important modern teachings including Cal’s work, and law for mankind. Your seeking has been impactful on my life the life of my family and friends around me. You have no idea, actually. God bless and keep you.

        • I’ve noted your recommendations & appreciate your share, Laura, thank you! I had previously started both Philosophy of Freedom and Knowledge of Higher Worlds; and would like to focus in and finish these. However, I notice that for me Steiner’s writing style in these is very heady and take much time to digest… worth the time & effort though. Would you rate any of the titles you highlighted as being more easily digestible?

      • Josh, first I would like to thank Laura for recommending Steiner’s works on cosmology and history in a reply she made to your question.
        If you are interested in what Steiner says about the challenges and obstacles we must face now, then read “The Electronic Doppelgänger: The Mystery of the Double in the Age of the Internet”. It is available here:
        Douglas Gabriel has been a devoted follower of Steiner for decades and has compiled Steiner’s writings into this short article called “The Locust People and the Devolution of Humanity”. It explains why the world has become as crazy as it is:
        And I just have to include this – another article from the Gabriel’s complied from Steiner’s writings on what happens to us when we die:

      • Thank you for expressing this truths so eloquently Josh! and for connecting the wisdom of a variety of sources and ancient texts. Yes! Peter Duomo and Steiner were contemporaries who brought a lot of Spiritual wisdom to the West. “Anthroposophy” is the Spiritual Science that Steiner created to share his knowledge and insights of human evolution and earth evolution among many other amazing things. The anthroposophical books that I recommend are: Occult Science, Theosophy and How to Know Higher Worlds. But his masterpiece is Philosophy of Freedom. Hope you get a chance to look into this spiritual science that has so much to offer to the human species. It is my personal opinion that his books and conferences were for us . . . for THIS time in our human evolution! Again: thanks for sharing all this!

  • Josh, your words are spot on and speak straight to my heart. We all need to pull together at these most marvelous and crazy of times… Through the decay something beautiful will be born.

  • I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing this glorious information. I believe we are witnessing the tragedies and pain right now. With all the deaths of they beautiful young/old souls who were coerced into accepting the science that has never been proven irrefutable. Trust the science…I followed the science and didn’t find it. So I followed the money and that’s where the science was found. May God bless us all.

  • Very interesting article Josh, Thanks.
    Truely, Love and Truth are the Powers that created and sustain our precious Planet Earth and the Universe.
    I adhere to the Biblical Perspective, and continue to be gaining deeping insight and understanding through reading and studying “The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan”, and “The Story of Redemption”, both by E.G. White.
    Love your highlighting the ideals of Brotherhood and Appreciation and Respect for Others.

  • Now more than ever, I believe my priorities are:
    1. My health
    2. My family
    3. My work

    Without 1, everything else is wishful thinking.

    My purpose is to learn and understand, then teach.

    Now that I can prove 5G causes C19, it is obvious that injections and boosters will not stop the spread, nor will they protect us from getting C19.

    The parasites trying to control the world, need to inject you with their control system App.

    Gates has a Mind Map of all the components and how they interact for the Genocide Agenda. CRISPR CaS 9 features are hidden in the program.

    5G at 18GHz is an important component for the next pandemics. When Trump stopped Chinese companies from installing 5G in USA, he delayed the roll out.

    The higher frequencies of 5G need Cesium (rare earth element – REE) to control the timing of signals. China has 70% of the REE’s and Australia has 20%. USA has zero %.

    Now the 5G components are being manufactured in Germany (Rhode & Schwarz), they will find their way into USA and the western nations this year.

    I found the website to be very informative, with several strategies we can use to turn the tables on the parasites.

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about the interesting times in which we live.

    It was better to be a 20 year old in the 70’s than it is to be a 70 year old in the 20’s!

  • Thank you, Josh!! that was so uplifting!! LOVE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION AND JOY are what we need for sure!! The Planet is going through change – man has done so much damage. I want to read this again – there is so much to absorb and share! It is time for us to raise our vibration and send good energy out to the planet and everyone on it. For things to change, first I must change!!

    • Yes, the inside job, consciousness-cleansing, as some say: I now work to rid my small ego mind of criticism, sarcasm, judgmentalism, etc other negativity I harbor toward others of this miraculous earth and universe. First step is cleansing my thoughts and feelings to be clearly reflective of love and light only …

  • Thank you Josh. It has been difficult at times to be conscious and still have to navigate the world I used to believe was reality. I’m fortunate enough to have the time to go within and work on preparing myself for the glorious transformation. I am grateful to be here during this Biblical time with so many wonderful humans! Thanks be to God for His love toward us!

  • There are 90 some places in the KJV bible that state we live on a flat, motionless earth that is immovable, not the spinning ball the liars have led us to believe we live on, hurtling through the void of space. The battle is between those who have FAITH in God’s word, and those who either can’t decide, or who are spiritually ignorant about evil. Some of us are delusional, some are strong in faith and take God’s word in a literal way. If God says it’s flat, motionless and set on four immovable pillars, I’m going with what God says. If He says He formed the firmament by stamping it out of molten glass, then that is what I believe. God said in Genesis 1:6; Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 7. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. We are in God’s terrarium, safe.

    Revelation 21 says; “And I (St John,) saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. 2. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3.And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men and He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. 4. And God shall wipe away their tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” Keep His Sabbath, keep His Law, live forever in heaven.

      • There’s no specific information as to what the pillars rest on; what the pillars rest on may have been in one of the many books that were removed from the original texts of the bible. The current bible is not the only source for information, you can read the books of Enoch, which were removed, likely because they identify the fallen angles by name. Many books were removed. All will be revealed. Many things have already been revealed, like the Arc of the Covenant’s resting place in Jeremiah’s grotto, the resting place of Noah’s ark, etc. There is a raised area on the Red Sea where they have found chariot wheel fragments and bridle bits! They’ve located the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the sulfur hail called Brimstone. We’ll know it all, as God has promised, including what holds our plain up. Rob Skiba had a drawing of the pillars in one of his videos but youtube removed a lot of his work, sadly. Now if you do a search all you get is propaganda/bot drivel, and defamation of the good servant Rob Skiba. He died of the covid treatment protocols a year ago October. Ron Wyatt is another good servant; he found the ark.

  • Loved reading this today Josh, thank you for sharing your precognition of our future. So many of us are feeling this new future coming and many waking up and its such a beautiful thing to see. I had to pull away from looking at what was going on in the world and just focus on God and Yeshua and the incredible gamma states I’ve been entering have been nothing short of amazing. I felt looking at the world and the grief and loss just empowered it more. The more of us that can focus on this new world of love, the more we will empower that as our new reality.

  • To speculate on lesser solutions brings lesser results and is a sinful activity. Chant the holy names and tell others to chant . That is the ultimate solution . That is the sankirtan movement the greatest movement of all . Experience for yourself the results . Hare krishna .

  • Beautiful fairytale… only can the adversative (God-evil, sheep-goats) theories really describe the real essence of a human? Civilization as a superstructure is fragile, and if it is destroyed due to some catastrophe, only the foundation remains (if lucky): human health and nature, its needs and desires.
    Maybe here’s what Peter Deunov told us – ?

  • I have been following you Josh for 4 plus years and I am watching you evolve spiritually in real-time. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. I started with you and Cal Washington with the smart meters etc. I wondered what you might be moving towards when you ventured off. It makes sense to me now. I would love to know at what frequency you are vibrating at now. I forget what the frequency of love is but I have no doubt you are there. Thanks for this message and love to you and yours. God bless!

  • Thank you! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the work you do. I really loved this article because it puts things into perspective. We all have work to do to help those unaware of the enormous shift in consciousness we are about to witness. Absolutely the greatest time to be alive.

  • God is love, will smite the wicked and all will be changed by some external force. This hope and dream misses the point of planet earth, a billion year experiment in raising consciousness out of mud. In this vast universe our story has played out countless times with all kinds of evolutions and resolutions. Many of us, drawn to the flame of this exquisite moment have come here from other iterations of this essential theme – planets, galaxies and times far distant. We drink from the cup of forgetting for the least encumbered present experience of the complexity and intensity of a current human life.

    There are many ways to context the conundrum of existence. Beware of those that skip essential steps in your personal unfoldment.

    • Ryan, thanks for your constructive criticism. This piece definitely focuses more on the external process / divine authority — in relation to the internal — more than my overall perspective does. I personally believe in the balance of being positioned humble to the Source of all, while being focused on within first — being curious, accepting responsibility and the recapitulation of authority from the inside out, in relationship with the all and others. It is delicate to explain, hopefully this makes some sense. Also I personally lean away from the idea of slow, progressive change over billions of years, and more toward the understanding of swift change at regular intervals / epoch changes with a reasonably-engaged Source as causitive agent. That said, I don’t really know anything for absolute certain. I appreciate your views and willingness to be here and fully engage for this moment in time. Peace

      • Whether Source is invested in and therefore engages in shaping outcomes is the question of freedom. My take is the immense wisdom required for the birth of this particular “universe” with its layers of potential evolution is agnostic, allowing for outcomes of unimaginable diversity and therefore fulfillment. This is not to say within us we cannot touch that ever-presence or that guidance is unavailable. Quite the opposite. Just that it is up to us to listen and act, as you say from inside out. In this frame Source’s causation is the initial push, Sources engagement stops at the level of individual (and collective) choice.

        21st century Earth is so exciting and attractive in part because of the current speed of change, a bright fast moment in a very slowly moving universe. Whether by luck or choice those of us who find ourselves here have opportunities of almost unimaginable breadth compared to most other space/ time placements in the rest of the galaxies.

        Does compassion want to shape outcomes to alleviate suffering or is suffering ultimately empty and therefore inconsequential in the bigger scheme of things? I lean towards emptiness and the wide ranging and ultimately brilliant uncertainty that flows from it.

        • I resonate with some of this Ryan. Once while in a deep metaphysical experience, the thought came to me so clearly in that space: “the self-organizing principle”. It was an understanding which was just “put” squarely in my mind front and center, for lack of a better description. Like the universe was showing me that source intelligence is embedded throughout everything. That at the core, there is no separation.

          But as you say, we are (apparently) individuals, and we have (apparently) free will. For me then, I’ve integrated this info and attempted to resolve the conundrum with a) a complimentary model-perspective that I am a essentially a fractal of the whole.. small version of the All; coupled with b) I can communicate with the source of the all, and can use my free will to say something like, “flow through me. I trust your intelligence”. To position myself below it, again for lack of a better description. I found that when I can do that, my life works and I go in the direction of helping to alleviate my own (and perhaps others’ ?) suffering. Again, though, my model is a work-in-progress one and is just one Way.

          As for your last question, for me what comes up is: If suffering is empty, or meaningless, that seems to lend itself toward the meaninglessness of the enjoyment of being… which seems to go toward life not having inherent value… which seems to go toward the idea that we are “gods” (the version of this where wills are disconnected from source in my view) and can therefore do whatever we want, without consequence. e.g. eugenics. e.g. torture and, well, you get the idea. That’s how I experience this pathway of thought, but I’d be glad to hear more about your view.

          I like how Einstein said, the most important thing we can decide is if the universe is a benevolent place or not (paraphrased). I think if we can engage our free will into that choice, and call in the source of benevolence — perhaps even if we don’t believe it, parts of us — then because it’s a free will universe, the manifested reality of that can expand in our experience.

          • I, too, firmly believe in the pervasiveness of Source. In my ego self I find the no separation concept difficult – even having observed the delamination of personality in the early stages in the bardo. The way I deal with that deficit is to let experience and especially teachings bypass the level of personality and sink into what of me continues on in the absence of my present personality. That still leaves individuality, just one not dependent on brain and body. I can aspire to “all is one” but at my current stage that is theoretical, maybe aspirational certainly not visceral.

            Whether above or below, me or it I’ve learned to listen. Like you, probably, I’ve experienced a lot of positive reinforcement when I do.

            I’m not a believer in punishment, be it to children or from the universe. I do believe in consequences. On a soul’s journey I see consequence manifesting as limiting choice and augmenting challenges in the ongoing journey. Challenge could be translated as punishment and experienced as suffering, though as always, suffering is optional (pain is not, but that’s another topic).

            There was a channeled teaching I came across in the 80’s – the Ra material – that said you could choose the path of service to self (aka rape and pillage) and get pretty far in the evolutionary path but eventually you would top out. To get the real goodies, easier to perceive as you advance in awareness, you’ll have to change your approach eventually. In other words you can learn a lot of good lessons being a bad person. Eventually if/when you come to the level of clear understanding you will be acutely aware of suffering you caused. In that place of consequence you confront the challenge of achieving the true forgiveness available through Source.

            I use emptiness in the Buddhist sense, the quieting of petty mental interference where absence allows for the full light of source to pervade. Once captured (enthralled) by that amazing original intent, the motivation to inflict suffering for unitary pleasure is possible to extinguish. There is nothing dull about emptiness!

          • Josh, The ebook “From Separateness to True Self-Realization: A Transitional Guide Designed to Stimulate a Spiritual Revolution” will unravel the mystery of what we believe about our separation from those we consider to be our Gods. Very few remember what took place when we entered this 3-D space-time at The Big Bang. Those who did are “Us.” We are made of them, we are them incarnate in human form. No God created Us, our subatomic bodies assembled into everything that exists in this 3-D Universe, including our human bodies. This is what “True Self-Realization” is, it is our realization of Who We Truly Are. We have never been separate from the rest of Us. When our teachers tell us we are “One”, this is what they are referring to. They are not relaying mental concepts to bounce around in our minds, we are One with all that is, period. However, in our attachment to separateness, we have a great deal of trouble accepting this truth. The guide is designed to help us remember Who We Truly Are and remembering this is how we will transform this world. This remembrance will initiate a spiritual revolution, but it will also cause many to struggle as their view of reality is systematically dismantled. Many will/have shied away from these teachings because of their love for separateness. That is OK because that is why we, as Us, became human, to acquire a physical experience of separateness. However, the time this can rule on Earth is over. Everyone knows this by now.

          • I look at the big bang and ponder the wisdom required to set the conditions. The idea it “just happened” is farfetched. If this universe ends and another is birthed I expect the experience gained in this one will inform the “updated” conditions of the next big bang.

            Possibly sadly I do not see any preferred outcome on earth or, to paraphrase Einstein, God does not load the dice.

          • Ryan and Josh, Only a few on Earth seek to find the answers you seek to what it is we, as “Us”, are doing on Earth. We assembled ourselves into Earth and the lifeforms on her in order so we could obtain a physical experience of separateness. We, humans, believe we are separate because this is what we, as “Us”, most want to experience. Trying to make sense of all of what we experience in separateness while our consciousness is limited and confined by this illusion is an impossible task. Only a few have figured it all out, such as the Buddha and Christ. What we can do is focus our energies on transcending separateness. Please do not worry about the outcome, everything is in order, and once we complete our task on Earth we will share the knowledge we have gleaned with the rest of “Us.” After we have completed our work in this Universe, we will focus our attention for another 100 billion years in a new Universe we construct for another purpose. Therefore, it is recommended that you begin your reading of the guide in Chapter 17. After reading it, you will want to read the entire guide so you can more clearly communicate the knowledge that has brought you into “True Self-Realization” (enlightenment) to your readers/listeners.

  • I thank you Josh. I feel very enlightened It was a wonderful read.I am so pleased you sent this my way. God Bless you, I will say goodnight now as it’s 2 AM. I look forward to tomorrow
    February 2nd to the 5th.


    Elaine Langdon

  • An Interesting read, but as I read I thought it could be open to different interpretations regarding our current situations in this turbulent world.

  • Try reading our ebook From Separateness to True Self-Realization: A Transitional Guide Designed to Stimulate a Spiritual Revolution and see/feel how it follows closely the teachings of Peter Deunov. He was the last known living member of The Great White Brotherhood who inspire the writing of the guide. It is available as a free download at

      • Josh, Thanks for making the guide more easily available to your readers. Your PDF convertion worked out quite well, and even the Table of Contents linked as it should to the different chapters. We realize the guide is long-winded, but it was designed to take the reader on a process of spiritual initiation to reveal knowledge that has been hidden from mankind since the advent of our collectively embracing the illusion of our separateness. We suggest people read through it slowly, chapter by chapter, and meditate upon its content to let it initiate a natural healing and transformative process within. However, the information imparted in it will also be very challenging and rejected by those who have invested themselves deeply in this illusion. When one has had a chance to read through it, please pass it on to those who you know who are ready for what will surely transform their view of the world and spark a spiritual revolution. If there are any questions, we are available to answer them at As well, further information about The GWB, the guide, and us can be accessed at

    • Yes! I also came across this lengthy missive, very interesting, the stories told therein,
      and good info on what is needed to start a successful intentional community.

  • Delighted to read of Deunov’s prophecy. for the first time. Spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • I have been searching for 3 long years, trying to make sense of the insanity of which we are all now inundated with..Your words and quotes have lead me to a life changing breakthrough! This is all planned..every bit of it! Everything is unfolding perfectly for our greatest and highest good. It’s all about surrender and acceptance. And trusting in the Lord. Gods’ Got This!! I am Finally at Peace. Thank you my Brother, from the bottom of my heart! <3

  • Thank You Josh for sharing the beautiful words of Peter Deunov and your courage to uplift humanity. What a joy to read. A song for the heart. I know in my soul the vision Peter brought forward is true. Many blessings.

  • Hi there Josh! My name is Adriana Mancuso. I am from Ottawa, Canada, and I speak English, French, and Italian.Would you have a transcript of the documentary TBYP? Or, would you have French or Italian subtitles? If not, I was wondering if I could transcribe it for you in French and Italian? I live in Italy now and along my travels I want to host movie events (I have a projector and a screen). I would show your documentary along with others’, like The Big Reset, The Dimming, Hidden Dangers of 5G, and Cult of the Medics. I’ll be asking them the same.

  • I hope so, because I know it is possible…Interesting that this ‘prophecy’ states we have been passing through a cloud of left over ‘poisonous’ dust, a ‘harmful zone’ for centuries, and that has been the cause of many of our troubles. It would appear to me that is has therefore been inevitable that evil manifestations should exist? which takes away quite a bit of our ‘Free Will’, in which I believe, but at the same time it answers, to a certain extent my oft repeated question of WHY? Why do we not learn from history? Why do we not see that there are other possible paths to tread. Why do we not see that life for all would be so much better if we co-operated instead of competing, if we took responsibility for our own lives instead of obeying, if we followed our own dreams instead of the nightmarish ones of our leaders and warmongers.
    This ‘zone of contrasts’ we have been passing through…Light and dark, male and female, good and bad…yin and yang= balance, but it hasn’t been in balance, it is not Heaven on Earth, but rather a description of Natures reaction whilst passing through that poisonous left over, long lasting vibration? So glad we are leaving it.

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